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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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officials in san mateo county let the same thing you're doing over the here, that the city of san francisco government because this is about justice, this is about your commitment with your communities, this is your turn, this is your time to honor, why are you hear working? because when you were running for supervisor, you commit something to your own community and constituencies. thank you. >> (speaking spanish).
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>> (speaking spanish). >> i will translate. >> dear supervisors, mr. supervisors, september 25th,
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hi, i'm a resident of san francisco, i address you as a citizen and board of this city to respectfully ask that your sheriff, ross karini be reinstated to his post which he was elected. what's happening in the city of san francisco so sheriff and his family is more than we
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[inaudible] and i ask you to stop it. the mayor ed lee has used too much resources in this prosecution, political prosecution, resources, we should be utilizing for the welfare of our community. in addition, this process has
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been a bad process attempting man and allegations of perjury. what has happened -- it is an abuse, what happened to ross
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mirkarimi is an abuse of power, when suspended without pay, denying him the opportunity to the due process. >> senior, gracias. next speaker. >> okay, is that it? >> thank you so much. >> thank y next speaker. >> yes, sir, we need the overhead.
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yes, i'm a resident of san francisco, i'm from philmore, california, the registration drive to commemorate the children who died october 15, 1963 in salvage rachel motive of the ku klux klan niggers, but i'm here today, that's my soul responding and it's responding to radio station kpoo, when you talk about diversity, i'm not diversity in all directions at the same
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time, that's kpoo, and they deserve consideration for -- from this board, i notice a lot of people don't care about public comment. i hope that 99% take notice of that, not of supervisors. at any rate, on the july 31 agenda, item number 58, 120708, that was a grant amendment not to exceed 9 million 354 thousand 700 for a profit-making entity, kpoo is non-profit, the diversity of music, people, opinions, you can't match it anywhere in this land and i hope you people will
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get -- you supervisors will get behind my supervisor, supervisor christina oh lon gay and supporter to help us. >> thank you, sir, next speaker. >> my name is paul courier and hello again, i didn't come to sing the opera so i'm not going to be singing. i apologize for that. what did we do today, we approved over 1 billion dollars of bonds for the san francisco airport, congratulations, 2 billion dollars of debt, wonderful. what else did we do today? redevelopment properties, all the redevelopment properties in san francisco are like now add to successive commission, that's basically sent over to the office of the major and we now have a new --
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>> mr. courier, sir -- >> we have a new star. >> sir? >> you cannot speak on this particular matter. >> excuse me, i would like the mic. back. ÷ speak on this >> kú/}h"4ñ >> hello? all right so these types of we're are in the hundreds of billions of dollars already get added to what's going on in treasure island and hunter's point public property for private gain. now we have the mayor's office merging with the housing authority for federal funding and nobody can oppose any of this stuff and this is
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called organized crime and we have a very smooth operation working here that violates the brown act and state public records act and amounts to be a criminal enterprise. i filed a case against the mayor the chief of police, the acting sheriff the city attorney and district attorney for what happened around 3 or 4 days in june of this year where we had a bomb link electronics, inc. model number: pdr-885 software version: 3.0c heard because the sunshine commission is no longer meeting. this is out of control we've gone to ethics we can't get a prosecution it's time to recall the machine thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please.
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>> my name is lynn -- [inaudible] all of you in the room know that because yo even though i look at some of you, it's very disappointed and there are some of you that i do have a smile for and i'm very curious as to how you ire going to vote on ross mir kami, it was interesting when the case came about that you drome broke the law, is it interesting to look at a mindset that when you're familiar with the law, you manipulate the law, i think that one thing you actually did that i anticipated you would do and that was beat commission sunshine, as you will find out in discovery, that is something that has a city stamp on it
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and i said you would do it and paul would tell you that i said you would do it 30 days before you did it. you're not the smartest guys in the room regardless of your educational background and it never occur today you that i had tutoring with sunshine, i had someone who was knowledgeable and skillful and i will never forget it because it has empowered me and because of that and because of case 11048, i have 40 pounds worth of documents that will become a part of discovery. what happened on may 24th at the land use committee has reverberate and impacted people and it's still evicting people, not only low income people, they are evicting people because of utilities and shame on you that you have never called for an investigation or a more tor yum and furthermore,
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i have already obtained in discovery they overcharged me. >> thank you, pastor ga*fn, next speaker, please. >> i have an overhead. >> sfgtv, could you zoom out on the overhead projector, please. thank you. hello, supervisors, despite effort tos cooperate with city cooperation by providing a scientific public health perspective, the foundations in the parks department has chosen to discredit and marginalize me, for years, i have updated them in this board with the latest toxicology reports, to
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my surprise, the foundation has responded by conducting a smear campaign against me and put my family and neighbors in danger, this e-mail sent out in 2009 in the city fields depicts me as deceitful and contains personal information about my family and neighbors. for years now, the foundation lobbyists have given the board to stir up a motion, this posting was made by the foundation prior to my ocean view district 11 appeal, i was attacked in my neighborhood by men who shouted they were supporters of the playfield initiative, they skied me in the head and face and left me bleeding. one showed up at this
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district's board and his seat set aside for his organization, a foundation director susan hirsh, they have frightened my family and neighbors, this is exactly why prominent local doctors at this time choose to supply their data in outreach to them and resort to using pseudonyms, i respectfully ask you supervisors on whose watch this orchestrates harassment is taking place to request the fisher brothers their paid lobbyist suzanne hirsh associated, we get it, you have bullied us and have no qualms about it. >> thank you, next speaker.
