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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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coordinated, comprehensive plan that is sustained. there's a process that brings us to the end, and the city goes out. that is nobody's intention, and yet, it is the life cycle of the epidemic that confronts our community. today, we are saying we will commit ourselves to a sustained effort to insure we create a new vision, a new opportunity for our communities to thrive so that in the end, there is opportunity for our young people. opportunity for our adults, an opportunity for our communities to thrive. i would say that the opportunity we have requires that everyone who claims to love san francisco plays an active role in helping this plan sustain itself. it is not the city only. it is not the clergy only. it is not the non-profits only. not the private sector only. it is residents. it is everyone playing a role. i would challenge everyone --
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what are you doing today to be part of the intervention, the interruption, and the opportunity for young people in particular to realize their potential? i believe today we can do it, and i am honor to stand with the mayor, the board of supervisors, and all of our city partners to make it happen. thank you so much. [applause] >> the next man i will bring up probably needs. -- very little introduction, but he is one of our community partners who has been helping us coordinate this conversation so it is not solely happening in isolated communities, so that we are talking to one another, and is a fantastic representative and my brother in the samoan community. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. first of all, i would like to thank the mayor and other city officials for all his encouragement, but i want to thank you all because you see it everyday. you're dealing with it every
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day. as the chief said earlier, we need them guns off the street. the people have the guns are bold. the incident that happened in alice griffith park, after they shot this man, they came back wanting to leave their mark the day before the funeral. that is bold. knowing that the police is a round, that is bold. we need to come together. let's make an effort to make sure that this is a safe city, a place we would all like to live in, and a place we want to see our kids continue to play. sometimes the kids cannot even go outside and play. i am assured the chief has got that on his mind and is going to make sure that will change. i am sure mr. alvarez has that on his mind. you heard the mayor -- it is going to change. let's get together, forget about yourself. it ain't about us. it is about them. you all ain't packing -- i hope not. you all are not committing crime
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after hours. i hope not. a lot of you seem a little old to do time. [laughter] i want to make sure everybody hears it, not only the people at the top, but all of us at the bottom are trying to make sure this thing works. without our kids, we have got no future. you can kid yourself all you want -- you have two contracts. when you are born, you're going to die. hopefully before you are gone, you have left a legacy of some people that can carry on and move it forward. that is what we're talking about, the future. we will probably all get to a point where we will say we will move or do something else, but those kids have still got to be here. san francisco still is a resident, family community. i want to see that it growing again. i want to thank the mayor, his staff, and the people that have been working with us. we made sure that we responded with them. so god bless everybody, and let's keep up the work. like the chief said, if you know
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somebody with a gun, you ain't got to turn it in. go to the public -- go to the pastor, the faith community, just turn it in. if you do not turn it and, somebody might use it. thank you. [applause] supervisor cohen: one of the critical part is that gets little attention is our media partners. oftentimes, your first on the scene to report a lot of information, and oftentimes, our narrative is a story of crime, destruction, hate, turmoil. we are looking to our media partners to remember that they are uplifting, positive, exciting stories that are happening, and we look to you to respond. please report the positive things. the kids that are going to college, the kids that are taking care of their business, buying homes, and that are absolutely working. this is definitely a two-way street, a partnership.
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i am reaching out to members of the public and members of the press to help us. we are standing as one as a community because all of our collective interest is tied together. i would like to introduce to you a man who will give us our youth perspective. many of us have spent our lives growing up and working in san francisco -- to put it frankly, this is just the future right here. i will leave it at that. thank you very much. [applause] >> hello. i would like to thank the sheriff, the police, and the puc for the opportunity to work at the garden project, and it is my third year. it helped me with a lot. it helped me pay bills with my mom and helped me continue going to school because it is hard. people need money to go to
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school and need money to pay bills to put food on the table. it is real hard. i have to help my mom out with the money i get. if i'm not working during the school year, i cannot help her out, and she has to borrow money from other people and pay them back, and that is a hassle. also, if she cannot make money, i would probably be on the streets selling drugs, robbing for myself to pay money in her pocket. i want to go to college and see what i can do in the future and have a future and -- i am nervous. i am sorry. this is my first time -- [applause] i am a college student. i am going to san francisco
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state university, and i am try ing to do nursing, because it is something i have been interested in since my brother got killed four years ago. that is what made me want to not be on the wrong path because i do not want to hurt and lose another child. that thank you. thank you very much. thank you, everyone. [applause] not only is he our future, but he is also a healer. with that, i just want to say thank you for your time today. we appreciate everything that you have done, and we are honored by your commitment. thank you. [applause] >> let me say something before you break. i am amos brown. as the mayor said -- could i
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have everyone's attention? could i have everyone's attention? i am president of the national association of advancement of colored people. for the naacp, colored comes in all colors, but there is one color in the rainbow that is almost diminished, and that is the black color. i want to thank the mayor or listening to those of us who've met with him to share our perspective on what we should do collectively and not in isolation to make sure we will
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not have another press conference to bemoan, complain, wine, cry -- whine, cry about this problem of violence. some do not like to hear this true statement, but the bible says ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. this community will never be free. we will never be liberated from this problem until all of our allies and our friends acknowledge that the epicenter of this problem comes from folk who look like me.
