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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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individuals that want to serve on our sunshine task force, even those that have attended and know how lengthy those meetings are and what a big time commitment that is yet continue to want to serve, i am very appreciative of that. i might make a suggestion, if we could take seats 1, 2, 4 and 5 first and then we can -- because these are the ones appointed by other organizations and if we can have suggestions for the seats that the board members get to appoint. i don't know if there are any suggestions before us. >> we make a motion on seats 1, 2, 4 and 5? >> is there a motion? >> i make a motion -- >> here's my only comment, i guess. these are great candidates. but my issue with these, like we've only gotten one candidate per seat. i would -- this is the first
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time i've seen this come before us but i would like to have had, as we do with every other seat, choices here, and these organizations to forward us multiple choices. not to anyone that came before us that we wouldn't select you going forward, but that we have a choice with these organizations. my preference would be to continue this and to have a choice and have the organizations put more than one forward. i make a motion to continue 1, 2, 4 and 5, to the call of the chair and subsequently ask these organizations come back to us with more than one appointee per seat. chairperson kim: i'm supportive of a continuous of those seats, as well and i want to request the organizations that do appoint, more than just seeing more than one applicant, i'd like to see greater diversity. we have an 11-member body and there's only one person of color that sits on this entire body. i'd like to see more lgbt, disabled and women candidates,
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as well. so i'm happy to continue support that motion to continue so we will continue seats 1, 2, 4 and 5. >> madam chair, if i can just say that i'm happy to support that motion to continue but i also want to say that i do think that the people that have been forwarded are also very impressive and so i don't want to -- i want to make sure the motion to continue is not seen as a prejudgment in any of the four individuals that are here, you know, whether it's ben rosenfeld, doug comstock, suzanne manneh or allyson washburn. i think they each have an impressive record. i'm ok with getting more applicants but i think we also have an impressive group of people here. >> i completely agree with that. chairperson kim: we have a motion to continue those seats to the call of chair and that motion will pass without opposition. we have seats 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and
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10 before us today and so i'm sure, with this many applicants, there's going to be a number of different suggestions and so maybe each of us can go through some of our first choices and then other folks we're willing to consider if that makes sense. >> sure. chairperson kim: supervisor farrell? supervisor farrell: thanks to everyone, including the ones whom supervisor campos mentioned, we just continued. i think we have an incredibly great group here. thank you and this is not going to be an easy one. i think just to start off, i think i know i have tough questions about the passing of the amendment to the bylaws. i will say that i have a general issue with that. it's not a personal comment on anyone but it's -- to me, it's challenging to reappoint people that voted in favor of that. so i'll say that from the outset. and it has nothing to do with
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anyone else's good work or not on that committee or personal relationships i have with you. the folks that i think more folks than i have seats that i'd like to mention available right now but the ones in particular, kitt, i thought, grant, was great, absolutely terrific, despite going to lowell, she was much smarter than i am. chris hyland. i remember you from last year and i'm wholly supportive of you coming on the sunshine ordinance task force. i think you have a great background. david pilpel. the only man in town that would be able to quote the chapter and verse of that ordinance but i've gotten to know you recently and really respect how you operate. louise fischer. we've worked together on a number of issues and i think she's terrific. trevor mcneil, i'd be very supportive of, todd david, who
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i've gotten to know, as well, certainly the work with public schools and parents, not a more important task in town and your willingness to share is great and david sims, as well, was really impressed by your background and willingness here. so this is tough but those would be my choices here. i know a number of people didn't even get to show up today that i would have been open to and have spoken with before but those would be my initial shots and i know we'll have to keep talking about it. chairperson kim: thank you, supervisor farrell. supervisor campos? supervisor campos: thank you very much, supervisor kim, madam chair, and thank you to supervisor farrell, as well. i'd like to begin by saying what i always say whenever we have a situation where we have more applicants than we have seats. it's always a shame because i think that any one of the folks who is before us today would do
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a good job, an excellent job on the sunshine task force so it's very difficult to have to narrow choices. but in terms of the individuals that i know, that i was very impressed with and i would be open to of course hearing what my colleagues think about the preferences and part of this process is about, you know, trying to find some consensus here in terms of what makes sense to move forward. let me say that i have known bruce wolfe for many years and, while i understand the concern that supervisor farrell made and i certainly disagree respectfully with the opinion of some of the folks on the task force, i think that having bruce wolf back on the sunshine task
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force is really important so i'm certainly very supportive of that and i'm grateful that he is willing to continue to serve. i feel the same way about someone that had a number of people speak on his behalf here today, hanley chan, who i also think has demonstrated a commitment to the community in issues of open government. we heard from a number of folks, as well, who i think are sort of relatively new faces to this issue but who have been involved in government, in different capacities in the community. we saw owen stephens who had served on the board before. i think trevor mcneil has very impressive background, and marc bruno was also very impressive, as was chris hyland. but i also want to say that
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folks that also really stood out for me and there might be some agreement with some of my colleagues here, i think louise fischer, i think that she brings a very good perspective and approach to this task force and i think that it would be good to give her an opportunity to serve on this body, as well. david pilpel, i think sunshine -- the sunshine task force can really benefit from his knowledge and expertise and from my perspective, you know, having him in terms of importance is sort of up there with bruce wolfe so i would hope that we consider that, and, you know, i'm open to some of the other folks.
