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tv   [untitled]    January 5, 2012 4:01am-4:31am PST

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conversations outside. when you come to comment on public comment on an item, please make public comment to the commissioners. they will not respond to questions. they will wait until public comment is closed, and then they or staff may respond to questions at that point. there are two items that we are moving on the calendar today. the first is the general managers' report, which is item three. that will go to the end of the calendar. it will follow item 11. the second item is item five, the consent calendar. that will follow item seven. with that, we are on item two, which is the president's report. >> thank you. i will be brief. i know we have people here on other business, but we have a
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certificate of appreciation for the national aids memorial grove, and i would like to present that certificate. let me read from it. we have one of the most dedicated partners in our car drove partners across the city. its mission, conceived by a small group of san franciscans in 1988 is simple -- to provide a healing sanctuary to increase awareness of this national living tribute in golden gate park and to promote a learning and understanding of the human tragedy of the aids pandemic. in october 1996, a historic milestone was reached when congress and then president of united states bill clinton approved the national aids memorial grove act, identifying the site as a national treasure. in addition, the growth was
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bestowed an award for excellence in 1999. truly a sacred space, it is cared for by those who have suffered the effects of aids either directly or indirectly. a healing sanctuary of space, anyone who has experienced a national aids memorial grove work day immediately feels the light and love by those present and memories of those lost. this group works. a renovation of the old waterfall is under way. 17 defined areas are being planted and maintained by volunteers. six flagstone gathering areas are intended to regularly and the placement of an enormous sea are granite boulder, the 15 freestanding benches, have all been donated. the heart of the growth is the people. all who joined together to stand in solidarity against the
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tragedy of aids, by action of space on a monthly basis. on behalf of the san francisco recreation and park commission, we honor the thousands of volunteers and our partners at the national aids memorial grove. take a little picture. [applause] >> thank you for this honor. my name is john cunningham.
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i am executive director of the national aids memorial grove. i really feel as a tribute to the public/private partnership that was entered into with the city and county of san francisco and the courage that his body as well as the board of supervisors and the then mayor took to step forward and realize that the community needed a space and had the courage to get a 99-year lease to a private organization that was very loosely assembled at that point -- working together over the last 20 years, we have transformed not only that landscape, but we have also transformed countless lives to have assembled there together. this year, which culminated the restoration of a 100-year-old victorian waterfall that resided in the location. we could not have done it without the public/private partnership that we forged 20 years ago with not only the commission and the city -- and i really want to commend general
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manager ginsberg -- ginsburg and his entire team for working with us. we are honored to continue to forge forward and use this model as a model that can be used in other community parks. we know 20 years ago, the city was in a similar economic time to where we are today. we compensate the city back dollar for dollar for our gardener, and we have built a $2.5 million endowment that will insure that this sanctuary will forever remember and honor those lives lost. thank you. commissioner buell: thank you very much. [applause] >> that concludes my report. >> is there any public comment on the president's report? seeing none, public comment is
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closed. we are now one item four, general public comment for 15 minutes at this time. members of the public may adjust the commission at this time on items that are in the commission's jurisdiction and not appear on the agenda. your opportunity to address the commission on the items on the agenda will be afforded when the item is reached in the agenda. come forward please. >> good morning, commissioners. good morning, general manager. i was trying to approach the subject matter of candlestick park. hopefully, icahn in a short time talk about the bird cage -- hopefully, i can in a short time talk about the birdcaging. it has been the subject matter that has been going on quite a
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while. my approach is kind of unique. i wanted to look at it from the seismic retrofit, whether there would be external buttressing of the concrete structure, which has already settled in nicely, instead of all new buildings. that would be support and structuring of the entirety. another part had to do with how to get in and out of the candlestick park area. i look at it from the oval approach of the stadium where there would be a roadway all around it, which encircles all around candlestick. you can go north. you can go south. you can go west. the east part, simply looking at it, there would be possibly even waterway for increasing in and out access to the troublesome matters of candlestick. it is not quite yet going to be going on the mayor's agenda, but
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i think he will have to start getting busy, the honorable mayor edwin m. lee will have to look closer into the candlestick negotiations. that is the part i wanted to bring in, where the accessing of the roadway increases the demographic complications that have been published in media throughout san francisco publications. i myself would like to see such building. i do not want to see our 49ers go away. we have a lot of support from diana feinstein, senator of the united states. she wants to keep them here. we would have to approach the subject matter from demographics, getting in, getting out, increasing the access. the closest analogy i can give to you increasing the roadway has to do with when you wait to go on the golden gate bay
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bridge. you go around and around. this particular roadway would go around and around and whichever way you want to go, you go. thank you very much. commissioner buell: thank you. >> bruce stone. >> i am president of the san francisco marina harbor association. i just want to let you know we are pleased with the progress on the harbor. it is a great project and moving ahead. there is one area i was asked to speak to you about. our last annual meeting was in november. there is an unfunded portion of the harbour east of golden gate yacht club that has attracted a
