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tv   [untitled]    September 23, 2012 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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i think both of us really believe the death penalty is wrong, and is flawed for many reasons. the list is as long as my arm -- about several others. we feel this is important for both of us, personally, to participate in the debate of this issue in a way that we can help people frame it for a conversation.
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([inaudible]. >> instructor: the staff is asking for a one week continuance, the 27th of september, also further on your calendar, commissioner, item 18 on the corrected calendar, case number 2011 [inaudible] clay street, it's my understanding that the project sponsor has requested a one week continuance because they're trying to work out an agreement and staff is requesting a further continuance to the 27th of september, with that, commissioners, i'm not aware of any other matter on the calendar for continuance. >> are any other items on the calendar that are proposed for
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continuance. seeing none, commissioner borden. >> i have a question before i make a motion, why is the last item, the one item being proposed to may, that's far off. >> i'm david lindsay from the department staff, the property owners currently live in london and they're working from there trying to resolve this with the dr requester, it was the project sponsor that is requested this date out in may. they are looking at an option that would require a variance so i think the plan is for the project sponsor to file a variance application, go through that process and see where they are. >> okay. with that, i will move to continue items 1 to the date on the calendar, item 2 to october
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18th, item 3 to october 4 and item 4 to the date on the calendar, and then continue item 12 to september 27th and item 18th also to october 27. >> second. >> commissioner, the motion on the floor is to continue 1, 3 and 4 as they are proposed on calendar, item 2 to october 13, item 12 to september 17 -- 27, and item 18 to september 27. >> commissioner borden? >> aye. >> commissioner hillis? >> aye. >> commissioner wu? >> aye. >> commissioner fong. >> this was passed unanimously. >> item 5 and 6 make up the consent calendar, these items
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are considered to be routine, there will be no separate discussion on these items unless the public requests, in that event, the matters will be removed from consent and be considered a separate item. item number 5 is case number 2012317b, it's a request to establish [inaudible] of office use under the eastern [inaudible]. item 6 is case number 20070049e, san antonio backup pipeline, certification of the final environmental impact report. i believe there were corrections sent to you and i
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believe those corrections were sent timely and this item is for you under the consent calendar also. with that, commissioners, following any public comment on this item which would automatically remove these items for consent, they are before you for your consideration. >> is there any public comment on these items on consent? seeing none, commissioner borden. >> i move to approve item 5 and 6 on the consent calendar >> >> second. >> the motion before you commissioners is for approval of both items on consent, commissioner antonini. >> aye. >> commissioner hillis? >> aye. >> they are approved as they are proposed. commissioner, item number 7 is commissioner's questions and matters. >> commissioner borden.
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>> hi, there was this interesting spur smart city summit meeting they had the other day, there's a new company called motion law, they have sensors and it refers to sensors that tracks people and bicycles in addition to cars, and they talked about how they're work witching the union square and working with businesses to figure out the amount of traffic volume of sidewalks at different time, they are censored in 18 different neighborhood, they don't take pictures of people, they're able to track people and they're able to work with the businesses there so they can see when the different corners or block areas are most business and i crowded so they can adjust their hours and they were shows how maybe one hour later or earlier, shift in hours for a store that they could capture 90% more opportunity because the number of people that pass by there, and one of the examples that they use which i thought was
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really informative to our better market street conversation we were having last week is that they were working with show dogs that has that sausage bays on the mid terkt, they were having a lunch and dinner program and they beer -- were promoting it, they were not seeing dinner and practice how they had hoped, by counting cars and bicycles, the amount of congestion in those two areas was very high. what they found was even though there was a lot of car and bicycle traffic, there wasn't a lot of traffic, the best time for them was the lunch hour shift, they were losing more people because people were waiting in superlong lines and not having the patience, so now they opened up a place next door that has a grab and go food, in addition to the sausage they have, one of the
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things they were talking about was helping with economic development and the mid market and i thought it was fascinating because they can provide inexpensively because these son sores go over the 3g network, you stick them in the a window, don't require any special permits and they provide insight as to how or where a business should locate, where the traffic is. the owner was saying -- the entrepreneur was saying he has the business [inaudible] if their marketing plans were working so i thought it would be interesting if this company, since they're trying to do more and this being a helpful space, they have it censored in three different neighborhoods, they can tell you about various neighborhoods and i thought it would be interesting because whether we keep cars on market street or other neighborhood
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plans or when we're looking at spaces and people are wondering why they're not successful, this kind of insight and information could be useful especially when we're work -- working with the more troubled areas, that was the one thing, the other thing i was thinking of the same day when i went to -- when i was going to that forum, dream forest was taking place and there was a problem in the muni tunnel, the traffic was shut down, then on the street, there was grid lock, you could not move, i was on the f line, i was coming to city hall going to basically new montgomery and mission and i ended up getting out to walk and i would have walked faster than i would have taken the two points of transit, it made me think about in the america's cup conversation, how do we look at transportation planning with regards to events, we're
