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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2011 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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web. which should be really helpful. the next is the refresh. president hechanova, new mentioned about whether we were going to need some new servers for the permit tracking system. essentially what the refresh is for the infrastructure is we have about 50 servers that are out of service. in other words, we do not get any maintenance at the end of december. we have been working with the department of technology to determine what service can be ritualized. this is a new way of doing things, essentially on a cloud, but it is located here. we're looking at what applications and what kind of servers can eliminate and not have to replace. we're going to give some in our department, put some in the department of technology.
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paul street is where it is located. the third issue, the most problem for us, is that when the permit tracking system becomes operational in 24 months, it is going to be posted outside the vendor, which means that we will not need these servers. however, until that standpoint, we will need servers here for the permit tracking system. the worst thing that could happen is we could have a situation where we cannot issue permits and how to keep everything by hand. we're working with the department of technology this afternoon to try to figure out how to replace those permit tracking servers in a fashion that when we go live with the hosting, we have not wasted resources. that is going to be our biggest trick with that. the other is the cash management systems. the vendor has been meeting with
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us on the requirements. when we get to the new permit tracking system, those will be integrated, but we're going forward now for a new system. we're hoping that will help us process payments faster. people will have more control, more accountability, of how much the revenues that they have actually taken in, and hopefully that will make things go smoother. the project is moving on. we expect it to be life no later than april -- i think it is april 12, 2012. that is for the whole system. we expect that hours will be much sooner than that. thank you. >> pamela, what was allocated for the refresh? >> the budget that we submitted to the board was $1 million.
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we had scope it out -- and this was to replace all servers and locate them all in dbi. since then, we have gone through several different iterations. of course, that makes the requirements come down. you know, we may have savings in that project that can be reallocated to other technology types of projects. but we are really trying to work with the city and helped implement the policy that the committee on information technology has set forth, which essentially is, in every possible way, we need to consolidate server rooms. so we are working with dt to put some applications over in their server farm.
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>> i would like an update on this, and the legendize this item on the standpoint of what we do now. this will stand for how we will approach the final outcome when we make the transfer from either paul streets or into the cloud- based vendor service. >> sure. >> any questions? thank you. >> item 5g, an update on new hires. >> yes, commissioners. i have the report for this month. five new hires. we have two 6331 building inspectors. one was -- one is now working in the third floor in inspection services. the second is on the fifth floor in plan check. as discussed previously, we hired two 5207's.
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they both came on board two years ago. their classification is mechanical. they started two weeks ago on the fifth floor. finally, we met our 1070, our project director for dmis, panny venable. penny started two and a half weeks ago, i believe. that is all about the new hires. president hechanova: the two building inspectors, where they would offer originally or are they knew? >> they were led out previously. we have one more inspector that is still laid off. he works over at puc currently as a building inspector. president hechanova: first, i would like to say welcome to
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penny. i would like to also thank ed for the newsletter. that was terrific. it really gave a strong support of those that have come back in and also the growth of what our department is going through, and i am looking forward to more of the great information and the newsletter that you provided. thank you. >> i wanted to comment on that, too. we have not got a newsletter from a director in three years. we were just kept in the dark about everything. it is refreshing. these commissioners can confirm what is actually going on. so thank you for that. >> thank you. >> ok, is there any public comment on item 5a through 5g?
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>> good morning. this is nancy again. i have a comment on the issue of the tracking system. i certainly appreciate the need that this needs to be expedited, but i want to give you some insight into what is before you. i have to support debra walker's comment by virtue of the fact that my personal experience at san francisco general hospital, when we had to convert from a very archaic manual system to a vanilla system that needed to be testified -- customized for the university's needs and we had to a degree of medical records, assignments, and billing. may i repeat, billing, money. this is extremely important to have online services that were generated on the floor with patients to be able to be tracked immediately and captured for billing purposes. complex is beyond -- i cannot
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even describe it. so i appreciate what is happening here. i am simply saying that two years, as long as it is, is going to be going very fast. the biggest problem, i would advise you, is the training staff. it is always orders of magnitude is difficult to go from what you know to an automated system. i do not know anything about this company. i do not know about the system. but i do know people. i will tell you that if you can get the system honed very carefully, it will grow much faster and will be more successful. and you need a backup system for the horrible thing day when something goes down. you need a backup system. all of these things are what what i would -- or what i was involved with with the san francisco general system. i want to tell you, have some patience and keep their feet to the fire, absolutely. but do not compromise on the fact that this is going to be an
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enormous responsibility for all people. also, i wanted to ask point blank, when is this training system? i got a notice that it was going to be on the 26 that to 30 p.m., and i heard today that it would be at 3:30 p.m. and it indicated that it was going to be an hour and a half, not just happen hour. can that be clarified right now? the pac meeting on the 26? >> the pac meeting is from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m., always an hour- and-a-half. we're going to start the demo at 3:00, a time certain. >> why was the date change on the pack -- on the pac meeting? >> the date was changed in order for the meeting to be