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i think that what mr. henderson said about a couple of candidates -- david sims as well as kitt grant, is true, very impressive presentations. so i think there's a lot of commonality here and unfortunately with this process, not every one of us will get every one we'd like to see but i'm -- i think the people i spoke to are people -- spoke about are people that i'm open to but would be willing to see what else people think. chairperson kim: thank you. i think i can say the same. like i said, i'm incredibly impressed by the qualifications and the commitment of the applicants that are here before us today and i know many of you are working into this very knowledgeable about what the task force is like and have attended or listened to meetings and i appreciate that work in advance. i was very impressed with the following people -- michael kwan who works with kim and does a
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lot of work around digital and electronic media. david pilpel who has served on us the re-districting task force and is incredibly knowledgeable, besides being able to cite our city charter, he has a strong commitment and his ability to attend meetings and commit to them is incredibly strong and i'd like to see him, as well. i think three committee members have expressed support for him and we can move forward with that seat. i'm also very supportive of bruce wolfe. i think supervisor campos has talked about our agreement i think with the sunshine task force on their interpretation of whether the city charter has stirs friction over the task force but i'm glad to see you're willing to work with us over revising those bylaws and i think it is important to have some level of consistency with the task force. i think it is important to have new blood on the ordinance, as well, but i would like to
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support bruce wolfe today. next, i was very impressed by louise fischer. i don't know you but my colleagues on the rules committee know you and i was impressed by your presentation and your entire to -- desire to improve the meeting structure which we talked about, as well. if we have to work around quorum issues, we have to work with how we administer and facilitate those meetings and i appreciate that energy. i was also very impressed by kitt grant and your work in media, as well, and your work on the african-american journalliv. like -- african-american journalism committee. we need to have diversity and folks involved in journalism and media so i was impressed by you as well as rougey chopra. i was impressed by trevor mcneil and david sims, your backgrounds
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in consumer advocacy or government transparency and chris hyland and david, as well, are very committed. i would love to support you for another task force. in terms of your background, specifically for sunshine, i think we have other members that have stronger qualifications specifically for this task force. but i would be happy to support you just because i know you're both very committed to politics and public policy here in san francisco and that you would learn a lot about what the sunshine ordinance task force does. so if i can just say, i think there is agreement on david pilpel and louise fischer. those are the two i think all three committee -- >> kitt. chairperson kim: kitt, so we have three. i'm going to reserve what seats we assign folks to until we figure out the other three seats but we have david pilpel, kitt
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grant and louise fischer that can move forward. we have three other seats. i think some folks had two. supervisor farrell: i'll just say, if the notion is opening up to people who voted on that issue before, i guess the only reason i didn't mention hanley is because of that and it was a difficult not to say that in the beginning because i really respect hanley and like him and he does great work so i would -- i just want to make sure i mention that and that was the only reason. i'm going to stick to my guns on that one. supervisor campos: i also forgot to mention todd david who i have worked with and he's very involved in the community and i know he would be a good addition to any commission. i don't know if this is the right task force, necessarily, but i know he should play a role in city government, as well.
