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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2011 1:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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65 complaints were filed and through september 30, 2011, 622 complaints were filed year to date. that is a 6% decrease from last year's complaints as of september 30. as of september 30, 2011, we closed 618 cases. we had 430 pending cases. we sustained 52 cases which is an 8% rate. as of september 30, we conducted 45 mediations. 7% of the cases were) we did so through mediation. at this time last year, we mediated 41 cases which was a 6% mediation rate. on november 9, i will provide you with the occ third quarter
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statistical report. that concludes my report for this evening. president mazzucco: any questions for the director? next item. >> item 2c, the president's report and commissioner's report. president mazzucco: i have nothing to report. >> i attended the asian poa dinner. lots of scalera ships were handed out. it was a good night. president mazzucco: next item. >> commissioner announcement and schedules. president mazzucco: any announcements to need to make? >> we will go dark on october 26. no meeting that night. >president mazzucco: great. >> we received a letter
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regarding some of the issues. i understand we have a committee set up, that was commissioner slaughter -- terman to look into this. i was wondering if we could talk about where you are and let us know if it is going on the calendar and if so, when? >> i can say that we have been meeting with the aclu and meeting with the asian law caucus. we have had several meetings. we are continuing to meet with them but at this point and has gone from -- we are going through a lot of what of scenarios and we're trying to work with the aclu. we will continue the dialogue with him. we have had this on our agenda more than once, including the human rights joint meeting.
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it is not something that will happen overnight. i think that we have answered almost every question they have had and we're moving to new scenarios. we have a bureau order which is more comprehensive than anything we have seen. it is a work in progress. can we put the date on it? that is up to commissioner slaughter. commissioner slaughter: we have been in contact and we will be getting together. we will make a plan about what, if any unanswered questions remain to be looked into. and have committed to one another to bring it back before the commission for discussion. we had a lengthy meeting about this last week. there deserves to be a discussion about it and we will. we need to do our work first. we will and we have committed to
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get it back to the commission and we will do that, too. when that is going to happen, i cannot say. it could be next week or the week after, early november. i do not know. we will get it back as expeditiously as we can. i would reiterate what commissioner mazzucco said. we require our officers to comply with 810. we have a commitment in writing from the fbi that says any member of the police department that is assigned to jttf can while abiding by policies and orders. there has been suggestion to the contrary. i do not think that is a fair suggestion. it does not mean it is not an important issue for us to discuss.
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we will as a commission. there is no commitment from the fbi that our officers are and continue to be governed by the department of general orders is not accurate. we will do the work as many subcommittees do and we will bring it back to the commission for discussion when we are ready. thank you. commissioner kingsley: when do we have our next khomeni meeting schedule? when and where? >> we have not picked a date. we're looking toward the end of november. it might be november 30. we have to coordinate that. commissioner kingsley: what are the thoughts on where that would be? >> either the central or southern station. commissioner kingsley: thank you. one item that i would like to put on the agenda. commissioner terman and i would
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like to put on the november 2 agenda. we are targeting to distribute the draft resolution that we have been working on with the city attorney and various other folks regarding our priorities but more specifically, it is going to be someone as ms. porter has described it aptly, a kind of road map which this resolution will bring together. the duties of the commission that arise out of the charter, the administrative code, the police commission rules and regulations, as well as the other resolutions that the commission has passed in former years, bringing it all together in one document and mapping that out so when we are deciding on priorities and when to schedule
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them, they are a backdrop to all these other duties and responsibilities we have. we would like to get the input of the full commission before moving ahead with more detail. the draft of that we propose to have to you before november 2 to discuss at the november 2 meeting. president mazzucco: we're back to what to entitled this document. you are working on our list of priorities. this backdrop of the rules and procedures and charter and all that, i think those are divens that we understand and we know what our role is and we know we need to do. the ultimate issue is, what are our priorities? it is a moving target because it changes frequently. i am not sure about the second half of what you're asking for. commissioner dejesus: i have not been here but i am not sure what
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you're asking for. i am not sure when we will get it. commissioner kingsley: can we put this on the agenda for november 2? we can entitle it what we want to and do with it what we want. >> we will look at the draft. thank you. commissioner chan: i wanted to put back on our calendar language access. we have it scheduled and it got moved. if we can have it on november 9, i want to see if that is ok with a calendar. a one to be specific about what i mean by this. prior to me being on the commission, the commission received annual report backs on language access. how often language access has been used. i remember going to the chinatown community meeting and there was a report. with our language access, department general order, where
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are we in terms of implementation? what is yet in progress and how often are the services used? what are the additional needs the department might have to keep in mind, those of the kinds of questions i have. does that make sense? president mazzucco: is that it for our agenda? >commissioner dejesus: i talked to commissioner mazzucco. he is also on the committee. we will discuss whether or not i would like him to get on the commission. -- khomeni. president mazzucco: we had a closed session item regarding potential litigation. i would like to calendar in the near future our review as to whether or not the police
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commission should supervise and- or authorize assistance and that was discussed. i would put that on the next three or four weeks. how does that look for the second week of november? we just put something on. let's do it the 16th? november 16. >> is open right now. -- it is open right now. president mazzucco: anything further? public comment regarding these items? seeing none, public comment is closed. item three. >> public comment on all matters pertaining to item 5. closed session for disciplinary cases.