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available to the planning commissioners and the planning department. they cannot do it on a thursday. that is the planning commission day. so we wanted all of you to come, and we wanted the planning commission to come, and we have also invited people from the mayor's office and all the other departments that use our system. dpw, puc, mta. >> ok, i get that. >> good morning, commissioners. luke o'brien. one quick comment is for the directors' report. i would suggest that when you have that many items, they should have public comment in their own right. it is not easy to make public
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comment on so many items that are bunched in it together. just a suggestion for future structured meetings. interesting that the previous speaker before pamela made the comment, but did agree with commissioner walker on the the 18 months. she kind of said what i was actually going to say, especially when she said keep their feet to the fire. sure. i guess we're all in agreement that we want to monitor it. your tasked with getting the best value and return for your dollar investment from the public coffers, if you will. so every company is made up of human beings, and human beings and are -- are creatures that will take the path of least resistance when it they can. so that is just something that we are all subject to as human beings. so they need to know that people are watching. they need to wake up and feel
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that heat and say, gosh, i have got that report coming, so i'd better give some priority to this. i have done nothing of this scale, but i have implemented systems. i run the system for my own small company. i managed an engineering system for an internet company prior to that. you know, it is nice seeing you have 20 subject experts from planning and 20 subject experts from dbi. i am not going to use the full expression, because it is blogger. but the first word is cluster. i will leave you to imagine what the second word is. do not fall into the trap of having all these chefs in the kinship and stomping all over each other. what you need is a nimble, smart, dedicated, flexible, a small group of people. that is all you need. you do not have to have 20,000 people from all over the world.
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you just need a team of about 10 people that are representative, and they will get the job done. secondly, i had suggested before that you do not try to bite off too much too quickly. [bell rings] i suggested that this be a local project within the dbi first with a condition on the vendors that this will be open compatible, using the appropriator protocol and standards for ethernet and networks, the protocol machines can talk to each other and keep it simple. my time is up. i will finish the comment later. thank you. [bell rings] >> is there any additional public comment? seeing nine, item number six, commissioner's questions and
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matters. 6a, inquiries to staff. at this time, commissioners may make inquiries to staff regarding various documents, policies, practices, and procedures which are of interest to the commission. commissioner walker: as a result of public comment today, there are a couple of issues that i think it would be good for us to sort of discuss the issue of special inspections. and what the criteria is and what the requirements are, so that the public understands what is public record and what is actually not. some of the reports that special inspections submit are not public documents. that would be a good thing, just an international bank. it is also a good idea to have sort of a presentation to us about what it is we have jurisdiction over and what we do not have jurisdiction over it with all the different -- the golden gate park, a port,
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redevelopment, all of this different entities. i think that would be a good and from a snow day for us to get from staff. also, -- i think that would be a good thing for us to get from step. also, an update on the gliding building program. it is clear it is working on some levels, but on other levels it may not be. i think if we get presentations from the staff about that to be able to discuss and sort of know what those issues are, i would love to see those on some future agenda. >> ok. commissioners. one more item. this is where i recently heard and was informed that somehow in the early morning in the push for the customer looking for parking, some house staff at
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times monopolize the parking garage. even after the need to be out in the field. the only request that i have here is that somehow if and when they get their clearance and/or orders and/or essentially coordination of how they are going to facilitate their day, that they could be mindful of making those parking spaces available to our paying customers. >> are you referring to the parking lot or the parking meter? >> probably, nation. but as much as any parking around the building, it really gets to be problematic when it is the first push, at the end of the day, or especially at the beginning of the day.
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>> as far as the garage, i believe i just moved out nine cars. we do not use the garage at all. as far as parking, i will definitely speak to staff about trying to be mindful of that. generally what we do is most of our staff drive to work, and they switch out their cars from the parking lot, and they tend to bring their cars around the building. i will definitely talk to them about may be keeping them a block away. we will see what we can do. >> i think this stakeholders would appreciate that. they run around in front trying to find a parking spot. >> ok. is there any commissioner or public comment on item 6a? ok, item 6b, future meetings and agendas.
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the commission may discuss and take action to set the date of a special lady -- meeting and/or determine those items that could be placed on the agenda of the next meeting and other future meetings of the building inspection commission. the next meeting is scheduled for november 16 right now. commissioner walker: and the litigation committee? rights litigation on november 15. >> we're going to get a report of the tracking system. we get that every month anyway. >> is there any public comment on item 6b? >> i do like the comment made by the public speaker on public comments on each of these items, rather than waiting until the end. i like that idea. >> ok, we can do that at the next meeting. i think it is up to the chair. >> we will put it on the agenda of the next meeting. >> ok.
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item seven, review and approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of april 20, 2011. >> move to approve. >> second. >> ok. is there any public comment on item 7? ok, the minutes are approved. i'm sorry. is there a vote? all in favor? ok, thank you. item number 8, adjournment. >> motion. >> i second that. >> ok, is everyone in agreement? ok, we're now adjourned. >> meeting adjourned.
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