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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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is even more positive. * the jobs in this industry are in restaurants, bars, art galleries, night clubs, performance bases and other venues. these are very, very important jobs, particularly for working class and younger people. the legislation i'm introducing today makes several amendments to the police code to strengthen our night life and entertainment sector while also improving the enforcement capacity of the entertainment commission. one of these changes would ease the permit process for deejays who are performing up to 10 o'clock at night. about two years ago or year and a half ag we created the limited live performance permit so that venues that were providing live music up until 10 o'clock at night would not have to go to the full night club place of entertainment, very expensive and onerous permitting process. so, for example, having a cafe
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or a restaurant with someone playing a guitar, making that an easier permit process than a full-blown night club. at the time i indicated that we should be including deejays in the legislation. it was too late in the process. as i indicated i would be doing that in ensuing legislation and i am doing that today. there are many situations where deejays in art galleries or in a restaurant during the day or early evening might be there and it makes sense to encourage that and not to require those venues to go through the same significant permitting process that we require of night clubs. another provision in the legislation will allow more live music in outdoor plazas and courtyards. right now we actually don't have an ongoing permit for venues, whether it's a plaza in a neighborhood or a neighborhood group once every week or once a month, have live
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music in the plaza. or a venue like the eagle tavern which has an outdoor plaza and that sometimes has live music or el rio. right now you have to technically get a new permit for one day at a time every time that you want to do that. this will create a broader permit so you get one permit over the course of a year. the legislation will also significantly improve and increase the enforcement powers of the entertainment commission. when we created the entertainment commission, one of the key goals for that commission was to regulate the the night life in san francisco and to enforce against people who are against venues, operators that are not living up to their obligations. but we put this obligation on the entertainment commission without giving them the full tools to be able to do that. over the years those tools have been increased. our president chiu sponsored legislation several years ago that provided more authority.
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and today this legislation will provide the commission with additional authority. it will allow the commission to impose long early suspensions than currently permitted. right now the commission can only suspend for up to seven days and the next step after that is a full eradication. this will allow for longer suspension up to 15 days so that it is not a minor punishment or the death poem it for that venue. * penalty this will also for the first time allow the commission to enforce venues that operate without permits. right now the commission can go after venues violating the permit. if they don't have a permit at all, only the police department can go after them. this will allow the commission to go after them as well. also for the i first time it will allow the commission to levy civil penalties against violators. this also make other updates to the code, eliminating or consolidating either redundant
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or outdated provisions. my office has been working very closely with the entertainment commission as well as the police department to ensure that this legislation meets the needs of night life and live music in san francisco while also ensuring compliance with the law and public safety. we will continue to work with stakeholders in the community and with the city departments during the course of this legislation, and i hope to earn your support. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. >> thank you. colleagues, today i'm going to be presenting a resolution authorizing application to the california debt limit allocation committee for a multi-family housing revenue bond for 1100 ocean avenue. this development will add 71 units of affordable housing to our stock in san francisco.
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and this will kickoff in this work in june of this year. so, the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. >> thank you, madam clerk. as we know, it's black history month and i'm delighted today to offer a commendation to a worker in my district. black history month is a great celebration, but we have to do so much more as a city to really support our african-american community. just this last weekend in my district, we lost another african-american man, a young man named lawrence collins. he was 18 years old. he was someone who grew up his whole life in lakeview neighborhood as it's often called in my district. he was found at the rec center on the playground of the rec senterra round 6:30 at night.
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i can't imagine a workplace that shows how we as a city have not really made our parks and our communities safe. than someone being gunned down in a rec center. * this young man has been a member of many community-based organizations and gotten support from the city and he's recognized that support over the years that he's gotten. and while we provide individuals with experience and opportunity, we don't provide that type of experience and opportunity at the community level. and we are at great fault as a city for doing that. we have neighborhoods that are in crisis that do not get adequate response. and i just feel that we need to have a real clear plan that has specific measurable ways that we can support african-american young people in this city. i'm meeting with mayor leon thursday to have a discussion about that. we already had a committee
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meeting in my district in lakeview neighborhood in october. it was successful in terms of getting recommendations from the community about what the city can do. but really it's about opportunity, education, and jobs. and what's that the cme is yearning for. * committee [speaker not understood] he was 18 years old. he was a student at city college at skyline. he what also someone who worked with the mayor's youth employment program. and this is his graduation speech i want to read to everyone here. it's small so i might have difficulty reading it. greetings to my fellow coworkers and future leaders. over the course of the summer youth employment program i have learned elements of leadership, facilitation and personal growth. for a few weeks i was extended the opportunity to be shift supervisor where i led my fellow staff every day by arriving early, assessing the work to be done, and assigning tasks to my staff.
