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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2012 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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to be able to be housed, have access to health care, have access to food. there are so many people out of work that want to work. they are not skilled enough. we are asking that the long-term commitment from cpmc to more job training and more workforce development is good for long term future of san francisco. these people will be able to stay house and stay happy and healthy in san francisco. we're asking that you look at cpmc, but let's rebuild the the right way. supervisor mar: i am going to call a few more names. [reading names]
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>> mr. chairman, supervisors, i served as chair of the community development cooperation and also a member of the tabernacle -- the largest churches in the city, looking at employment, a development to -- i development. i looked at the agenda for today and i noticed the mayor's name was on six pages of this document. i saw about three supervisors. the supervisors -- that the mayor is for this project, the board of supervisors is for this project. i believe that this project, which is the second-largest private corporation employing people in the city, in the
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community i serve, alas statistic 25% of community people. 36,000 people are employed. all of us know that even the great work that president obama is doing for this country, his position is threatened because of lack of jobs. to have a premier organization to base itself here and improve, i think that is significant. i support that. i believe the supervisors will hold cpmc accountable to make sure they do what they say they're going to do as far as jobs, housing.
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i am really concerned about st. luke. to make sure that it serves. thank you during much. >> reverend walker, i know you were instrumental in the candlestick point community agreement. i am wondering -- some people have said there needs to be a community benefit agreement to hold the hospital accountable. i am wondering what you think of that. >> i agree with that 100%. hopefully, cpmc is open. i serve as the vice-president of the senior center. we're getting ready to build 121 units of housing. we met with the the mayor's office of housing and development. we're going to need other funds. that should be taken into consideration. hopefully, a supervisor will raise that with cpmc.
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supervisor mar: next speaker. >> good afternoon. i live in the mission district. i am a student of the community housing partnership. i am here to change the town of this dialogue. it is my understanding -- change the tone of this dialogue. we want cpmc to be rebuilt, but one side wanted to be billed the right way. -- wanted to be built the right way. i think st. luke's is very important. we should hire more people to work at st. luke's. it covers districts 8, 9, 11. i want to focus on jobs enforcement. cpmc needs to make a stronger
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commitment to san francisco workers and residents. it can do so by hiring 50% the jobs they create from our community to hire san francisco residents. on the enforcement side, the agreement -- i do not want to use the word hold cpmc accountable because it is confrontational. i support cpmc. i like what they are doing. we want them to build -- to downsized cent lives, i do not think it is a good idea. -- to downsize st. luke's, i do not think that is a good idea.
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i appreciate the fact that they are trying to create jobs. but come on, help us. supervisor mar: thank you. i am going to call a few more names. [reading names] next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am a resident of tenderloin. i am a member of the tenderloin filipino community association. make sure that cpmc it pays its fair share in helping our low income residents. cpmc plans to construct the biggest -- corporate profits --
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the 99% are suffering. cpmc -- how many jobs will be in the tenderloin? cpmc is only offering to hire 40 new jobs from the surrounding communities. tenderloin is demanding more jobs, more local hires, and more job training opportunities. my daughter is 20 years old. she landed a job. she is a misfit there. i told her, you are a square peg in a round hole.
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i urge the honorable members of the board of supervisors to ensure that residents of the tenderloin will benefit from this project. we ask for cpmc to help the tenderloin. supervisor mar: i would like to say, we have been hearing for about four hours. there are still about 60 cards. i will do my best to keep it moving. if something has already been said, at least try to be as distinct as possible. our focus is on jobs today. a number of other hearings will address other aspects of the project. next speaker. i>> good afternoon.
