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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2012 10:00am-10:30am PDT

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like that, and i think we will be very competitive for funding. you should expect that within the next nine to 10 months, some major breakthroughs in terms of the development of the environmental document for that project. supervisor mar: i know in the land use committee and with the board of supervisors, the california pacific medical center project of a it is helpful to have the van ness brt documents online brtvannessbrt.ort. site as really good detailed information with project design. it is very useful. also has materials for a different language communities as well. thank you for the great work. supervisor campos: thank you, commissioner peter thank you, director. any member of the public who would like to speak on the executive director's report, please come forward. thank you. >> again, mr. chair, the director touched on many topics,
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but i am going to talk about the southeast sector, which i have been falling since 1985. so we do not have a blueprint, whether conceptual or not, regarding the whole area. that is hunters point, candlestick point, the executive park, and the schlage lock company. but i can categorically state that nothing is happening at the schlage lock company, because there was an entity that had the money. this man is now taking refuge in china. so if the director does not know this, maybe he should go to some other entities that will tell you. he stole $800 million from taiwan and is now taking refuge in china. maybe that would be some sort of information to the director, and he can follow up on that. having said that, the people of the southeast sector, when it comes to transportation, have
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been fooled before. i have mentioned again and again, we had the third street light rail that ends in the middle of nowhere visitation valley. but right now, if you look at mta and they want to cut the 56 muni bus. we had to fight for it. the only bus that goes to executive park. what i am is saying is for the people to have a meaningful meeting, for you to bring all these agencies, is fine, but there should be a blueprint. [bell rings] right now, the real agency or a body dealing with all these issues is the successor to the san francisco read about the agency. and i have been attending all those meetings. they themselves do not have their act together. because, you know, properties are transferred. the have to report to the state finance office. it is very complicated. so i do not know how by having this hearing, the public will be --
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[bell rings] the public will be in line. we have to have a blueprint. supervisor campos: thank you. >> thank you very much. public comment is now close. please call item number 5. >> item 5, adopt positions on state and federal legislation, an action item. >supervisor campos: thank you. this came from our finance committee. on this item, where specifically adopting a position of support on ab 57, 1780, 1915, sb 1189, and we're also clarifying our opposition to sb 1545. yes, commissioner wiener. supervisor wiener: thank you. ab 57, of course we have been engaging in regional negotiations around governance
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for some time. we now have a regional consensus on ab 57 as a modified with the exception of bcdc which is not in support. other than that, we have broad, a regional consensus on this bill. so we decided to formally support this. in addition to the senate bill, i am for getting the number related to the mtc headquarters -- supervisor campos: 1545. supervisor wiener: 1545, thank you. that would interfere with the ability to move to san francisco. mtc has already purchased the building. i believe the city disagreed with the senator on this. so i think it is important for us to oppose, and we did make that modification in committee. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you,
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commissioner peter thank you to your staff for their work. any member of the public who would like to speak on item 5? seeing none, public comment is closed. let's have brokaw on item 5. supervisor avalos: aye. supervisor campos: aye. supervisor chiu: aye. supervisor cohen: aye. supervisor elsbernd: aye. supervisor kim: aye. supervisor mar: aye. supervisor wiener: aye. >> item passes. supervisor campos: item 6. >> authorize the executive director to execute a memorandum of agreement with the san francisco municipal transportation agency and planning department in an amount not to exceed $81,000 for the 19th avenue transit corridor investment study and authorize the executive director to negotiate terms. this is an action item. supervisor campos: any member of the public that would like to
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speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. same house, call? safehouse, col. item number 7. >> item 7, authorizing the executive director to execute a memorandum of agreement with the san francisco municipal transportation agency in an amount not to exceed $65,000 for the balboa park station areas circulation study and authorize the executive director to negotiate terms and conditions. action item. supervisor campos: is there any member of the public who would like to speak? seeing none, public, disclosed. same house, call? safehouse kasam call. item passes. item number 8. >> award a two-year consulting contract with an option to extend for an additional one- time spent to parsons brinckerhoff in an amount not to exceed $400,000 for on-call modeling and technology services and authorize the executive director to negotiate terms and conditions. action item. supervisor campos: colleagues? public comment.
