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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2012 12:07am-12:37am PDT

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sites are located over the next several months. >> thank you. let me backtrack. when i asked the standing committees for committee reports, we just skipped over two of them. a report from the augmented buildings, grounsd and service committee, reporting would be -- >> we discussed three informational items. the first one about local hire for district construction projects, the second on proposed housing options for 1950 mission and we had a report on construction and maintenance. i want to thank the dozens of people who showed up to give the committee feedback on local hire
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>> so to report from that committee on student assignment august 27, 2012, reporting with commissioner wynns. >> going to start this but i'm going to ask commissioner mendoza to help me at the end because i have to leave the meeting early. we had three items on the agenda. we took them out of order. it doesn't matter what order they came. we had an update on the current year process and of course we don't have all the results at all of who -- what percentages got what choices, etc., because school had just started and that
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is not completed. and really, one of the issues that we had on the agenda, which i urge all the members on the board to look at was a proposal about what would be lookinged at. if you recall, we had a very robust complete report looking into every question every board member asks us to collect data on last year and we also had a report that we could not afford to, nor do we have the expert's to look at every one of those data -- and it is not necessary really. what we agreed to is that we would focus on certain things each' year and add to our knowledge base about how the process is working. there is a suggested list of things that we would look at this the annual report this year. i ask you all to look at that and give feedback to the committee. the other issue that came up
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related to the current year is about the current cuts to transportation which we snow very difficult for parents and they are dealing with it now. particularly the cuts for transportation for afterschool programs so we have been busing kids to lots and lots of after school programs. this year that is really affecting families that we are not taking kids to afterschool programs. we haven't stopped completely but there are far fewer of them and there will be even fewer of them next year. that is an issue for a lot of parents. some questions were raised. i'm sure that you all have gotten feedback or input from parents who are unhappy about some of the stops that are not
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bg being serviced any longer this year. we did ask the statue to give us a list of comments that have come from parents so that the word will be aware of what the issues are more than just whoever sends the most emails. so that should be helpful to us too in thinking about that. i just want to -- the issue, the real issue on the agenda that was contentious was the issue about the proposal that you saw before you tonight for the changes and the international studies academy, phasing out of the middle school. as you all know, there also has been a proposal from a group of activists related to daniel webster and they were -- they are -- there is a lot of it'smony, not all which i heard but -- testimony, not all which i heard but commissioner mendoza can fill us in, not in opposition to the proposal.
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there were a lot of questions raised by board members and some information should be forthcoming. the committee, as i understand, may -- is making a recommendation that there would be no recommendation from the committee. it won't go -- this won't go -- in other words we think this is going to come back to the board at the next meeting and would have been referred only to this committee. therefore since the committee was meeting last nights, we took it up prior to it coming -- being introduced to the board so there would be no further committee discussion of this item. i'm going to ask commissioner mendoza to complete this report because there are some other ideas about how we should proceed. >> thank you. so there were a lot more questions that i felt like the committee felt needed to be answered. we do not wants to abandon this process of evaluating i.s.a. and and taking into consideration the proposal that has been put
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before the board. we wanted to explore the idea of having this brought back to the committee as a whole and we wanted it to coincide and now commissioner fewer is now gone but there is a resolution that is coming forward to be considered in the next committee meeting. we wanted to see if we can have that heard with this. there is a couple of things that are driving this. one which is being able to vote on this at the next board meeting because we need a response for the enrollment fair that is going to be coming about what i.s.a. is going to look like come the fall. we ask the staff to explore some of the questions that were brought up. last night to look at this more broadly and to really think about not only the proposal that was brought forward but what our intentions are for i.s.a. and how it connects to some of the -- just the larger picture of the school district.
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so our request is to have this heard at the next committee and again with the pressure of wanting to be able to work through this before the enrollment fair and superintendent, we appreciate that you did hold this off and that you're allowing us to go forward and have deeper discussions about it because it really is an important topic for us to get through. president yee: vice president norton: this really is a -- it would be september 18. we as commissioner mendoza noted we have commissioner fewer's recommendation to take up at that meeting. would staff be ready to do the kind of -- i don't hear in my informal discussions with board members about this. i don't hear consensus. i feel people want more options.
