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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> i called the meeting of the public utilities commission to order. 7m7m>> one housekeeping item, we have an item on the closed session. there will be no need for that. there will be no closed session at the end of this meeting. commissioners, you have before you the minutes of july 24 meeting. thank you have any amendments or a motion? >> move to approve. >> all those in favor? the item carries unanimously. ladies and gentlemen, this would be the time for public comment on any item that is not on the commission today. i have a bunch of cards.
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j]j]0z>> [inaudible] >> good afternoon. when i was here last, i made a request and i do not know how that is coming because i do not get your notification. what is happening in bayview hunters point with the sewage, we are having a lot of leakages, overflowing of raw sewage going down the streets in the public housing of their. -- over there. it is very sad that people have
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to live in those conditions. most of those conditions, when houses were built back in the '50s, nothing new was put in. now i hear that people are stealing the pipes. they are being stolen. we also -- i have a concern, when we were promised those broken things for going to be fixed 10 years ago, they never got fixed. you all have been meeting on it. it is sad that we have to continue to smell the stench,
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which is unnecessary. i know you all can do better. i know you can make sure that they start putting in those things that go down into the ground. making sure the contractors deal with the local hiring in our community. we want to make sure everything is done correctly for the first time in 50 years ago. it was 50 years ago when they put the first sewage plant over there. we did not know we had a voice at the time. we just took your word that you would do the right thing. i am talking about the city would do the right thing. the city has not done the right thing at all for anything that it had promised those of us.
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let's start doing something for the people. not wait another year or two to do it. do it now. i want to make sure i do not smell nothing on my 80th birthday, which is going to be february 9. i do not want to smell that stuff. thank you. president moran: thank you. i understand you have several people with you here today. >> i have several people here today. sfpuc projects. the time has, to give opportunities for young peoples. they can do any type of work. ++it is very diffic.
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poison ivy, working in very hot conditions. what i am here to state to you -- some of you represent the unions, some of you have worked with the unions. when it comes to t
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all of you heads of departments can do nothing to stop the violence. this is serious. i have three members of the community response over here. whenever someone is shot and killed, they go and do the preliminary work. not the police. the police rely on them. that is where it stops. i am fortunate that the manager of the sfpuc and some others were capable of helping us, help us. they help us in directly. the time has come to help us directly. to give us jobs for 18 months or
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two months so that i can stop this violence -- a month or eightwo months. there is a feud between segments of the population. we just put a lid on the situation. if that situation air drops, it is on the city. it so happens -- erupts , it is on the city. please stand up to address this issue. police standout said they know who you are. +b7mé/k-- please stand up so tw who you are. thank you very much. president moran: thank you.
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>> i am from district 10. he has been fighting hard to give us jobs out here. i used to do my fair share in the streets. i'm grown now, i have three children. i am out there working in this heat. the project there is no more work. unemployment is unbelievable. it is even hard to get that. we need jobs. that is what we really need. we need jobs. añíxé=u coming in full force. i have 100,000 polynesian standing here in front.
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i am the one who started the movement. my people need jobs. and nobody looking out for us, not the polynesian community. we have all these other groups to help every other group except for my samoan community. j['nucwwe need jobs. we are ready. we are ready to work. we need jobs. that is it, ladies and gentlemen. president moran: thank you. >> we are working 10-hour days.
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[inaudible] working out there with rattlesnakes and spiders and everything. i've been staying out of trouble, working with francisco. ñwe do not have jobs long enoug, just one year. we had a job up in the mountains for about a month. it is not long enough. we're just trying to stay out of trouble. we need jobs for the community. all you see every day is shootings, keep the kids out of trouble. they're trying to do what they can do. the police, all they're trying
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to do is send us back to jail. i do not know, man. we need jobs to survive around here. president moran: thank you very much. >> [inaudible] president moran: thank you for talking tos3s3qrñ us. at next meeting, we will be talking about the source system improvement program. part of that discussion will be looking at options for advancing the schedule. thank you very much for coming here. we do recognize the impact that we have on jobs.
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i appreciate your comments. >> excuse me, i wanted to make a few comments. for those of you who attended to advocate for kimmitt -- for opportunities, i think it is important for me to add the knowledge that even though you are here at the puc, there&,g lot of opportunities throughout san francisco. the fact that you are coming out
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and you are making it clear to the public, especially those watching on sfgovtv is a critical starting point for making sure that the the message of jobs for the community continues to resonate with the citizens and the city and county of san francisco. i urge you to continue that. i want to commit that we will continue to do everything we can to help you out. president moran: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i have a few handouts for you. i am here to talk about the proposed water transfer. back, we were discussing in 2008, we were very concerned about the proposal.
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now we are looking at -- we are back of to the 25. very disappointing for us. when it was being discussed, they werenooñqe looking at a t- year average. it was even lower in 2008. the 265 cap was already compromised. we did not oppose that at the time. the water transfer was controversial at the time and was a very hard decision, even for the planning commission. there is a letter from the chair, it says a lot of things. the river is a precious resource and we should continue to protect it.