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i have presided over too many funerals. possibly more than any preacher in this town. persons who are not members of third baptist church. but we are gracious to let them have our facility, to accommodate them. i feel that we have something to shout about today. no stop and frisk. the mayor has said that. but the mentor of martin luther king said, "he or she who is behind in the race of life must run faster in order to catch up ." we do not have stop and frisk. in this city, we have to run faster to make sure there is not another death. we have to run fast, and make sure there are jobs. run fast to make sure there is
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education. run fast to make sure there is housing. run fast, so that we will love each other. this is what the naacp is committed to. a lot has been stated here. there was some great rhetoric, some terrific ideas and plans. but this is just like getting ready to drink a cup of coffee. you can have all of the cream, all of the coffee, all of the sugar, but, like maxwell house's slogan says, it will never be good until the last drop unless you stir it up, and you will be able to drink and say, "it is good until the last drop." the naacp will be starring you up to make sure that all we have said that is in this cup will be good to the last drop.
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>> thank you, reverend brown. think the mayor. think members of the press. thank you to the community and the board of supervisors. thank you for being here. god bless you. supervisor campos: the morning, everyone. welcome to the transportation authority meeting of july 24, 2012. i'm the chair the authority. the clerk of the authority is erica cheng. we would like to thank the
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sfgtv staff for covering the meeting today. if you could take roll-call. >> [roll-call] >> we have a quorum. >> if you could please call item no. 2. >> is there any member of the public who would like to speak on item number two? can we take roll-call?
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>> [a roll-call] the item passes. supervisor campos: please call item no. 3. >> the shares report. this is an information item. supervisor campos: as many of you are aware, last week, our governor, jerry brown was in town for the bill that green light the high-speed rail program. for those of you who have been following this matter, it was a very close vote and in the end, the different parties were able to reach a compromise that brought enough consensus to have enough votes to pass this very important piece of legislation. i was unable to be at the signing ceremony but i want to thank the executive director
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for representing the authority and i want to recognize commissioner jane kim who was at the event. present were not only the governor but the high-speed authority chairman who were clear about their commitment to bring high-speed rail to the trans bay transit center. i know that commissioner wiener and i have been working to make sure that happens. i also want to note that we have another piece of good news yesterday. we had the deputy administrator for the federal transit administration who was in town to deliver good news for the municipal transportation agency. we are receiving to grants in san francisco -- one for $15 million for the replacement of 40 diesel buses with new hybrid electric load floor buses which is a very important step in the
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renovation of our fleet which is aging. another grant was also pretty significant -- $6 million to fund the service which is part of the rapid network and -- which is intended to improve service to many neighborhoods in the city. i know that in my neighborhood, that will be tremendously impacted by this investment. we want to thank all of the members of the family and our gratitude goes to the transit administration for recognizing the significance of these projects in san francisco. that concludes my report. i would like to ask any commissioner who has a question or any member of the public would like to speak on this item to please come forward. i see a couple. you could please come up. you each have 03 minutes.
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>> good that afternoon. my name is mr. dillon and i have lived in this city for many years. i have enjoyed the streets of san francisco. what is most enjoyable about the streets of san francisco is being able to drive on them and to get from point a to point b without being in a traffic jam or having to deal with critical mass or having to deal with construction projects. i have noticed an increasing amounts of traffic ingestion, areas where construction is going on in traffic is not being managed around those sites.
