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tv   [untitled]    April 15, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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will be passing it on to. >> so whoever has the final, i am bringing a laptop. if your email it to me. >> i can bring it at 6:00. >> ok. public comment on this item? on the item of the final report? this is not general public, and. comment. uh-oh. we're off. th>> i'm a district 6 to president kerry in regards to the report, i wonder if it there was a way to apply data hopefully it is available towards filling out to see what response there was in the district to the meetings like what participation basically if there was any kind of attendance record so that we could no and the meetings that were the nine districts what the
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turnout was relative and a different districts and then for the rest of the meetings, i am not sure on the number. it is confusing, but maybe an average of center city, said center turned out so that there is sort of a quantifiable feeling on how successful the participation was in the various super of restorvisorial distric. >> thank you, sir. >> chris bowen, members of the elections task force 1995. you guys is by an hour and 10 minutes. a long this meeting we had was 5.5 hours. so congratulations. you have more stamina than i do. a couple of just general comments on timing. because the public financing for supervisors, the filing deadline for candidates will be earlier in the future.
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additionally, you worked backwards or forwards or whatever way you are going. and you go back to signatures of lieu. in many cases, you'll be probably needing, and i agree with member pilpel, you might have to get the report up by march 1 or 15th to provide adequate information because people do not know what district a live-in when they are running. the signatures will not be any good. so the problem is that we have a sense this. the census is not necessarily determine when they will release the information. this year there were early, last year there were early. it was like early march. it could have been as late as april 1. so we were lucky in that regard. so there was a lot of, the planning department and also the
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department of elections had their own computerized systems. there were trying to you learn maps. it took them six weeks to recognize the data and a saw and aall 7800 blocks. now 29% are out of balance. there has to be a recommendation to the board and to the mayor and to the elections commission to make this as quick as are allowed under the legislative process you can start earlier. >> thank you, sir. >> commissioners. as far as the timing and the calendar goes, what would have helped live comment at and my participation in this is if there was some kind of guidance
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as to whether you are considering a 1% district or a 5% district. all my earlier comments were based on 1% district. and a 5% district solution is a very different thing. my public, it would have been, if i had known you were considering that, it probably could a f unlessulsome. be less fullsume. as far as to is going to be here in 10 years from now, life is for learning. >> thank you, sir. >> tess wellborne. a somewhat tired person. a couple of things on the report. the list that i see and hear includes a large number of institutions to are by definition nnot neighborhoods. i suggest you find a way to address that one way or another.
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second, i am curious about leaving out communities of interest. because there are many discussions related to that. i can see advantages and disadvantages to it. but i flag it as a possible sticky wicket, especially because some of them got pretty sensitive. thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. thank you, all, for public comment on i am number4. moving to 5. the number are there any member reports? hearing none, and public comment on member records? moving to item number six, public comment on items not agenda. i wasn't going to be here tonight, but i decided i
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probably could not sleep if i did not know the changes you made. the two blocks on halliday plaza that you took out of 6 into 3, no objection to the second block on the eastern half of the western bloc that had over 100 people, that is because the an west sro. thre was an sro. it has organized and assistant tended to live in that building and they have been taken out of district 6. i realize you guys are trying to equalize the populations between district 3 and district 6. if that is your call, there are a lot worse things you could have done tonight. that is my biggest complaint. if it is possible to put that one block back into district 6 on saturday that would be preferable. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> i double that.
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both of those blocks. they are tenderloin blocks. the housing is nothing that too many people would angle for. it should be north of market. don't make the tenderloin part of the nobb hill coal ition. i thought it was within your discretion to keep it within district 6. as it went on, we thought maybe we could limit should the carane to 800 people. as early as two weeks ago we thought that if you keep everything from leavenworth to van ness, the that would mean1740 residents would go to district 3. coming in here today asking if he could dip below 5%, i do not
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think that was bargaining in bad faith. >> thank you, sir. >> bradley, district 6. ditto on the previous 2 speakers on holiday plaza. i wanted to comment on the division of a very important neighborhood because it is primarily not a neighborhood of residence but the central business district. market street is not a division but it is an artery through the central business district which has intense residential towers on both sides, high rise and also renovated. and these are similar on votes sidesanboth side. extending the line into center housing like the paramount, st.
