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tv   [untitled]    September 16, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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minutes. i just assume there had would be, because there has been one at all the other meetings and that is why respectfully i raised the issue now. thank you. >> with respect to the minutes, i have some amendments. subsequent to the april 23rd meeting we essentially had one continuing meeting up until august 16th. so when the minutes reflect starting on may 29th, motions that were voted on and passed, i think that is inaccurate. i think we made preliminary motions or preliminary decisions to be later ratified when a motion -- when the motion was made on august 16th. so i think the minutes need to reflect that in every place,
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where we did not make an official motion, but made a preliminary motion. that may have begun on june 19th. i'm not off the top of my head remembering exactly when we started the continuing motion, but if the staff could ensure those corrections are made, i would appreciate it. are there other changes to the minutes that were prepared for this matter? give the parties a chance to weigh in.,1wnnp$ >> peter keith for the mayor. we had submitted some changes to the minutes directly and they appear to have been included. we have no further changes. >> mr. wagner?
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>> no changes, thank you. >> commissioners? public comment on this matter? >> patrick -- i'm surprised in the minutes that you are about to adopt that you didn't note that it is customary in court orders to include motions that are sustained and motions that are denied by the court and to that except i think david wagner was absolutely correct ten minutes ago when he recommended to you that the summary report that you are giving to the board of supervisors should specifically state what you denied in
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finding regarding the mayor's charges. and to that extent, your previous minutes should have alerted the public that you were going to get to the point that you weren't going to include in the recommendation going to the board of supervisors what you threw out because most courts will tell you what they sustained and what they denied. you should have told us about that in your earlier meetings. it's the kind of unethical behavior that san franciscans have grown accustomed to seeing from this ethical body. >> three minute intervals, how great. still paula caney and now i'm not talking as me. i am talking
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as eliana's lawyer and what she is question me to communicate to each of you is her dismay of the commission's finding that her testimony was not credible. i know that you each have reasons why you are going to say that. but my client wants you to know that you are flat out wrong. and that what she said to you and what she testified to at this hearing in her heart of hearts is her truth. and that granted mr. wagner and another made a decision not to cross-examine ivy wilson, but in terms of how you view her testimony leer being uncredible, she is upset and frankly as her attorney, i'm upset. you took a snippet of what you
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want to see and i'm worried that that is what it is is that rather than view something as true, the same with your dismissal of linnette peralta. and it has to be that elaina is not credible to sustain your findings here. as far the whole attorney-client privilege, i'm not eliana's first attorney. sheryl wallace was, but you have to know the first time sheryl ballas had contact with the police, within a day and a half of the video being taken from -- ivory madison, miss
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wallace asserted it's an attorney-client privilege and i know some of you are lawyers and in terms of attorney-client stuff i have tons of people tell me stuff that i would not disclose to somebody. it's the belief that i tell somebody something in confidence and if you are going to believe the video, you need to also believe that the only reason eliana made that video was to be used in a custody dispute, not to report anything other than she was afraid that she would lose theo. you also have to remember that at that time she hadn't received her paperwork from ice yet and there were concerns and anybody who is not an american citizen has to worry about ice in this day and age and what is
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going to happen. that is my three minutes. >> is there a motion to approve the minutes that we have identified? >> so moved. >> is there a second? >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? hearing none, the motion passes, ÷$wnn amendments. that being the last item on the agenda, the meeting is
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adjourned. >> commissioner hur, i submitted a request for the commission -- >> hold on. hold on. >> i submitted a request to the commission yesterday asking to you delay delivering the record to the board of supervisors until such time as the board may consider the case after the november 6th election due to the political pressure on each member of the board. did you receive that and are you going to take aside that question? >> i have received it. i think was it sent to all the commissioners? i believe it was. my understanding is that a decision like that has been delegated to the chair. if any commissioner feels it should be a decision rendered by the commission, perhaps we should calendar it for another
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meeting. it strikes me as the sort of procedural type of issue that you all have delegated to me, but if i have that incorrect, i suggest that we calendar it for a meeting in the near future. does any commissioner object? does any commissioner believe that that authority was not delegated to the chair to adjudicate a request such as provided? |ái decided forth worth. >> wagner. >> wagner, i apologize. >> although i'm honored. [ laughter ] >> one final question i have for you, there was a legal analysis of this case that was submitted and i just wanted to confirm you have received it? i can't be more specific really
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because it was submitted anonymously, but i felt quite compelling and i believe it was conveyed to mr. emblig and make sure it's a part of the record? >> well, >> well, one thing i want to say about submissions that come in, if parties make submissions we may consider them, we may ignore them. they will likely be part of the record in any event. when people who are not parties or witnesses to the commission submit things, it's not part of the record. we may or may not read them. we certainly have no requirement to read them. a lot of us are curious and do read them and maybe don't, but one thing is clear it will not be part of the record. i think things that are sent to mr. emblig are typically forwarded to us. if that was your question. >> thank you, commission.