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obviously it is a contentious issue with the public. i have already gotten emails saying when is the committee as a whole? we want to come. we need to figure out is staff going to be ready to address all of the deep questions that could come up? >> thank you, commissioners. i have also spent quite a few hours this morning kind of looking into this situation so staff is coming together this thursday morning to review the entire issue. i will say to you that this is part of a broader, much more complex issue in terms of programs and utilization of our facilities that is giving us a pause to take a look at and think should this be part of a broader context liesed discussion around the direction this wants to go to? we're going to have that conversation on thursday and we may be in a position where we come back to the board if there
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is no imminent decision that has to be made in terms of this year, it behoove us to take time to do a much more complex analysis of how this fits into the broader picture as well. so we're really looking at everything -- we're taking a step back. we're taking a pause saying what do we want to do and how do we want to do this and what is the best process? if i could ask deputy superintendent lee to share his thoughts in this process. i think that would provide a little more clarity as well. >> thank you, superintendent, yes, it was a very illuminating conversation that took place in the committee last night and i think the commissioners did ask a number of very appropriate and helpful questions. i think it is a superintendent said, we need to take stock a little bit and i think what it
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boils down to is there are competing interests to say the least, among two schools or two school communities and we have to make some determinations about whether those have to be reconciled for the 13-14 school year. what are the consequences of that? what are the consequences of leaving the current configuration in place? no outcome that we have determined as a possible option is perfect so i think we have to make some sense and help advise the board of the multiple consideration and it is quite layerd. we could look at this subgroup of schools in isolation, which we -- we have as an option of an approach, but there is also the possibility of looking at the consequences of this set of decisions affecting this quartet, this group of up to 10 schools even more broadly than
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that. so we're going to be having some intense conversations among staff and i think that our intent is that over the next week or two, that we would through the superintendent, make some recommendations about the process and it may still make sense to have the committee hold a discussion about the topic on the 18th and or it may not. we'll make a recommendation about that and in either case, we do think that if there is a board decision to be made on this issue, on this recommendation, if there is still a recommendation before you, then it could take place on september 25 and still meet the timeline for the enrollment process. >> can i ask one question? follow up up to that? i just wanted to for the record, i appreciate it. twice you said we needed the
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enrollment fair as the date. the real date, if it is going to affect us, i don't know specific date but it is far earlier than that because we have to have time to complete and print the enrollment guide. >> that's what i mean. >> i understand that. i just wanted the public to know that november is not good enough if we're going to make any significant change for next year. so that, you know, i appreciate the staff responsiveness here knowing that we're going to look at this. basically what somebody is going to tell us either tonight, sort of what you implied, we could still make that timeline if we delay the decision on this. should there be a decision needed from the next board meeting to the following board meeting giving us time to take this to the committee of the whole if i choose to do this. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> thank you. >> i think printing deadlines are important but they can't
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drive our decision. we have to make the right decision here and i guess i also am in support of contextualizing the issue. there are many pieces. i understand we need to have some guidance on whether families should consider i.s.a. for sixth grade or not. it boils down to that. i think they will work around it if we need more time to make a decision. i think the drop dedicate is when families submit their applications really. we do want to get the word out ahead of time. i really am relying on staff to come forward with different recommendations so that we can advise families whether or not to consider i.s.a. for sixth grade.
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>> we're going to move to item p. closed session -- item t. the report of closed segs actions. -- session actions. the board by a vote of seven ayes aproved the implementation of a mandatory leave of absence by one class employee. item u, other informational items posted in the agenda are the following staff reports. quarterly report of williams uniform complaint april through june 2012. mod fick indication os to the elementary attendance areas for the 2013-2014 school year. meeting is adjourned.
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>> don't be in shock. the meeting is over in other words. you can go home now.
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>> good afternoon. this is the regular meeting op the planning commission for august 16, 20126789 prior to taking role, if you would silence your cell phones. i'll do the same. also, the room is a little crowded and seems that a lot of you know each other. secondary discussions while the hearing is going on can prove to be extremely disruptive. we ask that if you feel the need to talk to your friends and neighbors that you go outside. and have those conversations and not in the room while we're trying to have the hearing.
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thank you very much for that. roll call, commissioner cat roon moore. >> here. sugaya. >> here. >> commissioner rodney fund? >> here. >> commissioner in cindy? >> here. >> commissioner boarden is absent today. the first item is item one case number 2012 .192000-t. it's proposed to continue august 6th 2012. request for discretionary review proposed for continuance to september 13, 2012. item number three, case number 2012 .0084 dd for 2735 to 2737 baker street. request for discretionary review. i'm very happy to report that both requests for d.r. have been withdrawn and this matter
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is no longer before you for your consideration. commissioners i'm not aware of any other item on calendar being proposed for continuance. >> is there any public comment on the three items proposed for continuance? >> two. >> two. sorry. seeing none, commissioner sugaya? >> moved to continue to the dates cited in the agenda. >> second. >> commissioners continuance of items one and two as ro posed oen your calendar. on that motion, commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner hillard? >> eye. >> sugaya? >> aye. >> thank you. commissioners that motion passed unanimously. commissioners you're now at your consent calendars. items four, five, and six make up the consent calendar. these items are considered to be routine and will be a single
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roll call vote. there will be no separate discussions unless a member of the commission, the public or staff requests. in that etcht the matters would be removed from -- and be in a future hearing. item 12 for 3235 sacramento street. previously occupied by retail store into a children's hair salon of a commercial building within the sacramento zoning district. item five is case number 2012.0822 c for poe street. it's a dd a new use size as another entertainment use to an existing restaurant within the nc-3, mo rat skill zoning
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district and a 50-x. the proposal would add live and amplified music during the restaurant's operating hours. item six, .0404 b. the 183rd street. office development authorization of office use which results in a total of 834,422 square feet on the sight. 492,000 square feet at 9 83rd street. and 422,000 at 185 gerry street. commissioners following any public comment on these items would which would automatically remove the items from consent, these matters are before you for your consideration. >> is there any public comment on these yteps on the consent
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calendar? >> i do have -- i'm sorry. i have two -- [inaudible] >> ok. there are two speaker cards for item number five. nancy grip ler. >> mr. president, the indication of those speaker cards would pull this off consent and i would recommend that you take up these items as the first item of your regular calendar. >> thank you. >> item four and six. >> take a vote on that one, ok. great. is there a motion to approve items four and six? commissioner moore? >> moved to approve items four and six as described. >> second. >> ok. >> the city attorney has suggested that we make sure that the -- the requests we're
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speaking on item number five that those speakers understand that they do indicate that they're opposed to the project that when they come to speak they have pulled us off the consent calendar. and i'm not sure who they are. you might want to call their names again. >> nancy grip ler and -- >> you want to pull that item off consent? >> so we're going to -- >> do you want us to pull the item off consent so that you can speak to the item? thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioners a motion on the floor for items four and six for approval as proposed on that motion commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner hillis? >> moore? >> aye. >> commissioner antonini >> aye? those a'ms


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