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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2011 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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we're having our supervisor meeting. i am here and support of the free muni past. i speak as a supervisor and as a former organizer. i am sure you have heard this several times already but use are facing a difficult time in our city. this is not often reflected in our city. the number of children enrolled has increased from 2008 at 54% to 54% in 2010. this is not include people who are underemployed and and documented.
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decisions. we're trying to face funding. i'm going from a fleet of 44 buses to 25. it is important that the city worse together to find a solution to address that. i think that this is an important project for the city. we have to put our money where our mouth is. we can encourage young people to write for free.
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i know students who wait for sudden bus drivers to come to their corner because they will allow them and their siblings on for free because they cannot afford passes. i know that they get on the buses weekly and make it cited an that is just the reality we are facing here today. i know that we are selling half of the passes that we did several years ago. we used to to sell 20,000 and just last month was sold 10,000. and make that all right. that can change the culture for young people on our buses. and you so much for considering.
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we know this is very tough. i am committed and dedicated to working with you on this. the advocates are working tremendous them bring in this issue to us. thank-you. >> i have been informed that we have an overflow room. we cannot anyone to be standing or sit on the floor. the people who are sitting or standing on the side to please move. >> ok. for speakers.
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>> this is a pro muni campaign. we want to encourage young people to be the next group of drivers. -- of riders. this is important to have people not be burdened to parents.
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>> i think that we should get an education to help in life. this is made a better chance of really getting support for the schools. it is hard to say where the city has some budget cuts in san francisco. i believe that these kids should be able to go to school.
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it is an honor to be here. this is very important to them. the school buses are getting cut. it is hard for the kids to have to walk and everything. >> thank you. >> i am 82 years old. i was here of the last meeting that you had.
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i help that rosa parks school. tomorrow, they will bring -- they're getting better approaches to the classroom. the need is great. it cannot be emphasized any more than that. if we all do something, it will be better.
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i've voted for 62 years and i never missed it. i am 82 now. >> i am 16 and i am a junior at galileo high school. i am proud of the efficacy in district 3. we're advocating for free muni because we see this as a transit issue not just in our communities but for the city. i live in the valley
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neighborhood. i saw you advocating for the pilot who gave 1200 passes. i really saw how much the program was needed when the applications exceeded the supply passes. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i am president of student
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advisory council at galileo high school. whether it is going to my house to nob hill are going to meetings, muni is my way of navigating around the city. they have already cut half of the school buses. i see the rationale, i worry that this was stigmatize low income writers. this would have higher administration fees and benefit your youth. since the school year started, a broad coalition of all community
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groups have been gauging how many care about these issues. >> thank you. we have to keep to the time limit. >> thank you so much. [applause] >> good afternoon. a group of teenagers could take on a leadership role. one of the thing that has impacted use is able to impact transportation. not every family has the money to provide kids with the proper amount money for the bus fare.
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one of the services that helps our school buses. some of this is only those that have to go to school. it is important for students to have this to reach academic success. >> we have pretty strict time limits because city regulations. when you hear the first bell, it means you have another 30 seconds.
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>> thank you for having me. i live in a shelter with my daughter. i want that service to not be taken from me because that is the first thing that i need as a mother.
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>> just as housing is my number one worry as a parent, the number two worry for me and transportation for my daughter to get to school. please, i beg you to give the service for the youth. i'm sorry to get so emotional. >> thank you for being here. i appreciate it. [applause] >> hello, good evening. i am currently a student at san francisco university in global
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science. as a daily passenger myself, i consistently see the struggle for most used in my district. some drivers have the hard to let them slide, others do not. people have to get off the bus because it cannot afford the cost. they are kids. their only response to a should be given on the bus safely, -- getting to school safely and doing their homework. they are unlikely to be able to afford these extreme fares which keep rising. [applause] >> i may use commissioner and
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also the chair of the city services. the commission has talked about this and support of free muni. the youth have to go to school. it does not work. adults, they have a job. it is your legal responsibility to go to school. some have to break the law to go to school and learn and do our duty. that really doesn't work like that.
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this affects all of us. >> i would like to ask for us to have these passes. >> i have friends who asked me for money and i am supporting free use passes. >> hello.
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>> i think that kids should have free media passes said that families can have more money for holidays like christmas time. >> hello, i am from mission began and i think that the youth should have read many passes because i feel bad for people who are unfortunate that get on the bus and i see a lot of people get kicked off of the bus because of their color and i think that is unfair.
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whether they are black, asian, latino, i always see people getting kicked off of the blasts. >> we did not have money in the family. most of us had to walk to school.
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>> i don't have a lot of money and sometimes i have to walk to school. it is really silly and san francisco. it takes a long time to walk. it would be really nice to be able to take the bus. -- it is really hilly in san francisco. there was this lady and she did not have any money. >> anyone else from the group? >> hello, everyone. i work in mission peak in. i want to recognize the hard work of this group. they have really run with this campaign and took initiatives to make it a creative piece.
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they have been doing a lot of photography around the kennedy to educate kids on how to be better writers. -- frienriders. >> i pledge not to fight on the bus. they took the initiative and made a whole facebook album of different images for their friends and i thought that was brilliant. i just want to say that we strive for civic engagement and community leadership. part of that is going on field
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trips and taking kids to city hall meetings or to museums are different cultural things going on in the city. this is very very costly. having you be able to ride the bus for free would be beneficial. i urge you to take action and to try to find a coordinator. >> you did a great job. >> i talked with people every
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day in the streets. you have to move around the city. i don't have any money to go anywhere.
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they have the community to explore the city. i support that we really want to do it and we're going to do it. thank you. >> sarah armstrong. >> hello. i would like to express what i think that there should be for all youth. i know there can be a separation. i think this would help to bridge the gap. this is a huge environmental benefit. more kids riding the bus means less cars on the road.
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we could bypass the administrative problems. i would like to make clear that use of all backgrounds support this initiative. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, members. i grew up riding the bus. i could list all of them but it would not give me enough time. this had shifted me into becoming a lifelong bus rider.
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a lot have similar stories and even more compelling to the wants of a hat more time to share. i urge you to listen to the story and the urgency of this. the young people in this room are the next generation. they are telling you guys the policies that we want to see from you all. we are telling you that we need to free muni. we need this to be more affordable to less. i also want to say this would help the city to reach the goal. >> thank you.
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>> i am here to advocate for free use for san francisco use. the use of san francisco will appreciate and utilize a resourced that all should have access to. we would like to give unlimited resources. the idea of running at an early age is also significant. last week, we presented this proposal to the board of education and received support. we also collected 2000 student signatures from san francisco public high schools. on a more personal note, i have lived in san francisco my entire life and i've taken unique -- muni to all my extracurricular activities.
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>> a lot of kids in my community do the same thing. we convened a young adult advisory board. we discussed this. to immigrants, and not only low-
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income folks, but everyone else. people who can afford a bus pass are likely to be the folks who will be the first one to buy a car. regarding environmental issues, we need to take the lead. we are sanctuary city. keeping that in mind, please make sure that this does not limit on documented use. thank you. chairman nolan: thank you. good afternoon. >> and the little boy that i take care of who has down syndrome was too shy to come up. both of us are in support of the free bus passes for youth. if i got your -- if i got to run things, i would extend that to


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