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>> anything else from the parties? from the commissioners? okay. the meeting is adjourned.
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x it's my privilege to welcome and thank you, mayor lee, deputy director with the governor's office of economic office, lewis stewart, gale maderas, qb3's regkelly and esteemed colleagues of the city and dr. andres bush and the drug discovery leadership and our employees for joining us on this exciting occasion, the next step of expanding the innovation in mission bay. today is notust about the
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launch coelaborate , but thanks to mission bay's reputation as the hub, the area has become one of the most dynamic clusters of scientific innovation as witnessed by pfizer and the continued expansion of nektar and growing start-up companies that number over 30 many mission bay alone complimented by ucsf and three new hospitals here in mission bay. we're thrilled as of today mission bay can add the colaborator to its growing in the area and for bayer this is another step in the company's greatest history of leadership and development and our partnering of life science firms.
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today we'll start the clock on what we'll hope will be a longlar of collaboration between bay area and the most innovative companies in the area. before we introduce the first companies to occupy the area -- -- >> thank you, terry. i guess as everybody knows here, bayer has next year a history of 150 years' of successful r&d. i can assure everybody things have changed how we do r&d over the past 150 years, some things remain the same, which is you need great people talking to each other, networking and when we took a little while ago the decision to move here, it was for very simple reason.
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we understood that director kelly was not willing to move the whole qb3 do richmond. [ laughter ] as a consequence we wanted to have our scientists in the midst of wonderful, very inspiring campus. however, we never really gave up on the idea of getting creative young people, young start-ups to us. and this is now happening today. establishing the collaborator will mean that we'll attract young companies working together with us on a great campus, getting inspired with great networks and helping us with the purpose of all of our doings, which is identifying breakthrough innovation for the patients which need it the most. i am extremely excited and i hope that everybody understands how important this step is for us. everybody sees that my entire management team is here,
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everybody understands that we have the unbelievable honor of having mayor ed lee here today, who also wants to speak to us on this event. i think we should all be proud of what we have accomplished, establishing our own group here. what we want to accomplish, establishing the collaborator. i really hope that at the end, the big benefit will go to our patient. thank you very much. i'm very happy that mayor ed lee is here and speaks to us. thank you. >> thank you, andy. welcome everybody. you know, i still marvel, terry, and andy, at just less than ten years ago i was at dpw and we were signing off and getting rid of my mission bay driving range. signing off on getting rid of the railroads and turning this over to what was visualized by mayor brown and then gavin
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newsom later as the place that we're going to really create life sciences and now today, just seeing what with bay area is doing and the innovations that they have at really putting in the meat of why we all our city the innovation capital of the world. it's not your bay area and pfizer working alone, but they are literally using their drugs and their development of drugs to really incentivize the therapeutic uses and just like with the other tech companies, this is a very successful model that is happening between big and small, established and new. the collaboration that is going to go on here, i'm excited about this. it will especially with the two companies that you are naming today and i have to admit,
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terry, that when i heard prolynx was here, i thought you have finally gotten a replacement for the driving range -- you have to be a golfer to understand that. [ laughter ]. and aronora, these are very important discoveries and therapeutic uses of medin that medicine that will advance our world and 38 of them here in mission bay on a vision that i inherited, but so glad to come to fruition. these great incubators will provide information for future generations. i know. it it's right here happening in san francisco and at the same time, while we visualize the kind of
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push-button to some of these solutions, you have got to see how the laboratory discoveries and the very high-levels of disciplines that are happening in these laboratories. and in the constant conversation between these different disciplines that are going on. ends up to be these great discoveries of it's exciting. it's our future. it's what we had envisioned when gavin said regenerative medicine right here in our bay, the stem-cell research going on and the association with uc san francisco that is part of your work that is happening right here. so i don't mind if i come down here every week to find out what the newest discovery is. it's amazing for the city and always places us on the map. i get to talk about this whether i'm at the u.s. conference of mayors or the democratic national convention, everybody is interested in what