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the system used to hundred 12.8, which is 20% below the cap. -- 212.8, which is 20% below the cap. it is a bad deal for san francisco taxpayers. this is for water that san francisco does not need. it is a direct subsidy. the puc would be spending 2000 per acre for water that is actually used. it is a bad deal for san franciscans.
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they drop their demand projections from 194 to 172. there is a lot more potential there. the transfer is a bad idea. it disincentive baez's conservation. -- disincentiveihwhw conservati. you're supposed to have a plan for the dam back in the mid- 1990's. there was a proposal from a fish and wildlife. we have not had that for 20 years. the ecosystem project is now way overdue. that is all information that would be helpful with the transfer.
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if we have problems, we have to challenge early and often. that is going to be very problematic. we are hoping to rebuild the trust we have shared with you for the last four years. president moran: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am here because of the article in the paper this morning that left a lot of unanswered questions. the puc and the pacific rod and gun club. the lease calls for 4 acres, so they have been squatting on additional 10 acres. here is another thing that has
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never been brought up. the rod and gun club has zone off about eight or 9 acres of water. you should also be mindful that 's, let's san francisco police department, who has a shooting range, also shot over the water. for safety reasons, at city hall terminated that practice. hé-ñthe question sty was the police department shutdown? and not the pacific broad and gun club? at the time, this commission did not have jurisdiction. or was not implementing their jurisdiction. it was the rec and park
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department. that question should be answered. what we are most fearful of is for the 14 acres, they will be rewarded with a new lease. i would like to call your attention, we have talked about this in the past, and page 14 e> clear that the current storage facilities is inadequate. the downstairs is no longer meets the needs of the rowing clubs. the rowing clubs have been there for the last 15-20 years. over 200 high-school athletes that use that lake. we need more space. how are we going to get the additional storage space? we really think that should be a
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top priority. also, you are probably already aware of this. $2 million is allocated for the lake. the opposition to this bond is pretty sophisticated. you know one of the persons quite well. i will be supporting the^
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francisco. let's talk about storage, let's help make this bond a success in november. november. thank you. saying the projected rates increased. i want to make sure we're getting the best bang for the buck. whether it is the perception of seeing crews doing work where it is a bit out to the contractors, you see some very fast turnaround. streets reopened very quickly with spots or repairs, water water department crews doing jobs, it seems to take huge numbers of staff and seems to linger for much longer.
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use seat dpw and repairs and it does not seem to be -- you see dpw and repairs and it does not seem to be -- there/ñ/ñ: perception. whether it is reality or not, if we could get some breakdowns of what it cost for cruisews, so we can compare them. so we can see whether it is a perception issue or reality. is it a management problem? we have different management styles of contractors and city departments. when are we going to tell city departments they have to pay closer to market rates for what they're getting? ratigan park, at city buildings for water and power -- rec and
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park department, city buildings for water and power? i do not think it is a fair subsidy for these other departments. they generate revenue, they know they will be getting a really good deal. if they had to go outside for power, it would cost them quite a bit more. we need to put the money up so that we are not asked for more bonding. i do not think the future generation is going to be able to afford these rate increases. four time rate increase for a small household? that is an incredibly large amount. i would love to see those figures, thank you. president moran: thank you.
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>> we have been working for the last several months to try to get the pacific rock and gun club under a new lease. and we send an eviction notice with eviction effective august 15. the last draft least, they came back recently and said we will agree to all these terms. we said we would extend the period and by which we would evaluate those until september fed. one of the questions is, they have 4 acres, but they have occupy 14 acres.
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we think it is prudent to lease the entire 14 acres. we're getting them under a month-to-month lease that would establish a business relationship with them. we will evaluate the cleanup options. that does not mean they get a long-term lease on the property by any means. this is an interim police until we resolve the cleanup issues. president moran: what about the questions about shooting over the water? >> i am not familiar with the specifics. if they are controlling more than the 14 acres, that is something we need to take into account. president moran: thank you. commissioners? >> they are shooting over the lake? is that the allegation?
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>> yes. i do not think anyone has filed that as part of the lease. it is water as opposed to land. that isopoph% a fair question. >> are people where they are shooting? -- aware there are shooting? >> certainly, they hear it. >> right now, the sound of shots, the only notice there is a potential voter would hear? >> yes. all of the boating clubs are fully aware. local conditions. everybody knows everybody else. >> i do not understand. >> gun clubs have shot over water because there is nobody there to hit. >> my understanding isgñgñ,$ the
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things they are shooting bailout overland. -- shooting bailout overland. ñ8ñ8 yards. >> they are contaminating the water? >> there is lead shot in the like, yes. -- lake, yes. >> the club was roping off a portion of the latke? that would hopefully it gives folks some morning. that raises a series of issues. >> that went bankrupt 20 years
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ago now and that cost is about $20 million in repair money to clean it up. >> that is really disgusting. $20 million to clean up a lake. what is the estimated clinic for this lake? >> $10.7 million. >> none of that is receivable to the gun club. >> they have made communications said they do want to participate in the cleanup. they think they might have some resources. >> do you anticipate those resources to be realistic? >> i would not venture an opinion at this point. president moran: thank you. communications. the commission haslglglh quite k of communications. one of the items


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