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tv   [untitled]    August 7, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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porter the grass and greenery. the park features comfortable tables and benches, a playground, restroom, and more at the end of the park. there are plenty of areas for football and frisbee. it is a couples park with a multitude of activities you can experience together. trauma on the pathway for the entire park, who watched the dog friendly community. enjoy all the lafayette park has to offer. you can soak up the sun. this wonderful heart is a majestic place you can share with someone you cherished. it is also easily accessed from the 47, 49, at 97. it is eta accessible.
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starting off our hectic segment, we're at the lovely and historic palace of fine arts. originally built for the 1915 panama pacific exposition, it is situated along san francisco's northern waterfront. the palace of fine arts is accessible and easily reached by the 28, 30, and 91 bus lines. with the elegant rotunda, set against the reflecting waters of the surrounding lagoons and fragrant eucalyptus trees, it is one of san francisco's most romantic settings for a special dates and memorable proposals. it is also a perfect picnic spot rican relax with that special someone while the waters and fountains in the lagoon grazing as the swans go gracefully by.
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and many locations along the lagoon, it is an ideal place to walk around with your loved one. the palace of fine arts is the most popular wedding location. those events are a variablea -- available at >> the garden contains plans referred to by william shakespeare's plants. welcome to the beautiful and unique shakespeares garden in the famous golden gate park. located near the museum at the california academy of sciences, it was designed in 1928 by the california spring blossom had wildflower association. flowers and plants played an important tool of imagery extensively throughout shakespeare's literary masterpieces. here is the truly enchanting in a tranquil garden tucked away on
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the path behind a charming a that leaves its romantic magic. this garden is the spot to bring your day. stroller around and appreciate the beauty of its unique setting. the overarching cherry trees and the brick walls, the enchanting as envisaged in the rustic sundial. sure the birds words as he read the plaques on the brick wall that fill the garden full of shakespearean lines and verses from plays. the garden is a sweet jam to share with someone special. pack a picnic, find a lovely bench, enjoy the sunshine and soft breezes and let the words of shakespeare take you and your loved one away. this is one of the most popular wedding locations and is available for reservations. have no parking worries by hopping on the 29 bus. it is also accessible.
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>> in just a little park located at the bottom of the hill, it is a secret garden with an infamous and captivating appeal. carefully tucked away, one from the bottom of lombard street, it is the top of our list for most intimate picnic setting. avoid all tourist cars by hopping on the cable cars. for the 30, 41, 45, or 91 bus. installed by rec and park in 2006, and they are accessible. the garden was designed by famous landscape architect in 1957. the best is yet to be, it is inscribed the sundial at the park. a lush oasis anchored by twin gazebos, lovely >>, and splashes
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of color year round. this is the place to tell someone something special for the place to declare the commitment you share. weddings and event reservations are available for this historic hidden gem. >> we know there are many other 11 romantic parts in san francisco. we hope you have enjoyed this short tour of these roles available every day. i am jaime hopper with the recreation and parks department. until next time, don't forget to get out and play. for more information about reserving one of these romantic locations or any other park location, call. this number is best for special events, weddings, headaches, and the county fair building. or for any aquatics fields at a neighborhood parks.
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you can write us at permit consideration. or just walking in and say hello at old log cabin stone lake drive at golden gate park. and you can find more information on line. >> everyone deserves a bank account. in san francisco, anyone can have a bank account, things to an innovative program, bank on s.f. >> everyone is welcome, even if you are not a citizen or have bad credit to qualify for a bank account is simple.
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just live or work in san francisco and have a form of id. >> we started bank on s.f. six years ago to reach out to folks in the city who do not have a bank account. we wanted to make sure they know they have options which should be more low-cost, more successful to them and using chat catchers. >> check cashing stores can be found all over the city, but they're convenient locations come with a hidden price. >> these are big. >> i remember coming in to collect -- charged a fee to collect a monogram. >> people who use check catchers, particularly those who use them to cash their paychecks all year long, they can pay hundreds, even a thousand dollars a year just in fees to get access to their pay. >> i do not have that kind of
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money. >> i would not have to pay it if i had a bank account. >> bank accounts are essential. they keep your money saved and that helps save for the future. most banks require information that may limit its pool of qualified applicants. encouraging to turn to costly and unsafe check captures. >> i do not feel safe carrying the money order that i get home. >> without a bank account, you are more vulnerable to loss, robbery, or theft. thankfully, the program was designed to meet the needs of every kind, so qualifying for a bank account is no longer a problem. even if you have had problems with an account in the past, have never had an account, or are not a u.s. citizen, bank on s.f. makes it easy for you to have an account. >> many people do not have a
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bank account because they might be in the check system, which means they had an account in the past but had problems managing it and it was closed. that gives them no option but to go to a cash -- check catcher for up to seven years. you want to give these people second chance. >> to find account best for you, follow these three easy steps. first, find a participating bank or credit union. call 211 or call one of our partner banks or credit unions and ask about the bank on s.f. account. both -- most bridges will have a sign in their window. second, ask about opening an account through bank on s.f.. a financial partner will guide you through this process and connect you with the account that is best for you. third, bring some form of identification. the california id, for an id, or your passport is fine. >> now you have open your account. simple?