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always worried about the transportation and demand related to approving new housing but there's a bigger issues around events that take place in the city and how do we manage if our transit system can't adequately perform, how do we manage that and what type of strategies do we have around those types of events. that day was a disaster on market street, it gets me scared. >> commissioner borden, i'm glad you brought those two issues up because fisherman's wharf is going to implement that and do a before and after bike pedestrian, are we getting off topic? >> right. >> thank you. i'm supportive of the technology as well. commissioner antonini. >> thank you, a couple of items last week, attended the structure's luncheon at business times and i thought this was particularly
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informative although because of presence on the commission, i was aware of many of the things they were talking about but i thought the presentations were excellent and very informative. and then in keeping with what commissioner borden was talking about, yeah, the subway on market street was very forward thinking when it was built with the muni level on one level, the problem is there isn't redundancy in a lot of places and maybe there's something that can solve some of those problems because if you have a problem, there aren't a lot of places that you will be able to cross over the cars, but they have a few of those and maybe over the pretender, -- time, they'll be able to clear out disabled vehicles quicker. and then some meetings, i met with architects and sponsors, i'm not sure of the exact address, 41, thank you, well, i had the letter sort of close
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will, at least there was a 4 in there, and it's a project that will be before us in a couple of months from my understanding near the off ramp of freemont off ramp and it plans to be oscar park and then i have had calls from dr requester at 1491 delores and i will be meeting with them on that as well as the project sponsor, possibly dr requester also on considering of an addition at toledo which is continued the week before us, i believe it's october 4 if i'm not mistaken. >> commissioner sugaya. >> yes, in the sort of euphoria of tech companies taking up space in san francisco, there was a cautionary note in the business times the other day with respect to the increasing
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number of subleased spaces that are coming online because of existing companies giving up their spaces in the city, and they said it wasn't at a crisis level or anything like that or even that the sublease market was affecting the regular leasing market, but it was a cautionary note that they were saying after, the sublease market went up to 45% of the market and right now, i think the number was 14.7 or something like that. >> okay, next item, please. >> thank you, commissioner, we can move on to director's report, item 8 is director's announcement and item 9 would be review of the past week's events at the board of supervisors, board of appeals
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and the historic prezservation commission. >> in the written report, the department has been doing some work partially through an epa grant, i'm looking at the possible structuring of a couple of eco districts, there's a workshop happening on october 1 and they'll talk about the department environment, spuc, to talk about how to establish these districts in these neighborhoods and we're excited about the potential there, it has some great possibilities. secondly, i just wanted to call your attention and we're able to mention this briefly that there is due legislation related to the successor
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agency, there was additional state law passed that required us to make changes to the structure that we have set up, the mayor has proposed legislation that would separate the functions of the fiduciary responsibilities from the other functions that were not quite under state law but were required by the city to take on such as entitlement authority, so the legislation that you'll hear about briefly and that we will follow up with you in a memo about -- we'll explain that in more detail, the state has again added additional responsibilities and has again add some changes to the structure in how we have -- how we operate under the successor agency model and it will require two separate boards now, one for specifically the fiduciary responsibility and one for other function that is
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are more related to entitlement and actions within existing redevelopment areas, and we will be getting you a memo in that in the next week or two. that concludes my report. thank you. >> commissioner sugaya. >> quick question, is there going to be some kind of a name to this group or groups? i mean, every time you read it in the paper, it's called successor agency and they're using that term in other cities. >> just as a member of that board have raised that question because the technical name is about 10 words line, so i have raised the issue, we have discussed the possibility of a name, although we haven't come up with one yet. >> you can call it the redevelopment agency. >> good afternoon, commissioner, i'm here to give you the weekly report in the planning and land use related activity. there were a couple of item at
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the land use committee, the first was an informational hearing on the budget analyst report concerning the possible impacts of formula retail on the fresh food business and this was at the request of supervisor mar, it is not formula retail, the potential impact of opening a large formula retail store in san francisco, they analyzed it, they estimated 321 non-formula retail establishments with close, so they went through this in great detail at the hearing this week, the report suggested three potential policy options, first, prohibiting formula retail in certain commercial area, second, requiring cu in all commercial areas and third, keeping the current requirements but adding a requirement for a study of economic impact into the evaluation that you consider
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when you review a conditional use authorization. so, the board committee requested that this report be sent to the planning commission and it will be sent here, the budget analyst staff did offer to present the report to you at your request but otherwise, they will be giving it to you as written report. [inaudible] was heard, this item was heard by you and you recommended approval with one minor amendment on september 9. on monday, the supervisor admitted the ordinance per your request and the committee recommended approval to the full board. at the full board on tuesday, there were a few items, one was a tax simplification for residential properties, it would amend the tax code, the police code as well as a minor amendment to the planning code, it would simplify the
