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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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we're working with you for a strategy for those payments. in any event, at hunters point shipyard in any other major development projects, many of the redevelopment, in the event these items are upheld by the california supreme court, read development activities will continue. the payments could be made with the passage of an ordinance by the board. in the unlikely event that somehow redevelopment is dissolved, all of these activities, including the shipyard, will continue. the city would assume obligations, and we would have the means to implement these major projects. then with respect to work force, if i could move on, these major
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projects where we're talking about the shipyard or others will create jobs for the city, and we do have mechanisms in place. currently the redevelopment agency does have good faith effort policies regarding local hire. the civil grand jury was concerned that in light of the city's adoption of mandatory local collier that somehow our efforts to date would not measure up, but in fact i am glad to report after my brief introduction, i would like staff to walk through how we have done. it is important to get that information out there to the public. as manthe redevelopment agency t subject to the city's local hiring ordinance, but the shipyard construction work to date has well exceeded the initial benchmark of 20 percent signed. we're quite closer to 50 percent
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signed with a great participation from bayview hunter. residents in city-wide. you will see more and graphs shortly. there is no jurisdiction in this case under local collier. it is work force development that does that. i think that was a simple oversight. the development agreements in place for the shipyard require quite robust local hire and workforce under equal opportunity program and the employment and contracting policies that are in place. the oversight is done in on a train the compliance by the redevelopment agency. as an added dimension to this, the oversight in compliance is not enough. through the development negotiations we have gotten a total of $8.9 million for work- force training, and that is in partnership with 8010 labor
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and ace, and the city through the work force development arm will match that money in programs and services. if i could beg the patience of the supervisors, i would like to ask cristina garcia to walk you through how we are performed. we need good outcomes, and that is what these are about. supervisor campos: i think that would be very helpful. it is a big reason why so many people supported this project was because of the promise of job creation. i think knowing how we're doing on that and getting down to the specifics is really important. >> with that, i would traduce cristina garcia. >> cristina garcia, contract compliance supervisor. we have some good information here.
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there are very robust policies that are included in the shipyard and steel, in particular for the initial infrastructure phase. there are contacting as well as local hiring requirements. on the contract in sight, the requirements are to make best efforts to contract with minority-owned and women-owned business. as you will see here, we have done --well in the infrastructue base. we have received 52.2% based on contacting dollars on the professional services side and 47.9% on the construction side. this is equal to roughly $31.8 million that is going to san francisco-based businesses and circulating back into the economy and to local workers.
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on the construction work force side, we have a 50% good faith policy to have 50% of all of the construction hours that are completed be done by san francisco residents. again, we have had great results. as you will see here, currently at mid-year of 2011 we are operating right now at 27.5%, continuing to exceed the 20 percent signed mandatory goal in the city. in 2008 and 2009 with the most activity was happening around it infrastructure work, we were exceeding 50%. this has a direct correlation with the amount of work and scope of work. it really relates to the local hire percentages, and a great news we have here is lennar is working aggressively to secure funding for the vertical rays, and we anticipate there will be more work soon, and we are
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definitely expecting to see a trend upward. currently the redevelopment agency as a whole is working up 47% local hire. we're working to exceed the city's 20% and look forward to continuing to do so. supervisor campos what is the interaction between work force and office of economic development? if you could talk a little bit about the interaction. >> certainly. we work very closely with office of economic and workforce development, project early on the local hire side of this. it is the single source our free-for-all, and they work with the community and with all sentences go residents to make sure they're being able to be responsive to contractors and fill the worker response when they come in. the way this works is that the redevelopment agency itself has a contract compliance division
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that has about seven staff, and we do all the monitoring of the equal opportunity policies from contacting all the way through local hire, including prevailing wage. you can think of us as acting as the human rights commission all in one shop reviewing and monitoring policies. we go very deeply and how long- term relationships with these contractors, which is part of the reason we have had great results. we work very closely with owewd with this. we have also worked with them to create our work force investment program agency called the jobs readiness initiative that helps project area residents link to the workforce programs that are available.
