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tv   [untitled]    February 21, 2012 6:18am-6:48am PST

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in numerous in the them means the rule would broaden and elmore this arrived here in dade 409624 um and his diamonds and the roughly 351 unchanged and more just arrived in europe and of the magazine's
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as an immediate seven of diamonds and meant to them in 14 k gold mountain and the scene green using champagne using the yellow but it's very different because of the rough and the carat weight 71 points and this is natural the severity of the will find in that case on a course of the horse they ask and raise
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the the real but i found with these to defend their and fan them earing and look on monday weekender at each week and it's the biggest jim kinnear this weekend with the three amigos and rose one of our models jessica witnesses should be greater should to paris to 2¢ and rose in it to me on the fears and again in as can be as
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vigorous vs and then we ended up with the sick horses from to kids store and right of it yet again common herd your salon early in this is gonna be gone laminated drought this morning when the glue them and see all diamonds me a half-dozen totem and beatrice invisibly say hello of them in sporting and six they payments of $88.87 blue and white diamonds
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room become a because so limited own incentives waves of them is to get one a large his presentations lynne a couple cross and the some of her favorites is on your favorites to an incident in his simple in his design is beautiful is set for you to me as a great thing about this is on a two points each in 33
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points set crusted you can wear everyday managers love doing things like this move is a very big crest collector and the minister under mitchell's to collect them and wears a different every day and the nastier where more than the other ones because a separate size charlie well done chain is included and shipping and handling and shipping included a woman think everyone in
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09 of the beautiful connie kunkle nancy affair with a busted that is sexy to much as its tennis or a maximum of kenya believe this have been in aroma of rebellious finance early with their and limb and nonlegal well and
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because the look of the way that it was done it's like he took 16 ammons and canada's floating and no one in this to be away on its all by the simplicity and the know and is a design blue as a ladies' and we still have the cross and us
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make some wonderful gift ornament from a first communion and a love this probably that said it killed in his leg when the top tips and i like to give especially to young ladies rooms is ring open neckline paris and i pay is good for a day trek is taking care shipping and billing net of the hand deliver a single one of the could never be weaker so go and had dedicated this
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for a share and cheviot noon eastern on the stand current one of the people from shopnbc or near some of the stores and 10 is a good sport did and as a year needed to gather in this that cross and was still absent ahead. in the valley payments moving
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to and others lesson was in november and so have four minutes into the messy as in the best this today and this illustrates that and i have in the morning and a curtain way for this year's sixth one is gonna be $24 and change then ever but it plays on fat tuesday percentages walked in and use a pastry chef is
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the one event at one of refined oil and room and genuine-room in the distinctive the bakery to the vela to this ring each system and this custom-made and not is of course because an hour of them and treasures burn a bit if every babies earner no
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lemon's there's a way marah for the year of change and very custom designing european like he went to the jeweler that does custom settings a man thinks when and some big on the premise and today is a route as many of them around m1 no wonder the look of the assassins in is a pear shape and then on the ascent we put a trillion to add one and make this very customized and mrs. set free air bubbles in a free with all of england
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gems sense and sing of this nonsense this barren that if need satisfy the need to call and write away refers them 42 percent of anne- marie and that carried away in the and the crazy and then to a and and any and if you then an eternity of the day in and to inform on some of some crazy reason
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when it overran a seal these people of the rest of the beads in his their party someone when i come from many are from lawrence a one-year from the mineral shabby that his then of gloria bonilla the folklore buy and that some the guys
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in the gully eric lemans and everyone at their today, and even passing a 92 and when and by multiples and a think when his action in the and the way it
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always sells the first 15 points and diamonds and then buy a ticket and a signal on and know them and there's a wait and in blue available 57910 cremé machine macarena her and have the fed tuesday chris berman a strong bizet and yes does one and the czech in their and then
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on and garnet the family tree broach liquid the buhrstones a family and a month the number gemstones and the colors of his devoted mothers ring aum from
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them very interesting family tree prince of for a suggestion of imminent of a move to buy by principal the that the last month that can michelle murray miyota mocha when she owns this chuck and
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morning susan epithet tuesday the do rooms zeno's error with the explanation of the king cake was the correct and prai speaking to the on and someone told me about it when and then flown here and then when they're cutting it a family and make a baby in said mike slade alistar sun january 60 epiphany and see
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epiphany as ludicrousness as a college and in some murder colors are gold purple and yellow for co frankincense and myrrh and in either a margot in and whoever gets the baby is considered then the correct any system of the martin grabbed nicking kigali along the before one knows gone up enough that the set when i was going up reminded her of the whole thing was over thinking because i was a little of and in a kid in school bear at the baby and meehan has lunt and born and raised in the city just in that little ever say cinnamon never
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forget that uneasy where lincoln may go to all the time so this of the colors and telling you men some and on dissent and looks great on the thumb to give a result of the ecology right on cue susan in arizona check in their troves of your pieces of love that what a great collection mustaf and and they give you one quick historic this so funny when at the dinner and it's a change so that when the accord bracelet on the queen wants minces allow the bracelet math residences and given the change in
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chile to mannesmann megumi again she has a boyfriend in in her annual is the kit of it as great and face my son was so funny and nice great in the blues also have wait and and did an anemone that and in so far off on this story and winston spent a lot of it 10 here and in 67 men intend the ingredients here to limit one of the just purse her and some will see in this deflower in
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selling can snowflake a new chairman and many species and 67 and in an and the princess cuts and know nothing susan again for that education and she blew me away and in knowing that her on ring and when diamonds permanent and general marshall and
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for the parade today guarantees afraid to start err messina's colors and to loosen the of the vikings the purple and use it with everyone in a very unusual and the love this makes sense and in whatever manner over sterling silver and a seat in an this is three-quarters of a karat offense nor his is a left and the right
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firm firm and megumi the grass stirred a mardi gras and it should be in new orleans at the parades and lynne never been messages friend kids the animal clarino we took our son from like two years of up them a very
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granddaughter of getting them in and go to the places and can is a fleet that unending and in a and boone entering an easier and then watching watching
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from answers in search to an vermeil attend them and then will new bless their and mentor what schirra the time and the way this is done and this aspect very secure will her
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room in on new commercial by the way which watch and needs a lift in insurance and the bad and it's at easing an unerring
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instant turn some heads blown mineral i and and but they're bad away and still very wearable group in can be sized up to dentin no problem with that on 6 ticket at the ring and have been honored enough to meet a couple of times


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