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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2012 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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yerba family ltd. apartnership and associates. 85 tom mal circle. for the rate of (reading). >> thank you. does anyone want to remove any item from the consent calendar. >> f). >> okay, any other items? with the keption of 8f. 8a through e, can i have a motion. >> so moved. >> moved and seconds e. >> all in favor. >> aye: >> the motion carries. >> i have a quick question, back to the exhibits. there's
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somebody here, specifically, exhibit c. would you be kind enough to give my some background on how we put that together and with whom we had conversations? >> susanna ruffle, real estate services. i did not negotiateiate this, but, juliette, ellis, city real estate if this, and i'm lady to take this questions under advisement and respond to at the next meeting. >> exhibit c deals with scope work. triggers an inquiry. although i'm not an expert of that jurisdiction of work, but,
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the private sector, seiu, that's local 80 7, olga maroneda. i have not received a telephone call, but, i want today alert all-or-nothing. i see no reason taking under advisement to not move forward. thank you. >> thank you. >> and your wish would then be to kontsz it to the next meeting. i've i i don't think so. if it's being recommended to us, i'll make the motion. life i secondsled. >> seconded. >> any discussion, any public comment. all in favor, >> ayes. >> the item carries. >> i testimony 9. (reading):
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>> item 9, (reading from agenda.). >> this is the came item that you heard or july 24, at that point, you asked us to to back and seek further input from the over site bond committee and [?] we have their input as well as the input from commissioner [inaudible]. there are 3 slides of summarized of key changes. if i pay go through those on the slide projector. the sit zbensz advisory committee was very placeed with the commissions actions in elevating key policy items in addition to all of the procedures and best practices that we do. but, to look at some of the over arching
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issues. we should be smart how we employ our technology. our one device policy, should help minimize costs for technology, with computer, laptop, or other wise. we've caution abilities security components. we've incorporateed that. they've appreciateed the over archling budget and capital. they encouraged us to redouble our efforts to look at systematic hierms. and look at recycling. do not limitment scope.. at that meeting, we also received one public comment, that encouraged this khition to look
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at expanding it focus to fiber band. the next bond discussed. their input included they wanted to make sure the noteed the expanse of how we look at technology. they ask that we include something. the processes and procedure us. the tangible and intangible procedures. so, we've included that in the proposed edits before you : clients cost is consistent with our total cost approach. that's what we do, where we can, according to jenny accepted accounting principle, from the july 20 4
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meeting, they were to tighten up the policy and make it consistent with the community benefits policy, and environmental justice policy, look to optimize sustainability. threw commissioner vietor, and adaptation to climate change. all those changes having made in the red line copy that you see before you. >> thank you commissioners. >> i'd like to moveed policy. >> okay. moved. life i seconded. >> and seconded . i do have a question, first of all, a comment, i think the changes made during the review process improveded policy, and i appreciate the people taking the time and effort to focus on
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that, i did have one question. in the red line for the environmental principles and criteria, the first bullet point talked about seeks technology to optimize sustainability, what was eliminated. in the treatment of utility service. i was wondering what the thought was behind that deletion. >> the thought was not to limit it to our direct you till taoeg provision, but, to the degree we had work foertionz dwoement programs, so, not to be limiting, but, it can either stay in or go out. >> okay. i guess i'd like to hear some discussion of that. one of the things that i want today make sure is that, where we are pumping the envelope on technology, that there be a
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real utility link. so, that job is still the job and we can use green technology. so, i like the linkage to the utility service. when i read t i read it could limit, like the intellectual property, that's not my intent. that's value added to it. my question is, is there really an incompatibility. was the intent to explore technology that has nothing to do with our utility mission? or not? >> no, it's central to our utility mission. one example could be the new video law, 525
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golden gate it's incredible for outreach and education. does it help us in the treatment of waste wa*etion. not directly, but, indirectly, that was one of the ideas where technology that we've adopted to achieve multiple objectives. >> okay, i can accept that language. the thing i want to be clear about, and i've used the analogy before. i believe in affordable and accessible child care. i believe very strongly in that. i am delighted that our office building has that kind of facile tie for the employees. i am not interested in the puc taking on providing child care for the city as a whole. that's the distinction. i want to make sure we keep our focus on
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what is our job. do it sfwel regently. so, with na understanding, i appreciate your clarification. i have no objection to the language that's tl.s >> thank you. >> thank you. any other comment, commissioners. mr. ppillpal. >> david pilpal. this is not the public you till taoegs and child commission. that's okay. i preshlt, that in the 6 weeks, it has gotten better. the policy initiatives. the rate policy next, seek input from others on that, i'm also hoping that this small and growing collection of policies will be on the web so that we can point to that and say this commission
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takes rate pair issues seriously, we have' set of policies and evaluate against those policies, doing business well and properly. and one small suggestion, in the fourth suggestion on transparency, fourth and 6 bullets refer to the enenterprise easy. i suggested to add and bureaus, so, it's not limited to the enter prizes aztecnology prevaeds finance and it, but, throughout the other bureaus as well, if you can make that small change. thank you again for seeking input from others. >> thank you for that comment and suggestion. >> i appreciate that
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suggestion to add bureaus. >> would you like to move an amendment. >> yet, and add baou roys in bullets 4 and 6, after each enterprise, and baou roys. life i okay, we have a motion. could i have a second. >> second. >> any discussion? any public comment, on the motion to amend, all those in favor. >> ayes. >> motion carries. tall in favor, opposed? the motion carries. thank you. madam secretary, item 10. >> (reading i temg 10 from the agenda). ... with a duration of 5 years to brao vied comprehensive management, of cherry reservoir water shape as
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well as security of .... >> steve richie. general manager for water. this is 2 agreements. one for comprehensive management for which arey water shed and the other -- parallel to the hetch hetchy. we do care about the water quality of cherry reservoir, so, we want to make sure we're protecting the quality of that reservoir similar to how we fro tengt the hetch hetchy. to provide armed personnel, to maintain security of our facilities on the cherry side. i'm happy to answer questions on she's. >> commissioners? no questions. do i have i motion.
