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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2011 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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this. if we do not do this, we are going to pay for it in the long run. when these children become adults, what is going to happen? right now, we have an opportunity, as supervisor campos said, to lead the way in making free muni for youth possible. if we all work together, with the cooperation of other city departments, we can find whatever money that we need to do this. i encourage every member of this board to use their resources or contacts to contact the state
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legislators or whatever we have to do to find the money. i am willing to turn over every rock three or four times in order to find money. please help me do that. i'm going to start doing that right now. chariman nolan: do other members of the board have questions or comments? we will hear from the public now. we are delighted you are all here and want to hear from as many people as possible. we do have to be out of this room by a certain time. we also have several more items for consideration this afternoon. let's move on with that. i have talked to the leadership and appreciate working with them. the leaders have met with a number of us. let's start.
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secretary boomer: i will read a number of names and people could line up. let me find the card. what i would like to do is to read a list of names and have people lined up so that we can -- chariman nolan: mr. williams? secretary boomer: i am going to read a list. steve williams, you are first. >> i want to thank the board for scheduling this hearing for 4:00 so that young people are able to attend. later on, you are going to be able to hear some experts about the importance of this issue. i also want to thank the members of the board that we got a chance to meet with to have
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conversations with, particularly director reiskin, who blocked out 30 minutes to meet with us. but ultimately took about 60 minutes to actually hear from the concerns that we have. a couple of things that i have concerns about in terms of the report rid in terms of setting the context, an important point is not a reference is the flashing of yellow school bus service that is being done by the school district. clearly, that is not policy being directed by the mta, but it is an important and textual notes that the board should be considering with this particular matter. ultimately, it is going to force more and more young people to rely on muni to get to and from school as well as other places. the mta board has taken action previously, recognizing the immense need. when you created the mx express, because of the overcrowding on
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that bus. there is one last thing i would like to say. in our conversation with director reiskin, he indicated that the board has not indicated a broad support for this policy. we think it is important for the mta to say, yes, we want to move forward in this direction and then find the money. ultimately, we think the issue of overcrowding is overstated. we go back to the legislative analyst's report, which essentially indicates that, right now, if we're going to increase service, all of that $6 million cannot be allocated to the young people who are riding the buses. we do not agree with the reports that indicate it will cost $13 million, instead of $6 million. secretary boomer: gloria estevas.
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>> [speaking spanish] >> thank you for having me. it is an important point to say that you have spent money harassing used for the police. this program would cost less than what you are currently planning -- currently paying the police department. >> [speaking spanish] >> i think it is more important for you to provide funding so
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that youth can get to school with freedom and get their education rather than be criminalize or punished by police. >> [speaking spanish] >> if you think with love and a sense of humanity, then you know that it is important for youth. they are our future. all of the mothers are here organized wanting this to happen. for their youth. chariman nolan: thank you. i see that supervisor avalos has joined us. we will extend the same courtesy to you that we did to supervisor campos and allow you to say word.
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supervisor avalos: good afternoon. thank you for having me. i want to think the public for giving me the space to jump the line, so to speak. as you know, the board of supervisors just approved a resolution urging the mta to look into how we can afford to have free fast passes for young people in san francisco. i support that. the actual resolution came out of my committee on the city operations and neighborhood services committee, where the youth commission had to work with groups around the city. some of the best presentations i have seen from anyone is from the young people or adults or seniors that presented. they did a fine job laying out the need and their presentations
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were stellar. these are difficult times with the budgets. i want you to know that you have the board of supervisors will support in trying to make this happen. we want to be a partner in help making this happen. you can use us as a resource and help you to figure out where you can find here funding. i do appreciate the difficulty you have in making budgetary decisions for the mta. i want you to know that you have our support to make this come about. chariman nolan: i'm sure i speak or all of us on the board when i say i appreciate the offer for cooperation in. thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. i understand you have another meeting to go to. secretary boomer: stella estevas.
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john brown. >> good afternoon. >> [speaking spanish] >> good afternoon, i am here because i want you to give fast passes for free to children. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> i asked her why she wanted this, and she said because my mom does not have enough money to buy fast passes. chariman nolan: thank you. [applause] good afternoon. >> [speaking spanish] >> my name is estella and i am a single mother and a member of power. i think there is a crisis happening right now, an economic crisis, but we are not fighting for adults, we are fighting for children and youth. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> i agree with everything that supervisor campos said and i think this is a very important campaign for single mothers especially, but all income people. a lot of people are on the street without much money, especially for single mothers. i know that we are in crisis, but the desire to win something -- chariman nolan: thank you.
