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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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restauranteur. they give tremendously to the neighborhood and the community and give back, and it is a pan- asian restaurant, as well. it is my pleasure to celebrate namu. they use hand-picked and locally grown and sustainable items. every sunday from 10:00 until 3:00, it allows about -- families like my own to enjoy it, promoting healthy and accessible food produced in a humane way. it has eclectic and humane offerings, expertly prepared, and it reflects the best of our city and culinary diversity. at the same time, there are the words of the caribbean-american -- korean-american chef,
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dennis. because of their award winning food. against the theme of the restaurant is wood. the major bar area that makes up most of the restaurant is a piece of wood from the richmond district, as well. namu has been praised for its sophisticated interior and friendly atmosphere and servers you are always happy to help. the three brothers who own and manage the restaurant do their part, giving back to the community. although the only open their doors a few years ago, it has already established itself as a small business that really gives back to the community. the healthy fresh produce boxes they offer on sunday are affordable, $15 or $25, for a
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tremendous amount of fresh food. there also act the ferry building, and there are tremendous lines of people looking for the korean tacos or the other great items that they have, and i had some korean tacos at the last festival. the line was almost impossible to get through. lastly, my hope is that the three brothers continued to flourish for years to come, and please, on the first monday of the month, not this month in the, for the monday night, and there are other community-based efforts. let me see and daniel r. david is here, and the beat of the music, kind of a a little bit later in the evening -- and i know you were one of the reasons for that. it is an honor to recognize
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namu. >> it is wonderful that you are recognizing us. my other two brothers could not come. one has a day job, and the other is the cehf -- chef and is getting ready for a busy night tonight. thank you. it is very much an honor. [applause] supervisor: it is really good to have them. there are always some surprise guests at this restaurant.
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president chiu: all right. supervisor farrell. supervisor farrell: shelly, come on up. she is a graduate of usf and earn her somalia a -- somalier certificate, and she has been teaching mine. 816 is on chestnut street down at the marina. they gather their inspiration from southern italy, particularly in one region. chef david taylor oversees the menu. it is the best italian food in the city. she is the one director, and her
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reputation for seeking out wines has earned her a true recognition as a wine pioneer in san francisco. she was named best new somalier from "wine & spirits" and has one other awards. 816 opened in 2004, and they have had the owner of welcoming and number of italian wine makers and have events. they have been partnering with organizations such as root of change and slow food. i just want to say on a very personal level, 816 has been a great staple mauer of chestnut street and the marina. you can never get a seat there, and i think it is a testament to the great service and food they have. every single person in my family, it is their favorite
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restaurant in the city. thank you for your continued service in the community, and continued success. we're honored to recognize you today, and congratulations. [applause] >> i know you are incredibly busy today, but it is such an honor for us to be here. i have worked in restaurants locally for about 24 years, and my husband has a few bars in town and helped us design and understand how to open a restaurant, and so many people ask to sit and meet with me with coffee, and we sponsor one education. we have two people taking their exam next week. it is the same for learning trades in hospitality, and we really feel the more that we can do for our own staff, the better the whole community will be and
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will continue to be, and it is just great to feel a part of this community through all of the charity event. we have about 75 -- we actually get asked for more, restaurants really do try to give back because we feel so grateful for all of the support. thank you. [applause] president chiu: it is my honor to make the next presentation, and i can say that i am very
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hungry listening to all of this. we know that there are many folks working around the city to make sure we can all enjoy a healthy, sustainable, and a locally grown foods, so today, i want to recognize and restaurant in my district that recognizes the mobile food movement. i would like to bring of sylvia. sylvia, are you here? maybe we should wait. ok, i think we will definitely wait. why do we not move to our colleague from district 4, supervisor chu? supervisor chu: it is always fun to listen to this presentation because i get notes on where to go next. i have to say that namu is a favorite of mine. i went there when they did not have a liquor license. i have to say that you are very
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lucky to have them in your district. i would like to bring up david and lana, and they have got their three-year-old daughter with them. today, it is my honor to recognize a restaurant that has truly revitalized district four and has brought people to the district. oftentimes, people think about the sunset, and they think of a sleepy time -- sleepy town or an area, but that is changing, and a lot of that has to do with the terrific energy of the people we have out in the district. after opening their doors in 2009, it is now a bustling and cozy gathering place for organic food and drink. anytime you go past on a weekend or and evening, chances are, you are going to see tens of people waiting in line just to get in. if you get there, make sure you try the breakfast sausage, the
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eggs in jail, and they have everything that is baked fresh daily. they actually live only a few blocks away from our lands, so they truly are neighborhood people. when they opened up, their goal was to open up a local sandwich shop, but little did they recognize that shortly after they were opened, they would be featured in "the new york times" and have such a following. one was really kind of summing up the impact. one person wrote, "i work about 1.5 blocks away. until recently, i was convinced i worked on an island far away from civilization, but then there is our lands, out of nowhere. they thought it was important to bring something to preserve the characteristic of the neighborhood, and in their own words, is a gathering place for
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those who seek warmth, shelter, food, and fellowship, so i could not be more proud of all of the accomplishments, and i urge all of the colleagues, if you're ever out in the outer sunset in join the beach, please stop by our lands, and this is truly a unique and special place -- stop by outerlands. >> banks. it is more than we anticipated, as you mentioned, and we are really grateful for all of the support, all of the local support, and the people who come from afar to check us out, and, yes, we are just trying everyday to make it better and come up with ways to make it more sustainable. we are getting almost all of our produce directly from the farmers now, and that is really good. that was our goal from the beginning, and it is nice to have the support to make our dreams possible.
