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tv   [untitled]    May 30, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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our last meeting so we had to say goodbye to our members. we have a wonderful new group of members coming tonight, so i am here to introduce you to them. i put a little bios about each one if you want to look at them for your information. i will start by introducing the newly elected student delegate, megan wong. come on up, megan. [applause] >> i'm megan wong, a rising senoiior at lowell high school. afford to working with the board of education in the next school year. >> next, i would like to introduce kimberly hope. >> my name is kimberly ho, i'm
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an upcoming scene here and i am part of the young asian women against the violence. along with advocating my peers, i look forward to working with the s.a.c. >> thank you, kimberly. arianna ling. [applause] >> good evening, everyone. i am an uprising senior at third good marshall high school. it is my greatest honor to be appointed by school to represent my school and the students of the advisory council. i know of the successful resolution is from last year and i can't wait to see what we can bring to the table this year.
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>> next, i would like to introduce andrew wang. [applause] >> hello, my name is andrew wang. i look forward to working with the s.a.c. >> next i'd like to introduce jessica suyen. >> i will be a senior next year. of afford to making all the schools better by working with you guys. >> next of like to introduce a car when -- darwin velasquez. >> good evening, and i will be a senior next year. i go to george western high school and i am excited to be
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here working with the student advisory council next year. thank you. >> angelina weh. >> hi, i'm angelina weh, and i will be a junior at thurgood marshall academic high school. i look forward to seeing things change. >> next, i'd like to introduce chaophan wu. >> i will the a rising junior and i emigrated here when i was 10, so i am interested in the school district and everything. comparing chinese education to american education is a unique opportunity.
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[applause] >> last but not least, chloe ya ng. >> i am four feet nine and a quarter of an inch. i will be a rising junior for this year, it will be four years. i am pretty professional. [laughter] [applause] >> thank you, chloe. i look forward to working with all of you this upcoming year. thank you for taking the time to get to know the new members. >> this is probably inappropriate time right now to recognize how one of our former
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student delegates. we heard a vice president norton sought announcement that i think it was 2008, i believe. his name is jason su. he was given the full bright -- he became a full bright scholar. you student delegates leaving, that is a very high bar. that's like -- it's -- i don't know if you have never heard of that, but it is a bundle of money. >> your a future president. >> they give you much money to go after the issue that they
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want to work on as individuals, and they don't give too many of these in the united states. one of our student delegates received it, so i thought this was a great time to announce that. >> were ever you are, jason, congratulations. i don't think he is listening tonight, i forgot to warn him that we would be in acknowledging him, but it is a very great honor and i am proud of him. >> hoving to parent advisory council report. >> good evening board
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commissioners and everyone else here tonight. i am filling in tonight. >> good evening superintendent carlos garcia and commissioners, i am part of the parent advisory committee. i have two children that attend the district. i am a member of the advisory council program. >> i staff the current advisory council. i know of the parent of a student because she is graduating tomorrow night. we are goi to share this report and talk a little bit about the process of the community process about restorative practices.
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gloria is going to talk about who we heard from. from 2006 to 2011, they led dozens of conversations, most of them focused on issues of equality. we heard many parents talk about and share their concern about bullying, the lack of communication with schools, and unfair and disciplinary practices. many families expressed urgency and a need for improving and the environment. it has been clear that most families don't know that was passed in 2009 as a way to embrace justice to improve climate and address the disproportionately higher rates of suspension for african- american and latino students.
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restorative practices should be one of our main priorities. our goals with the conversations were to inform families about these strategies and engaged them, learning more and understanding banharn to hear people's questions and concerns, and really importantly, to identify ways to strengthen the implementation of practices and the district. wheeler - -w- we worked closely with them because we needed to know what the implementation plan was and how it was going. several members and myself attended training, and to members are now part of the training course that the district is leading, and we hope to train more in the next school year as well.
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they developed a discussion guide and handouts to use in conversations. this is really fun, i love this list. chinese, spanish, arabic, someone, and vietnamese to be available for conversations. we presented information about why the district has embraced these practices to start with and what the approach is to implementing them and working on some of the basic strategies. we used some basic restorative practices are self while we were facilitating the conversations to model at the because we have become converts and we are incorporating more of these packages. we used an object d talking peace that you would pass around when it was your turn to speak. we had time to practice using
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the restored of questions and i meant to bring the card with them on them, but i think people are familiar with those. the real heart of every conversation with the open discussion where we heard what people's questions and concerns and suggestions were. people have any suggestions that we will share with you in the future. we conducted most conversations in the primary language of people participating. there were a few in spanish, cantonese, a few had a mixture of languages. we had a really short paper survey that we can capture some demographic information. we learned about participants experiences. and whether they had worked with restorative practices before.
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we heard from 292 participants, most of them are parents, middle school, high school students, and after-school program staff. we held conversations at 13 different schools. to reaching out and the year from families that are less fell led, we are pleased that it reflected the broad diversity of the district of the families across language. the types of school their children attended and socioeconomic background.
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because we heard from people with different rules and their experiences with school climate, we learned the needs, concerns, and implement restorative practices. we ran out of time with the school year. we reached 292, less than three months. we are really looking forward to having conversations with other communities with our important it is. we would like you to have this based on the survey from 211
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surveys. we had 78% participants had completed the survey. 13% were school staff, including principals, teachers, cafeteria workers, and after- school programs that. 7% were middle school has will students. 40% of the participants had heard of restorative practices. it is a really big amount of before the conversation and many had children that had been suspended for a student that had been suspended themselves. 17 had a child about aledo or harassed another student.