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>> second. >> any public comment, seeing none, all in favor? life i ayes. >> opposed. >> item carries. item 11. >> (reading item11 from agenda. >>barbara hale, verify to our customers the electricity, we are required under state law too make this disclosure and you need to attest to the voracity. we also have been working under the state law with the california energy commission and provided the same information to them, with
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that, i ask for your support, happy to take any questions. >> any questions? >> i have a question, just because i've lost the thread in it. helpy has been grandfathersed? >> yes. our helpy power, we have' separate stream for helpy power. our content label lists our use of traditionally eligible and large hydro, and disclosing to the customers where the power comes from. that's not going to change as that are faz as we know. this is no expiration stated in the law as pfs passed. >> is there any credit if we replace some of that. there's also talk if you start to
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replace some. large stale that's grandfathered in, that there could be credit: >> i don't believe the law it covers that. at the time the law was under consideration. there are aspects to the extends that we imrao*uf them, there's an increment of an additional capacity because of those improvementings. that increment could be eligible undered traditional rules. >> right. okay, thank you. >> any other questions. can i have a motion. >> move id. >> seconded. >> any public comment. >> all in favor. >> ayes. >> opposed? >> the motion carrys. we'll be going to closed session sortly,
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any public comment on matters to be considered during closed session? >> i testimony [inaudible]. >> what about that item? >> what we come out of closed session, we'll consider item 6a and hopefully dispose of it at that time. >> is that why it's not in the top 3? [laughter]. okay. >it's probably to have a motion whether to assert the attorney client privilege during closed session. >> moved. i've i second. >> public comment. all in favor. >>
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x it's my privilege to welcome and thank you, mayor lee, deputy director with the governor's office of 's regkell esteemed colleagues of the city and dr. andres bush and the drug discovery leadership and our employees for joining us on this exciting occasion, the next sits growing in the area and for bayer this is another step in the company's greatest history of leadership and development and our partnering of life science firms. today we'll start the clock on what we'll hope will be a longlar of collaboration between bay area and the most innovative companies in the area. before we introduce the first companies to occupy the area
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-- -- >> thank you, terry. i guess as everybody knows here, bayer has next year a history of 150 years' of successful r&d. i can assure everybody things have changed how we do r&d over the past 150 years, some things remain the same, which is you need great people talking to each other, networking and when we took a little while ago the decision to move here, it was for very simple reason. we understood that director kelly was not willing to move the whole qb3 do richmond. [ laughter ] as a consequence we wanted to have our scientists in the midst of wonderful, very inspiring campus. however, we never really gave up on the
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idea of getting creative young people, young start-ups to us. and this is now happening today. establishing the collaborator will mean that we'll attract young companies working together with us on a great campus, getting inspired with great networks and helping us with the purpose of all of our doings, which is identifying breakthrough innovation for the patients which need it the most. i am extremely excited and i hope that everybody understands how important this step is for us. everybody sees that my entire management team is here, everybody understands that we have the unbelievable honor of having mayor ed lee here today, who also wants to speak to us on this event. i think we should all be proud of what we have accomplished, establishing our own group here. what we want to
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accomplish, establishing the collaborator. i really hope that at the end, the big benefit will go to our patient. thank you very much. i'm very happy that mayor ed lee is here and speaks to us. thank you. >> thank you, andy. welcome everybody. you know, i still marvel, terry, and andy, at just less than ten years ago i was at dpw and we were signing off and getting rid of my mission bay driving range. signing off on getting rid of the railroads and turning this over to what was visualized by mayor brown and then gavin newsom later as the place that we're going to really create life sciences and now today, just seeing what with bay area is doing and the innovations that they have at really putting in the meat of why we all our city the innovation
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capital of the world. it's not your bay area and pfizer working alone, but they are literally using their drugs and their development of drugs to really incentivize the therapeutic uses and just like with the other tech companies, this is a very successful model that is happening between big and small, established and new. the collaboration that is going to go on here, i'm excited about this. it will especially with the two companies that you are naming today and i have to admit, terry, that when i heard prolynx was here, i thought you have finally gotten a replacement for the driving range -- you have to be a golfer to understand that. [ laughter ]. and aronora,
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these are very important discoveries and therapeutic uses of medin that medicine that will advance our world and 38 of them here in mission bay on a vision that i inherited, but so glad to come to fruition. these great incubators will provide information for future generations. i know. it it's right here happening in san francisco and at the same time, while we visualize the kind of push-button to some of these solutions, you have got to see how the laboratory discoveries and the very high-levels of disciplines that are happening in these laboratories. and in the constant conversation between these different disciplines that are
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going on. ends up to be these great discoveries of it's exciting. it's our future. it's what we had envisioned when gavin said regenerative medicine right here in our bay, the stem-cell research going on and the association with uc san francisco that is part of your work that is happening right here. so i don't mind if i come down here every week to find out what the newest discovery is. it's amazing for the city and always places us on the map. i get to talk about this whether i'm at the u.s. conference of mayors or the democratic national convention, everybody is interested in what san francisco is doing from music to art to life sciences and clearly showing the way for our new ventures that offer even the best jobs to be created right here in san francisco. so
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