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any member who would like to speak on item eight, please come forward. seeing none, public comment is closed. safehouse kasam colorado? safehouse, col. item passes. >> item number 9, allocate $2,484,200 in prop k funds with conditions to the san francisco municipal transportation agency and $358,625 in prop k funds to the department of public works for two request. subject to be attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedules. and in the new signals and size five-year prioritization program. action item. supervisor campos: before we take questions, i would like to give the chair of the committee an opportunity to say anything. ok. in terms of questions, commissioner carmen chu supervisor chu: thank you very much. i just want updated information about the 34th avenue and
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lincoln intersection. we have seen a lot of comments from surrounding neighbors about that intersection, so i would like an update. thank you. supervisor campos: great. let's open it up to public comment. any member of the public who would like to speak on item number nine, please come forward. >> mr. chair, at plans and programs i spoke about this issue. i have also sent an e-mail to your office to look at the traffic signal at san bruno and stockton. i have heard from the mta director. he is on the ball regarding this issue. but we still need a process where we have a list of all the projects that are in the pipeline so that we can follow- up. we keep making promises here, but we need some sort of accountability and transparency. as was mentioned in plans and
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programs, not all the districts are treated fairly regarding this issue. so maybe someone can look into that. thank you very much. supervisor campos: thank you, mr. da costa. next speaker. >> the broadway project is another example, along with masonic, that demonstrates an inconsistency in the street tree policy. we're planting new trees, but at the same time we're really wishing dpw trees to property owners because of lack of funding. i believe that there should be -- a review. and the diligent responsibility should consider all relevant information. also to be informed and understand the complete financial consequences of a policy and proposals as they relate to the city financial condition. consider the bottom of the
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financial icebergs for maintenance. in five years, how will the capital project that we are now approving going to be maintained by public works or the property owner. this has been a known funding problem for several years. in june 2008, this article talks about the planning department trying to develop a funding mechanism for street tree maintenance. in march of 2009, understaffed department struggle to upkeep trees. and it was also known five to eight years ago when representatives from public works declined money from the transportation authority to plant new trees because they did not have sufficient money to maintain trees. [bell rings] i request that you consider this, discuss it, and evaluated the impact of this decision and
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all other projects that involve street trees, because we're not properly maintaining the ease. on the one hand, you're taking the money and planting the trees. on the other hand, public works is relinquishing control of the trees. there seems to be a division of policy here. [bell rings] supervisor campos: thank you very much, sir. anybody else that would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. this is an action item. we can take this same house, same call. thank you. item number 10. >> allocate -- item 10, support the draft plan bay area transportation investment strategy. this is an action item. supervisor campos: colleagues? let's open it up to public comment. any member who would like to speak on item number 10? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, safehouse kasam colorado?
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safehouse kasam call. >> item 11, authorize the executive director to execute with conditions a memorandum of understanding with the california high speed rail authority, metropolitan transportation commission, and six other local entities to establish a funding framework for an early investment strategy for a blended system on the peninsula corridor. supervisor campos: thank you. colleagues? public comment? and seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, safehouse, same call? same house, same call. item 12. >> item 12, update on authority projects in the district's two and 10, and information item. supervisor campos: thank you. this is an informational items to talk about county transportation authority projects that are taking place in districts the two and 10. we can turn it over to our chief deputy. good morning. >> [inaudible]
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supervisor campos: hold on the double-microphone. >> thank you. deputy director of planning. "highlights. -- a quick highlights. district's two and 10, and we have staff from multiple agencies here to answer questions. next month, we will do presentations on the district's three and nine. for the benefit of those watching, there is a lot of information. the overall goals are to make the board and public aware of funded and prioritize projects going on at the district level. also to shine a spotlight on those projects with the fund deadlines associated with federal, state or regional discretionary grants. obviously, we do not want to lose any funds for our projects. before you at your desk, you should have two sets of tables, one for each district. in both cases, the first table
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are prop k funded projects. the second table is everything else, many of which are on both the prop k list and the everything else list. including local match. the last thing is most of the fund deadlines are associated with the non-prop k grants. district two, we have been trying to make a number of changes. i appreciate your changed -- your patience. these will get more and more user-friendly. we had a suggestion from supervisor cohen:'s office to make it more eligible. this does not include the major capital projects capitaldoyle drive, which was touched on. this is mostly the smaller stuff that can be delivered faster to the residents of your district. district two, we will start with the highlights of authority-led efforts going on. >> thank you.
