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tv   [untitled]    March 5, 2012 8:30am-9:00am PST

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i saw all lot of smiling faces tonight. it is the smiling faces we want to see from our children that inspire the world of the future. thank you [applause] . >> we are going to move on. we are on the item d. >> yesterday, we had our general meeting and ruth from a parent advisory council came to speak to us about their restorative practices going on at different schools sites. she wanted to know what kind of feedback we had as students with the restorative practices going on or our observations.
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basically, we are going to start a focus groups to talk about what is going on. >> additionally, we are continuing to work on signing up for our annual use summit. this year, we will focus on youth advocacy and empowerment. so far, the president will be opening day for us and we have our keynote speaker who is the program director of the all-star project of the san francisco bay area. >> thank you. let's go on to item e.
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the pac representatives, if any. >> good evening, commissioners, district partners and community folks at a school board meeting on a tuesday night. i staff the parent advisory council and i'm here to do the report because the person who is going to do it had to go to a doctor's appointment this evening. i have a question about the reports to the board. in december, we were contacted at the rules committee is talking about a proposal to have a report that one board meeting a month and then have different advisory committee reports for the other meeting. we thought that made sense, that it was good to have a schedule for hearings from the different advisory committees. we were wondering if there had been further conversation about when the rotation would start so that we could plan accordingly.
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>> that was one of the discussions we have at have had and no action was taken. we could put that on the agenda for the next meeting. >> if you would like to come and discuss that, it would be great. it would require a rules change. that would require two readings and a two-thirds majority of the board. however, of the rules committee were to recommend it, we could start doing at and while the process changes ongoing, the board can vote to suspend the rules. >> i'm trying not to lose track of all of these things. the next topic i wanted to address were some questions about the priority initiatives
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and how they relate to the budget process. last week, the project director for the strategic performance initiative came to the meeting along with the executive director of the san francisco school alliance which is funding the strategic performance initiative. she had offered to come to the packed meeting to answer questions that were raised in december and january and members hoped to get answers to very specific questions about how different projects were going. we are frustrated because the answers were not provided. people still have all of the same questions they have had since last fall. we understand the performance
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initiative is a three-year initiative to develop better management systems and it's a complicated process. the idea is to follow -- to develop systems and communicate priority work going on in the district. we know that teachers and principals and school staff are working very hard and it is exciting that principals and other administrators are getting recognition for that work. we have been told that while a lot of data is being gathered to evaluate the work so that it does better in the future, information about the project would have to be significantly reformat had to make sense to parents and there is no one with the time to do that. so we are really frustrated about that, that we cannot get answers to questions they feel that at this point in the school year staff should be able to
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give straightforward, big picture answers to questions about what's happening with big work happening in schools across the district. i do want to thank the middle school team because they offered to provide us a summary of the plan they are working on. the information about how the middle school quality work is going. i just want to say that i had dinner with a friend of mine who is coming straight from a council meeting at her child's middle school. they were talking a lot about what are they going to do about these proposed budget cuts. she shared with me some information about amazing work happening at the school to support students who are struggling and to challenge students who are doing well and how their conversation was framed about how they would continue to fund that work given the cuts that were coming because it was the most
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important work to ensure they would keep doing. that is the spirit we are asking these questions in as they are not have to be hot file. -- to be hostile. it is because we're playing the role you have asked us to, to be partners and ask questions and provide perspective to help you make these decisions coming before you. given the budget situation and the fact the state has put us in a crisis, leaders of the district in this room have said how a important is to make the decisions based on priorities of this district, to support children to succeed and accelerating closing the achievement gap and the pact supports that. we think to do that job, you need the answers to the same questions we have been asking.
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and that's why we keep asking them and i know it gets frustrating the whole thing about the definition of insanity being doing the same thing over and over, i feel like that asking these questions. i also want to say members attended a budget briefing last week and the deputy superintendent presented a description of the state budget situation and advocates strategizing about ways to engage families to try to play a role in that process and where he is planning to come barring other meetings where we will continue talking about these issues. i quickly want to say that the
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executive director for family engagement came to the meetings last weekend we appreciated that she shared with us a lot of information about the work of the family engagement office this year and is going to share the comprehensive plan after it has been discussed with board commissioners in the next few weeks and we look forward to seeing that. i appreciate the report about our conversation last night. we are excited to be hearing from students in the process of having conversations are restored to practices. we have heard from over 50 people, including parents, staff, and committee members and one of the highlights was the fourth and fifth graders who were part of the conversation and they did a question and answer session with parents to
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explain how they help their fellow students resolve conflicts. it was amazing and a fantastic experience and we hope to replicate that in other schools. it was great to have seen that early so we can organize that in future conversations. we will continue to share our schedule and hope board members can attend some of these conversations. we have one of these pretty much every week until the end of april. >> any questions? >> i am taken aback by the the report and the lack of answers you were given on the strategic projects performance initiative. i don't -- i think it is unacceptable that they could
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schedule a meeting on a very important addition to the board has been talking about and the district has been talking about for a long time and ask for update and be told if i understand your report, sorry i do not have the answers and there's no one available -- that does not seem acceptable to me. i have articulated this allows it to you. we need more clarity on where we are with the various high impact projects of the district, but i am taken aback that if you asked for an update and have specific questions, those questions would not be answered. what can we do about that? >> thank you for the question. i would like a specific set of
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questions that you feel you have not received an answer to and i will schedule a time that's not in closed session time of the board where i will personally meet with them and answer questions. we have not had a meeting that doesn't conflict with a closed session. we are more than willing to enter into conversations and clarify whatever questions they have. >> i know you generally have meetings on what day of the week? >> the third tuesday of the month, generally because that's when board meetings are not happening and by understand closed sessions get scheduled closer to that, but this really hard to schedule a week before
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something people have on my calendar for the school year. is it possible to look further down the line to change a day of the week where you would have maybe two months out -- sometimes i would like to come and we end up having board meetings on tuesdays. as a board, we made a commitment to free up our tuesday's thinking we would have some form of meetings and it and set that we usually have meetings on tuesdays. a lot of us would like to participate more and come to the meeting and listen to that dialogue. it would be much more possible if it were on a different day of the week. i am not saying change it right
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away. any other comments? thank you. let's move on to public comment on consent items. there are some speakers. i will call up the people who signed up for this item. [reading names] you have two minutes to make
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your comments. >> president of the board, hon. board members. thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak. in the fall of 2005, when i was completing my masters at san jose state, i was recruited by the school district to work as a librarian at presidio middle school. previously i thought -- i taught at city college of san francisco.