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thises wasn't always easy, but with perseverance we worked together and got the work done. 67c.103 staff member was given work plan at the beginning of the program where it outlined the expectations and gold for the summer. * our staff completed such things as college registration, job applications, resume building, site visits and other work experience related goals. * each these two months were nice and we all appreciate the opportunity to work together as a team. some of the highlights of the summer youth employment program was completing the garden, a film project, and site visits to the airport. through many site visits we were able to establish collaborations for future employment opportunities. also, every wednesday we enjoyed gathering to go bowling as a family. on tuesdays we had family time to discuss complex and economic issues that plague our community and to improve our leadership and advocacy skills. for most of the staff at the inner city youth employment
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program it was our first job. we have never had a summer program in lakeview like this that gave jobs to not just young people, but also 18 to 24 year olds. this is work skills many of us never had. we learned to be on time, complete tasks quickly and how to work together. because of violence in the city, nobody felt safe working in lakeview and we got to help build our community and get paid for it. since we started the program, more than half of us have secured either job interviews or permanent employment. with all the summer youth employment program, this would not have happened. thank you to joyce, michelle, j.c.y.c. and [speaker not understood]. thank you fought mayor for funding this and making young people a priority. it would be nice to all of us to have access to more jobs. congratulations to all my fellow summer youth employment graduates. that's in the words of lawrence collins. * this is' a lot of people in the community hurting about him. * there's this is a reminder we are not creating a safe community. it is very hard to live with as
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well. thank you. (applause) >> thank you. thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. >> thank you. thank you, supervisor avalos, for bringing that to the attention of all of us, especially because it's been happening for so many years. and i think that's why it's really important that we begin to really look at making sure that every kid in high school has an opportunity for summer employment and year round employment. it's what saved my life, being able to be employed and use the small money that i received from the employment in order to help with family needs and other things was really important. and it's something as simple as making sure that our kids have stipends or employment or some sort of opportunity outside of just their immediate environment is what's going to help change lives. and i'm looking forward to helping work with you on that. so, thank you very much. and this today, i have two
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things that i want to submit. specifically, i am introducing an ordinance authorizing the juvenile probation department to accept and extend a grant from the office of justice programs for the united states department of justice for $4 61,166. this grant will help the department expand and continue * the juvenile collaboration reentry teams, the jcht, a program that provides coordinated and comprehensive re-injury planning and after care services for kids returning to the community from out of home placement. * jcrt. it consists of attorneys, social workers, social advocates, probation officers, and clinical case coordinators who work with a child and a family. three months prior to the child's release. this team plans housing, vocational training, education, therapy, drug treatment, and
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any other services that may be needed to ensure the success of the child once released. rather than an adversarial courtroom environment, this is a collaborative effort designed to help the child reenter into the community and be successful. this program has a proven track record of reducing recidivism. in fact, since its implementation in 2009, recidivism has decreased across the board not only for the youth served, but for all youth committed to out of home placement, indicating that the program has a system wide impact. positive impact. the juvenile probation department had a three-year grant for the jcrt which just ended with this new grant they are asking for the authority to create a new social worker position. but once the grant funds run out, the department can absorb the cost of that position. there's no request for new funding from the city. i've dealt with juvenile probation issues personally with a lot of the kids that i've worked with over the years
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in our district. i have seen young friends and community members incarcerated and i know how difficult it can be for them to return to the community. as a city, we need to help such kids find opportunities and get on the right path and i'm commit today that as supervisor. this grant will help the juvenile probation department do exactly that. so, that's the first thing i wanted to submit. and today i'm also introducing legislation to create the divisadero neighborhood commercial district. this legislation is a result of months of outreach amongst residents and merchants along the divisadero corridor. and i am proud to help those merchants and residents create a vibrant and unique divisadero corridor. this neighborhood commercial district located between haight and o'farrell streets will strengthen our transit first policies, allow taller, more inviting grounds for retail spaces as well as more retail uses on the second floor.