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we are working in tandem all the way through this. we really understand it is important to continue the partnership, as they are funding a lot of activities that will help build a pipeline of qualified workers that we will need in order to execute the work and continue to get rid results as we move forward. and that is a nice segue, and i believe mark majors is here to speak a little bit about what they're taking on in terms of the work force of element program. president chiu ": i am really struck by the success. are there specific things with the experience you have had that you think can transfer over to the local hiring programs? >> that is a great question, thank you. one of the things we have found the check really valuable for us is the staffing component of the synergy of starting from contacting and working all the
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way through the local hire so that we are from the very beginning building a relationship with the contractors and subcontractors so they understand from the start of engaging in the shipyard project that there is an expectation to continue though local hiring through the work force component. i would also say that we have a much more intensive staffing ratio that allows us to be out in the community monitoring the projects on a regular basis that is really important to the success and achievement of outcomes. one of the other things that has been really useful for us with these numbers is the web-based technology system, which also oweewd are using as well and wil continue to be helpful with the hiring legislation as that moves forward. we have the ability to look at outcomes in real time with a two-week lag, which before was
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about two to three months. we are able to reflect back to contractors almost immediately what the process is. supervisor campos: thank you. now why don't we hear from owed. >> tiffany boehie again. mark majors is here if there are further questions about coordination, but we do work closely together on work force, both on the construction site, referral side, and in light of the adoption of the mandatory local hire, we're looking at how we can adopt it. the program was adopted by the city in march, so we are really
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tracking that and looking at how the agency's program can pick up and adopt the city's program, but we want to benefit from the lessons learned, and as president chiu indicated, there are things that could be implemented on the city said that could make each program work better. >> is there and thesupervisor ce any area where improvement might be needed in terms of oversight compliance? >> i think we are performing quite well. we could always do better and partner better with our local communities. we do have a strong relationship with the unions and local communities and the interdepartmental coronation should continue at this aggressive pace. >supervisor campos: i know the office of workforce and labor standards is here. let me just say for the record i
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do believe they are underfunded and that has nothing to do with this specific item. that is a separate matter. colleagues, i do not know if we have any of their questions, but i want to thank the civil grand jury and the departments and agencies that have responded to this report, which i think it's very informative and helpful. why don't we now open it to public comments, and i have one card for item one. if anyone in the audience would like to speak on item number one, please come forward. the one card i have is jim lazarus from the san francisco chamber of commerce. you each have three minutes. if there is any member of the public that would like to speak on this item, please come forward. >> good morning, supervisors. i will be very brief. we concur with the city's responses and the letter from
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the mayor and the city department stated august 15. i do not think there is a project in the city of the history -- in this city's history that has had more oversight. we appreciate the work of a civil grand jury, but we also appreciate the responses you have received today and urge you to sign on to this. supervisor campos: thank you. any other member of the public, please come forward. >> my name is douglas yep. i have lived in san francisco for 59 years. i would like to think the civil grand jury for their yearly reports. -- thank. i think they provide an independent analysis of what goes on in san francisco, and i think we should be encouraging organizations like this, and
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should give them proper credit. i feel they do not get the proper credit, especially from regular press in san francisco. secondly, i would like to mention, because i am not up to date on this particular stature ration at hunters point, whether there were held issues brought up in the beginning and whether they were resolved by the department of public health. the impression i got in listening this morning is it is still ongoing. maybe we could have someone say whether the health issues were ever resolved or if they are basically still ongoing. secondly, since the situation of the stadium in santa clara, i would like to suggest instead of having the stadium there, maybe we should spread out the city's
