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tv   [untitled]    May 16, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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that the captain can talk about, including great efforts and the tenderloin station in helping children and seniors did to and from locations in the tenderloin -- and get to and from locations in the tenderloin to other districts. i will ask the captain to come up to expand on it. >> good morning, supervisors. yasser from the community relations unit. i will give you a double-i am from the community relations unit. i will give you a snapshot from the area community policing. we have the fishing program. every year, we take 1500 kids out to san francisco bay and go fishing and the deep sea. it is a 10-week program. it is a public-private partnership. we also had the wilderness program.
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we take kids from san francisco school district to angel island for a daylong cams and hikes to the presidio. we have river rafting at the american river, sailing and pie act -- kayaking in the san francisco bay. we're partners with operation dreamed. all through the year, we have a project that is going on. for instance, during christmas season, we're with the forty- niners for a toy drive. this past year, we had 3000 children participate. during thanksgiving, we have a turkey giveaway. over 700 families benefited from this giveaway. recently, we had our easter egg hunt at garfield park. we're currently working on summer camp programs and field trips. recently, chief suhr had a basketball tournament. he partnered with the university of san francisco. there were 15 teams of boys and
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girls who participated. we provided lunch for all the kids, and we were treated by the university basketball players during lunch time. they did a three-point shooter out with the chief and several students who participated in this tournament. there were police officers who also participated, and it was organized on a volunteer basis. right now, we're working on the youth work program. 125 kids vying for jobs and mentoring this summer. and this is going to be involving fortune 500 companies such as google, zynga, and wells fargo. we're partnering with the sheriff's department for a garden program for these kids and internships in the police stations. the chief has been going to numerous high schools in this city. he has been talking to at risk
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youth who are on its defense on whether to continue or quit -- who are on the fence on whether to continue or quit school. he emphasizes the importance of staying in school. he brings in a special speakers who work for the city and graduated with a high school education and have flourished in their careers in the various departments of the city. i have numerous, numerous programs, and i could go on and on if you like. supervisor chu: no, thank you. that was helpful to learn about the community programs that sfpd has, particularly with young people. the hiring program, does this have officers attend community meetings and the district boards as well? >> yes, it does. another project is the citizens police advisory boards. each police station has a
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citizen's police advisory board. we have residents from that district meet with the captain. the captain meets monthly in a general community meeting. we also have various forums, such as the business forum, asian pacific islander forum, african-american form, arab- american forum, latino forum, and a faith based forum where we can keep an open dialogue and have two-way communication between the police department and the various communities we serve. supervisor chu: i do appreciate that. particularly in the tenderloin station, the community outrage that happens there is incredible. i think the quality of the relationships that the foot beat officers all the way up to the captain have with the residence is wonderful to see. i think we have a strong relationship there. guyandotte -- i am not sure how that is replicated throughout the city.
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but as important as it is for the chief to be out there, it is important for the officers that what the beat to also be able to go on these trips with the youth in the committees and attend the meetings because their the ones walking. it increases the trust and the sharing of information that makes the neighborhood safer, and it helps those officers also develop a good perspective of the neighborhood. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor chu: thank you, supervisor kim. why don't we go to the budget analyst report? >> madam chair, members of the committee, supervisor farrell, on the bottom of page three, we point out that a total of nine milk -- 9,000,003 and $60,000 of the previously released funds leaves a value of about $7.2 million bid of the police
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department has accounted for were they spend that $7.2 million when they release it, and that accounts for a projected budget shortfall. $3.6 million in 2012-2013. the remainder in 2013-2014. as you know, there is a requirement of general fund monies due, for one year after the grant has expired, and in accounting of the general fund money shows on page 5 of our report of about a little over $7 million in projected general fund monies to be expended in connection with this grant. we recommend you approve the release of that amount in cops in grant funds on reserve. supervisor chu: thank you very much. are there members of the public who wish to speak on item number 10? seeing none, public comment is closed.
