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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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museum. any time you walk in the building, you will always be treated to a range of very different and wonderful exhibitions. in our first floor exhibition space, we have an exhibition on the work of charlotte sullivan. she was a young artist in berlin. the nazis came into power. her parents sent her to the south of france to live with her grandparents. she put herself in a room for about 18 months and created 1200 small paintings telling her life story through a kind of reflection. it is another example of the way we try to bring a wide range of art and experiences to our public. we want them to find something meaningful to them. >> your institution has been in this neighborhood for three years. how do you like the neighborhood? >> this is the best neighborhood. we are the luckiest city in the world to have this kind of
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cultural district, to have so many museums and cultural institutions. the center of our tourist life is here because this is where the convention center is. people from near and far can be introduced to the richness of the bay area. it is so wonderful and unique. >> the city thanks you for providing such wonderful leadership and vision. >> we're so happy to be part of the city and so honored to be part of "culture wire." >> to learn more about the exhibition and other upcoming events, visit the website. thank you for watching "culture
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president newlin: we are lacking a quorum, so we are going to take the items that do not require a quorum for action. hopefully a fourth commissioner will be here by the time we get to place of entertainment licensing. commissioner cavellini: present. commissioner hyde: present. president newlin: present. we expect commissioner perez. the others are absent. but commissioner perez is en route.
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first, public comment, within the subject matter and jurisdiction of the commission. with respect to agenda items, members of the public may suggest the -- may address the commission for up to three minutes at the time the item is called. if someone wishes to address an item that is not on the agenda, please come forward. seeing none -- we need a quorum to review the minutes. will go right into the executive director's report. >> it has been a while. i am sorry it is only three of you. i want to briefly update you. the staff has been pretty busy over the past couple of months. some of you have been involved with some of the activities. in terms of legislation, the live limited performance permits are actively happening at the moment. these are those limited permits for live music only, which go
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until 10:00 p.m. for the record, we now have commissioner perez. if you are interested or get inquiries regarding the permits, there is a faq on the homepage, a link on the right side. it goes to a decent q&a regarding those permits. and the application is also there. please help us to let people know they can come in and apply. i think nicklaus got his first last week. we sent a paragraph describing the permit to supervisors and other agencies that have newsletters. any assistance that you can come up regarding restaurants or other places that are appropriate for l.p. permits --
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llp permits, let them know we can and will be processing them. electronic notification is also part of the legislation. we will let people know, as these permits come in, regarding applications in their respective areas. the board of supervisors introduced a piece of legislation on october 4 regarding parking lots and security plans. this was primarily in response to concerns by nightclub owners, regarding issues of violent and other kinds of activity on their patrons that were happening outside of their control, in parking lots that are not well lit and often not manned. the legislation is noted on my
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memo and in your binders. it is under a 30 day rule. that means it will set for 30 days before it goes to the public safety committee. i would encourage the commission to look at it. it is not very long. comments are always helpful. we will be assisting the police department in implementing this, but primarily it is an sfpd permit section activity. our involvement will be limited, but it is important to know what it is about. quickly, we had our industry summit in august. i have not seen you guys since july, i think. that was very well attended. i do not know if any of you were there. we plan to do that every year. hopefully, we will get a little bit of a different set up this
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year. the feedback people liked was that they liked the panel discussions better than a lot of talking by me. we will go back to the panel next time. the police department put together a security meeting on september 8, which is very well attended as well, by people from all over the city. that was in the hall of justice. they talked about their expectations and got a chance to hear from security companies. they talked about guard cards, and the concerns they had in terms of nightclubs overall. i am just going to skip over some of this. today, we had about 150 people come to the library to hear a presentation around the
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america's cup for the nightlife industry. commissioner pereira's was present. -- commissioner perez was present. it is helpful to read people's heads around the kind of numbers we expect in 2012 and 2013. nightclub venues can prepare for the numbers of people coming to visit san francisco and be ready to take advantage of it as much as possible. i think that is probably plenty for you. we have a long calendar. we now have a quorum. i can hand it over. do you want to highlight anything in the reports that you have given to the commission? >> just a few. i will keep its super short. just as we said, you are seeing
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incident reports, citations, and anchovy warnings -- and nov warnings. this gives you a pretty accurate impression of the last month. you will see an increase in notices of violation over the past few months, and also some citations. we have been out in the city, getting in the public more traction in certain areas, working with police department units. i would like to think we are getting a little bit more done. every year, oracle does a large group concert at treasure island. we went and did sound tests. it was great.