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i am a community organizer. cpmc is making super profits from their hospital operation. their profit was 12 times the combined annual profits of private hospitals. cpmc's record is the lowest. it has fallen short of providing the basic rights and benefits that there employees deserve. -- their employees deserve. we believe that cpmc needs to pay their fair share of helping the low-income residents in the city. the day received property-tax exemption from san francisco every year. this project will create thousands of jobs, yet cpmc only propose to hire 40 from the
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residence. we believe this is not enough. only less than 5% of the total jobs. our communities are the most in need of jobs. we want cpmc to hire 50% of these new positions from residents of our communities. we want a specific of numbers allocated to tenderloin residents. we want cpmc to provide more job training opportunities and to respect the human rights of their employees. we what cpmc to address this issue by a community benefit agreement. thank you so much. >> next speaker. >> speak into the microphone. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> can you translate in english? >> thank you. >> i am a patient of the hospital. it is important for the community to rebuild st. luke's. we need the resources. the latino community.
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i asked for the approval of this project as soon as possible. supervisor mar: thank you very much, next speaker. >> good afternoon. local 261 in san francisco. i am here to talk in favor of this project. i do not have to tell you about how much -- this is not only about union members. anybody related to construction, you know. people are suffering, losing houses, not able to provide for the families, things like that.
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for our union, and many other unions, this project is the only way of survival. every little bit helps. this project needs to be approved. there is a lot of disagreement about this and that, but a lot of things can be worked out. it is important to mention that cpmc -- it provides service to
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70% of our members. it is working both ways. thank you very much. supervisor mar: thank you for testifying today. thank you. >> ron smith with the hospital council. we represent all the hospitals in san francisco. for the sake of all hospitals, every hospital supports the rebuild of cpmc. it is our largest hospital. we do not understand how residents will be cared for without cpmc. i want to bring up another issue. why every hospital is rushing to rebuild right now is we are worried. the earthquake is coming, it could be tonight, it could be
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five years from now, but a delay in two weeks in approval could mean nothing. or it could be that the big one hits and that hospital has to care for many of the people of san francisco. we have to have all of our hospitals open as soon as possible. let me quickly go to the point that san francisco hospitals employ 99 -- are responsible for over 99,000 jobs. we bring an $11.3 billion into the city. that is almost twice what tourism does. when the economy was tanking, hospitals increased employment by 10%. we are a steady employer for the city. we have 22% higher salary than
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any other business. we are not -- we hire far more women. we are vital to the city. but more important, and think about any kind of delay. it may mean nothing. if the earthquake comes and we have not rebuilt our hospitals, we will be in big trouble. thank you so much. supervisor mar: next speaker. >> i am presenting on behalf of dr. john. i am attending cycle -- i am attending psychiatrist. the city is ramming through the development agreement by jobs, jobs, jobs.
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public services are being slashed. if they are not willing to care for which ever patients walk in their door, they should be supplying much more generous set aside. in proposing to build two new general hospitals with more than 550 beds but no acute site facilities, they are expecting patience to be handled elsewhere. elsewhere means the streets or the county jail. the city is reassigning the nurse practitioner that held a critical function of transferring patients out of pysch emergency. these transfers are essential for patient care. this nurse practitioner manages madd's for 26 patients -- meds for 26 patients. these patients have been case managed by a social worker and
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the nurse practitioner. many of these are banned from other clinics. there is no provision for any replacement for her position. with the support of -- the state board of equalization to hold a hearing into the tax-exempt status of nonprofit hospitals next week. we work with the california nurses association to keep the hospital open. the people of san francisco expect no less from their representatives. thank you very much. please support the california nurses association. supervisor mar: i will make sure we follow up with the assemblywoman's office. >> thank you. >> i will be speaking on behalf of dr. robert buckley.
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i have been an attending psychiatrist with the emergency services unit for the past 22 years. i am also a member of the physicians organizing committee. we state that the development agreement are paving -- is not adequate. especially in regards to those suffering an epidemic of homelessness and mental illness. under this agreement, cpmc is is giving card launched to build 635 in new -- carte blanche to build 635 new beds. ptsd patients are committing
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suicide in record numbers. administrators -- the psychiatrist it called to the emergency units to consult on the mental health needs of patients. beyond any dollar value, it is critical to care for the patients because mental health care and medical help care are so closely intertwined. -- health care are so closely intertwined. they say it is too late to reinstate the 32 bed at st. luke's because they have already submitted the plants. -- plans. this board must use its power. supervisor mar: thank you very
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much. i am going to call several more names. [reading names] >> good afternoon. i have worked for san francisco contractors for over 20 years. i am the director of workforce development. we are the prime contractor for the proposed cpmc hospital. we are committed to creating opportunities for san francisco's work force and local businesses. we have created on parallel collaborative partnerships.