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i met one lady who was on her way to the hospital. she was trying to negotiate around a project and and at driving into the project. damaging her car. my point to the transportation authority is i don't think you are really doing your job. you need to think about the public residents and tourists in this city. that's your biggest priority. to have all of these construction jobs going on at the same time has really reduced the quality of life in san francisco. secondly, we used to have a very nice system of traffic coming -- traffic calming done by local
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people who went into the city and drove their carriages. that was our traditional model. carriage horses are also solar powered. they eat grass that is powered by the sun and that propels them in their travel. i don't see any money in any of your budget or even in the $4 dmv tax increase that goes into any of that. which to me is pretty shocking because who are we in san francisco? what type of community are we? historically, we are a carriage driving community. here we are since 2000, like we
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don't exist. yet you are spending all of this money -- [tone] supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker please. >> i listened to the director's report and i want to address two issues. the first issue is governor jerry brown signing this bill. you did not witness the signing of this bill on tv because you mentioned some persons who were present but they were not. i can talk to you about that offline. the situation we have today, board of supervisors, commissioners, and you from the san francisco transportation authority, is that our state is broke.
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three in spite of our state being broke, no money for education, no money for health, nominee for safety, some folks because they have the power and jerry brown should know better, by a very close margin, millions of dollars have been allocated for the high-speed rail. jerry brown said at one time when they decided to have the bart, the bay area rapid transit, some neighboring counties were against it. maybe they were against it and that is their concern. but we can make no comparison
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whatsoever in these dire economic times comparing the high-speed rail to the bart system. i just want to get that out there clear for those people who should learn to represent and be leaders. in the second issue is the moneys allocated to muni. every time we allocate moneys to muni, we have no accountability and no responsibility. if they get this grant, that is fine, but we need muni to be accountable. [tone] we have a gentleman who used to be with muni and hopefully he will do the right thing. but again, to the high-speed rail, it's going back and forth,
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back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and we really do not know the standard of that construction and how that will, around. thank you very much. supervisor campos: thank you very much. is there any other member of the public to would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. could you please call item no. 4? >> the executive director's report. >> good morning. my report is on your desks and i have a few things i would like to highlight. we have already heard from the chairman on a high-speed rail bill signing and the visit of the deputy administrators, so i will skip over those. let me simply highlight in the interest of time i promised at
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the finance committee, a road map to the new federal highway transportation act which you can read at your leisure. if using a seven-page memo is long, think about a 650 page bill. this is a manageable about. in the interest of time, i will not address that at all today and i will bring a short power point presentation to each of the committees at the next meeting so that you have a guided tour. there are some wrinkles in this bill that surprised me and some of the other observers that this process because i have been predicting there would not be a
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bill until after the election. there were some compromises that were necessary to get the bill passed and not all of them are to benefit san francisco. i will address them at the next pair of committee meetings in more detail. in the environmental impact report alternatives for the plan bay area were approved last thursday by the metropolitan commission and the association of bay area governments. these are key to the analysis that would be done and we are generally supportive of the free market. it's never exactly ideal, but we will remain deeply engaged in the process. the final eir will be certified in may of 2013, so we have a little time still and we will
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remain very involved. i want to highlight 19th avenue transit steady which got some initial work underway already. this is a study that will explore moving the ocean view library line to the west side so that it can be more user friendly and more integrated into the land use fronting that area. this is a fantastic opportunity that has come out of the planning proposal and it gives us an opportunity to focus on the west side of the city in a very significant way. i am hopeful this will be an important effort and expect meetings with the community to
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start in the fall. we are organizing the outreach and technical work now. the study that has been underway for a long time is now reaching its final stages and i wanted to report that we have been coordinating with the city and community's effort to restart the program of developing this site -- this has been really incomplete for some time now. we have been working with the planning department to make sure they are integrated into land use that makes sense for the infrastructure investment. i am expecting at this point that i will bring a final report detailing the proposal to the
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board and for approval this fall. after the approval by this board, we have been gauged actively with the npa and we are collaborating with sorting out -- we have been in engage actively with the mta and are collaborating with sorting out the alternatives and it planned to conduct extensive outreach to stakeholders when the final analysis are completed. that will happen with the final certification of the document. there is extensive information on our website about this. the central freeway circulation
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study has issued a draft final report. it's a very interesting study. i expect to bring it for approval in september. of course, it identifies a number of the shortcomings we knew we had to deal with after we put in place the beautiful urban design concept we had. we always knew there was going to be a follow-up on the traffic and circulation issues. and other aspects of this study. we have had a significant amount of activity -- the bridge continues and we've had a significant amount of community input


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