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good morning. deputy for planning. i have two slides on our brt projects that we are working together with mta on. as it has been reported, of van ness and geary are both highly competitive in the region as well as in the national small program. we continue to see van ness performing well in terms of cost effectiveness and the other typical measures, as well as in the federal program we are up to about $55 million of planned federal funding for this project. we're still in the environmental stage. the graphic to the left refers to the draft eir which came out last fall. we had a lot of comments in strong support for brt, as well as comments that they would like to see strong center-running options advance. the two staffs of our agencies have agreed on staff recommendation for center brt with right-side boarding.
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it would require standard vehicles, both the trolley at motor coach available. the project would reduce left turns as well. we will be coming back to you in may with a full staff report. upcoming outreach is quite significant. there is a lot of interest in this. staff recommendation, we have already been to spur. we will be at the commission of the environment on monday. we have our authority cac next wednesday, and van ness the following week. we're meeting with stakeholders up and down the corridor and injuring multi-lingual outreach so there will be quite understanding of this upcoming policy action. plans and programs will be meeting on may 15. the mta board will consider the decision on the same day the board meeting. and the authority board will consider it at the may 22 meeting. following that decision, we
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would then incorporate the lta should it be in the final eir/eis. the schedule is to release the document in the fall so we can deliver the project by 2016, with construction starting in 2015 and opening day in 2016. as mentioned, there is a strong relationship between the van ness and geary projects. there this signature corridors, along with the market street, the countywide plan. geary also has been making good progress. we will be conducting a cac meeting with the geary brt cac in the next few weeks in may. then we will be posting the actual upcoming outreach event update to that website. we're still finalizing locations. i apologize to do not have details are confirmed the locations yet. but we're trying to ensure that there is an opportunity to learn about the project in each of the four major segments. so we will have meetings in the
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downtown area, east of the van ness. and another set of meetings in the fillmore area. richmond as well. there will be a focus on the major nodes in each of these four segments. a potential option to fill the underpass. the masonic intersection which is very complex. in the western terminus will be engaging with washington high school and the school community on that part of the corridor. we are available, and we will be making the rounds to the various community groups and ensuring multi-lingual access and materials. the draft eis/eir would continue falling this round of outreach. we hope in the spring of 2013, and that maintains our schedule to small starts, the federal program later that year. the pdm partnership project is a
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reference to a climate strategy grant received from mtc. we're working with the department of environment, planning to permit, and sfmta on ways to figure out how the city and the players can work together to reduce vehicular trips-making and to reduce the carbon emissions from trips. in this area, we're working with cpmc and kaiser permanente a and ucsf and the others to try to understand the best ways to collaborate on tdm measures, ways to encourage transit. bicycling, walking, and carpooling, as well as using shuttles. those projects are going well, and we will be reporting on this regularly as we kick off some pilot projects with our partners. with that, i will turn it back over to maria. >> thank you. i want to acknowledge mike from the mta.