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we had no complaints this year. this was the first year. the sound of the event was totally contained. we took measurements all over the island. it was great. that just happened this past week. we had decompression, which is a large outdoor event that happens in the industry. this year, that particular event, i think we had one complaint. we also had a few sound issues. you will see in the sheet there were given a notice of violation. we already talked to some of the organizers, who totally understood where we were coming from. we were making sure that if that happens again in the same area, the mistake we made here will not happen again. as far as incidents, i will
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cover the recent incidents. that tends to be up. we have had a lot of reports last month of overall theft of a purse, a bag, or a jacket somebody walks away with. being the economy as it is, traditionally we see that on the rise. that is what we are seeing. i will say unfortunately we did have an incident of shots fired, but no victims over this last weekend. shots were fired, but nobody was hit. that is an ongoing investigation. we will be able to update you next meeting on what actions are taken. this information was newly received. we are still working through it. outside of that, i encourage
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you, when you have time to review the seats -- the sheets. if you have questions, i am here. president newlin: thank you. i would like to go back to item two. having reviewed the minutes, the only ones we can take action are meetings of tuesday, september 27. >> motion to approve? commissioner cavellini: aye. commissioner hyde: aye. commissioner perez: aye. president newlin: aye. i would like to jump ahead now, and get these entertainment license is addressed. item five, a hearing and possible action regarding conditioning existing permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission, for imperial palace, 818 washington , conditioning place of entertainment permit. >> this is a permit for imperial
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palace, a restaurant in chinatown. tim lee, the owner and operator, is here. he will speak about their plan to operate with an audience of seniors. is that the right word? it is for a broadway type shows. just to be clear, your goal here is to add conditioned to it. >> good evening. i am a consultant to mr. lee of the imperial palace, which is located at 818 washington in chinatown. the cross is waverly. this is in the chinatown special use district. i met with mr. lee, a personal friend of mine. i asked what he was doing to
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deal with revitalizing the economy in chinatown. it is challenging. we discussed possibly putting together theatrical shows that would be consistent with running a qualified restaurant. he was very concerned about keeping the integrity of the restaurant. it has been in the family a long time. tony and tina's wedding is looking for a new home. there is a program called assisted living, which is about getting older and aging. it is a comedy. but the same time, he said i have a friend who does a theater review for motown. you are going to put motown in chinatown? he said, "i like that. i think i am going to use that."
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the next thing you know, she loved the place. i think you have a winner there. we set out with a security plan. we contacted the chinatown neighborhood association. we talked about how they used to have six theaters in chinatown and now they do not have any. we contacted a hotel in the area. we talked to a community leader who said this is fantastic. they want to encourage it. we also talked to central. they basically said we do not have any problem with this. we just want to make sure we are consistent with conditions. with constant, excellent communication, we have agreed to the conditions they have set forth. i want to turn this over to tim
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lee, who would like to say a few things. >> good evening. good evening, board president, board commissioners, and ladies and gentleman. the dinner show that we put on is mostly tailored to dinner patrons, lunchtime matinees for seniors over 55. i am almost there. we are trying to put up entertainment that is for in the daytime and and this before 10:00 -- and it ends before 10:00. that is what we are trying to do. it will revitalize the economy of the city and create jobs. thank you. president newlin: commissioners, questions for mr. lee?
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>> i have a couple. it says you are expecting 10 cars with 20 to 25 people. i wonder what you mean by that. >> some of them could come in buses. people from senior homes, they come to our shows in buses. the parking demand is not as great as the normal people coming into a nightclub. >> and will you be offering -- what muni goes to this in your advertising, to reduce the traffic? >> that is a great idea. we will go by that. >> i will suggest. >> i want to add the portsmouth square raw edge, about a block and a half away -- at night time, it has been a challenge, since it remains empty. we are encouraging people to come, because the parking is
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affordable there. it is a short walk. >> you are going to be dealing with elders, mostly. maybe there should be some security that insures their safety coming to and from the parking lot, if that can be arranged somehow. i know there are a lot of problems in that area, especially with the weekends in broadway. it can be difficult if you are going to draw that crowd. >> we do what some people to the cars. it is a family place. >> i am wondering about security. it says here the hostess or host at the entrance, and greater insecurity -- so your host and hostess are going to be very busy seeking people. that will be your security. i do not think there will be a lot of -- you have to prepare,
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in case there is some sort of trouble. are you looking at better security, maybe, for the venue? >> right now, it is very low maintenance. some of the banquets are about 50 people. the owners -- he and his wife will have guard cards. in the event that this gets more popular than it is right now, what we will do is we will have outside security, have a person who is licensed and bonded. we have talked to create a space security. >> it seems to me it looks like people who are already working will be considered security. that means to me someone is not dedicated to security. i think patrons in the neighborhood would definitely appreciate some security. >> we agreed.