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thank you so much. >> thank you so much. [applause] president chiu: thank you, at this time, i will now ask up so we -- sylvia. as i was saying, battalion for the red duck, it is an incredible italian restaurant located in the historic ferry building, and i wanted to provide this award because our city is the birthplace of the organic movement. this restaurant uses only the very best local ingredients and has been committed to sharing fresh, delicious, an innovative dishes with its patrons.
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it has also contributed significantly to our community, regularly participating in events, like the food festival, the urban education for agriculture, the sunday supper, and other venues. while they continue to expand, they have never wavered on their core philosophy with creating these foods. with a market driven sensibility, she is able to grow the business from a casual rotisserie and sandwich shop into a full restaurant serving three meals a day, including my dinner last night. i want to thank you for offering locally sourced organic food to san franciscans and your staff for providing a welcoming atmosphere that is made this a favorite among san francisco patrons. i think you. [applause]
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-- thank you. >> we appreciate the honor. i have been working there, and it is amazing to c.b. shep -- to see the chefs go out. we appreciate the honor. thank you very much. president chiu: our next restroom will be recognized from our supervisor from district 5,
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supervisor mirkarimi. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. they should stop by the inner sunset. we are recognizing an italian restaurant. a true family owned and operated business for 56 years, and counting with the third generation of are waiting and its wings, tony ii, a busboy, -- tony iii, a busboy, when he is not in school, of course. with many dishes having only four to eight ingredients. the recipes are often the creation of the grandmother's rather than the chefs. it is an authentic italian restaurant in the interests and sentiments restaurants -- in the sunset with recipes passed down.
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italian cooks rely chiefly on the quality of the ingredients rather than a labyrinth preparation. tony i and tony ii use traditional cooking methods to provide nutritional food. officially recognized for their perfect inspections course from the department of health for many years in a row now. it makes the supervisor happy. they give food and money to local schools and churches in the district and surrounding areas, providing space for local residential meetings, the district merchants. they are a wonderful part of our district, and for that, we recognize them also for being a fabulous restaurant. [applause] >> well, we do not have much to
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say. we just wanted to thank you for the honor, and tony iii was going to say something, but i think he is too shy. there you go. thank you very much. we really appreciate the honor. thank you. president chiu: our next accommodation will be from our supervisor from district 6, supervisor kim. supervisor kim: i appreciate all
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of the restaurants that nourish me pretty much every night. an immigrant women -- women small business, and it represents a cross-section of our community. i have a special connection because early on, when they were doing painting and renovations, they actually open up for volunteers on my campaign to do more, and i really appreciate that. i have spent numerous nights there either by myself or with friends. roughly translated, it means dependable in vietnamese. it is also the name of the owners nephew, and you can often find the entire family working there to feed the neighborhood with affordably priced meals. this is located in the heart of south of market on howard street between fifth and sixth, and i think it really is a testament to the quality of the food that
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despite the fact it is off the beaten path, it is often packed with customers. within one month of their launch, they were getting glowing reviews from "the san francisco chronicle, and others. he spent the many -- the majority of its childhood south of market, largely when it was a little more than a large parking lot in front of the moscow center. it had been a dream to start a restaurant. he continues to hold down a job while running this restaurant. in 2010, he brought his sister and her family over from vietnam. his niece and nephew attend south of market, and you often find them in the restaurant in the afternoon.