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our mta spokesperson today. i have a couple of slides on the pedestrian safety project going on. i want to acknowledge that we have done coating products by it district because it often spills and to cross-district boundaries. that is the case with these first two sites. these are actually part of the central richmond traffic calming plan. but these two are in district two. by winter 2013, mta will come to us with proposed improvements from the area's traffic calming plans city-wide, and there is a prioritized list for districts but a potential locations for this district. quickly, there is a federal grant that mta head for the elementary school in district 1. however, it includes recommended
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countdown signals. and last, i will ask mike to say a few words about the first traffic calming plan in his district. supervisor farrell: in terms of the winter 2013 date -- as we sit here today in april of 2012, it looks like a long way out because it is, and people have obviously submitted applications a while ago. can you talk about why it is so long? >> good morning. i am mike with the sfmta level street section to decide is this of executions for traffic calming, we have about 25 to 30 locations. we have funding for some of those locations. we're going to start at the top of the list and work our way downward. the first five to seven projects will be done with about
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$300,000. as we get lower in funding, we're not sure where the bottom of that list will reach. once we are in 2013, we will have a better idea. but we can say with certainty the top 10 projects will get done. so have a complete look at the list, we will be working on it starting this quarter. supervisor farrell: ok. >> and i can speak to jordan park laurel heights, the project going on out there. we have had a couple of meetings with the community working group in that area. we plan to complete that effort and have a larger neighborhood meeting to kind of wrap up the jordan part laurel heights project. we will inform your office at that meeting so you can attend. >> the one thing i would ask in terms of that project, especially because i live there, just to keep my office more
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informed. i do not care if it is formal or informal. my step just tell me there are potential bike lanes on euclid. that is totally new to me. i will get a lot of calls on that. i would like more frequent interaction on that. i want to make sure that i am able to respond to constituents. i think we would all want that in our districts. i would appreciate that. supervisor campos: thank you. >> the other slide on pedestrian safety, masonic avenue streetscape improvements. it crosses several districts. the target date for environmental clearance is in december 2012. there is quite a spectrum of potential costs and potential recommended apartments, from $700,000 to $80 million. that will be a policy consideration before this body. these are two city-wide projects, school crosswalk maintenance.
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a 15-mile per hour zone near schools. implementation is proceeding on or even better than scheduled. specific locations are located on the tables. marina crosswalk opening, this is a project we recently discussed. there was a proposed new crosswalk that would connect marina to this pedestrian area. as m.t.a. was starting the project, the department of public works and disability coordinators provided some suggested changes that would have resulted in ain a new desie required additional outreach and significant cost increases. some of the design changes, just to give you a flavor, which have eliminated the current way onto beach street. the servicing project actually
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started earlier this month. it is trying to get done in time for america's cup. given that schedule, the m.t.a. decided to postpone the implementation of its crosswalk system so as not to interfere. a couple of projects year. marine agreement i will not talk about today. bicycle maintenance, -- work has not really proceeded on this. by the end of next month, if we do not have the ability to proceed, the lincoln disclose that grant and then we can proceed. >> i wanted to ask you if you can keep me in the loop on the mid richmond traffic colony from 14th avenue to 17th avenue
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on lake. also, the six masonic efforts to try to quiet traffic along masonic. i do have a question about the target that is proposed to come and in early 2013. you estimated that it is between $700,000 to $8 million. that seems like a huge range. where would that funding come from? it seems like there will be significantly more people coming in. and the parking structures are confusing behind high school. and a lot of the neighbors in my district and other places are concerned about that traffic quieting down and the mitigation around that site. if you could give me an idea of where the funding would come from that -- for that. >> the potential sources include prop k, the property streets
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bond, as well as proper aa as well as one of the area block grants. a couple of slides on the various signal and project slides going on. these are across multiple districts, of course. the sonic upgrade was approved by the board by as we prepared -- by the board last week. mid 2012 is when mta expects construction of that project. generally, the project has been to improve visibility for all users, boat -- motor vehicles as well as pedestrians alike. the expected completion date is
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now december, 2012. contract 60, which is under construction, the signal located at california and peers is expected to be activated, working in may of this year. with that, are there any questions by commissioner farrell of district two? i should say that both the authority to staff and the mta staff were very helpful. >> as the districts are being redrawn, i'm wondering if you're taking that into account as you are going forward with the presentations. >> yes, we're very excited about that. next month, we will have all of the boundaries realigned. >> thank you. >> and you can see the categorization of the types of projects year. if we did include a very high level grouping of the caltrain project, since caltrain does run
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through a significant portion of the district. typically, around september, the plans and programs committee which oversees the capital budget contribution to caltrain that we made through the prop k program prepared -- program. >> in district 10, we are involved in many studies with several partners, agency side. within the community and within other jurisdictions. we have identified and prioritized a major list of projects in the order of $500 million, and potentially a way to distribute the funding responsibility across functions and across private stakeholders. we expect to bring a steady to you in a month or two. the bay shore study, not we just