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>> anybody else? >> can you tell us how you will be able to manage the sound, and the soundproofing? >> it is a concrete building. it is a pretty new building. also, the dinner show is very low-level sound. i mean, i cannot hear high noise myself. >> one of the shows, "tony n tina's wedding," is interactive with the audience. because it is theatrical, it does require a permit. it is in the special use district. i do not think there will be any adverse impact. >> i see you have a list of people who signed. how did you get this list, and what other out reached did you conduct?
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>> we have functions all the time. it is a popular place for associations. that was people who frequent the restaurant and have a relationship with the restaurant. in one evening, redrafted a few signatures. the next, a few signatures. the chinatown neighborhood association is a philanthropic organization that has a relationship with the restaurant. that was something where they knew the owners and operators for many years, and of course were very supportive. president newlin: we will open this to public comment. is there anybody who would like to address this issue from the public? >> thank you, president and commissioners. i am a resident of chinatown.
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i have lived in chinatown forever. we used to have six theaters. after or before the show, we would go to get a bite. right now, with television and d.v.d. is and other entertainment, all the theaters are shut. i go to the imperial palace quite often. i belong to quite a few nonprofits in chinatown, and other associations. he is a very friendly and very clean eating place. they do have three floors. the second floor, i think they want some entertainments on the second floor. i am a senior as well. i am within walking distance.
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after 7:00, 8:00, i can testify the garage at portsmouth square is empty. automobiles going to the restaurant -- there is no problem. i am sure the restaurant will delegate. they do not have to pay the parking fee. there are lots of seniors in chinatown. they live in a very congested place. there are entertainments, and within reasonable prices, i am sure the senior will go there once a week. i hope you will grant the permit. i am also a member of the central station, the police captain's advisory board. we had so much trouble on
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broadway, but this is a quiet, peaceful street. we want more people walking the street, going into restaurant to get entertained. our number one industry is tourists. this also will attract tourists. not only that -- we have roughly 300 tourists from china and hong kong every day, coming to san francisco. when two guys from china heard about it, dick came and brought customers. -- they came and brought customers. jobs and jobs. everybody needs a job. president newlin: you said you have been there forever. >> chinatown. president newlin: my question is what was the name of grant avenue before it was great avenue. >> dupont street.
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[applause] president newlin: you got it. >> good evening. i am a retired administrator from the school district and from city college, where i taught for 25 years. i am also a senior. i also saw the shows. i want to share with you. i was dancing along with the actors and actresses on the stage, because it was so much fun. when tim invited me to go see "assisted living," i did not want to go. but when i went there, it was good. the music was entertaining, and the theme was very pleasant. i hope some of you, all of you, will go see the show. we need that in chinatown, this kind of entertainment. the most important thing is i found out that not only is the
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show we saw a chinese american. we saw a different ethnicities of people that have loved the diversity. we see young people dancing, old people dancing. if you saw me there that day, i was dancing. i was actually standing up there the whole time. do not think senior citizens can hardly walk. i danced hours. i am advocating for seniors to dance and enjoy life. president newlin: thank you very much for your presentation. >> good evening. my name is theresa. i am a san francisco resident. i support imperial palace. i hope you please grant this permit. thank you so much. >> good evening, commissioners. i think you heard it all. we got a lot of support in the community. i think this will bring --
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revitalize chinatown. you must unanimously vote yes on this. thank you. >> good evening, commissioners. my name is valerie butler. i frequented the imperial palace restaurant on several occasions. excellent place. food is delicious. the atmosphere is fine. the parking is great. i have never had any problems. i am excited about the changes taking place in chinatown. i think the concept of the motown dinner show, motown in chinatown, is a great idea. it seems fun, exciting, new, and fresh, and will bring diversity into chinatown. i have seen a couple of the other shows -- "assisted living" and "tina and tony."
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they are great, geared toward mature audiences. it is interactive with the audience. it is very exciting and fresh. tim is a great honor. i love it. thank you. president newlin: i looked through the file. the conditions -- are they somewhere, that you wanted to present? officer maccabaeus, do you want to comment on this -- officer matthias, do you want to comment on this? >> steve matthias, central station. we are in favor of granting the permit. we did less six conditions we would like to review. one thing we wanted to strike is on line five. part of the marketing they do for the theater productions -- they do use a company for the
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marketing. we did not think it would be fair. i think it is something that helps the business. i want to strike the word "marketing," line 5. president newlin: ok. mr. lee, have you seen these commissions -- these conditions, and are you comfortable with them? did everybody get a chance to see these conditions? ok. do we have a motion from the commission? >> motion to conditionally approved. >> i will second. commissioner cavellini: aye. commissioner hyde: aye. commissioner perez: aye. president newlin: aye. mr. lee, good


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