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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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association. he has shared with me a lot of ways where this has been handled, and it is basically a joke. if you look at the minutes, i would guarantee any of you would be unable to tell us how they came to the decision to eradicate the historical nature of those murals and to simply pays them over with something eradicate the history of the latino community in the brunell heights area. the fact that you have a process does not mean that the process results are going to be good, and i think it is an abomination. the second thing is, all of you and the california constitution take the amendment for the legislative bodies, where you swear or affirm to defend the constitution of the united states, and those are easy words to say, and most of us would like to be judged not by our actions but by our intentions. it is all good to say to occupy wall street or occupy san francisco or anyone else who is
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really trying to speak for what they believe in. the right to petition government, to address grievances, and the right to free speech, but if none of you ever actually picks up the phone and talks with the department of health and says, hey, if you have a problem with the sanitation's commission, can any of you arrange to get some porta-pottis down there. if you have a problem with this, we can do this? it is easy to say we support free speech, but if you do absolutely nothing to carry that out, it is meaningless. free speech is the basis of our society, and i have seen it too many people go before city bodies and have to fight for the right to speak and have to fight them for the right for the access to public record, which they need. president chiu: thank you. next speaker.
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>> in regard to occupy san francisco, from what i have seen, the issues that affect the city also affect that assembly. because it is a microcosm of the city. those issues really cannot be ignored or hide. it is important that the city try to help and protect the assembly right to be there, and hopefully resolution to the issues that affect the city can come out from occupied san francisco. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> the overhead, please. thank you. tom. south beach apartment. i presume i can speak now. we are going to revisit. i invited you all to come over
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to 18th and mission to check out the garage with the electric fan and the noise, and, of course, anybody at home and would like to come over and visit, come over to 18th and mission and see what we have about the noise factor, what is happening with the inadequate policy with the noise. in this little garage, we get a tremendous amount of discharge. noise goes across the strait -- street. the scary thing is that it was built. the next scary thing is that it is three years built, and the city has not gotten one complaint against it. the thing about this, in the life of a city, we talk about noise. it is a cliche. you do not move to a city because it is traffic coming and
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going. but what we have here on 18th street is that the traffic is actually a softening the rauch of noise that is tunneling out of that garage, and this is a perfect example of what needs to be addressed in the future, because, again, it is inadequate. stand across the street from it for 20 minutes, and you will be relieved when you walk away. now, how would you like to listen to that for an hour, for 12 hours, or for 24 hours? the thing about it, it is progress noise, and i do not think it should be. i do not think anybody should have the right to make somebody else or listen to a noise, garbage being dumped in our city, and i hope to talk to you about it again. thank you. president chiu: thank you.
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next speaker. >> hi, my name is brad. i am a medical marijuana patient and have been for quite a few years here in san francisco. i just wanted to thank you guys to continue to care to the concerns of san francisco patients and providers, especially in times such as this, with the federal government overreaching and trying to stop local communities from tending to our own patients needs. i just left over third and mission of while ago, and over 150 patients were there, waiting for obama to drive by so that he could read the signs. i appreciate that here in san francisco you guys at least not only do take words and say things but also take actions, and i just want to say i appreciate that. as well as giving a voice and a
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place for patients to speak in the medical cannabis task force, patients having a place to assemble and having their voices heard while hopefully being aggregated into something that our board of supervisors can attend to, knowing that the community does have a lot of concerns, and we appreciate them being attended to, even today. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hello, my name is larry. i am here to speak. i am sorry i am late. i had a statement to read. with the protest that happened on saturday, and i wanted to read a statement, please. this is a statement in support from october 24, 2011, the san francisco board of supervisors.
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a 21-year-old a student at san francisco city college, and a hip hop artist's, outspoken on many issues, including free bus basset -- bus passes for youth and opposing brutality. there was the san francisco killing. there was a press conference held in the bayview announcing the october 22 national day of protest to stop police brutality and repression. the next day, tuesday, october 18, he was arrested, beaten up, and locked up while trying to exercise his rights to videotape in a public space, along with his brother tommy. he is still in jail. his unlawful arrest incarceration effectively silenced him from taking part in the peaceful rally on october 22, and there have been others
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who have spoken out over the murder and other injustices. these are clear violations to the freedom of speech, as a was violations of the fourth amendment regarding unlawful search and seizure. we ask that people pay attention to his situation. he is also taking a courageous stand with the hunger strikers throughout california, so we say to drop all charges against him and others and stop the brutalization of all of those facing torture. guantánamo. support occupied -- occupy san francisco. president chiu: thank you.