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lot of interest, especially among small vote owners. there is an area permitted for 36 slips, and it is supposed to cost just $1 million. it is a very economic project as dredging has been done. very good return on investment here we have had many people would like to put up the money. basically, the harbor trust has over $4 million in surplus. that money is supposed to be spent on the harbor. we have asked rec and park to focus on the idea. we understand there is some kind of deadline coming up mid- january forecasting those additional pieces. if not, the cost rises quite sharply. we understand there might be various proposals for that. we are just asking you to put a lot of attention to it and ask recreation and park to allocate the money. commissioner buell: thank you. >> is there anyone else who would like to make general
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public comment? come forward. >> thank you. i see that my letter to the commissioners was acknowledged on this agenda. it is in regard to glen canyon park plan, the improvement plan. i just wanted to come and personally do a quick summary and ask if the commissioners -- i know it is a three-page letter, and i know that is difficult to get through. i tried to organize it -- it is a complicated situation, and i hope that someone has had the chance to look through their and make some sort of response. the main issue there is that the park planners seem to have taken a very big jump in the initial
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eliciting of public comment. i understand that it is the job of planners to come up with some sort of an initial plan to work with, by one all the possible plans for the improvement of glen canyon park include the eradication, removal, destruction of a very long line of mature eucalyptus trees -- actually, possibly, a couple of monterey cypress on the hill -- without asking specifically in these meetings -- how important were those to the public? that question was never answered. all the possible plans not only could the destruction of them, but very -- i want to say -- well, they've very
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surreptitiously covered over that issue by creating the areas of the various new plans superimposed on what looks like it could have been a billing slate -- a blank slate. that area actually has trees that are older than, certainly, everyone in this room. i myself am a non-native san franciscan, but i know that there are native san franciscans who have grown up with these tall, majestic trees, these specific ones, not just in general. and would probably be very surprised and dismayed to find out that this whole entire line of trees -- plus others because they have not been specific about -- they have acknowledged, "those will be taken out and new ones will be put in," but the
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specific ones have not been identified. thank you very much -- oh, i still have -- commissioner buell: that is just an early warning. >> again, thank you for your time and attention to this. the other thing i want to mention is the money. the cost of removing these trees is huge. i noticed on the agenda, we were talking about acknowledgment of costs, but we do not know how many thousands of dollars these mean. >> is there anyone else who would like to make general public comment at this time? seeing none, general public comment is closed. we are on items six, the san francisco zoo. >> good morning. i have something fun to show you. this is a clip from the sharks player appearing on everyday jobs, and he opted to be a zoo
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keeper for the day. once we show that, i also have a curator here who oversaw the transfer of the bison. >> here we are with the family at the san francisco zoo. let's go play with some animals. >> i thought we could start on this side and work our way across, cleaning up as we go. now they are going to feed them. >> that is awesome. >> we are going to have you make the diet for the porcupines. >> [inaudible] that is so cool. i think we are going to clean up
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some poop from the kangaroo's. >> we are going to clean up some nice branches and bring them out there. you can see this is their pride here. pretty small, pretty clean. not that bad. >> my hands in front of the net. >> all right, let's go over and say hi to the koalas. every day, they get five different species of eucalyptus, and that is all they eat. what you want to do is set it off all right about there. there you go. i think he is hungry more than he wants to play. why don't you come over here on this side? toss it right on in. holding. >> the hazards of these guys,
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you may get some ankle biting. not too much to be concerned about. >> we are literally just going to take a fish, feed it, and let them grab it. just like that. >> you do not want to eat that. good agility. do i get to throw a big one? we had a pretty unbelievable day today at the zoo today. saw a lot of unbelievable animals. there are a lot of things that i did not have the chance to do. thank everybody for that. it was really awesome. >> [inaudible]
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who oversaw the transfer of the bison in golden gate park. i thought you might have some questions for him. quickly, i will give you the attendance record for the first 12 days of christmas. we are at 12,941 visitors, over budget by 15.7%. we have also started our 12 days of christmas. each animal receives a special in richmond item. it will culminate next thursday with snow being delivered for our polar bears on winter solstice, which is always very popular with the members -- each animal receives a special enrichment item. >> good morning. i have a few photos here.
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i went out yesterday and took photos. there they are. when i showed up, they were sort of disbanded and grazing, and you will see i asked them to line up, and they were very cooperative. this is what we expect to see. they are in the new environment, and they will heard of -- herd up. there are seven total, and they are the six months of age. that is just an estimate. you will see a difference in size between a larger one on the left and the smaller one on the far right middle. they are doing really well. they seem to enjoy the paddock. they are currently under quarantine, which is why you will not see them with the females we have from the old herd. we anticipate when they go to quarantine. there should not be any issues. they have already been looking at each other through the fence very curious and kind of just waiting to go.