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location of the rehab facilities, it is possible that area up would have space available, rather than the crowding rehab facilities into existing neighborhoods in san francisco's, maybe we might consider having them there, especially to get privacy to the users of those services. also, since there is a historic district, i would like to suggest whether there is any available room for new sor's in hunters point. i think if people are going to be relocated there, then maybe it will be a better neighborhood, rather than trying to keep them crowded into the tenderloin and related areas. i feel that the civil grand jury does good work, and i feel local
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press should give them more credit, and they should also publicize and maybe make available more of their work so this way people can research their work on the computers, because i do not think they good enough -- get enough good publicity. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you very much. director. >> i am not speaking in that capacity here today. there are a few folks became in with obvious interest to what was going to be said today, and i am sorry i missed the first part of the presentation. i did hear the part about the achievement a local hiring at hunters point, and as you have seen, the redevelopment agency using the good faith efforts procedures has succeeded pretty
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well in achieving up pretty good level local hire for the project. i would sound one note of caution about extending the city's mandatory requirements to redevelopment work. redevelopment work requires necessarily the purchase a patient of business. businesses need a certain degree of certainty before it is willing to invest. you do not know what the cost of the mandatory local hire policy will be at this point. you do know in the city can be passed through and one way or another on to the taxpayer. the comptroller has wed -- has said 1% + 1.6 million in administrative costs. until you know that, until you have had a good look at the
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actual results of the local hire policy you have for the city, i would caution strongly against try to expand it to development. supervisor campos: thank you. seeing -- and the other member of the public that would like to comment on this item? he none, public comment is closed. -- seeing none. can we final item number one without objection. -- file item number one without objection. >> item #2 findings recommendations contained in 2010-2011 civil grand jury report entitled hunters point shipyard, a shifting landscape. supervisor campos: this is the portion of the meeting for we as a committee take action on a response from the board of supervisors to the specific recommendations that are relevant to the board.
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their art actually two findings that require action by the board of supervisors, and that our findings no. 5 and 6, as well as recommendations #6 and 7. i think the resolution before us needs to be amended on page two. it should be finding its no. 5 and 6. -- findings number 5 and 6. with respect to the findings, the first finding ready to take action is finding no. 5 that states governor brown's announcement earlier this year that he intends to cut funding to redevelopment agencies in the next fiscal year directly threatens the redevelopment
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project. up until now there has been no indication from the city or san francisco redevelopment agency how they intend to continue the hps redevelopment project should funds be eliminated by the state. colleagues, any thoughts or comments? president chiu. president chiu: i want to think the civil grand jury for their continued due diligence and make sure we're focusing on the big picture in details of the projects. i do think with regards to finding never 5 i appreciate the comments made by the mayor's office of the various city agencies about the strategy that has been put in place for implementing our content -- our contractual obligations, particularly in light of what is happening with redevelopment, and the fact that just a few months ago here at the board we passed a resolution of intent that was signed by the mayor to move things forward. with that i would suggest we
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disagree with that particular finding and with the reasons that i just enumerated in were enumerated in the presentation by city staff. supervisor farrell: i will support that motion. we suffer from a time lapse between this of a grand jury did the report and what we've done at the board since. it is no reflection on any work, just a reality that we've taken action since then. i will support the motion. supervisor campos: i agree with that as well. the other item that we would have to respond to is, with respect to finding 5, recommendation no. 6, which is that the city in san francisco redevelopment agency should have contingency plans in place for continuing sfra projects in the event that state redevelopment funds are cut or
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eliminated. i think the department's response makes sense, which is agreement which should have those plans and those plans are already in place and have been implemented. with respect to finding number six the finding is previous efforts by the city to implement work force policies at city construction projects have largely proved ineffective, as they only require a contractor to make a good-faith effort to hire local workers. earlier this year in -- and to work force ordinance came into effect that has stricter requirements and mandates. in order to find the job creation goals promised for the redevelopment project are realized, the city should insure the office of labor standards and enforcement have sufficient resources to allow it to effectively enforce the provisions of a new work force law. supervisor farrell: thank you,