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the pac war report our findings from these conversations as well as recommendations to strengthen historic of -- restorative practices. >> i want to clarify it is june 4, monday, june 4. >> we will be posting the full report to the web site, and it is too bad that it will be after folks are out of school. we will be mailing a report to all of the schools, all of the contact people.
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just to wrap up, that will be the focus of our report time at the june 12 meeting. members will present a really brief summary on june 26 for achievements for this year. >> there were some real interest in the participants from san mateo county about how to get this program in our schools, and there was a lot of interest. we told them to talk to the school board members and talk to the executives in that district. i think we are really on to something, i think families are very supportive. i wanted to recognize her for
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her work in the indian community. i had the opportunity to go to one of your events and i want to encourage my colleagues to participate also. >> i am looking forward to hearing about those people that you would like to appoint. let's move on to item f. public comment on consent items. there is one speaker tonight. president kelly? >> thank you very much president yee. talking about the needs for education and sustaining the budget just-in-time to look at
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this agenda and spot a couple of things of concern. one is page 79. we still have a 210 teachers laid off. this is not expanding money for recruitment, selection, training and ongoing support of teachers who are self identified as the most promising future leaders. these are the teach for america contrary -- cadre. you have 24 people who are going to receive some kind of support that is not at all explains. i do not know if they are each getting two thousand dollars or what they are getting. with people being laid off, if
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you aren't bringing in on credentialed people and you are paying to do that syria there are a couple of questions you need to ask. how many total teach for america teachers do you have in this district? how much are you paying for them? of those, how many of them have gotten clear credentials and have stayed here? what is the nature of the support your offering? is it pay? how is it arrived at? these people are in our bargaining unit and yet there is no contractual arrangement or agreement on how these people are paid. i think those should be questions to you. there are questions to me. my other item is k2. this is a noble action to.
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this is starting the work on the common standards. it is for somebody to help the elementary kerfs -- erfs for the arrival of the common standards. it does not tell me -- it only tells me what the coaches being paid. it does not tell me how many erfs, if this is mandatory work, and it is taking place during the summer. it does not tell me if the teachers are being paid or if there is any kind of accommodation for them. those are questions you should be asking curious when you ask those you should also ask about the rollout of standards. it is a good thing to prepare them to become coaches for the teachers. what is the schedule for going
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back to the teachers and how is this going to be followed down the road? thank you very much. president yee: item g, consent calendar. is there a motion and a second? >> susan? >> yes. we have three corrections. the first item on page 67, the first name of the colton should be changed -- the consultant should be changed. and corrections to the summary. first on a roman numeral page 20. it should say el dorado elementary school. and then on page 23, john muir
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schedule -- school. >> any items severed by the board for discussion tonight? >> hi wants to sever -- i want to sever k10 for discussion. item h? item i, member's proposals for
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speaker cards and action, and none tonight. item j, regard -- requests to speak regarding general matters. so, i will call individuals and you will come up and the first group had called in earlier. i want to remind the audience for this part of the board meeting, we have a general comments that when you make your comments and you have situations where you are not happy about them, we do not name people's names during this portion of the meeting. ok? carlos valentino, sam, destiny
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dickson, sheila opedia, mony casey, michael bradford, mark babbus, leslie. fatalua. ok. come up. go ahead and take one minute for each. >> a good evening mr. president, superintendent.
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board members. i am with the san juan american media service. i am here concerned about the safety of the civic center high school and middle school. we need to pay attention to the safety of our students. and as saying goodbye to the superintendent for error you're good service to our community. -- for your good service to our community. >> hello, my name is chris
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albert. the school that the community can be proud of requires a dedicated staff and space. we have lost 10 positions, six of which were working directly with student. there was a dedicated math teacher and our i.t. person. i taught at a place where the classrooms were redesigned by the staff specifications and we had tech support. that is what will make a staff and field value. you have this opportunity s civic center but you are missing out. we need that space for students to cool down and work outside of a class and have successful mediations in order to break the cycle of suspensions and develop coping strategies. they deserve the basics like
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library books accessible to them. we are only asking for what we need to run a successful program. you have already taken dedicated staff. do not take any more space. [applause] >> i am a teacher at the civic center. i wanted to talk more about the space. we sent everyone a letter detailing why we would need 17 spaces. all we need is 16 spaces but right now we are being offered 14. we have combined -- we would like to develop a library at our school. we are willing to combine the computer lab and the library. right now, the offer would force us to probably have the computer lab in the bungalows.
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we would like as many students as possible to participate throughout the day within the building. if you have any questions, stop by this week. we would be more than willing to explain it and it responds to the e-mail we sent you. -- it and respond to the e-mail we sent you. we appreciate it. >> my name is mike and i am a middle school teacher at the civic center. when i joined the school district i was met with an alarming statistic that the special education students -- it was that the orientation where i first heard carlos garcia speak of this reality.
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he continued by saying that by a joining sfusd we would be on the front line of a war against the achievement gap. i was moved and excited to join the fight. since that day, i have watched our school lose a valuable resources. our staff has been cut and money for supplies is hard to come by. and now we are fighting to get adequate space is to ensure that our students are supported and we are able to tease them effectively. although i am only been here for two years, every student has the potential to become a successful adults. as a former marine, i know before you go to war you make sure you are prepared. if it is true we are waging a war, give us what we need to win. [applause]