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tv   [untitled]    September 22, 2012 10:30am-11:00am PDT

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president chiu, aye. supervisor chu, aye. supervisor elsbernd, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor olague, no. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. >> clerk calvillo: there are 10 ayes, one no. >> president chiu: ordinance is passed on first reading as amended. go to roll call for introductions. madam clerk. >> clerk calvillo: supervisor elsbernd. thank you. supervisor campos. supervisor avalos. supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: thank you. colleagues, i have several items. the first i'm calling for a hearing on the development of the alexandra theater site at geary and 18th avenue. this site has so much potential to once again be a keystone and
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an icon for the neighborhood an in the short-term there has been problems with blight and disrepair. we'll also be following up with a community meeting with many stakeholders in the neighborhood from residents to the ymca across the street to the neighborhood theater foundation and many others to get their input into the future of the richmond district's landmark. i also wanted to say i'm working closely with the arts commission staff to look at perhaps bringing art in the storefronts to some of the different vacate spaces in the richmond district as well. also, i'm calling for a hearing along with the support of supervisors farrell and olague, for a hearing at the land use committee to hear our plans to mitigate the traffic challenges upon the opening of the geary masonic target that's planned for some time in 2013. we hope that this will help people, especially residents and stakeholders, give input but also make the area safer for
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pedestrians, bicyclists, seniors and families in particular. i'm pleased again that we're doing this with the three supervisors that are around that key spot in our city. also, on a related note, i'll be asking the county transportation authority to hold a hearing to fully fund the masonic boulevard plan. the boulevard plan was the one chosen by many of the residents and businesses. i know the mta recently just approved, just minutes ago, support for the boulevard plan as well. i've worked with dick's masonic which includes the walk sf and livable city and the bicycle coalition and many neighborhood organizations for years that have been trying to make it a safer corridor. so i'm looking forward to solution for the street but also full funding for the different proposals supported by the community. and once kind of we have the project fully funded, working on making sure that the project moves forward so that we have
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safer streets for all. also, on friday, i'll be joining president chiu and many others in the celebration of the chinatown north beach campus, the city college of san francisco. i know there's the open house celebration from 5 to 7 pm at the new site at kearney street and washington. it's been a 10 year struggle and ballots. and battle. i salute the groups like chinese for affirmative action, lawrence wong from the college board and many others, just a few meetings ago we had the former dean, joanne lowe but also the current dean also here. but i'll be there to celebrate. i hope others join us as well. the rest i'll submit. >> clerk calvillo: thank you. mr. president, seeing no other names on the roster that concludes roll call for introductions. >> president chiu: ladies and gentlemen, why don't we go to general public comment. >> the clerk: opportunity for the public to comment generally --
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>> president chiu: sorry, madam clerk. i understand that there are several other colleagues that do have roll call. if you want to start with supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: thank you, mr. president. thank you, madam clerk. i just want to ask that my colleagues join me in a moment recognizing the life of mr. robert price. he's passed on. and would like to close the board meeting out in his memory. a little bit about mr. price is that he was an army man. he served in the united states army, and then he came west to san francisco in 1969. as an outreach worker for youth for service, which was at that time a nonprofit organization here in san francisco, dedicated to the service of the, quote, throw away. the throw away children of san francisco, bob worked with neighborhood gangs. bob's success was attributed to his ability to accept youngsters as he found them and channel
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their frustration through competitive sports. he was also very well known as the supervisor of the emma gri resettlement program. he trained and placed 500 -- in various jobs in 20 months. he was named man of the year in 1979 by bear area council on soviet jewry and was recognized and commended by california assembly on february 20, 1980. bob's true commitment remained with the throw away children. for 20 years as youth guidance center, employment specialist, he helped prevent recidivism through employment training. he raised $3 million in public funding and private donations to establish the training program under the auspices of the improvement committee, a private nonprofit organization designed
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to help youth transition from being offenders back into their community, with employable skills and with a job. bob's work and life were unfortunately cut short by the alzheimer's disease with medical complications. thank you, madam clerk. >> clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor cohen. any other members of the board would like to introduce items at roll call for introductions? >> supervisor olague: i just wanted to support supervisor mar and his masonic hearing. >> clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor olague. >> president chiu: why don't we go back to public comment. first speaker please. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you something else about the people who used to be with mubarak. one of them, his name -- he be bring that he's dirty, and other guy -- he work with mubarak 20 year. he hide $9 billion, and 42 cancel. tell me if you hear him for that, if you see that in the computer, how you feel about us. we work in this country. we struggling in any other
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country. we try to run away from the people we voted for them, to be our president. is mistake we make it but we don't need to continue with our life like mubarak did. as i said, and i repeat again, if someone of them has hide 18 billion american dollar, and he own 42 castle for him and his family, what the regular people like me can do that. how we can live there. i said and i repeat again, four year, i am -- my grandchildren, i am far from my family, but i am never far with my heart. and that the reason i have heart problem and i survive like anyone else. ladies and gentlemen, i would like to support this man because
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he promise to return to us our money. his name is barack obama, and i wish to let him have second time to see if he can bring it our money, they steal it and they hide it in american bank. $700 million has been hidden from us in england. billion of dollars in -- let us get my money back. thank you. support us and support barack obama to return our money to our country. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. stop the corporate rape of the public library, don't give money to the friends of library, don't accept money from the friends of the library. everyone knows that the influence of private money on our politics has the power to destroy democracy and distort public policy. if you have been following these
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presentations, you know by now that any claim to legitimacy that the friends of the library had, has completely collapsed. we know from reports submitted to the california state -- that the friends of the library had income in the past 11 years of 40 million, and expenditures of 48.1 million. we also know from reports required by the san francisco sunshine ordinance that over the same 11 years the friends of the library gave just 4.9 million to the library for any purpose. the friends are under new leadership and at a recent library commission meeting the friends admitted in the most recent year 309,000 or 41% of its expenditures benefiting the library were restricted funds and only 441,000 were unrestricted. but restricted funds are usually bequests. and if that were typical then over the 11 years only 30% would be unrestricted.