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>> hi, my name is robin, a san francisco resident, and today i'm going to read my testimony. i have come before you today to testify about something that has been concerning the four weeks. ab 499, which allows schools to treat kids for std's without contacting parents. there is the hpv vaccine's, for the papilloma virus, which can cause warts and cervical cancer. the report is a dire one. over 22,000 side effects have been reported, ranging from flu- like symptoms do much worse, including coma and death. 106 deaths have been reported but probably a lot more. we are talking about kids coming home from school and dropping
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dead in the next days, weeks, and months. take a look at the website sanevax. what is in the vaccine? we know that there is a recombinant vaccine. there is a known carcinogen. merck pharmaceuticals, the vaccine manufacturer, has no legal liability. i repeat, no legal liability at this point. the taxpayers pay for the vaccine, and the families shall the burden with disabled and dead children, so what i would like to ask you is what can the city and county of san francisco do? should there be an injunction to stop any administering of this vaccine to any kids here until there has been further investigation? can the board researched this, work to repeal ab?
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these are my questions today, and think you for your attention. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> mr. president, members of this assembly, $1.20 million is a lot of money to be spent on a piece of furniture for this legislative place. at the same time, nobody is paying attention to those poor people who are sleeping on the sidewalk day in and day out.
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it is about time you wake up. i, as a senior, i am here to protest on behalf of those people. they need to have some place where they can come out of the cold and out of the rain. it is going to get colder, so i am asking all of you today to come up with a resolution to help these poor people. president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is dave schneider. i have arrived a little late, but i heard good news that the agenda item number 12 passed, and hopefully sfmta --
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president chiu: sir, i am sorry, but according to our board rules, you cannot speak on an item that has been heard. >> thank you for your vote. let me turn to a couple of other things. when i was a kid, i learned about civic pride, and i thought these two items i am going to mention to you, this very board of supervisors before. it has to do with civic pride. one relates to this very building that you are sitting in right now. if i have got my information correct, part of the city
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bureaucracy, and then in the real-estate office, did you know that there is no plaque or memorial in this building whatsoever to the very laborers who built this building? none. 0. perhaps you can pass a correcting resolution and spend a few bucks to honor the very laborers who built this building. also, the u.n. flag is not flown over the veterans building. perhaps he might consider that in occupy reality, occupy civic pride. president chiu: next speaker.
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>> do not let the facts for you. that is an expression. -- do not let the facts fool you. there is an awareness we have of individuals, which, in my case, which i have proof of, assaulted and battered so badly. these are wonderful, wonderful creative help for our emotionally in balance. in one week's time, -- there are so many, many positive people out here. we need to get our input about how badly or well every dollar is spent, who is employed, and who should not be. if we use electronics, we can do
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this. i mean, why are we not being led. we have no leadership that is going to pull us out of this abomination that keeps going down and down, more aggression, more lack of rights, more lack of respect, more lack of safety. i want to run for mayor. i am not allowed to run for mayor with all of you people protecting me or sabotage. broken arms, drive around, left, right, in center. my papers thrown in the dumpster. i have the proof. i have said, "will you call the fbi for these hate crimes?" no one knows. i really believe that the way to wisdom is pleasant to this, and we deserve peace. we deserve pleasanton this. we deserve fairness, and we deserve to be able to restore the city to constitutional
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rights, to fairness and fun and effectiveness, and people will give us that input if we give them the opportunity to involve themselves in this government. they want involvement, and we can do that. we can creatively get the tools -- president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is -- and i drive a cab, and, yes, i still drive a cab because cabdrivers do not have retirement. we do not have health care. of course, we do not have dental or optical, so we think you from the bottoms of our hearts and our wallets for your vote on item number 12 today. because we do not need to be
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paying for credit card fees -- president chiu: excuse me. as i said earlier, we have a world. >> i understand. this is part of a big picture. we need you to help us get retirement and health care, and we thank you for your vote. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> board of supervisors, first let me say a little bit about public comment. for a long time, we had three minutes public comment, which was brought down for two minutes, and when you come to the end of the two minutes, then they turn down the volume, and you all may think that is ok over here, but for people who listen to it, that is not good, ok?