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chairperson kim: ok. we have two committee members that are supportive of bruce wolfe and i know mark farrell, you have strong feelings about members that have supported against the city attorney's advice. i feel comfortable, however, moving forward with that motion. we can certainly take a roll call on that seat. do we have any suggestions? we have two seats left, trying to keep track. supervisor farrell: chris hyland was mentioned by all of us. he's someone i would certainly support and i remember from last year, everyone was enthusiastic about him. so i'll throw that out to my committee members as someone i would want to support. chairperson kim: ok. actually, we all mentioned chris, trevor, david and todd. i note that all of us mentioned all four of those individuals and we have two remaining seats.
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so i don't know if we have a suggestion of two applicants amongst these four, so, again, the ones i heard from all three of us that we would all consider trevor mcneil, chris hyland, todd david and david sims. so if there is a suggestion moving forward, two names out of that group? >> i think one of the questions i have is in terms of the diversity of the task force, what is that diversity at this point? chairperson kim: uh-huh. i will just make a suggestion, then. i think that chris, this is your second time applying so while i didn't think you had as much background as some of the other folks around sunshine and transparency, i do know that you are really enthusiastic about
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learning and also participating and volunteering so i'm happy to support you out of rules committee today. my other suggestion, as we talk about diversity, is david sims, who is a consumer advocate's attorney. >> i'm fine with that. the one thing that i will reiterate with respect to -- and i understand there are different perspectives, but with hanley chan, i think he was a good person on that body and i think that having some continuity is also helpful but i also understand. supervisor farrell: hanley, i will support you for any other commission you want to come forward for, not an issue at all. supportive of chris, so great. i'm supportive of that. and mr. sims, that's fine, as
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well. i think, trevor, working on stuff outside of city hall, but i would have been really wanted to have support you here and todd, we got to find a place for you going forward here. did he leave? he might have left. but anyway, wherever you are, todd, obviously, great institutional knowledge here and i think would have been really helpful given his background in city hall, as well, on these issues. i would have liked to have seen that but i'm happy to support mr. hyland and mr. sims. chairperson kim: ok, i think we do have a number of my suggestion would be kitt grant for seat 3. this is the member of the press or electronic media with an interest in citizen access. my suggestion for seat 6 is david pilpel, this is the consumer advocacy seat. my suggestion for seat 7 is david sims who is a consumer advocacy lawyer. this is also the consumer
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advocacy seat. for seat 8, bruce wolfe, where he currently sits as a member of the public. seat 9, i'm going to put in chris hyland and then for seat 10, louise fischer. and so those are my suggestions for the seats. do we have a motion for that? supervisor farrell: can we separate out seat 8? it's something i feel strongly about. supervisor campos: madam chair, if we can repeat that. for seat 3, kitt grant, for seat 6, it would be david pilpel. for seat 7, it will be david sims. for seat 9, it would be chris hyland and seat 10, louise fischer. chairperson kim: yes. so we have a motion to move forward seats 3, 6, 7, 9 and 10 and we can do that without
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opposition. we will take a roll call on seat 8. just quickly, i know i didn't speak to this, hanley, i think you've done a great job serving on this task force but you mentioned attendance was an issue and i had heard that prior to the meeting today so maybe there's another commission or task force that is maybe not as time intensive. i know how difficult it is to be a new parent and i completely sympathize with that. so us not supporting you for this seat does not reflect on your qualification but we do really need folks that are able to commit to these very, very lengthy meetings and the time commitment, as well. we have a motion to move forward bruce wolfe for seat 8. may we have a roll call, please. madam clerk: supervisor farrell? supervisor farrell: no. madam clerk: two ayes one no. chairperson kim: that motion passes. we also take a motion to refer
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the committee report to the full board. we do not have a meeting after memorial day and the sunshine task force meets on june 6 so we want to get these appointments forward so they can have quorum at their next june meeting so we have a motion to refer this to the full board as a committee report and we can do that without acquisition. i want to thank all the applicants that came out today. i appreciate your volunteerism and commitment to sunshine transparency for san francisco government. at this time, we are going to be entering into closed session. is there any public comment on item no. 8? yes? there is. >> as you know, i'm kevin woodson and i thank you for putting me on the agenda and i'm here just to let you know
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face-to-face that something happened in the past and i moved on and it's hard for me to go on without no employment or no, you know, health and i want y'all to know that i'm trying to go on with my life and leave this behind me and go on and i want to thank you for letting me have the opportunity to let y'all express how i feel or what i have to say and i hope you make the right decision, whatever decision y'all make, i hope i can go on with my life. chairperson kim: thank you, mr. woodson. i appreciate you being here. i know you came to the full board meeting a couple of weeks ago and i'm so sorry to hear that you have lost your job since this incident. we will enter into closed session at this time and will open back up for the public as
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to our final decision on this item. >> thank you. chairperson kim: thank you, mr. woodson. >> take care. thank you. chairperson kim: is there a motion to convene in closed se >> madam chair, we met in closed session to discuss pending claims involving the city. supervisor kim: have a motion to move forward, do we have a motion cannot disclose? we can do that without opposition. and a motion to move this forward. thank you, without opposition. are there any other items on the agenda? >> no.