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both the nonprofit and philanthropic presence in the neighborhood and give the community a powerful voice in shaping its own development and character. i am particularly proud of the formula retail ban we have included in this ncd. this will make divisadero only the fourth neighborhood in the city to have such control. we have seen the value of formula retail restrictions right down the street in hayes valley. this -- while preserving existing businesses, the controls boast local small businesses and helps foster a unique neighborhood feeling. we are a diverse community, a collection of unique individuals and businesses and our commercial districts are and should be a reflection of that unique san francisco personality. establishing this neighborhood commercial district will help local and small business owners and those who want to become small business owners. i look forward to working with my colleagues and the merchants and the neighborhoods of the divisadero as this legislation proceeds. and i want to thank the
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planning department for their continued assistance and careful attention to this issue. i am working on a similar legislation for the fillmore corridor which i plan to introduce soon. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor breed. supervisor campos. >> thank you very much, madam clerk, and to echo the remarks of some of our colleagues, i want to thank supervisor avalos for his comments, for sharing that with us. i have a couple of items. the first item is on behalf of the public defenders office. i am submitting a request for a supplemental appropriation and i want to thank supervisor mar and supervisor avalos for their co-sponsorship. this supplemental is needed to essentially pay for existing staff and other administrative costs. and it results from the fact that there was an over
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estimation of attrition, savings as far as the impact that some of the de-class -- the projected cost of the sf costs for the de-costs were. so, i look forward to having an opportunity to discuss this item. one of the things that i appreciate about what the public defenders office has done is that they have done a pretty thorough analysis. they did a comprehensive caseload work load analysis that actually shows the needs of that office and why it's important for us to provide the additional resources. ultimately we're talking about resources that are covering existing positions and things that are ready being expended. i certainly look forward to the opportunity to have that discussion with my colleagues at the budget committee. and i also want to thank the
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controller's office for their guidance and advice on this item. i think that it's appropriate as the advice for us to have a discussion about the needs of this office. and i do remind folks that the public defenders office plays a very important role in the criminal justice system under the sixth amendment of the constitution. there are certain requirements and responsibilities that that office has and we want to make sure that that office has the resource he needed to perform its functions. the last thing is simply -- this is a very memorable week and certainly a very memorable week in my office. it is the last day or at least the last week in the office and therefore the last board
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meeting for sheila chun hag en who has been a part of my office for the last four years. * you know, we did an event for sheila already, but just wanted to publicly take this opportunity to thank sheila that she has over the last four years established herself as one of the most outstanding and talented legislative aides, and you're not going to find someone who works harder and who understands the rules of how the legislative process works better and who understands the importance of connecting those rules and that process to what happens on the ground. it really has been a pleasure to work with her and i haven't been an elected supervisor without her. so, it will be an adjustment for me and many people in my office. but we as a city are certainly very fortunate that we've had the opportunity to have her service. and it's an interesting week,
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historic week, not only is it the last board meeting or the last week for sheila. i know we have another one of our colleagues who will be leaving. and i think in two days the pope is also retiring. so, i don't know, at some point someone may want to do a study and see if the connection between pope bennedictedict xvith, supervisor chiu, and sheila might be a connection. i want to take this opportunity to thank sheila and we'll certainly miss her. the rest i'll submit. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor carmen chu. [laughter] >> supervisor carmen chu? mr. president, seeing no other names on -- mr. president, forgive me. supervisor cohen would like to be re-referred. >> thank you very much, colleagues. hi, san franciscans. today i'm introducing an ordinance i've been working
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with with the neighborhoods of the bayview as well as the community department to establish a neighborhood notification requirement for parcel zone pdr1b. i'm sad to say this legislation was actually borne out of an unfortunate incident. late last year the old berkeley farms milk plant on oakdale avenue was demolished with no notification to the immediate neighbors and resulted in numerous notices of violation and a stop work order. when we went through -- when we went through nearly a decade long process to create the eastern neighborhood plan, what we established a special zoning category that recognized a particular area of the bayview where we have heavy industrial uses immediately across the street from single-family homes. the contractor in this case clearly made a calculation that if they needed to share their plans with the neighbors before they began their work, that they likely would have a very different project and certainly a different process. so, this legislation that i'm
