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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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campus community. after operating with absolute transparency and standing in our community and in total compliance of local and state law holding a permit to operate by the san francisco health department, we are now under attack from the federal government and we need your help. please vote on that resolution. [applause] >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. supervises or. i'm corey doningham and i'm damn proud to be a part of the family of occupy san francisco. i came just days before the occupation of wall street ended. i got here almost two weeks ago. i am proud to be part of a family that is creating a new world for everyone. we need you guys to stand up. we need you guys to be the
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politicians, the leaders of this community that we elected you to be. i believe you john avenue lose, i believe that you tried everything you could the night of the riot, the night that the police went against us. i believe you tried to get the mayor on the phone to get to stop this. i understand that you don't have the most influence -- you weren't able to stop it. i get that. but all of you, the 10 of you, no, the nine of you, you have the power to stop what they're doing to us on a daily basis. please stand with us. we are growing daily. 1,500 cities nationwide. thousands worldwide. we are getting bigger by the day. we will do nothing but get bigger. we will not stop. when we win -- when we have taken our power back and we have changed this world, where do you want to be? where do each of you want to be? i would like for you to stand with us.
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thank you. [applause] >> next speaker. >> i was going to say good afternoon. but i think it's good evening, supervisors. >> my name is rachel achison. i wrote a short statement so i wouldn't ramble on. i grew up in the city. and i love san francisco. but right now i'm a shamed of this behavior towards this peaceful group who are showing the courage to finally speak truth to power. we must show the same level of respect for voices of defense that we have done for corporate and other interests. video footage from s.s.p.d. raids on october 15th and 17th sickened me. i would urge you all to pressure the mayor for greater restraint and to show more open mindedness for the elements that constitute
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illegal protest actions. there should be no curfew on free speech. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. my name is joseph demarius. i'm from the twin city and a current resident of san francisco and an employee of the city and county of san francisco. i'm a member of s.c.i.u. 1021. i'm sure if not all of you are bored out of your minds right now. but my friends, i worked on the re-election campaign minnesota senator of paul well stone before his untimely demise. i mived to this city with my wife in 2010 because i believed that the city would be a great city to raise a family in. with a virtually unrifled record in human rights and i appeal to you, i implore you contemplate
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the worsdz of the late senator wellstone a politics that is not sensitive to the concerns and circumstances of people's lives, apolitics that does not speak to and include people is an intellectually arrogant politics and deserves to fail. do not be arrogant. you've been placed to do good for the people you respect. and to fail to do so would be tragic, tragic for all of us, tragic for yourselves, tragic for the future that awaits your children and mine. be an example for the rest of the country. follow the example of the city of los angeles and support this movement not based on whether or not you personally agree with it but because it is the democratic thing to do. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, my name is carol harvey. thank you for listening to this,
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supervisors. i saw -- i've been, by the way, made myself an embedded reporter with occupy san francisco from the beginning, september 17th because i am one of the 99% as well. i watched the footage of the attack on the camp the other night from home. i wasn't able to be down there. i would have, if i could have. i want to ask what on earth were they trying to accomplish by this attack on this camp? these people, we are not going away. is san francisco trying to show that they can be as brutal as the n. -- nypd. they were shouting the whole world is watching. and in fact, the whole world is watching. what is san francisco trying to do? align with seattle and show how brutal they can be to the
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occupyiers? again, let me repeat, they are not going away. the modus operandi of the p.d. has to change. as the occupyiers pointed out, you are one of us. you're in the 99%. 57ped i watched them say to these officers, what would your mother think of what you're doing. and i thought, wow, the whole world needs to hear about that. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> that's better. >> good evening, supervisors. my name is charlie pappas. congratulations on returning to your chambers. i'm here tonight because i would like to occupy the chambers i
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have as your neighbor seven or eight blocks away. i'd like to continue my lease and that would be a divinity co op. we are a medical can biss dispensary. the reason i'm worried about continuing our lease is because our very supportive landlord has received a 45-day notice. they got it 25 days ago. we may close in 25 days not because our landlord wants us to close because they are fearful that our 2,500 patients won't be able to be served. we're very fearful. it's 50/2450 we'll close, if not more -- it's 50/50 that we'll close, if not more. there is a time line for us. i'm hoping with all the strong, eloquent, intelligent words you
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listen to, you might come up with some yourselves and get a resolution or please reply to melinda hague or so and support the use of medical cannibus in san francisco and respond to the, you know, unfortunate federal government attack on us. thank you. [applause] >> good evening, president chu and the board of supervisors of san francisco. my name is mary sanders. i'm a native of san francisco. my parents were native of san francisco. my grandparents came here from ireland to escape prosecution, certain imprisonment and death because of their beliefs. i am employed by the unified school district in san francisco.
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i have actively supported many of you in your campaigns, stood by you in your beliefs. i want you to stand by us and our beliefs. we have to change this country. that's what occupy san francisco is all about, changing the corporate greed of this country. they got bailed out. the banks got bailed out. the people did not get bailed out. my grandfather built a home here in the avenues of san francisco and we watched it get sold on the steps of city hall right out there for taxes, for nothing.