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supervisor campos. i concur with this. i have an issue with hunters point, as has been articulated, is not subject to local high year. while i agree with your comments earlier that it is very much are -- specifically related to hunters point where local hire is not in effect the law, and we are saying olse need to have the best resources to enforce it at hunters point, to me, is a bit of a mismatch. i welcome, from my colleagues. as it relates to finding 6, when it says previous effort from the city to include work force policy, that seems a bit of a generic statement. i'm just curious. i could ask olse as well when we hear that, what are the work force policies? it seems to be a bit of a generic statement. this is not applying to local
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hire because it does not apply to hunters point. supervisor campos: before we take action on this item, why don't we provided another opportunity for members of the public that would like to speak on this item before action is taken. is there anyone from the public that would like to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, again, we have two findings and two recommendations, and based on the comments that have been made, it seems wary are with respect to finding 5, seems to be disagreement, but agreement on the recommendation relating to that finding, which is recommendation six. with respect to finding 6, recommendation 7, there seems to be disagreement on that. if we could entertain a motion along those lines, president
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chiu? supervisor chiu: i certainly want to join my colleagues in saying that olse needs to be sufficiently resources to allow it to effectively enforce its laws under its jurisdiction. that being said, with regards to this project, i do not think i want to direct the olse comments with regard to this project, which is why i would support disagreeing with finding no. 6 and recommendation seven. as far as recommendations 7, it is not fair to say the policies are necessarily ineffective. hence, why we would not necessarily support that finding. supervisor campos: we have a motion to have to recommend to the board of supervisors that we disagree with finding no. 5 but agree with recommendation no. 6, disagree with finding no. 6 and recommendation no. 7. again, for the record, just to
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make it clear, by saying i disagree with the statement that olse is underfunded for the purposes of this project, i am in no way saying that olse is not underfunded. in fact, it is. you have three supervisors today who made that comment and maybe that will resolve it. that is down the road. we have a motion by president tchiu. calis, can we take that motion? without objection. we want to thank all of the departments for the responses and members of the civil grand jury for their work on this matter. thinking to the members of the public who came out for this. please call -- item 3.
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>> item 3. hearing on the recently published 2010-2011 civil grand jury report entitled "log cabin ranch moving towards positive horizons." supervisor campos: we will hear from the chair of the civil grand jury on this matter. >> good morning. linda clarity on behalf of the civil grand jury. this is one report that i'm thrilled to bring to your attention. as you may or may not know, most of the issues that come to the attention of the civil grand jury come directly from citizen complaint. this was not a citizen complaint. as part of our requirements, we are mandated under the penal code to visit all of the detention facilities in san francisco, including the san francisco jails and juvenile detention facilities. we chose, as part of our work, to also visit the log cabin
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branch, located inlah la honda in the hills above redwood city. we were thrilled that what we saw at the log cabin ranch. in 2004-2005, the civil grand jury wrote a scathing report about what they saw at log cabin ranch. we are pleased to bring to you this new report which shows a tremendous amount of improvement in that area, so this report is an extremely positive one. are there problems still? yes, there are. there is hardly a city department at the un have problems, but we wanted to commend this department about the strives they have made at log cabin wreckage. with an introduction, i want to introduce the juror who chaired the committee that wrote the report. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. mr. smith, good morning. welcome to the government audit and oversight committee. thank you to you and your members of the -- and the
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members of your committee for your work. the 10 findings and 11 recommendations you may with respect to this matter. >> thank you. appreciate being here. this is the fifth of eight reports from the civil grand jury. you have heard several of the more controversial items previously. you also heard this morning the hunters point, and now log cabin. in two weeks, you will hear a whistle blower and central subway. two weeks after that will be the continuity report. we appreciate you spending the time to read the the reports and to hopefully make san francisco a better place. in beginning the jury process, it interviewing, they always say you will spend between 500 and 800 hours as a volunteer. i think we spend more time than that.


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