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ok, we have got a motion to release the reserves. before we do, i ask that the department also follow up -- you talk a lot about community policing and that it is also present in the teravelle district. a lot of our neighborhoods have talked didn't -- have talked about the fact that they do not see the presence. i hear it but do not see it. i would like to know what your real plans are for community policing. if you're going to be implementing community policing, which we think works, it should be in every place that is appropriate. many of our neighborhood commercial areas are appropriate for that. >> yes. supervisor chu: thank you. we can take a motion to release reserves, and we will do that without objection. thank you. item 11. >> item 11, ordinance amending the san francisco administrative code to extend the fell rebate program for two additional years, through june 30, 2014, and increase the total amount of
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available funds to $2 million for film rebates during that time. supervisor chu: thank you very much. i should have mentioned this, we're joined by supervisor farrell, who has been patiently awaiting his item here and brings this film rebid extension funding to us. would you like to make a few opening comments? supervisor farrell: thank you for having me here today. today we're talking about the film rebate program extension that i introduced a number of weeks ago at the full board of supervisors. and suzanne is here from the film commission, and she's going to be speaking. but to refresh your memories, this legislation. -- essentially extends the current film rebate program through june 30, 2014. it is currently set to expire on june 30 of this year. it appropriates up to $2 million in additional funds for the rebate program. the program dates back to 2006,
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was prompted by a report commissioned by our film commission here in san francisco neshoba employment in motion picture and video production in san francisco had dropped by nearly 50% from 2000 to 2006. it revealed that the city's high cost of production was its greatest competitive weakness. since the program was enacted in 2006, approximately 1,135 san francisco residents have been employed, bringing over $12.5 million in wages to their households. in 2010-2011, film production spent over $56 million here in san francisco on a hotel, laborers, supplies, and other services. i will talk more in detail about it, but i wanted to introduce it briefly. i will ask, through the chair, suzanne robinson, executive director of the film commission, to come up and speak about the program itself.
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>> thank you. could we turn on the powerpoint presentation? thank you. my new film office coordinator is going to help me with the powerpoint. thank you, supervisors, for having me speak today. as executive director of the san francisco film commission, i strongly support the extension of the rebate program. i wanted to start by giving you a little bit of background about the state of the film industry today. gone are the days when productions would shoot wherever the script was written for it. now productions but whoever they can find the best incentives. -- productions go wherever they can find the best incentives. this is because of videos and on demand services combined with the economy. it has affected their bottom line. so they cannot count on dvd cells or theater tickets as a steady source of revenue, and they're going to were the
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confine the largest rebate to make the best cost-effective decisions. productions are being taken away from california, and hence san francisco, by large incentives offered on the state level as well as internationally. states like new york, louisiana, new mexico, georgia, and illinois offer large incentives to productions that should there, with incentives as high as 30% to 40% in tax credits. according to the motion to adjourn association, studio feature film production in california has dropped 40% in it -- since -- has dropped 40%. this lores production away from california and san francisco, it is and essential to have an incentive to offer producers to entice them to consider filming here. our rebate program is just that. for productions that can combine our rebate program with the california film estate tax incentive, which is a 20% tax credit, being able to combine
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that incentive with our rebate program makes it much more cost effective and much more appealing for them to shoot here. without the rebate program, most of the rebated productions shot here since 2006 would have gone elsewhere, wherever they could get the best deal. feedback from filmmakers indicate that our rebate program has been a key factor in their choosing san francisco as a location for their productions. according to dean jones, the co- producer of a show was shot here in 2000 and two dozen, a pilot cannot have happened in san francisco without the rebate program. the show employed over 125 people every week for a year equality in wages with thousands of dollars spent every day with local vendors. each episode qualified for a $30,000 to $50,000 rebate from the city. the series would have gone to another city without this type of support offered through the rebate program.