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i also took a couple of pictures of the capital reinvestment that recreation and park did for us to provide more preventative medicine and care to the bison moving forward. we really appreciate this commitment. this is just, to give you an example without confusing people, it is a smaller penn they will, and feed in. you run them through the alley way and stop them up and give them annual vaccinations and stuff like that. in the old days, we did not have the ability to do that. this really kind of -- keeps veterinary staff a little safer and is quick and easier for the bison. i just had a quick video of them offloading from the trailer.
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there you go. >> oh, bless their little souls. it's amazing. >> yeah, they were happy to get out. >> they look in good health. >> i think that is all i have. >> thank you. commissioner buell: thank you. before we let ms. peterson out of here, i want to compliment her on the profile the
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"chronicle" did on her last week. commissioner lee: i wanted to thank you for all your work on the bison. this was a topic when i chaired a joint suit two years ago, and it has taken a while -- when i chaired joint zoo. the bison -- are they all one sex, or are they mix? >> they are all females. >> thank you. >> wish to thank general manager -- we should thank general manager ginsburg for his help. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed and we are now on item 7, which is speedway matter of golden gate park, naming of war
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in h -- warren hellman meadow. commissioner buell: i would like to sit couple of things first. on tuesday november 6, the board of supervisors encouraged the recreation and park commission to rename speedway metal golden gate park in honor of f. warren hellman. it was unanimously approved. really what i disagree with a unanimous resolution of the board, but i would like to suggest hellman's hollow as opposed to hellman's meadow, and i think this comes with the encouragement of family members who have weighed in on this, and
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i thinki think is the most appr. i cannot think of a citizen who has done more for the city and has the city as his highest priority on most everything he has done. i have personally been involved in, cheered bond issues for parks. i have been involved in school bond issues, cultural bond issues. in many, many charities. i can tell you, from my personal standpoint that every time i have made a request to support something that is good for the city, he has never turned it down. he is one of those unique human beings who just simply cares deeply about the city. i want to pass on a personal incident that i not find a highlighted that. this is about 14 years ago, my wife and i were walking on west marin bijan we ran into warren and chris helman, and we set
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down on the sand dune and talked about how lucky we were to be in part of this country -- in this part of the country. warren lived at his watch and said i have to go, and i asked why, how could he leave paradise on a saturday afternoon, and he said i am giving a talk to a community group about san francisco, and i have to be there by 6:00. and i thought, who else on a saturday would volunteer to take his time to speak about his passions for the city to the group who was a nonprofit and lead -- just spread the joy and word of how he viewed the city and how much he saw the future of its blossoming and what could be done? i say that before i make some other comments that are more for the record. he has helped many causes,
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philanthropic, arts, cultural, education. he has shown a particular interest in golden gate park. for 11 years, he has funded and performed at hartley's strictly bluegrass festival. the festival brings 750,000 people from around the bay area, the country, and even the world, to golden gate park for those days of free music. i want to emphasize, free music. he buses 3000 public school kids to golden gate park for a special festival concert. this year and last, he made a significant gift to improve the irrigation and maintenance equipment in golden gate park. and he has led the effort. i always called it warren's garage, but he led the effort for the golden gate garage to reduce the number of cars on the surface roads.
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there has been an outpouring of support for this resolution that the board of supervisors passed. we have had over 100 letters come to us in that short time span, and it is it covers the weight -- a rate of san franciscans. many of them will never know, but they felt compelled to send a letter supporting this. many of them are people whose names you would recognize, and i mentioned them. nancy pelosi, gavin newsom, mark leno, fiona ma, dennis herrerra, the san francisco labor council, mc hammer, if you will, san francisco chamber of commerce. there have been just innumerable ones. but some of the ledger is are compelling, and i want to read just a few comments from some people, because i think they reflect this extraordinary man.
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from john pritzgber, as a sentencing scheme of 30 plus years, i have not known one person who was more of a booster of san francisco as warren. his rap -- love for the city manifest itself in obvious and even more not so obvious ways. from the executive director of san francisco child abuse prevention center, i simply cannot think of a more worthy individual in our community to honor with this renaming then warren hellman. has been a hero to thousands of children and families at san francisco, and the championing of our public schools in countless ways to advocating for a vital school bonds and other funding measures creating opportunities for hundreds of children. i would guess thousands myself. to enjoy bluegrass music at the annual festival. above all, warren has always
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been there for children and families of san francisco. from chuck schwab, warren is a close friend of mine and a lifelong san franciscan who has displayed a rare dedication to our local community for many decades. his passion for improving our local parks, schools, art, and vitality of san francisco is unmatched. it is no exaggeration to say that his leadership on so many local issues and causes has to be made san francisco a better city for all of us. and future generations. in his letter, i find it particularly touching. it is from josie mooney. i met warren when i was the new president at the san francisco labor council and the new president of the committee on jobs. i called and asked if i could visit with them, in a courtesy call to introduce myself and make an odd request, perhaps rather than spending millions of rather than spending millions of dollars to defeat a living wage


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