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and if we have do anything to stop this from happening to another family, we will. [applause] >> my name is vingyuen. i am shocked on the treat these occupiers received. the reason why the occupyiers chose september 17th is because it's the anniversary of the signing of the u.s. constitution. i was a former census worker for the bureau of the u.s. census and as a government employee, we have to defend the constitution. we had to swear in before we could work because it's a federal job even though it's temporary. right now, i am unemployed.
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i have not lost my home yet. i'm fighting eviction and i'm standing here to represent tall hard-working people that work to contribute to the welfare of the community but gets nothing in return. i want you to think about that very carefully about the thousands of homeless people in san francisco. there are about 20,000 vacant units that are sitting there empty. but there is -- there is all these unemployed people and some of them were workers. 10,000 of them deserve to live in homes. so i want you to not only stop the police brutality and the oppression and the harassment of the occupyiers but to provide adequate housing for all the people that have lost their homes. [applause] >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> government brown signed a.b. 499 recently which gives children 12 years old the right to decide whether they're going to get the vaccination. terrible thing. sad, very, very sad. i mentioned in a speech about a year and a half ago that it's very well documented the catholic church murdered -- you think it sounds crazy but it's true. it's actually true. a lot of things that we don't know are true and well substantiated. but you know, the thing is this. whoever is in charge and whatever evil or good that they do, there's coming a day of judgment. now a lot of christians think it's going to be friday, as a matter of fact. and if it is, abraham lincoln john wilkes booth and all the dead are going to be raised up
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and if they weren't saved before they died it's going to be judgment, wrath, the wrath of god. i think about the story about how these jews came to jesus and told him that some jews had been murdered by pontius pilot. he knew that they all died lost. he must have. because he's the son of god. and so he said do you think they were any worse than you are. he said unless you believe in me, you will perish. jesus is the roughest preacher there ever was. he said look, there's 18 people on whom the tower fell. you think they were more evil because they died like that? he says unless you repent and believe in me you'll all likewise perish. he didn't say a tower was going to fall on them. he said god's wrath was going to get them. two minutes, unbelievable.
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>> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good evening, supervisors. i'm an eight-year resident from sfwran. i graduated of u.c. hastings. i'm here in support of occupy s.f. i haven't taken a part as most of the people here. my contributions have been limited to taking a walk on a beautiful saturday with them. and telling my friends to take their money out of the banks and put into credit unions and arguing with my ultraconservative brother-in-law in facebook. but these are the people who are sustaining the movement. the reason people are paying attention is because the people
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in new york took that part and they're staying there. and in order for this movement to be sustainable, i just want to urge the board of supervisors to do everything within its power to prevent the police from taking down what they're trying to build there. so thank you. [applause] >> next speaker. good afternoon, board of supervisors. i see some very familiar faces here. i worked on campaigns for you or not, i stood by your side a little bit on facebook and posted things for you and invited people in the community to come out and support you guys. you have done great work here. we know you're not against us. we know you are a part of the 99% here with us. and so is the police. it was really crazy to see the pain and some of the police officer's eyes before they literally arm robbed us and
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kidnapped us and came like swine in the night and took the actions that they did upon us, you know? it was -- it was unjust. it was unconstitutional. but we know that they were not -- they're not here to do that to us. and i just -- i urge you all to please just join in support with us. you guys are wonderful. i mean, you guys are here right now with us. and i think that really goes to show, you know, the beginning of steps towards creating a better world for everybody when where we have social justice. where we have equal human rights, period. and i just want to say thank you all so much for being here and on behalf of occupy s.f. and myself, yeah, just thank you. thank you. [applause] >> next speaker.
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>> good, afternoon, supervisors. my name is philip o.j. thank you for hearing us and y lowing our hearts to reach yours. you've heard many statusics and stories. you are now presented with an occupy to assist occupy san francisco to become the model for this unstoppable global movement. you are part of the 99% and we are here for you as well. so there is nothing to fear from us. let san francisco shine as an example of unity for the rest of the world. be a part of the positive change so you can tell your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren that when you had the chance you helped oufer specie reclaim our humanity. i'd like to leave you with a quote from franklin delano
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roosevelt, the task of our progress is whether we provide those who have too little. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. final speaker. or next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisor, peter warfield executive director of library association. in terms of silencing the public library is on a project to implement the snuffing out of a multicultural mural that includes as a key feature victor hara, the image on the branch library also includes words in english and spanish. words from holly mere. all of that is going to be wiped out in the mural that is planned as a replacement. someone close to the original mural which was a community process that was contributed to
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by lots of people over a two-year period called it a sanitized gentrified version of the mural. in all of the meetings that i have attended at the library commission particularly recently and at the art commission, there has been no discussion of the specifics of what the images were in the existing mural and what they respect nor what specifically images are going to be in this sanitized replacement. who was victor hara, a voice filled in the "new york times" december 2002. general augustus were so intent on eliminating all traces of the leftist singer victor hara that torching and executing him was not enough when they seized power in 1973. they also had master tapes of
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his recordings and concert appearances destroyed. i'll read near the end. i guess it shows that you can kill the singer but not his song. well, in san francisco, the library plans to do just that and that is to kill off the image and the memory and the words of this person. [applause] >> thank you. >> hi, would a real america medical marijuana cheerleader, occupy san francisco step up. i am here. listen, i am glad that these people are here in san francisco because what they don't understand is we are in a may oriole election. and they're messing with president obama, all those crazy people. they said we lost our soul. and it is so good because what you all don't know a lot of people are in shelters and in s.r.o. hotels.