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i do not know if you need an orientation in a good advocate. let me speak about what the navy has in mind at hunters point. they want to create something like a field. i worked at the presidio, and i know what the field is. but we cannot have another field on this. also took money from the big developers -- all who took money from the big developers or continue to take money from the big developers, i am asking you to think about our children, think about our elders. most of you all are for that 1%. i know that, with all of the deal's going behind the closed doors, but what i am saying is we need to be aware of what the navy is trying to do.
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fast-tracked and so that big developers can build thousands of units. this is not going to happen, not in the present economy, not in the present economy. and give us back our three minutes. even though i have 20 seconds left. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, board of supervisors and listening audience. my name is mr. washington, and i am going to sing a rendition of something copyrighted by myself. ♪ who is in control right here in san francisco? i asked the mayor -- that was mayor newsom -- but he did not care he went out the door, and he
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went up to sacramento the board of supervisors just a bunch of liars. i am going to have to sue and make a settlement and tell the government all of the money they spend, we do not know where it went, and there was no evidence -- yes, look around, and now they are gone -- they left the black people all alone -- where? the human rights commission, you
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had better listen to me -- what i see is no mystery blacks are leaving town, blacks are leaving town, blacks are leaving town where is jerry brown? we will talk to jerry brown this is his second time around ♪ president chiu: thank you. any other members wish to speak in general public comment? please step up. >> yes, i want to support one man. we want to try to get more of the homeless people into
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shelters. pretty much every single night about 98.3% of the population finds some kind of weird to sleep under. i do not say why we cannot get that closer to 99% or 99.5%, closer to 100%. we have put a lot of effort into it over the years, and i think we should try to get a little bit closer. president chiu: thank you. and the other members of the public wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, why do we not go to our 3:30 special accommodation? we are blessed to have the highest number of restaurants per capita. this was started by our colleague supervisor alley and appear -- supervisor alioto-
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pier. what i would like to do is to not confuse things, start with number one and go to 11. with that, supervisor mar. supervisor mar: thank you to all of the restaurants. there is one that serves some of the healthiest foods. they serve the richmond district. they are an award winning restauranteur. they give tremendously to the neighborhood and the community and give back, and it is a pan- asian restaurant, as well. it is my pleasure to celebrate namu.
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they use hand-picked and locally grown and sustainable items. every sunday from 10:00 until 3:00, it allows about -- families like my own to enjoy it, promoting healthy and accessible food produced in a humane way. it has eclectic and humane offerings, expertly prepared, and it reflects the best of our city and culinary diversity. at the same time, there are the words of the caribbean-american -- korean-american chef, dennis. because of their award winning food. against the theme of the restaurant is wood. the major bar area that makes up most of the restaurant is a
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piece of wood from the richmond district, as well. namu has been praised for its sophisticated interior and friendly atmosphere and servers you are always happy to help. the three brothers who own and manage the restaurant do their part, giving back to the community. although the only open their doors a few years ago, it has already established itself as a small business that really gives back to the community. the healthy fresh produce boxes they offer on sunday are affordable, $15 or $25, for a tremendous amount of fresh food. there also act the ferry building, and there are tremendous lines of people looking for the korean tacos or the other great items that they have, and i had some korean tacos at the last festival.
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the line was almost impossible to get through. lastly, my hope is that the three brothers continued to flourish for years to come, and please, on the first monday of the month, not this month in the, for the monday night, and there are other community-based efforts. let me see and daniel r. david is here, and the beat of the music, kind of a a little bit later in the evening -- and i know you were one of the reasons for that. it is an honor to recognize namu. >> it is wonderful that you are recognizing us. my other two brothers could not come. one has a day job, and the other is the cehf -- chef and is
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getting ready for a busy night tonight. thank you. it is very much an honor. [applause] supervisor: it is really good to have them. there are always some surprise guests at this restaurant. president chiu: all right. supervisor farrell. supervisor farrell: shelly, come on up.
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she is a graduate of usf and earn her somalia a -- somalier certificate, and she has been teaching mine. 816 is on chestnut street down at the marina. they gather their inspiration from southern italy, particularly in one region. chef david taylor oversees the menu. it is the best italian food in the city. she is the one director, and her reputation for seeking out wines has earned her a true recognition as a wine pioneer in san francisco. she was named best new somalier from "wine & spirits" and has one other awards.


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