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requirements for less than 5 parks spaces per building, the commission recommended approval, this item was amended to incorporate your recommendations, commissioner owagi asked for some more analysis by the planning department, she requested a continuance to october 2, supervisor wiener at the hearing reviewed the continent, the ordinance and stressed this commission had already reviewed the ordinance and recommended approval. supervisor avalos subjecting that the substance of a cac's concerns were discussed committee and the board voted 10-1 to approve the ordinance. also before the full board on tuesday was the tidf, the transportation impact of man
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fee update ordinance, the commission heard this ordinance on july 19, you recommended approve for modification, they requested substitute legislation with those modification, the full board continued it to october 2 without any discussion, so i expect we'll hear some more about that in the coming weeks. there was also a proposed ordinance that would allow existing gas stations along 19th avenue, add automated car washes, the commission recommended approval, this ordinance was not approved, this week, the board approved the ordinance on its first reading. there were two planning related appeals that were scheduled but they were continued, neither of those -- they were not presentations on those, they were continued to a later date and then there are some introductions i would like to
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share with you with the caveat that it's getting more difficult for me to provide the legislation introduced because of the earlier start time of this commission, so the board clerk normally publishes these ordinances around 2 and usually i can see them online before then but i'm not always able to get all of them because it's not finalized at this point, so supervisor mar requested a hearing on alexandra theatre which is currently vacant in his district. as you heard our director report, the ordinance regarding the successor agency to the former redevelopment agency has been introduced, there will be hearings on those in consultation with the commission, president and vice-president, the department will be submitting a report summarizing this ordinance for this commission, and similarly, we will prepare a report for another ordinance, this one
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administrative code concerning port fee payment of the jobs housing program obligations, in brief, my understanding of this is it's an introduction, in brief, it looks like this ordinance will authorize the port and housing to into into an mou, the port will receive credits for the port property below market leases to the mayor's office of housing, the port would be authorized to use these credits to prepay the housing linkage obligation for future private development on portland, this city would create a mechanism to provide for affordable housing and structuring their job housing linkage observations, more memos will be forthcoming, and then the last ie testimony i saw related to planning was supervisor ferrell introduced
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the budget analyst audit, it is to conduct the performance audit of the transfer of the former redevelopment agent assets and functions within the city including how their staff and functions are assigned to various city departments, how those city departments are managing and performing the development function that is were previously under the responsibility of the new development agency, and that's in general -- that audit will be upcoming in the coming year. that concludes my report unless there are any questions. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you for your report, a question for the additional retail controls, is the scope of that just dealing with formula retail establishments that would deal with food or just in general? because we have of course demands and some neighborhoods conditional use and others, i don't quite understand how it's
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framed. >> when the supervisor mar requested this, it was concerning more of the large big box types of formula retail and their fresh food establishments in the city, that was the focus of their report. >> presumably, whatever these big boxes would be would have to have some food products one would assume, some do and some don't. >> yeah, they were looking at the effect of one which would have fresh food for sale. >> we always have to consider not just one particular conveyer, it may apply to many, okay, thank you, i'll study that at greater length. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners, tim fry, department staff here to share with you a couple of items from yesterday's preservation
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commission hearing, the hpc unanimously awe proved and initiated landmark designation for two individual properties, the first one was 401 castro street, it was being considered for designation for its association with the liberties and rights by the lgbt community during the second half of the 20th century, also up for initiation is the dulger sales office building, the art deco building was the headquarters for the developer henry dulger for over 20 years and it is significant for its association, he was a prolific developer but also his role in the transformation to have sunset as well as the building's overall architecture, both properties will be considered in october for a final recommendation by the hpc once the hpc makes its
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final recommendation, those will be forwarded for the board of supervisors for consideration of landmark status. finally at yesterday's hear, the hpc considered the market street discontiguous district, it received its final recommendation and approval from the hpc and the planning commission is scheduled to provide review and comment on this proposed district at today's hearing, both recommendations will be transmitted to the board of supervisors and once we have a hearing date scheduled k├▒the board of supervisor, we u let you know of that time. that concludes my report, unless you have ne *f any questions? >> questions? >> okay, thank you. >> commissioners, the zoning administrator also requested me
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to present the board of appeals report for this week, and there's only one item, it concerns la fiat park. last niekt, the boerpd heard a rehearing request of that same appeal, they presented information that they characterized as new, if it would have been available at the previous heard, it could have affected the board's decision, rec park and planning all demonstrated otherwise and the board unanimously rejected the rehearing request, for your note, there are additional items repealing and we'll let you know about it in the future, thanks. >> thank


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