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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 10:30am-11:00am PDT

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mike savear and the stock for their participation. i did go, and it was amazing to see -- i have never played on a professional table, and there were at least 40 of them in the gym. the pingpong was incredible, including kids that were younkers thger than my own chiln that were fantastic. thank you for bringing attention to the sport in bringing such positive attention over labor day weekend. party for the parks. next friday, september 23, there will be a party for the parks, a special event celebrating our beloved parks. on october 3, the san francisco park trust officially become the san francisco park alliance. this is one of their last big
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parties. last year's event raised over $400,000. it even had a very world renown silent auction near participated in the event. a world renowned not socinus auctioneer, mark buelle. there are still tickets available for all of you partygoers. this year's event will be at the beautiful parasol plaza. they do for involvement as a bishop of the event. -- thank you for involvement in the event. harley strickley event taking off september 30. on the afternoon on the 30th,
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the event is visited by numerous public schools who send all their kids for a special noontime concert and presentation out in golden gate park. this year's concert is chris christophersen, merle haggard, chris i sit, jimmie dale gilmore, and the famous [inaudible] . hope to see everyone out at golden gate park. also in the way of upcoming announcements, scare growgrove. it is an annual halloween family event. also for information on that, log on your web site. -- on our website. i would now like to call a commissioners for release short
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presentation for short program i mentioned in august. working with the mayor, the school district, dcwy and the san francisco police department, for the first time ever brought up to 37 at risk youth to spend four days with us in the high sierras. i had the pleasure of being there for a part of that trip, and honestly it was one of the most special, fabulous things i have ever participated in and city government. with that i will turn it over to bob to give you more detail. >> good morning. superintendent of community services. as phil stated, this math -- past june the mayor was walking through the mission district in response to a shooting that had
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happened the day before. he was walking with community members, and through those discussions he had with those folks he determined that the city really needed to provide some alternatives and new experiences for our most vulnerable youth. from those discussions he asked that city agencies convene a meeting to figure out how we could potentially do that. juvenile probation, d.c. white up, the school district, mayor's office, and the number of city cbo's partner together to plan and implement a very special program. three weeks ago, august 25 through 28, our department in the above-mentioned partners, a team together to make 37 our risk youth, ages 14 to 17 to the camp. campers participated in
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activities such as interpreter of heights, the navigation classis, fishing, sports and athletics come early morning runs and hikes, archery, aquatics, conflict resolution. the producer did it in a talent show, and a very memorable trip to hit tetchtch hetchy. we hope to identify teenagers that could move into the department work -- recreation program, use leadership program, and potentially to become leaders to keep some of our outdoor courses in extreme forces its sports. thi10 of those students are beig selected immediately to begin work this october. they will put throughout the city in different competencies' to start providing some of those services. that is a really great thing. i would like to recognize some of our staff that planned this
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for weeks and weeks. we of leery because be -- larry mcnesby from the feeder services division. they did a great job. i have provided bill with a list of people but i will put a letter of accommodation into their files for the leaders that did a terrific job. you would all be so proud of them for what they did and how the venture their children. it was remarkable. what i would like to do now is before i play a video, i would like to bring up chief semermen and chief nash were instrumental in the process. they were instrumental in our ability to pull this off, so i would like to bring them up. >> thank you.
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i am chief william zimmerman from that recreation department here in san francisco. i am here this morning primarily to present to you our deep, heartfelt gratitude for the support of rec and park in the creation of a magnificent event that is more than just the feel good activity, that was set up for kids to we have the greatest amount of faith in their ability to transform behavior based on the guidance of leadership provided by positive adult role models. i am here to express the gratitude. anything that has happened in the past 6.5 years since i have arrived here that involves juvenile's always winds up, and
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we're very appreciative of digital probation department to produce a rate in discussions. with this was first presented to us, we were extremely appreciative of the opportunity to participate in the creation and delivery of the significant experience. i have been a probation officer for 41 years, and this is one of the most positive experiences that i can recall in my entire career working with juveniles. it really has a destination in mind, a destination that leads youngsters on a pathway towards the development of competencies' that will enable them to make positive contributions to the community as they approach adulthood. i cannot say enough about the work that the assistant chief completed in his participation
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in this event. he would be here to extend his appreciation as well, but he is traveling to los angeles on department business. i especially want to thank bill ginsberg and bob for their participation, their vision and leadership and a partnership with all of the other entities, but most primarily the partnership with the juvenile the patient -- probation department. we are very excited about the next that we're quantitate, and follow up, in particular, with the 10 youth that we're hoping will reach the point of employment and can generate other opportunities for other kids along the way. thank you very much for your support. >> think you. -- thank you.
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>> thank you, cheap. i do want to acknowledge really quickly, and not because he is sitting here and my boss, but still was instrumental in this. i know a lot of times he sits up there and is a target for a lot of criticism, but a lot of the great things we been able to do our because of his willingness to get his hands dirty and allow us to make tough decisions and spend money where maybe it was not originally thought that it would be spent. i want to thank him for allowing us to do this and get all of these kids that experience, because without him that would not have happened.
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>> 14 to 17 years. made possible by a collaborative effort between san francisco city agencies and community partners. our primary objective was to prevent -- provide a outdoor experience in order to identify individuals interested in pursuing a career path and recreational professions. we achieve this goal by offering a wider range of activities and leadership training activities and sports, athletics, aquatics and other skills. this is a wonderful example of hard-working you coming together to create an unforgettable experience.
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>> thank you, bob, for putting that together. the key to my staff. this is just the beginning. we do have a few other items,
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but i will defer to commissioner lee, because i think the ping pong event organizers are here. commissioner lee: thank you. could i call of amanda to show us pictures of the commissioner. i hope that the next tournament we can put a team together from rec and park.