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the exhibit of producer of an hbo show city center in rebate is a key factor in bringing mlb to the bay area. the rebate combines the california state tax incentive, makes san francisco a real drop for filming. it is particularly helpful for midsize budget films where every dollar counts. when choosing between shooting locations, the extra $600,000 really helps san francisco to edge out the competition. lastly, a producer of another show that was shot here last spring said had it not been for the rebate program, we would have likely shot in l.a. and kunduz san francisco for no more than three to five days. the program was key to our production to reduce san francisco for the full run of production in principal photography, a total of four months. these three productions hired 90% local crew and the local
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actors, local background, so they were supportive of our san francisco work force. since its inception in 2006, the scene in the san francisco rebate program has been used by one television series in six feature-length films. one and title animation project by disney, which is currently in san francisco for three years. it has applied and been approved to receive a rebate. the disney production has not submitted any fees yet to be rebated at this time. as you can see, four of those related productions participating in the program since january 2011. this increase in rebate production is in part due to the increased visibility of the scene in the san francisco rebate program, which our office has been promoting strongly through attendance at trade shows, one-on-one meetings with producers and studios, and placing targeted ads in trade papers, making the rebate much more visible. we're also currently seeing a lot of press mentioning our
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rebate programs with the impending release of the hbo movie. so the word is out and the interest is increasing. as you can see, we have had recent coverage in the "l.a. times" and the hollywood reporter and a location died. our rebate program was the topic of conversation at a recent california film commission brunch for more than 200 producers. a panel spoke about shooting the hbo film in san francisco. that was a great meeting to be at, because those producers were taking down notes and coming up to me afterwards and arresting more about the program. we got a lot of coverage from that one breakfast. the combination of this recent press and positive reaction at the breakfast is creating buzz about san francisco and our rebate program. i expect this to translate into more production shooting here in the near future. overall, i feel the scene in san
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francisco rebate program has been a great success. since 2006, the city has rebated a little more than $1.5 million. those productions paid more than $12 million in wages, employed almost 4,000 when you add in the background actors, and had a direct local spend of more than $40 million. i think these numbers show that this estimate we're making with the rebate program is paying off. already for the coming year, i know of two feature films which plan to apply for the rebate program, including the woody allen film that will be shooting here hopefully in august, provided this continues. and a third which plans to apply before the end of 2012 but they're able to get the california state tax incentives. and they would be probably starting production in december. the momentum for filming in san francisco is on the rise, now that protections are aware of
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our rebate program. it is isn't so that we extend the program to continue to attract these productions -- it is is essential that we extend the program. it will provide jobs for local group, actors, and we will have these large amounts of direct spend coming into the economy. i respectfully ask you to extend their rebate program for another two years. thank you. the have any questions for me? -- and do you have any questions for me? [applause] supervisor chu: thank you. why don't we go to the budget analyst report? then we'll open it up for public comment. >> on the bottom of page two of our report, we point out that as shown in table 1, page 3 of our report, that of the previous appropriation by the board of supervisors, it shows the rebids for production companies.
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a balance of $260,179 for additional rebates. on page four of our report, we point out that the balance of $2,260,179 would be available for additional rebates to qualify filming and television production to but is it the board of supervisors appropriates the additional $2 specify. we consider approval of this to be a policy matter for the board of supervisors. supervisor chu: thank you. before we go to public comment, i believe supervisor farrell has a few comments to make. supervisor farrell: yes, three amendments that are administrative. one to clarify the this program was effective july 1, 2012, simply a date issue. as well in terms of making sure that we were clarifying, a clarification about the dollar
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amount. on the title of the ordinance itself. we're going to say up to $2 million, understanding we are in the middle of the budget season. that will be included in our budget going forward. on page 3, line 22 -- exceed $2 million by june 30, 2014, and insert subject to annual appropriation. supervisor chu: thank you. it's open this up for public comment. i have a few speaker cards. eric, catherine, dan, debbie, jeff, lauren, and lydia.