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they cannot come out. and we are glad you are in this city to let the people know that we have a federal reserve bank in this city. and my other thing to talk about is about the last may oriole candidate we would talk about aids. they want to keep you negative. we want you to come out to the state building from 5:30 to 7:30 on thursday for the last day dealing with aids. medical marijuana is the last 15 year of the aids crisis. and it started in this place here. we need to have the people really rise up and know what san francisco -- we have 18 states that come out of here. you know, i also voted when you all were just making $33,000 a year to take your salary up to $125,000. see, we want green backs for everybody. and that's really where we're at
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. 30 more minutes. and with marijuana and the president and the mayor and occupants. thank you all, and we think you will do the right job because this is the last part of america before you fall into the ocean. where else are you going to be? i look forward to see you thursday in the state building because i did get an official candidate vote. $10.10. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is alex. i'm with occupy s.f. probably would have guessed that by now. on the night of the 16th, i stood in the human chain in the street to prevent police from illegal stealing food and other medical necessities from peaceful protestors and i witnessed this horrible violence
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from the sfpd. in an attempt to remove them by making them think that they would run us over. what have we done? we are a small occupation gathering in a public park. we didn't have means or hurt or harm anyone or anything. i saw people being beaten and then arrested for protecting property that originally we felt belonged to anyone, that anyone could have come and used that property. but instead the police chose toe basically throw it in the dump truck and run off with it. i feel that the trust has been broken personally. this is not me speaking for everyone in the movement. but i feel like the trust has been broken before the sfpd and occupy s.f. there's been a particularly interesting aspect in this movement to me. one that questioned my
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preconception about police. we have worked with the police. we have been trying to comply with city codes and so on. we've been trying to make this a movement that is not disrespectful or harmful to anyone. but when you assault us and arrest us and you refuse to let us have basic human rights, you are not showing that you are with us. i told many of the riot cops that were there that night that i believe in personal responsibility. that we all choose our actions and we're responsible for what we choose. so my question to everyone here as well as to the police is are you part of the 99%? are you willing to support us or not? [applause] >> thank you. next speaker. good evening, city officials. it's been a rough night.
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an entertaining night. my name is ivan velez. i just wanted to say three things. a lot of things have been said. the mayor has been on many, many times tonight especially about occupy s.f. and the new movement that we are all part of. and i would like to hope that you enjoy it. you gathered a lot of information from us. and you appreciate what's going on on this day. you can use all your powers and not be detered by obstacles to help to help everyone and ourselves move forward. the 99% -- the 99% help us, help us move forward. thank you for listening and being here with us.
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>> 99. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i just want to thank you all for listening to these incredibly well spoken people. i have not been a part of the movement but last night i found out a little bit more about it. so i went online and i watched what happened on sunday night and i was just so shocked and so incredibly upset that i had a difficult time sleeping last night. and i wanted to do something to try to help these peep. this is something that's been going on for a while with the police. i noticed this when i was protesting against the war, you know, back in 2002. and the police takes such an antagonistic stance against everybody. i mean, there were children, there were families and grandparents, you know. everyone is extremely peaceful, yet, the police just had this --
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i don't know -- smears on their faces. the riot from the other night -- i don't understand riot gear. it only equates to me violence and violence begets violence. and this is something that i would hope that you can do something about. i don't know if you can or not. i know it's the police department. and, but please do whatever you can. maybe find the person that was responsible for ordering the attack on sunday night and see if they can be accountable for it. thank you. [applause] >> are there any other members of the public that wish to speak? seeing none, i want to thank everyone again for your patience and for your respect during the public comment period. and with that, the general public comment is closed for this evening.
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colleagues why don't we go to our adoption. would you please call items 27-21. >> these items will be acted upon by a single roll call vote. it will be called separately and considered. >> supervisor? >> 27. >> supervisor avalos? >> madam clerk would you please call the roll on the balance of the adoption calendar. >> on items 27-21 -- >> supervisor avalos. roll call vote on item 28-31. >> cam? >> aye. >> supervisor chu? >> aye. >> owen, aye. >> supervisor else burn? >> aye.
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>> ferrell? >> aye. supervisor kim? >> kim, aye. >> supervisor wiener? >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. those resolutions are adopted. item 27. [reading] >> supervisor else burn? >> thank you. and i'll be very brief because i understand supervisor avenue lose is going to move to table this item because the governor has signed this bill. i couldn't let the opportunity to go by. this bill is exactly why i think is wrong. why in the world do they pass a bill telling city can and cannot do. why are we doing this? san francisco hasn't passed a new contract proposal in about 25 years. the public library h n


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