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good afternoon. >> good afternoon. i am in eighth grade at horace mann middle school. i am here because i support you making a pass free for all youth. i use the mta to go to school and come home. sometimes i do not have money. with my parents do not always have enough money so we have to share passes. most of our income goes to muni. i want to be able to ride without fear of being harassed. i need your help. i am not the only one. a lot of my friends needed to. -- need it, too. it is important that we make it muni free for all youth, because the paper work is hard to create for immigrants, families like
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mine. i hope you think about me and all the children and youth when you make your decision. chariman nolan: thank you very much. [applause] good afternoon. >> i am here with power. we are part of the coalition. we are excited this we are excited that this was brought forward. we ain't it is important that we not curtailed this. 61% of our students get free lunch. we know the majority already qualified. -- we think it is important not to curtail this. you all can take action today. we know that this is a discussion item.
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>> the supervisor has joined us. >> thank you for allowing me to speak. i appreciate you hearing me out of turn. we're having our supervisor meeting. i am here and support of the free muni past. i speak as a supervisor and as a former organizer. i am sure you have heard this several times already but use are facing a difficult time in our city. this is not often reflected in
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our city. the number of children enrolled has increased from 2008 at 54% to 54% in 2010. this is not include people who are underemployed and and documented. decisions. we're trying to face funding. i'm going from a fleet of 44 buses to 25. it is important that the city
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worse together to find a solution to address that. i think that this is an important project for the city. we have to put our money where our mouth is. we can encourage young people to write for free. i know students who wait for sudden bus drivers to come to their corner because they will allow them and their siblings on for free because they cannot afford passes. i know that they get on the buses weekly and make it cited an that is just the reality we are facing here today. i know that we are selling half of the passes that we did several years ago.
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we used to to sell 20,000 and just last month was sold 10,000. and make that all right. that can change the culture for young people on our buses. and you so much for considering. we know this is very tough. i am committed and dedicated to working with you on this. the advocates are working tremendous them bring in this issue to us. thank-you. >> i have been informed that we have an overflow room. we cannot anyone to be standing or sit on the floor.
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the people who are sitting or standing on the side to please move. >> ok. for speakers. >> this is a pro muni campaign. we want to encourage young people to be the next group of drivers. -- of riders.
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this is important to have people not be burdened to parents. >> i think that we should get an education to help in life. this is made a better chance of
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really getting support for the schools. it is hard to say where the city has some budget cuts in san francisco. i believe that these kids should be able to go to school. it is an honor to be here. this is very important to them. the school buses are getting cut. it is hard for the kids to have to walk and everything. >> thank you.
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>> i am 82 years old. i was here of the last meeting that you had. i help that rosa parks school. tomorrow, they will bring -- they're getting better approaches to the classroom.
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the need is great. it cannot be emphasized any more than that. if we all do something, it will be better. i've voted for 62 years and i never missed it. i am 82 now. >> i am 16 and i am a junior at galileo high school. i am proud of the efficacy in
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district 3. we're advocating for free muni because we see this as a transit issue not just in our communities but for the city. i live in the valley neighborhood. i saw you advocating for the pilot who gave 1200 passes. i really saw how much the
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program was needed when the applications exceeded the supply passes. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i am president of student advisory council at galileo high school. whether it is going to my house to nob hill are going to meetings, muni is my way of navigating around the city. they have already cut half of the school buses.
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i see the rationale, i worry that this was stigmatize low income writers. this would have higher administration fees and benefit your youth. since the school year started, a broad coalition of all community groups have been gauging how many care about these issues. >> thank you. we have to keep to the time limit. >> thank you so much. [applause] >> good afternoon. a group of teenagers could take
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on a leadership role. one of the thing that has impacted use is able to impact transportation. not every family has the money to provide kids with the proper amount money for the bus fare. one of the services that helps our school buses. some of this is only those that have to go to school.
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it is important for students to have this to reach academic success. >> we have pretty strict time limits because city regulations. when you hear the first bell, it means you have another 30 seconds. >> thank you for having me. i live in a shelter with my daughter. i want that service to not be taken from me because that is the first thing that i need as a mother.
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>> just as housing is my number one worry as a parent, the number two worry for me and transportation for my daughter to get to school. please, i beg you to give the service for the youth. i'm sorry to get so emotional. >> thank you for being here.
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i appreciate it. [applause] >> hello, good evening. i am currently a student at san francisco university in global science. as a daily passenger myself, i consistently see the struggle for most used in my district. some drivers have the hard to let them slide, others do not. people have to get off the bus because it cannot afford the cost. they are kids. their only response to a should be given on the bus safely


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