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introducing today will require a neighborhood notification meeting before any building is partially or completely demolished or significantly altered in this area. as our city economy is picking up, we are starting to see entities purchasing these large pdr parcels. so, it is essential we have notice requirements in place to ensure that something like this just doesn't happen again. long gone are the days when just because you're doing work in the southeastern neighborhoods you can get away without reaching out to your neighbors or [speaker not understood] the scope of your permit. supervisor, i'm very diligent and vigilant of these instances as are the constituents i represent and this legislation will ensure that they have a voice on what will take place in their neighborhood. now, while we have been successful in ensuring this contractor is heavily fined and have been supportive of the neighbor's efforts at the board of permit appeals, this legislation will ensure that *
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another project like this one doesn't slip under the radar by exploiting loopholes in our planning code. so, i have also two in memoriams i'd like to offer. first is recognizing the life and contributions of reverend wenzel philip jackson. you might recognize this name. it is actually the son of ruth jackson. wenzel was born june 15th, 1956 and was raised in san francisco visitacion valley community. he's a graduate of woodrow wilson high school and participated in team sports such as tennis and softball. he worked at merrill lynch 15 years where he developed his management skills and later left corporate life to pursue his calling in pastoral ministry. he leaves behind to cherish his
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memory his best friend and his loving wife tamara hall man jackson, his parents of washington, d.c., and ruth jackson, also affectionately known as polly. she's a leader right here in our own visitacion valley community. he left behind four brothers, brian, drew, james, and lorenzo and one brother-in-law, raphael who resides in hollywood, california. so, please join me in lifting up our dear friend and sister ruth jackson as she mourns the loss of one of her children. on another note, another sad note, i also want to lift up another mother of the bayview community that has lost her son. many of you know ms. espinola jackson. she recently lost her daughter to a battle of cancer. ms. yvonne jackson harris was born february 9, 1956. she attended san francisco
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public schools and in the fourth grade she had already mastered algebra. she, too, was a graduate of wood drone wilson but from the class of 1973. she worked at the southeast ambulatory center health care, san francisco general as a [speaker not understood] health sebastian at therthv. she leaves to mourn her mother, two children, four grandchildren, five siblings and a whole host of nieces and nephews. she passed away february 17. her mother espinola and yvonne actually share the same birth date. so, please as a point of reference, please know that the service will be held tomorrow, february 27th at 12:00 noon at grace tabernacle church located at 1121 oakdale avenue. and, colleague, the rest i submit and thank you, madam chair, for re-referring me. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. mr. president, that concludes roll call for introductions. >> thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, we have a number of
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special commendations before we start our black history month presentation. so, i'd first like to ask supervisor kim if you could make your presentation. >> thank you. in addition to adjourning today's meeting in memory of cornelia, i did want to recognize some of the brave men and women who were there on that evening. i want to bring them forward. so, i want to invite up the men and women of battalion 3 and divisions 3 of the san francisco fire department and also mr. jeffery chambers as well if he is here. >> good afternoon, president chiu -- >> i'm sorry. i'm going to speak about you first. that's okay. [laughter] >> i'll be brief. i already spoke about the incident today. and while it is tragic, it also highlights some of our amazing everyday heroes and public
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servants that we have within our own community. san francisco firefighters, as i mentioned, responded immediately to the distressed call. and two of the firefighters and one neighbor, mr. jeffery chambers, who actually lived two houses down from the building -- and i know your son well, mr. chambers, it's good to see you here -- all tried to rescue cornelia and sustained many injuries when the second floor collapsed. today i'm really honored to acknowledge these brave men and women of battalion 3 division 3 of the san francisco firefighters and of course our neighbor community housing partnership tenant mr. jeffery. along with our treasure island community that is here today. we have our chief dave franklin who is the incident commander of the day during the fire and who has been with sf fire department for over two decades as well as deputy chief operations mark gonzalez who is a san francisco native and has served since 1989. and i just want to read the
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commendation. this is in recognition of your teamwork, bravery and selfless act of heroism in the early morning of february 16, 2013 when the men and women of the san francisco fire department and one of our neighbors risked their lives in an attempt to save another. the board of supervisors extends its highest commendation and profound gratitude during this difficult time of mourning and healing. * the treasure island community who is here today and the board of supervisors wish to thank you for reminding us what an honor it is to be a public servant. and i think we often talk about what it means to be a public servant and a city employee, but i think the men and women of fire truck department truly exemplify what it means to be a hero for our neighborhood. and i think that, you know, we would have no hope if we didn't have re dents like mr. chambers who are just kind of willing to step out of their comfort zone. and even without training, know that there is a life that needs to be saved and goes in kind of
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without any fear, but truly brave men and women to see that. i just wanted to honor you all today. so, thank you. (applause) >> i thank you all. like i say, i had a chance to go in. [speaker not understood] melted down on me. second degree burns all over. [speaker not understood]. the glass blew me out and
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picking glass out of my arm. that's okay. i'd do it again. hallelujah. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor. the fire department appreciates the recognition. our obvious wish it was a different outcome. we feel for the girl who lost her life, but thank you. (applause)


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