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san francisco is doing from music to art to life sciences and clearly showing the way for our new ventures that offer even the best jobs to be created right here in san francisco. so thank you, bayer. thank you for being part of this wonderful, wonderful mix. it's my appreciate ion for you to be here and continue to support you here and how much this has become very much a part of our city. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> mayor lee, friends and colleagues and neighbors, and partners and people who are interested in partnering with us with bayer, today is a great day. today is a day that when an idea comes relative and
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concrete. you can feel it and touch it and the idea goes back to terry and chris. and i'm very happy to be a part of it today. as you know, bayer is really committed to innovation and knowing the intricacies of science ever growing and becoming more complicated. it's pretty clear that we must reach out and compliment our internal research strengths with partners, partners from academia and tech and collaborations with academia part of our research. it's not just an incubator model, but collaboration with mutual fit of interests. we help each other really for the benefit of the patients, which is really our ultimate goal to bring treatment to the impairments. the collaborator is one of the newest models that we pursue. it's an addition to our
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partnering models which cover actually pretty wide spans. another example i want to give you is our grants for targets initiative, where we use the internet, really to reach out into the whole crowd of scientists, worldwide, and the collaborator is our newest addition. we do have other forms of collaboration beyond of course the collaborator and the grants for targets initiative. for example, the imi initiative in europe actually goes beyond the collaboration of individual companies forming consortia of academia and large companies where the individual partner is just too small. but focusing on this area of course, the san francisco area and mayor lee already alluded to that is a hotspot and it's extremely important. we have been here for a long time and our activities here with just four projects with
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ucsf last year with our partnerships are testament to that commitment to this area. and again, the collaborator is just testament to our commitment to bring treatments to the patients and we use any kind of model that fits that purpose and makes us more productive in that endeavor. thank you. chris, please. [ applause ] >> thank you. so we have heard from my colleagues that collaboration and innovation are real priorities for bayer's research and development and using these values that are important for us. the collaborator is just an incubator, but we're trying to put a new twist on this with the landlord-tenant relationship and there really
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no better place to do this and to be part of the growing bioecosystem it than here in mission bay of the whole point of this is to have tenant companies, start-up companies that want to partner with bayer with proximity to our research groups in this building and in addition, can access the global expertise of bayer scientist, as well as the infrastructure that bayer brings and dr. bush mentioned that we have had for 150 years. we are also looking to put companis in the collaborator that are not necessarily partners yet, but again, what better way to find proper probings to work on than having scientists in the same building interacting with each other? as we'll open up the space for tours the collaborator is an open-floor space that encourages interact between the start-up companies in the space. but more importantly what it brings to mission bay is the ability to interact with the 30 other start-ups here, with
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ucsf, and their core facilities and with incredible organizations like gladstone and qb3. really if you think about it, there probably isn't a better place in the world for a start-up company to become successful than here in mission bay. what you see here in front of me is the collaborator roster. and this will house the logos of the start-up companies that will be the first to utilize the space. i will invite them up in a minute. aronora is developing drugs that hold the promise to prevent the growth of blood clots without some of the thrombotic side effects of bleeding. prolynx is manufacturing custom drivers - no, they are not. [ laughter ] >> exactly. statement
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sorry, i'm putting you in a hole now. you have to develop that as a side project. prolynx is developing technology that get as round many of the problems with conjugated drugs and develop technology for the sustained release of drugs that you can control circulating levels and it's tuneable. so can you optimize it for each project. so with that, i would actually like to invite up aronora and prolynx. [ applause ]
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>> you have heard mention from some of my colleagues -- one second -- that time is of the essence and that we are in a race to deliver the therapies to the patients and we have a clock that reminds us that we're us on the clock and time is of the essence. i would like to invite the other four s


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