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this means that while spending 48 million, the vast majority of what they gave the library was only what they had to give, yet the city allows this organization to sell naming opportunities in 24 city facilities without any agreement with the city. the concept of a public-private partnership is just a way for the wealthy and corporate interests to use our public institutions for their own benefit. and the public-private partnership is never evaluated, never reviewed, because lack of accountability is what they get for their money. it is because of this damage to our reservoir of social trust and social values that the lies cost more than the money. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm patrick -- in preparation for the board's hearing on the removal of sheriff mirkarimi, i have to ask whether -- i have to
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ask for sfgoo fgov-tv viewers whether this board has learned its lesson on the parkmerced deal. those amendments were introduced without sufficient public notice, prior to your vote, which the sunshine ordinance task force ruled had violated the sunshine ordinance. the task force referred four of you supervisors to the ethics commission for official misconduct and also referred the matter to the district attorney for review. ethics took the mirkarimi official misconduct case first before taking the misconduct case against you four supervisors. i have just learned that the main reason the sunshine task force was gutted was because board president david chiu was angry that the task force had referred the parkmerced matter
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to the district attorney's office. they did -- the task force did exactly what they were supposed to do under the ordinance. voters need to initiate a charter amendment for the sunshine ordinance, to strip this board of supervisors from appointing authority to the task force. it's clear that you vindictively removed bruce wolfe and the other members because you were unhappy about the referral to ethics for your own misconduct. it should teach you a lesson not to engage in official misconduct, and you should have learned your lesson from parkmerced that you should not have introduced today just prior to your vote, amendments on any other matter just minutes before you vote on them. >> members of the board of
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supervisors, ray hartz, director of san francisco open government. i want to agree wholeheartedly with mr. james chaffee's earlier comments relating to the friends of the san francisco public library. i spoke about this issue last week and i want to mention three particular issues. one was that city librarian luis herrera used his position to withhold public records he knew were fully disclosable under the sunshine ordinance and california records act. i was curious as to what you think of that. >> the second item was that the library commission and the librarian and the chief financial officer of the library are presenting numbers,
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including a particular 5.19 million dollar figure on the blanch library improvement program to the public for which they have no support but the number. and i was wondering what you'd think about that. i will assume on the first two items silence gives consent. and on the last one i wonder what you think about the fact that luis herrera gets up to $3,000 per month in reimbursement from the friends over which he's supposed to have oversight, which he doesn't expend. but i don't expect to get a comment from this body because you like free baseball tickets and football tickets, and god knows what else you get, and i
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don't think you want to point fingers at anybody else. >> next speaker. >> hello. my name is -- emperiali working as -- on my own time. we cringe -- we elected you to vote with integrity, not to decide based on political expediency for your self-interest. you will be hold not to the mayor but to the justice, the electorate, and to a universal force that bonds us together to do what is right. we must care beyond ourselves. think about your own missteps, and if this had happened to you. ross was one of you. if you remove our sheriff, then all officials guilty of any misdemeanor should be removed, all. this is a time to remember
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camaraderie with ross. the laughter over a cup of coffee, the late night spent finessing ordinance language. you were there for him. he was there for you. now, after years of shared efforts and moments of friendship, are you going to let yourself abandon him? are you going to ruin your career -- his career, because you think that will help yours? that is not moral. the day you leave this room, after your vote, you will be stepping into a new destiny. your decision will follow you for a lifetime, and create your tomorrows. how better your lives will be if you respect the will of the voters and ultimately respect yourselves. this is the time to act with valor, to be the biggest person you have ever been.