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that is exactly why it was designed. you can access your account online, set up direct deposit, and make transfers. it is a real bank account. >> it is very exciting. we see people opening up second accounts. a lot of these people never had account before. people who have problems with bank accounts, people without two ids, no minimum deposit. we are excited to have these people. >> it has been a great partnership with bank on s.f. because we are able to offer checking, savings, minimarkets, certificates, and loans to people who might not be about to get accounts anywhere else. even if you have had a previous account at another financial institutions, we can still open an account for you, so you do not need to go to a check cashing place, which may turn to two percent of your monthly income.
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>> you can enroll in free educational services online. just as it -- visit with services like financial education classes and one-on-one meetings with advisers, asset smart money network makes it easy for you to learn all you need to know about managing, saving, investing, and protecting your money. the network offers access to hundreds of financial aid programs. to help their eruptions, fill out the quick questionnaire, and you will be steered to the program you are looking for. >> who want to make sure everyone has the chance to manage their money successfully, keep their money safe, and avoid getting ripped off. >> it sounds very good. i think people should try that one. >> to find out more, visit or call 211 and ask about the bank on s.f.
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program. >> now you can have a bank account. open one today. >> the right to vote allows us to vote for candidates or party and it is a significant way to have our voice heard. exactly 100 years ago, women were given the vote in california. the battle for women's suffrage
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was not an easy one. it took more than 70 years. a woman could run for president in new york. >> organizing this conference, basically it modeled itself on a declaration of independence for women. it marked the beginning of the women's equality movement in the united states. >> at that time, women were banned from holding property and voting in elections. >> susan b. anthony dedicated her life to reform.
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>> suffrage in the middle of the 19th century accomplished one goal, it was diametrically opposed to this idea. >> many feared it would be corrupted by politics. >> women in the 19th century had to convince male voters that having the vote would not change anything. that woman would still be devoted to the home, the family, that they would remain pure and innocent, that having the vote would not corrupt them. >> support gradually grew in state and local campaigns. >> leaders like ellen clark sgt
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come repeatedly stopping these meetings -- , repeatedly stopping these meetings as a politically active figure. doing everything they could to ground the campaign in domesticity. >> despite their efforts, the link made it tough whenever voters were in the big city. a specialist in francisco. >> the problem with san francisco is that women's suffrage as an idea was associated. >> susan b. anthony joined the provision party. a deadly idea in san francisco. liquor was the foundation of the
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economy. and >> anything that touched on the possibility of prohibition was greatly and popular. >> the first campaign was a great effort, but not a success. >> the war was not over. less than one decade later, a graphic protests brought new life to the movement. >> women's suffrage, the republican convention in oakland, this time it was the private sector response. 300 marched down the streets of the convention center. women were entitled to be here.
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>> joining together for another campaign. >> women opened a club in san francisco. it was called the votes for women club. if she could get the shopkeepers to have lunch, she could get them to be heard literature. the lunch room was a tremendous success. >> it was the way that people thought about women willing to fight for a successful campaign. what happened was, the social transformation increase the boundary of what was possible, out word. >> there were parades and
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rallies, door to door candidacies, reaching every voter in the state. >> the eyes of the nation were on california in 1911, when we all voted. it was the sixth and largest state in the nation to approve this. one decade later, we have full voting rights in the united states. helping newly enfranchised women, a new political movement was founded. >> starting in the 1920's, it was a movement created by the suffragettes moving forward to getting the right to vote. all of the suffragettes were interested in educating the new voters. >> non-partisan, not endorsing
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candidates >> -- endorsing candidates, getting the right to vote and one they have their voice heard. >> the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage is taking place throughout the state. bancroft library is having an exhibit that highlights the women's suffrage movement, chronicling what happened in california, bringing women the right to vote. >> how long does this mean going on? >> the week of the 20th. people do not realize that women were allowed to vote as early as the 1920's. in the library collection we have a manuscript from the end
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of december, possibly longer. >> in commemoration of 100 years of voting in california. 100 years ago this year, we won the right to vote. around 1911, this is how it would have addressed. and here we are, dressed the same. [chanting]
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>> we have the right to vote. >> whether you are marching for a cause or voting in the next election, make your voice heard. thank you for watching. >> i would like to bring on stage supervisor scott from district a who is going to do all the honors for us. introduce our special guests. our allies. hi, scott. >> happy pride, everyone.