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regis and four seasons makes sense matching it with the ritz carlton and other renovated housing in the central business district north, like the telephone building and other renovated buildings, the insurance, etc, so that it would extend south of market just in the central district -- is this distant markets between market and howard and excluding the house and along the waterfront keeping in thatsix. but making the central business district one contiguous neighborhood. [horn] >> that's your 30 second. >> i am concerned too close to the existing districts alliance has underpopulated the western
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and northern district when districts that have explosive growth, six and 10, 11 are overpopulated for what they will be. we will have the growth there. in six, we had 130% over the other districts and we were very under representative for most of the decade. >> thank you, sir. >> chris bowman, members of the 1995 elections task force. i agree with the chairmen about future growth. many of you do not know that between 1930 and 1940 during the great depression there was no growth whatsoever in san francisco. it just was dead. who knows? god love us, let's open never
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get into a 10 year recession or depression. that would happen again. i think the chairman was correct on that. i differ with the previous speakers. i do think that the holiday plaza on both sides is the gateway to the union square business improvement district. you cannot divide institution i f the parmkk is on both side, you unite it. i would ask that you put the hilton, which according to the census has four people, one city block, put it in so you can improve the business improvement district all together. i agree with the statement about the financial district. the financial district in 1985, it was mr. macrhis did the downtown plan. so the new growth of the
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financial district of the south of market. market would be coming in 10 years nothing more than a mall. it has no traffic now. they divert traffic at 10th street. it would be a unifying factor not a dividing factor. and i believe if you have 8 those00 people you can reunite the tenderloin to a large extent. thank you. >> thank you, sir. that concludes item 6. moving to cut the number7, future agenda. items i'm sorry. we were required to post are february 14 for care and post, that agenda is already prepared. so there are no future agenda items. any public comment on future agenda items? >> yes, yes. >> there is no future agenda, sir.
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but please, we welcome your public comment. >> he has a future agenda. >> that agenda is already created. for posting purposes, not because we did not want input on development. ok. we are item number 8, a chairman. thank you all so much for your time, attention and stamina. we do appreciate it. let's do it again on saturday. 10 a.m. much shorter, yes. thank you so much. . . .
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>> secondly we want to ensure if you are intending to use the overhead to project, as you come forward hand your materials to our clerk and she will distribute them to us. and lastly, i guess i want to do this before we call the meeting to order. based on my conversation with the sheriff's department down stairs, there are a number of theories on how long this meeting will take. i would assume there's an over/under somewhere, bets going on. i've heard noon, i've heard 2:00. i've heard someone say well i have enough food that will last until midnight. so it will be our goal to be not have that food used and be
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concluded long before midnight. that said, we will take the necessary time to deliberate appropriately. so with that, we will call to order the final meeting of the redistricting task meeting. role call please. >> chair macdonnell? >> present for the last time. >> viss chair lam? >> present. >> alonso? >> present. >> me lawyerlara. >> present and not sure it's for the last time. >> mondejar? >> present. >> pilpel? >> present. >> member schreiber. >> present. >> member tidwell. >> there's your core mr. chairman.
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>> to welcome public comments on the minutes before we approve them. without objection with the usual gruff dra matt cal, minutes so approved. moving to item number three, reprufle of the remaining task force minutes. as you all know we have been meeting fever issuely, there are a number of minutes from a number of meetings that our clerk has not had a report to for approval. and so i entertain a motion to that end that we would delegate
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again final review and approval authority to the chair for the april 4, april 5, april 9, april 11 and april 14th meetings entertain the motion. >> so moved. >> is there a second? >> second. >> public comment on this item? hearing none. >> is this something that we can do? i'm not familiar with bodies doing this like this. >> we've determined this would be an appropriate process for the task force to approve its final minutes. >> without objection, thank you so much. one moment.
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public comment on the final draft map. and then, approve a final map for our city. i'm going to call members forward, i would remind you that you are limited to a two-minute time limit. going to ensure they have an opportunity to hear from everyone. when you have 30 seconds remaining it will ping and let
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you know you have 30 seconds and when those 30 seconds have expired it will ping even louder. if you keep talking, i will get louder. again would encourage you to be as specific as possible for both your input and recommendations. can i have the first list please? for the last time, yes. thank you so much.
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ok, and i apologize in advance if i mispronounce your name. but, i will call you probably in groups of five, and again invite you to come forward. we will hear first from jim salinas, sally roth, richard goldman, paul hogarth and kevin stall. >> good morning mr. chairman. and members of the task force. i'm native san francisco, born and raised in the mission district, lived in san francisco all my life. i'm here on behalf of the san francisco democratic club hoping and looking forward to the decision of this task force. to repatriate the district, we're hoping that you will take the mission district from its current boundaries to the northern boundaries all the way to the freeway. we know for a fact that there are a number of latinos and
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latino families that live in that part of the city and we believe it's important for them to be part of a historic district. >> so sorry. >> was that you mr. chairman? [laughter] >> no, sir. >> and members of the panel i would hope that you would consider the feelings and the opinions of what we consider to be a historic district, the mission district. and it's certainly a neighborhood that i recognize as a neighborhood. so please, you know, do your due diligence and understand that we're looking forward to a good outcome for all of your hard work. and i want to thank each and every one of you, understand that each and every one of you have been on this panel for all of eight months.