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president mazzucco: any public comment regarding matters of close session. a motion? thank you. we are heading i
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supervisor wiener: what we have here is a very important project and a very important mission and a completely reasonable objection of neighbors who are concerned about a five-story building going in on their block, which is something we see in san francisco all the time, and there is nothing exceptional or inappropriate about people taking issue with the size of a building. i grow up in the philadelphia area, in new jersey, went to school up and down the east coast. i went to undergrad at duke
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university and law school at harvard. after clerking for a judge, i came out here and have been in here for the last 14 years. i always assumed i would go back to the philadelphia area because that is where my family is, but i was always interested in sanford cisco in terms of the city, culture, the amazing lgbt community -- i was always interested in san francisco. i am an attorney. i started off in private practice, doing complex litigation. in 2002, i moved to the san francisco city attorney's office, where our work on the trial team, doing trials for the city and doing my own cases and supervising a team of attorneys as well. another huge issue confronting the city is the deferred
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maintenance on our infrastructure. we have a lot of infrastructure that has been deteriorating because we have not maintained it properly, from our roads to our sewer system to muni. we need to be much more diligent about maintaining our infrastructure. i have been interested in politics since i was a kid. i have worked on campaigns since i was a teenager. i was involved in campaigning against senator jesse helms when i was in college. when i came out here i was not initially involved politically. i was involved in community work, helping to build the lgbt community center, doing neighborhood work, and i eventually started doing campaigns and gradually got more involved in democratic party politics. ultimately, in 2004, i ran for the democratic county central committee and ended up chairing the committee.
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it was a gradual process for me. by the time i started thinking about running for supervisor, it made sense because of my involvement in the community and the politics. i knock on about $15,000 -- i knocked on about 15,000 doors and a huge amount of people. the best way to learn about the city and what people want and what people's concerns are. i feel like i know so much more than before i started campaigning. i am a good liberal democrat. in the san francisco, miniature spectrum, i am considered pretty middle of the road. one thing about me is i am very independent when it comes to the issues, and i do not vote on party lines. i judge each issue on its merit. we have provided woefully inadequate support for our transition-age youth, and when
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we do not provide that support, we end up causing other problems. it is not like it disappears. these are our youth, who are here in our community, and we need to make sure we are providing services for them. yesterday, we had a hearing on the dcyf budget, and i was very disappointed with one aspect of the budget, particularly the alt and backs were being eliminated -- that all add-backs were being eliminated on a number of different subjects. i do not agree with that. i am in discussions with dcyf, and i am is hopeful we will be able to work something out. my predecessor was always committed to making sure funding occurred, and i will continue to do that, so you have an ally in me. the budget is the most eminent issue, and we do have a structural budget deficit in the
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city, so we need to deal, of course, with the short-term balancing our budget in a way that does not decimate city services that people rely on, but also to address our long- term structural budget deficit, and that means implementing some budget reforms. smooth out our budget process so it is not a boom/bust kind of budget. reforming our pension system and retiree health care system so that they are stable. we do a decent job providing low-income housing. we do a terrible job providing housing for low or middle class and middle-class people, people who are working and paying taxes that we need to have here for a functioning economy, so i am looking for ways to try to fund that, particularly for essential employees like teachers, nurses, first responders. projects coming up in the city
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like the renovation of dolores park, which is a once in 50 years opportunity to define what the park is and what changes we want to make to it. that will be a very significant projects. [inaudible] when was the last time it rained? there are puddles. we elect our supervisors by district, and it is very important to pay attention to the district, to be engaged in projects in the district, but we also represent the whole city. any supervisor that just focuses on the district without addressing the citywide issues is not doing his or her job. every day, i'd make sure i am working both on the citywide issues and on district issues.
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