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happy transpride. we're a lot of times we have different opinions and over the course of a year, sometimes we have different perspectives, disagreements, but this is the time of year when we come together as one community so that we can move forward together. and that includes the entire diversity of the we're community. please always know that i will stand with the transcommunity for employment rights, to end health care discrimination against this community and we are going to move forward together. now i have the great honor of introducing someone who i learned politics and how to be an elected official and that is our great snarkts mark lone. he has -- senator, mark leno.
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he has taught me many, many things performs one of them is we will always stand with our transbrothers and sisters. it is a great honor to welcome senator mark leno. >> thank you, scott. let's give a great big san francisco transwelcome to the supervisor of district 8, scott weiner doing a great job not only representing this district but the entire city. welcome to san francisco's largest transgender pride celebration of the year. one of the largest transevents anywhere on the planet earth. let me tell you, you looking fabulous. this is a wonderful community. one of my favorite events. been here every one of the nine years. we're going to have our 109 anniversary next year. let me just -- 10th anniversary next year.
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it has been a real honor, privilege and pleasure working with the transcommunity going back to my days on the board of supervisors when we formed the first transgender civil rights implementation task force from which came the first of its kind local ordinance making sure that there was equal access to the county health plan for our transgender employees of san francisco. when we got to sacramento, one of our first bills was to amend the california fair employment and housing act to include gender identity. so we have had an inclusive employment and housing nondiscrimination act here in california since 2003 and i'm very confident that when we re-elect barack obama and make sure that nancy pelosi is once again speaker of the house of representatives, that we'll have
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an incruste collusive employment nondiscrimination act out of washington, d.c. finally. so have a great time this weekend. be safe. be smart. celebrate who we are in every form and every fashion and let me say that our individual and collective voices will not be silent until every human being has his or her life fully respected, dignified and validated, which is every one's birthright. so thank you for coming out this afternoon. now it is my pleasure to introduce the first and the only mayor of san francisco to be at a transmarch rally, not just for his first time, but there hasn't been a june of his administration that he has not been here and i would place a strong bet that there won't be one when we will not be here.
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please welcome the mayor for the city and county of san francisco, ed lee. >> thank you, senator. thank you very much. >> i just forgot something. you got your proclamation. mine is not as framed and gold-plateded a yours but i wanted to present a proclamation because this is all volunteer-driven. we want to thank, we want to love, we want to appreciate the committee, the production team and the volunteers who put this together. come on out. come on. bring everybody. hi. thank you so much. we -- from the mayor. and trands march day in san francisco. can't give free parking to everybody.
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>> senator, thank you very much for introducing me. happy transday in san francisco! tonight we're putting the t on lgbt! i'm here joining with senator -- with all of our supervisors and our elected officials. we have back here jose sis narrows, our tax collector. supervisor christina. supervisor scott weiner. david chu. don avalos. thank you all for joining. we are working with you. tonight -- tonight we march with
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you. tomorrow and the weekend, we celebrate with you. and every day forward, we fight with you. to end discrimination. stop barriers, to increase employment and to decrease unemployment in our transgendered community. you have our commitment to do that together with you. so thank you very much for joining all of us tonight and we look forward to this grand march, we not just celebrate diversity. it is our strength. we all know that and we would love your talent in city hall and in our private as well as our public employment opportunities. thank you very much for working with us. keep marching on together. >> please welcome the president of the board of supervisors, david chu.
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>> who is proud to be a san franciscoan today? thank you so much for being here and thank you for representing every color in the rainbow and every letter of the lgbt community here. i'm so proud to be part of the amazing community that is here. for those of you that are here in san francisco for the first time, think about moving here. we welcome you. we love you. happy pride. >> thank you, everyone. i'm david campos. i represent the mission, bernal heights. i'm happy to be a queer latino. the lgbt community, we can't leave our transgendered brothers


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