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supervisor kim: meeting is adjourned. >>. touring england was a time when robert as mentors were being challenged by a quickly growing middle-class. for endeavour's crew of new artists began to assert themselves, offering new definitions of the athletics of arts and beauty.
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over 180 objects of avant-garde design and art from the victorian england has been collected inside the legion of honor snoot exhibition, it's the cold of the ec. -- the cult of beauty. >> there was this group of artists that were not only revolutionaries in their artistic expression but also in their personal lives and their interest in democratizing art in introducing beauty into the growing middle-class. >> one of the inspirations for the victorian avant-garde was the industrial revolution. quality household goods were now being mass-produced. artists responded by either creating elaborate unique court or by embracing technology and trying to share a beautiful creations with as many people as possible. >> william morris was in a
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difficult position, because he wanted the middle-class to be able to acquire really beautifully made objects. but the piece is that he actually made, you know, took so much handcrafting that there were quite expensive. i think he would have been pleased to know that there are things like restoration hardware anne craig and bare all that tried to make available to the middle-class -- and crate and barrel that tried to make these things available to the middle class. >> over 60 lenders contributed art and craft to the exhibition. one of the partners is london's victoria and albert museum, which has been collecting the finest examples of victorian craft since queen victoria herself attended the groundbreaking ceremony. the artist of the victorian avant-garde believe that every object could contain an expression of beauty. the attention given when creating a towering sculpture
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should be the same as when creating a simple cottage gate. they embraced arts for arts own sake. whether in the curl of a flower or a stray lot of unpin hair. surprisingly, sensuality returned to public view during the victorian era. albert moore and others were inspired by ancient greek sculptures and found new uses in modern times. >> many of these paintings are large. when you get close to them, they seem to wrap you in this luscious colors. there's a great sensuality to the paintings, even though there's nothing sexual going on in the pictures. the artists just took delight in luxurious fabrics and colors and beautiful women. >> symphony in white is a life- size portrait of the immense stress of james wisler.
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it is featured prominently in the exhibition. harmony in gray and green was an of socially judged as a disagreeable presentation of a disagreeable young lady. the first public reaction of this series was so divisive that led to court proceedings. today, they hang in london's tate gallery. walking to the exhibition, you might be distracted by objects that seem to modern war appeared to be at least art deco era. forward thinking victorian artists emerged the economical ambitions of 18th-century cottage's style furniture with the asymmetrical design elements of japanese art that was introduced to london in 1862. >> so you come out with these very beautiful and sleek design worms that the artist combined -- a design forms. very modern. our visitors are really
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surprised that so many of the works at a very modern feel to them. >> they believe that no object needed to be considered worthless or low class. each thing, existing in its own place, was the best thing for its place. and what first seems to be idle showiness, shows the richness of today and yesterday. >> it is exciting to have a project you have worked on for so long coming in know, come to your own museum. and museum curators are among the luckiest professionals, because we get to share with tens of thousands of people the things that give us enjoy and the things that explain to our visitors the relationship between art and society. art is not just a frivolous, you know, sidebar. it is a very important
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expression of culture and morals. this particular moment, the artists were interested in community. >> san francisco is the exclusive american host for the cult of beauty exhibition. the legion of honor is website has more information about the artists and tips for planning your visit. learn more at the website. thank you for watching