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>> sorry, guys, i'm sorry to keep you here any longer, how many of you guys have visited alcatraz, and do you ever take -- did you ever to listen to the people that said, sounds could travel and the prisoners could hear it on the night on occasion, and our retired sheriff, one, ross mirkarimi is supposed to replace says this is a very compact city, so with that, why are we letting noise go -- be created by new buildings, new remodels? now, 55 decibels and 45
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decibels, that may be 55, that may be 45, that may be 35, the thing about noise is that it travels, and a little machine like this would not even register as we drift away. you can have something like this, this is a fan and a motor and that's the ventilation systems, that's the new noise in the eastern neighbors what we have is a dwindling trickle of industrial blue collar noise but what we do have is ventilation systems that are running ramp aj, it's not all over the city, it's going hit a few extended places, it will hit all over -- it can happen anywhere in the city, just let's say it that way, so why don't we protect our neighborhood and our property
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by saying why can't we take a look, we have universities, we can make better designs to not do that, thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> please speak into the microphone, sir. >> thank you. >> board of supervisors, continuing from last week, my comments to you, the board of supervisors, i would like to add some comments this week including the chancellor of ucsf, ms. hillman and comments that i made previously to the
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board and to the immigrant's commission regarding dr. scott, a doctor who practiced in the east bay, so he said, tomorrow, and he said, let it be according to your word that you may know that there is no one like the lord, your god, our god, and the frogs shall depart from you from your houses, from your servants, from your people, they shall remain in the river only, then moses and [inaudible] went out to farrow and cried out concerning the frogs which he had brought out against farrow, so the lord did according to the word of moses and the frogs died out of the houses, out of the courtyards and out of the fields, they
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gathered them together and heaps and the land stunk. when the farrow saw there was relief, he hardened his heart and it did not heed them as the lord said, so the lord said to moses, stretch out your rod and strike the dust of the land so that it may become life throughout all the land of egypt and they did so. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, i'm peter war field, director of branch library mural xhaounbacker community created effort, that features a whole musical wall that features holly deer and a singer like roberta flak that honors working women and that has a whole panel in the back
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of the history of brunelle heights is about to be painted out next month and replaced. i wanted to show the supervisors that support is spreading, i've already talked about many of the supporters who are supporting preservation and restoration of the mural, we now have the harvey milk lesbian, gay, transgender club support it with a letter as well as the san francisco piece and freedom party, and i'll read you a few excerpts, it's signed at the bottom, they recommend preserving all three sides in place, as san francisco [inaudible] there's a growing miscomfort with political murals less than
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slick art work and memories of past political struggles, we stand firm on maintaining and adding to the associate and political history of our city and to xhem races that take the form of art and fuse i can, san francisco's radical past has been bhiet washed for those who seek to replace it, for the sake of brunelle heights and for the sake of us bho are radicals of saving and restoring the mural in its current location, peace and freedom party also has written a letter which is signed at the end and talks about -- carries important messages justice and peace that resonates for our time and we think is important to retain for our future as well. >> thank you very much. next and final speaker?
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>> mark dice is the best caller, staff montes is the best radio, and you can download three thousand of his sermons in his first of february, 1969, and family radio is the best radio station because it's the only radio station that reads george bhit field's ser mans who is the best evangelist, but family radio is the best radio station because it reads the bible, this fellow who was two minutes before the other guy, i don't know who he is but just read thing word of god doesn't really matter because it is what it is and that happened, god sent those frogs and he used moses and moses was a type of christ. last week, i was cut off in the midst of my speech but the
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point that i was trying to make is here in danielle, chapter 9, it says while he was speaking in prayer, even the man gabriel being caused to fly swiftly touched me and he informed he and talked to me and said, oh, danielle, i have come other to give yaoe skill and understanding, it would be 77 years and the me sigh ya would come, when we were yet without strength and it was a certain time, it was a predicted time, again, in ga laotians 4: 4, there's no word like the bible, he is coming soon and the strange thing about it, if i had an hour to develop my thoughts, i could prove that this 490 years to the first
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coming of jesus christ, there were 290 prior to that which means the long and short of it is that the 7th 490 ended in 1996. >> thank you, are there any other members of the public that wish -- wishes to speak in general public. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> item 32 through 36 are being considered for immediate and unanimous adoption without committee reference, these items will be binged upon with a single roll vote, if you want to discuss a matter, it can be removed and discussed separately. >> i would like to remove item 33. >> and on the balance of the calendar, we'll call a vote. er >> chu, aye, supervisor cohen, cohen, aye, supervisor elsbernd, elsbernd, ', supervisor farrell, supervisor farrell, aye.
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>> kim, aye, supervisor mar? mar, absent. supervisor alagi, aye, supervisor wiener, aye, supervisor avalos, avalos, aye, supervisor campos, campos, aye, chiu, aye, there are 11 ayes. >> approved. >> [inaudible] in honoring our commitment to human rights struggle in ber -- berm ma. >> we had submitted the wrong copy to the clerk, it was the unedited copy, i'm just going distribute copies of what we have before us with the amendments. they're primarily editorial changes, but it just cleans up some of the grammatically
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errors, as many of you know and i think that the previous boards of supervisors have spoken about berma and also one of its democratic leaders who is under house arrest who has finally been freed for house arrest and is going to be visiting the city and county of san francisco, this resolution well -- welcomes her to the city and county and recognizes her visit to the county. i caught one more edit, and that was on page 1 on line 10, and it was house arrest after the elections along with hundreds of others who were -- so taking out the h in prison, so i submit these amendments to the resolution. >> supervisor kim has made the motions to the resolution as she described, seconded by
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supervisor wiener, colleagues if we could take those amendments without objection and as the underlying resolution, if we could do that same call, that should be the case as well. madam clerk, do we have any mem mor gyms today. >> no. >> and with that, unless there's anymore business before the body, we are adjourned.
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