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as someone who also grew up in the back of my mother's very small business, i really relate to that, and it is good to see them part of the small business community here, creating jobs. further, the restaurant has been actively involved in many of our community meetings, including on a safety on sixth street. they really want to be a member of our community, and further, they have gone out of their way to really develop partnerships with other restaurants in the south of market. for example, they sell local wine. he walks to work from his home from the intermission, and you'll also find him at the farmers' market at the crack of dawn. it is an awesome restaurant. my favorite meal is one of order all of the time.
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one was not able to join us in chambers, but his sister and another, who are tenderloin residents, are here today to be recognized and accepted commendation, said thank you so much for being here. why do we not have everybody come up and say a few words? >> well, i just wanted to say thank you to jane kim for recognizing the restaurant. with all of the restaurant she could be recognizing in the district, it is always a pleasure to have her here. we have been open for almost two years now, and business has taken off, and we have that a lot of support from her in a lot of people in the neighborhood, and we really appreciate it, and we hope to see all of you and see exactly what supervisor jane
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kim is talking about. thank you very much. [applause] president chiu: congratulations. our next call lead to prison accommodations will be our colleague from supervisor 8 -- from district 8, supervisor wiener. supervisor wiener: cafe xo. it is at 30th at church.
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i know the owner. xo has been around since the closing for. it makes homemade pastries and desserts. all you have to do is go on a yelp to see how popular it is and how positive people are about it. in district 8, people are aware of the commercial district in the castro, 24 st., and diamond heights. we also have a commercial district along church street, near 30th and 29th, in the upper know we valley -- noe valley area. there are a number of excellent restaurants and porters and other small businesses. it is a really interesting place. i am often at cafe xo, because
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it is at the intersection of church and to visit their row. spot -- divisadero. sometimes you have to wait a while for the bus or train to come. it is a nice break to go in and have some delicious coffee and cake while you are waiting for the bus, or any other time of day. adam, i just want to say thank you on behalf of district 84 running an excellent business and really contributing to the neighborhood. we are all really appreciative. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much, scott weiner, supervisor of san francisco, president chiu. we have been in business and love our neighbors.
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we try to support as many schools as we can, because it is a neighborhood place. we see people growing up every day. thank you for having me here. god bless you all. thank you very much. supervisor campos: if i may ask karen heisler and chris rubin,
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if they are here? great. it is truly my honor to recognize mission pie. for those of you who have not been to mission pie, at the corner of 25th and mission, you have to check it out. the butter crust is definitely something to die for. you may have to go to the gym afterward, but it would be worth it. mission pie, besides having amazing food, is an example of how you do not have to choose between being a successful business and how you treat your employees. in fact, the two go hand in hand. this is what mission pie has to say about this issue and what the website says. "we believe a healthy relationship to work is key to a
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satisfying life. we feel successful when a colleague finishes his work they inspired and satisfied, when a vendor says their business is healthier for working with us, or when a customer who comments on the generosity of their experience." it is therefore not a surprise that younger workers united, an organization, a labor organization that looks at the business practices of different restaurants in san francisco, have honored mission pie for being a high road employer. they truly have demonstrated how being good to your workers means being successful in business. it is truly an honor for me, and a great deal of pride, to have mission pie in my district. on behalf of the board of supervisors to karen and
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kristen, we applaud you for highlighting the benefits of the fair and equal treatment of workers, and a great impact it has on the community. thank you so much for the amazing food and the great service the you provide to the community, and for being a role model for what it means to be a successful business. >> thank you very much. i am struck, being here, and being in such great company of the restaurants that are here -- it is a incredible group to be part of. there is so much happening in san francisco. just because we are here, i want to thank you all for the consciousness you have all been bringing to the realm of food. not just the restaurant peace, but the urban agriculture stuff
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and the concern about labor. it is meaningful to all of us who worked in this realm that you all are paying so much attention to these issues. thank you and thank you for the huge honor. president chiu: our next commendation will be provided by our district 10 colleague. supervisor cohen: i am very excited to present to you a restaurant that i am certain many of you have not heard of. by the end of the day in my short presentation, you will be clamoring to check


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