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you can be that person. reinstate ross. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, president chiu and supervisors. live turkeys for the holidays and i would like -- graphics please and they were like wild turkey, a lot of wild turkeys, wild turkeys. ♪ ain't no city like the one i got. ♪ you know it don't come better. ♪ every city day, the sun rises up around me. ♪ supervisors, you can make the district bird sing harmony. ♪ every drop of rain, it's a reach -- happy retirement ed harrington, at the puc. ♪ when you smile so warm and tender, you're a sight for city
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eyes to see. ♪ hey, ain't no city like the one i got. ♪ you can bevy up when it's down,i'm going. ♪ put a little city hall music in my day. ♪ wouldn't be surprised if the city budget keeps growing. ♪ budget keeps growing bigger each day. ♪ ain't no city like the one i got. ♪ it's a real good friend all the way to land's end. ♪ ain't no city like the one that i love, gov. looks like outside with the symphony... ♪ it's time to begin the city begin. ♪ it's time to begin the city
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begin. ♪ it's time to begin, you know what i mean. ♪ it's time to begin the symphony begin. ♪ let them stay, let them play. ♪ let the begin all the day. ♪ let it begin the begin. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, members of the board of supervisors. my name is charlie walker, some of you know me. i come today to let you know that the african-american contract -- truckers -- san francisco is probably the worst city in the city for african-americans. most of you probably don't know there's not one african-american contractor working in the city and county of san francisco. we went to the board of supervisors, who said -- i mean the board of education, who said the reason blacks aren't working
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is because of proposition 209. i was in los angeles a month ago and they say proposition 209 is the reason black contractors are not working there. the law has stepped in the way where, today, african-american contractors are not -- not one job in san francisco, are african-americans working on. but a japanese company is controlling 90% of the work in san francisco -- homes, webcore and they do not hire african-american. and i'm saying that something's got to be done. and you guys -- the supervisors, and whether you know it or not, one day this is going to boil over. and when it does, everybody will say they don't know anything about it. but as i was telling some guys the other day, most of you don't know, i'm a veteran, and a
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disabled american, a war veteran. and i don't understand how i can be in the military, and fight for a country that they got laws now that prevent us from working in it. something is wrong with this whole thing. and particularly the city of st. francis to say there's not one, not one african-american firm working on any job in san francisco. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i live on 6th street between howard and folsom -- >> clerk calvillo: please speak directly into the microphone. >> yes, if you say so. i put up with no riffraff. they got -- look like some -- and people do aggressive handling there, which is a
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felony. they block you as you walk down from the street and say gimme, gimme, gimme. that's aggressive panhandling. i called occ on them. i called the city attorney. i know these guys. i know george ka zone. i called internal affairs, that do tactics and strategy on cleaning up 6th street because masconi is expanding, $2 billion we lost, only getting $500 million. i worked there 25 years at 510 union, worked 22 -- carpenter. but anyway i got property but -- san francisco -- i won't put up with this riffraff because -- small businesses open, where you got people doing the drugs, whatever kind of drugs they are, blocking the street, and terrorizing, and now here goes 6th street, and goes up to leavenworth and turk up there and continues and continue.
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internal affairs is going to have to take a good strong look, that's management control, what's going on with that, with letting that happen, continue to happen. now a lot of people say go to jail and you let them back out again. that's the way i see it so i don't know what to tell you. i spent three and a half hours here to tell you that. so i appreciate you clean up 6th street south of market there. and then like 7th and market by un plaza, people got stolen kind of electronics they're selling, 7th and market. and that's all really i have to say. so i'm glad i said it. i waited a lot of time to say it. like i say san francisco mine -- going to run for mayor some day, seriously, honestly. okay? and i like the way you all spoke very goods. i didn't -- none of you because you spoke well. let it go at that. i'll be back.
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>> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> sanford forte, live in the -- richmond. good afternoon. i didn't -- full disclosure i didn't vote for ross mirkarimi, nor do i know him or any member of his inner circle or family. i feel compelled to speak for the first time because i feel a witch hunt against he and his family disgraceful far beneath the usually expected shenanigans that normally operate within subtext of most political cultures. i expected better from mayor ed lee and district attorney george cas cone. san franciscans should be outraged that the politicians want too remove mr. mirkarimi from office. they -- common to many domestic disputes and leveraged to an accidental bruise according to the d.a.'s victim, whose staples
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defy the da's claim. this is to political ends, a political manipulation and personal railroading the likes of rarely occur in any municipality. i hope the body in its wisdom finds that ross mirkarimi should continue as sheriff of san francisco in the post he was duly elected to perform and two, that mayor ed lee and da masconi be reprimanded for overstepping their boundaries and using respective offices to frustrate the will of san francisco voters to remove him from office, ruin his future prospects and offend his family. thank you. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> afternoon, supervisors. recently, i was at the department -- department 29 in the san francisco superior court, the criminal division.
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i requested presiding judge nichols to annull the 1996 city charter of san francisco, because of circumstances that occurred at hastings college of the law, the state bar of california, some murders, 50 murders, and specifically related to my father, and my case was silent. previously i have made statements to the board of supervisors, to the point president barack obama is a sat jan and he has made a deal with the catholic church with serious consequences to the birth -- to israel and our social security. chapter 8, exodus. and the lord spoke to moses, go to pharaoh and say to him, thus says the lord, let my people go, that they may serve me.
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but if you refuse to let them go, behold i will smite all your territory with frogs. so the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly which shall go up and come into your house, into your bedrooms, on your bed, into the houses of your servants, on your people, into your oftens, into your impeding bowl. and the frogs shall come up on you and all your people and all your servants. thank you. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm peter warfield, executive director of library users association, and i want to talk about who supports the bernal


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