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i now want to actually bring up -- i am very pleased after a very long international search, we have a new harbor master. john moran is here. he is run waterfront operations in fort lauderdale, the west indies, and most recently in the united arab emirates. he is a certified arena manager, u.s. coast guard 100-ton license captains, fire service in the united states marine corps, passionate sailor. the as to young kids, but three and five. his wife is an educator, and i am told that you were actually wants of larry ellison -- you were once brought on to larry ellison's yachts by invitation. we did want to welcome john to
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the san francisco marina. >> think you. -- thank you. we started with a national search, and ended up being an international search to find john. i wanted to mention from the career history and his experienced and professional trajectory is bringing together operations management, personnel management of interest in this neris that, expertise and arena and in our mental regulatory procedures and rules, waterfront capital renovation, management experience, a maritime legal and risk management expertise from the at in-depth knowledge of sailing, racing and boat owners are practices. -- boat ownership practices. we hit the trifecta and getting john here as a very
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accomplished and professional marine adopt harbor master for us. with that, i would like to turn the microphone over to john and his second week of work here. >> good morning, president, and commissioners. thank you for the very nice introduction. you summed up my history very well. i do not have too much more to add. as bill said, i have been a 100- ton coast guard captain with toe endorsement, so i do bring delivered vessels up and down the entire east coast, the entire caribbean island. i do bring that experience to the table, along with the fast and knowledge of vessels that not only have i managed in -- and operated marinas, however, i have also, along with being a boat captain, managed boat yards
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as well. i know a lot about books, along with marinas, which assists the customers and i have a very strong emphasis on as customers service, and we try to make our best to make san francisco marine up five-star resort, and this is where our goal will be. to that end, i am able to assist customers with their vessel needs, as well as questions come up which makes me immediately be able to get a report with the customers. i have just attended in may the world to read a manager's conference in singapore, three weeks ago by host in dublin visiting arenas there. i have had the opportunity to
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visit marine of all around the world, and as bill indicated i have managed our arenas in several countries. i have been well educated in first in proper marina management, so -- and design as well. i have large roles in riga design and several renovations. i was the marine a manager where i was chosen to take over the entire marina resort right before all the years ago and was able to lead the entire renovation.
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it hosted the world's largest in water boat show, which is another and will challenge for us. i am very excited to be taking on the role of harbor master at the san francisco marina during this renovation and to meet the challenges that all of this will entail no doubt. thank you all very much. commissioner buell: i might say that you come at a very exciting time for the harbor in the next couple of years. we welcome you and look forward to working with you. commissioner lee has a question. commissioner lee: congratulations on your appointment, and i want to say we are a public arena where we have many small boaters there as well, and i think it is important that we service all of
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our constituents, all of the users of the marina and often some of the small boat owners are some of the most active people involved in the marina. we also have recreations on the marina green, and i think you will have a great experience taking your history and knowledge and applying it to the public heading that serve so many people in the community. >> understood, and i completely agree. i have that opportunity to meet many of our customers there at the marina and have expressed my desire to make the facility of five-star facility, which of course would treat everyone, every member 100% =. phil has already brought me into a couple of meetings with
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customers that have concerns, and they have voiced similar concerns that we ensure we treat everyone equal whether they are members of any group or not. this is something i believe heartfelt that we need to make sure we do, and i will make sure we do that. from the private sector, which all of my experience has been with private marinas that are run as businesses, and of course you do naturally treat everyone equal, because every single vessel is very important, and the word of mouth as well. i will work towards that end. commissioner buell: moving along. i would now like to bring up simpson's sister youth works to make a presentation to the commission about -- >> are you going to do power
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point? >> i do have one. my name is betsy bertwick. i am the director of san francisco youth works. here we go. a couple of weeks ago i went to meet with phil and ginsberg to present an award to the recreation and park department for our long-standing partnership that has benefited at this point hundreds of youths in the city of san francisco. when i presented as he asked me to come here and speak briefly providing an introduction to our organization and partnership. we are city internship program created by willie brown in 1997 to address a tremendous demand for youth employment
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opportunities, demand that is still among young people the highest-rated demand that they have four resources from the city. we place hundreds of youths annually and have placed 4500 use over the past 13 years. this program exposes young people to careers in city government and serbs people from all over san francisco. fortunately we have strong partnerships with a number of departments in the city, and today we will talk about the one with recreation and park. for the past 13 years rec and park department has provided significant financial support to us and has hosted hundreds of youth in turns these experiences provide young people with exposure to careers in the public service that a particular working in recreation and parks, and also provides a place to learn the basic job skills and
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explore careers and consider what their future might look like. last year rec and park posted over 43 -- 43-paid insurance during the summer in school year at 14 different sites throughout san francisco. for this, as well as the financial support, we recognize rec and park as one of four of our sustainer departments for their ongoing support in partnership. this work would not be possible without the volunteer is some of rec and park's that who generously volunteer their time and ordered to mentor young people who work in internships within the department, so we definitely want to give -- express our gratitude to staff, as well as leadership for this ongoing relationship.
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my last slide is why is this important? we all know use require guidance and support in order to develop on their path towards adulthood, and young people consistently report that the opportunity to participate in internships they feel is one of the highest impact ways they can do this. young people are gaining critical skills that can be transferred to any job. they are considering careers within the rec and padepartmentn within the realm of public service in general. they are also gaining confidence as they are moving forward on their path to adulthood. ok, so that was just my brief five minute presentation. thank you for all you do in your ongoing partnership with our ongoing partnership with our organization.


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