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a surprising thing happened. i fell in love with middle school students. since then, i don't want to work with anything but middle school students. i showed some of the things that may be a highly qualified teacher and extraordinary librarian. i have been published in teacher librarian magazine. the second letter after the article she said that she wants me to continue the high level of engagement i managed to achieve through this program. it was an innovative program that was a very effective especially for special education
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kids and english language learners. when cuts were made and i needed a full-time job, i moved to hoover. i began the first spanish english but cut out there -- but club. my students do not want to lose me. >> and i'm a staff wrapped and there are a couple of non- reelected people who will be speaking before you tonight. it's hard for someone like me to
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watch every year. this process allows some of our teachers to be taken out by this project -- the process in an irresponsible manner without any appeal this is the project of the principal -- the principle is concerned about his budget and wants to cut the position from one. 02 0.6. instead of using the process and
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the contract, he has decided to use the process and kicked her out of the district instead of going through a responsible process like an administrator should. he is being taken out by an irresponsible and illustrator who doesn't like the fact he is going on to advocate for his students. despite the fact his boss -- they have to let everybody know this is absolutely wrong.
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thank you. i am an itinerant speech language pathologist and i'm here to speak on behalf of france's laney. i have been fortunate to work with a handful of really dedicated and skilled resource teachers. he is knowledgeable of special education law and meticulous about -- a strong advocate for families and -- very knowledgeable about developing effective behavior plans and most of all he is a good teacher who developed a strong rapport with his students, helping to narrow the achievement gap. i was shocked and disappointed to learn he had been recommended
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for non-reelection. i hope the board will not accept this recommendation. it would be a huge loss if he was not reelected. it's a really strong statement that the special-education team members to work most closely with them are all here tonight to support him. i brought with me letters of recommendation from the special education coordinated leader as well as the principal. i really hate public speaking and for me to be here tonight addressing year -- thank you. [applause] >> it good evening. i'm at mother of a special kit. my i have to be his voice so that
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is why i am here. my child has a big challenge. with any change when he's -- when he was trapped at training. he was always there for help. he was a had a little bit. i am happy with all the changes he made for him. i do not understand why the system is doing anything. they said someone has to be with him all the time. nobody was with him. coaster with her and what is the person who is with him in
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charge. who takes this decision. i think it is not fair for me. it is not for him. that is why it is a legal document. rajoy have to do for you following day -- what do i have to do for you following dathe iep? that is not her kid, it is my kid and i am here for him. whenever he needs me i will be here. i can see here is in kindergarten. we get surprised about him. sometimes we think he's not going to make it. he is able to do more than we think. thanks for listening. [applause]
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thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening. [speaking spanish] i came here to support professor lenny. [speaking spanish] i have seen how he that for the kids at carmichael.
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i've seen his hard work. to me he is a great teacher. [speaking spanish] >> i do not find a fair he should be given a pink slip. he has been great with my kids. in this girl who was going to graduate, he has done a fantastic job with her. [speaking spanish] >> has been working -- he has
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been working, he works well with the other teacher. the teacher benji and i get sad when i see someone is going to be dismissed while he is a good teacher. i am proud of mr. lenny. thank you. >> thank you. >> i am a school psychologist in the district. i started 23 years ago this month. i have been -- worked in many schools and worked in several special projects. i have had the good fortune of working with many companies, created, talented educators. administrators as well as the paraprofessionals and teachers and school psychologists and on.
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francis is one of them. i met him in august 2010, the beginning of last school year. and he was brought in on a difficult situation. he followed someone. she left a complete mess. he had to spend a good deal of last school year trying to clean up the mess. a number of iep's were done incorrectly. i watched france's work on that and clean that up while he continued his regular duties. i found him to be very confident. he is very conscientious. he communicates well. he is organized. once he caught that up, he stayed on timeline for the
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iep's this whole time. a year ago he got -- he had a very good evaluation. i forget what the term was. it was outstanding. that was appropriate. it is still appropriate in my opinion. the thing that has changed is frances started this school year without any paraprofessional. he has done a lot of trying to cover things and catch up in spite of that lack of resource. i think the difference this year is he has not been able to -- he has advocated for the students and that has been his downfall. that is why he is not reelected. we should reconsider. he is a valuable employee. we should keep him. [applause] >> thank you. >> item g, consent calendar.
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is there motion and second? >> second. >> any items withdrawn or corrected? >> we have one item we would like to withdraw. it is on page 68, item three f. >> ok. any items removed by the board from first reading? any items severed by the board or the superintendent for discussion and vote tonight? seeing none. roll call took place under section o. board members proposal, and then tonight. item


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