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we have brought hands-on training class to the students. plumbing, sheet metal, sprinklers, drywall, and electrical. at the construction training program, we have developed and teach with their volunteers a 12-week construction curriculum. we are privileged to spend fridays with the students. over the past year and a half, we have posted 14 internships for san francisco residence. we are committed to the mayor's summer jobs program and are hosting 6 san francisco president in -- resident interns. our administrative hiring goals are 50%. for full-time entry-level positions, 100%.
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interns, 88%. we are committed to bringing san francisco contractors on to our project. we have spent time entering and assisting our partners. supervisor mar: what is that the goal? this is the local businesses. >> 14%. compared to san francisco general, which is at 7%. we are about sustainability and stability. there is -- they are the cornerstones of what we're trying to accomplish with our workforce programs. you're looking for people to establish careers and construction. i'd just touched the surface of what we have committed to as a contractor. this is my full-time job for the duration of the project. every day, our team has the privilege of working with san
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francisco residents and businesses. we look forward to doing that more. supervisor mar: do you think 14 or 15% of local businesses is enough? from many communities testifying, they feel that is way too low. i would like that response. >> 14% -- if you look across the projects happening right now, 14% would be the highest goal there is. i know that sf general is 7%. i am not sure what lennar's goal is. we started at 7% also. we realized that in order to get where we wanted to, 14% + very ambitious. supervisor mar: i think we need to do a better than not, but i will look at the numbers.
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next speaker. >> thank you, board of supervisors. i am a project coordinator for the general contractor on this project. i work on the st. luke's project. i have been a resident in san francisco for 11 years. i support cpmc's rebuild. it means i will have a job to provide for my children. this project will bring jobs that will generate income for families. it will boost the local economy will providing a seismically state of the art facility. cpmc serves one-third of san franciscans. it is important that we invest in rebuilding the facilities. in doing so, you are considering -- you are ensuring that there will be adequate coverage for the long and short term health
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care needs of the people. it would be ideal to give up most of the jobs to residents. it is not realistic. bitchin' not bwith such educati, this city may not be producing a large pool of employees. we must keep in mind that job placement is established on the basis of qualification and education, not geography. cpmc has committed to employing residents, but we should not decide that we want to have qualified people, regardless of residency, serving our community. san francisco needs this project and ask that you support the rebuilt today. supervisor mar: please respect the speakers. i will call a few more names. [reading names]
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next speaker. >> do i have to say my name? supervisor mar: you are not required to. >> we must not contaminate our health care system by transforming into a platform for international relations. the only way to prevent this from happening is to enforce the 50% local hire. i am not just talking about jobs in construction. we need to invest in education. another demand, a 50% of the work must be allocated to communities of color that are plagued by poverty. additional funding must be set aside for workforce development. we must not become victims of predatory privatizing. the value of the community
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college education and the quality of community-based health care will be depreciated. we want jobs beyond construction. i am requesting we develop an memorandum of understanding between cpmc and city college. city college has enough scholarships -- we have ekg technicians, x-ray technicians. it seems as if cpmc, it degenerates $600 billion in profit per year. -- it generates $600 billion in profit per year. if you are serving one-third of san francisco's population, do not let be the reason you
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disserve the other two-thirds by taking up the city's time and resources and energy. san francisco spent six but $7 billion a year. that is their budget. -- $6.7 billion a year. that is their budget. i hope you got the point. we will be back. supervisor mar: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am one of the members of the filipino senior resource center. i am also the president of the filipino based support group. i am also a survivor of breast cancer. i