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>> thank you. my name. eric, -- my name is eric, a third-generation san francisco movie teamster drivers. i spoke the last time this came up for approval. it is a huge difference. we had a "trauma" and the others. we just finished a "maverick." i was the transportation person on the hbo movie. we probably had 20 to 25 of our men and women, members that were able to work. it is huge. it is a blue-collar job that pays really well. it enabled my family to send me to college. it is something we do not want to lose. i hope you do not think it is like a giveaway for hollywood. it is actually a gift for us. also, it pays huge dividends for the city. you never see a movie that is negative about san francisco. it is like a promotion that
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never stops giving into the future. it will bring tourism. we are a city that is great for [applause] supervisor chu: if i could ask folks to hold their possibly could get through public comment. next speaker. >> it good afternoon. i'm with the travel association and from all indications, this program has been highly successful in stimulating the local economy and creating jobs. in addition to direct jobs, this program has a significant impact on attracting tourists to the city in a number of ways. first, the production crews support the hospitality industries like lodging, restaurants, caterers, rental cars just to name a few. but equally important, the
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scenes ever filmed here are basically free advertising. they create aspirations throughout the world to come visit our beautiful city and doing so, attract visitors that support our local economy and help create jobs. for those reasons, we hope that and strongly urge you to support this extension. >> i am a location manager working here in the san francisco area for 27 years. i wanted to speak directly to the financial impact that network television series can have on san francisco. i worked this season on ",." i was asked to gather a one page briefing for the film office that describe the impact on city departments, the police
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department, park and iraq, and it -- park and rec. over the six seasons, the direct payments range from $14 million up to $20 million per season. a full season is 22 episodes. "nash bridges" which ended 11 years ago, the budget was about $2 million. $2 million we are proposing to extend his merely just an invitation that san francisco is welcoming the industry here. it's not a make work by any stretch of the imagination. money comes back to this city as everyone has pointed out and i just wanted to share that with you.
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supervisor chu: just a few more cards. next speaker. if i could ask folks who heard the name called to line up in the center aisle, that would be great. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is to the spratly tyson and and the vice-president of the san francisco film commission. i would like to -- i would like to echo what everyone has put forward today. it's critical to filming in san francisco and the knock on effect on the tourism business is a measurable. thank you for the support you have given this initiative to date and we ask you continue to support the extension. thank you. supervisor chu: next speaker. >> good afternoon.
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my name is catherine howell and i am currently the co-president of the san francisco local of screen actors guild. we represent over 3800 actors here in the bay area and i am here on their behalf. no one becomes an actor by chance. it is a profession that requires years of steady, train and diligence, practicing the craft before you get to be a professional actor. we eat out are living through various jobs and it is extremely important to us that these films come to town. for many of us, it's not just a salary we make when we get a job on these films, it is the contributions to our pension and
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health that go along with that and for many people, it is residuals down the line. on behalf of the actors, i'm sure you will be hearing from various members of the community, i encourage you to approve the extension. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good morning, board of supervisors. i'm a mother and actress and i moved here in 1999 from los angeles because i fell and love with my san francisco husband and i fell in love with san francisco. i thought i could be a working actress appear -- up here. slowly but surely, jobs kept getting fewer and fewer. that i had to travel to l.a., away from my children, and now i
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have to go to mexico and louisiana to try to get work. i'm just asking you to please accept this rebate because it will create more jobs for us, it is great for san francisco, and it has helped the whole business. it is for the greater good of san francisco. thank you very much. >> my name is debbie brill baker. and the executive chairman of -- debbie brill baker. i'm a film commissioner for the city of san francisco. i'm a single parent, putting a child through college right now. i have to say this rebate program really did save my life and a lot of ways. i worked on a lot of the movies that came in that worked with
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the rebate program and i know how close some of them were to leaving. it makes a huge, huge difference, the amount of money that comes in. you have heard it all here. it is a wind situation for so many that i hope you will extend the program. -- it is a win situation. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm the manager of public policy at the san francisco chamber of commerce. the san francisco chamber of commerce urges your support for the extension of this film reprogram. extending this in san francisco will have a positive impact on the city by continuing to restore production and acting jobs, stimulating economic
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activity and reinvigorating the film industry. since 2006, films using the san francisco rebate program have been responsible for thousands of jobs in san francisco and more than $40 million to our local economy. these fellows attract tourist dollars spent in our local hotels, restaurants and other businesses. comparatively, other states and cities are aggressively luring productions through large tax credits of up to 35% as you saw earlier. to keep a competitive edge, the extension of the film reprogram is critical. the chamber of commerce urges your support for the rebate extension. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. i have no other speaker cards before me. if there are any other individuals who would like to speak, please line up in the center aisle. >> good morning. i am the assistant executive director of the