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no easy task. thank you very much and good luck in your deliberations. >> thank you very much. why don't you put that over there and i'll use this one for now. sally ross? >> good morning, again. my name is sally roth. i live in district eight. i am speaking in support of keeping the sunny side as i have been doing. people in district eight have worked long and hard from the beginning to help save it from destruction. and some of us who are friends of the conservatory have worked many hours recently as the last three years photographing the plants and making plant lists for it, that sort of thing. it really would be lovely if you could find a way to do that.
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once upon a time when back earlier in this process the population was nicely balanced between the two, between the district sene and district eight i realized district eight has bulged out on the top and now it has been shrunken on the bottom, i find this some what problematic and i do indeed wish there was some way for you to find the ability to include the sunny side conservatory in glen park. which is an area of strong support. just because the name is not the same as the sunny side conservatory does not mean that the association does not support the sunny side conservatory. i believe that's about it. i have been beating the same
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drum for a long time, you're probably tired of hearing it, but thank you for your intention and thank you for all your effort. >> thank you ma'am. richard goldman? and then paul hogarth and kevin stall. >> i have some maps for the task force. thank you. hi, thank you for your time and your work. my name is richard goldman, i'm a sunny side resident in my 20th year in sunny side. and i've been for most of that time ack tiff in the sunny side neighborhood association, including serving on the board as treasurer. as you know sunny side is one of the oldest neighborhood
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associations in san francisco. it was formed in 1974. it was primarily formed to save the sunny side conservatory from demolition of the city, as well as improvements and neighborhood cohesion. the map that i put up for you to see, that you have before you on the overhead are the boundaries of sunny side neighborhood association, as well as glenn park neighborhood association. based on both associations by lot. so i want to thank you for the important changes that you have made by including the 200 block boulevard west of baden. into district seven, back into sunny side where it belongs. the sunny side conservatory is a gem and pride of our neighborhood and also our namesake. so thank you for all the sunnyside residents that will now be able to vote in district
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seven, along with our neighbors on that block. and be part of our community of interest. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> my name is paul hogarth and i want to commend the task force for all the stuff you have done for trying to keep the tender loin whole. by keeping the western boundary you've allowed tenderloin elementary school, a senior citizen housing and homeless shelter all to stay in district six and for that we thank you. crow did a lot of great work on the boundary which was a very difficult task as far as population. you've kept the most tenderloin parts into district six and for that we thank you. i'm here with one small request. on wednesday night when you were making non-population changes you moved two blocks over by halladay [applause] yao out of six and into three. i don't think this was your
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intent, but what it did was took the bristol hotel, which is an s.r.o. of approximately a hundred people when eddie and market street out of six and into three. that is a problem, we are asking that you take just that one block of halladay plaza back into district six, and that you also not remove anything else from district six at this point. i realize you're trying to equalize populations, district three is at a deficit at about 3% or so, however you are allowed to go up to 5% in order to preserve communities of interest, you're doing that for other districts. i think district three having a slight 3.5% deviation in order to keep the tenderloin as a community of interest is important, and frankly the 100 people in that block is not going to go very far as far as balancing that deficit. so please, put that one block of western halladay [applause] yao back into district six and don't make any more changes and we'll be very happy. >> thank you sir.
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following mr. stol will be michael nolty, lawrence reid, evans, and rose hilton. >> hello, my name is kevin stall and i live at 875 post street which, right now, you kept in district six and i wanted to say i thank you for that. i am a tenant organizer in my building and we worked with the bristol hotel, helping deal with issues with the tenants who live there that have problems that they did not solve. so we helped solve their issues for them. and we would like to continue to work with them as long as they stay in district six. it's only like a hundred people though, which is a very insignificant population addition to district three, but it would still be most important to keep the tenderloin as a
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community intact. to keep the tenderloin intact. he also just said that he with hopefully not having to take anything else away from district six as well. thank you for your hard work and hopefully this will be the last of your meeting. thank you, and go giants. >> hi, i'm lawrence lee -- >> hold on, it's actually mr. nolty first. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> can you do everything at once? all right, thank you very much. my name's michael nolty, i'm the executive vice president for district six, a planning


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