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tv   [untitled]    April 20, 2013 11:44am-12:14pm PDT

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second? >> second. >> are all our commissioners in favor? aye. >> any opposed? thank you. okay we are on to items 10 a. inquire easy to staff. at this time commissioners may make inquiries to procedures which are of interest to the commission? >> commissioner mar? no? seeing none. okay. >> there are no inquiry. no public comments. >> future meetings and determine those items that could be placed on the agenda.
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the next regularly scheduled meeting is may 15th. commissioners expected to be here? >> yes. >> okay. do you have any items? okay. seeing none. public comment for item 10 b, there is no public available. item no. 11. review minutes of special meeting of february 7. is there a motion to approve? >> i move approval. second. >> are all commissioners. any public comment. there is none. are all commissioners in favor? aye. any opposed? okay. item no. 12. review on approval of the minutes of regular meeting of february 20th, 2013. >> move to approve. second.
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>> aye. >> is there a second? >> second. >> there is a motion to second. public comment. there is no public. are all commissioners in favor? aye. any opposed? the minutes are passed. >> item 14 adjournment. we have a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> second? >> second. are all commissioners in favor? aye. >> we are now adjourned. it is 1:10 p.m.. >> >> >> >> >> >>
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well, i'm daniel leery. the chair of the super bowl committee. we've been going at this for about 9 months now and mayor lee gave me the honor and privilege of taking on this task. we've had an incredible momentum and we have mayor and condoleeza rice and steve lewis, we have some firepower to the committee in the form of world champions and hall of
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famer and folks that have taken over part of 10 percent of super bowls and we can't thank you enough for taking this on. we hand off our final package. the one thing i want to realize is that this is a community effort. it's not just about san francisco, santa clara, san jose. it's about the entire region coming together. the reason i took on this goal is that we have amazing things had -- happening in our community and we are going to highlight these in the next six
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weeks and i'm also highlighting things that are not yet great. we have 1.2 million people who are too poor to meet their basic needs. what we are going to do by bringing the greatest game to the region is we are going to make this for the entire good of the community and that is why it's going to be the most impactful super bowl bid and super bowl nfl this nation has ever seen. with that i'm going to turn it over to mayor lee. >> good morning. daniel, thank you again for your wonderful leadership for aheading up our bay area super bowl committee. i remember the first time we talked about what it was and what the 9ers meant to us and i want to thank you and the whole franchise for continue to go
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work and the wonderful legacy the 9ers has. just the last couple of days i have to admit that some of us were kind of looking very disappointed about the events regarding the blue angels and it remind us how important this is and events like the blue angels and that we can't do without because if they decide they can be here for any reason, there is real heavy breathing that goes on and that's something i felt. that means i'm enthusiastic about the americas cup and i'm
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absolutely thrilled and enthusiastic about our super bowl bid. it's bringing all the elements of our city together, the neighborhood, fan base and has that wonderful event. i have had a chance to relive the excitement of the super bowl and if i told steve young, i paced five yards in my office all day long and at home to relive this past super bowl. that just reflects the excitement that we have with the super bowl bid. now today, it's my privilege to co-announce with everyone here two people that are additional
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firepower to our super bowl bid committee. george seefrd and steve young, they really don't need an introduction but i love to talk about them to the 9ers. steve brought us his legacy. during this time, the 49ers earned the best team in the nation and continues with that legend so coach, thank you for bringing your winning record and wonderful great name to help us win another super bowl bid for super bowl 50 or 51 for the bay area. and coach seefrd's partner in 1999 was the famous quarterback steve young who through a record 6 touchdown passes during that game and became the first
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player to lead in super bowl rushing and passing. thank you for your support and leadership and lending your bid for this bay area support of this effort to bringing it all the way to the end zone. you know, george and steve and jed, we all know there is no better place in america to host the super bowl for 50 and 51 than the bay area. the game to be played in santa clara, we know that every hotel and restaurant between here and san jose will be filled and the entire region will benefit tremendously from this super bowl. that's why we have everyone from our entire departments from city administrators and super works
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to make sure we host a great event for the whole entire area. an i know that once we host this first super bowl, once we win it and host it that we'll be in the rotation for future super bowls as well. we have the hotels, hospital, transportation network, the businesses, the support to do this right and do this well. i want to just again, thank daniel, thank the entire super bowl bid committee and welcome in george and steve to join jed and daniel and all of us in making sure we persuade the nfl in may, that we have earned the right to host super bowl 50. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> as you know we have the draft coming up and for our super bowl committee team. we created to get the two top guys in the draft. we have them now, coach seefrd and steve young. it's important to echo what mayor lee said about bringing everything together. that's what sports is about, that's what sports does for a community. we've been working tirelessly to build a state of the art state -- stadium that embodies california from a technological standpoint. this is one that i'm most proud of. tht the first league national football team. for our home games we'll be powered completely by the sun. no one else can say that in professional sports in this country. that's something that
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highlights what we are trying to do and what we are trying to show what sports can be, not just for the community, but a beacon for what we should be striving for everyday of our life from a technological standpoint and stability. we are head of construction and we are moving forward and we can't wait to play game in 2014 and very much looking forward to playing a super bowl and getting ourselves in the rotation. we love the bay area and we want to show everybody else in the world that this is the greatest place to host the greatest game in the world. i would like to introduce coach seefrd and thank him and george for being a part of this. [ applause ] . >> thank you, mayor and dan, jed. i'm obviously proud and excited to be part of this
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committee that will attempt to bring the 50th super bowl to the san francisco bay area. it was i believe in 1967 that the first super bowl was played in los angeles, california. it seems only fitting now that the nfl bring the 50th super bowl to northern california in the san francisco bay area. san francisco and the area over the years has hosted successfully many nfc championship games of super bowl stanford in 1985. i thought it was 95 and most recently the world series games. we have so much to offer. we have an awesome stadium and the attractiveness in the city itself and from the wine country to the north to caramel to the south, it's a
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great venue to host the game. i'm familiar with one of the two areas in particular more than the other, the north. and at any rate, we have a tremendous tradition going back to the days of keys ar and our great football players and we have the back fields where everybody is in the hall of family, henry johnson, joe perry, i'm sure you remember all of them. now we have the great players part of our tradition. we are happy to offer a great event venue and steve young is here and he's the reason we've been able to win so many games and win the super bowl. what year was that? 1995. thank you very much. >> thanks, george. it's always
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to get reunited with him to see him. super bowl has a way of defining careers and cities and you look at the championships that have been here recently with the giants, obviously with the 49ers back in the mix and the history of 49ers we've had a history. the idea that it's here in san francisco makes sense. it's one of the greatest destination cities in america. now that's been taken care of and i appreciate those efforts. super bowls have a way of building a lot of bridges. this is a bridge building effort and i appreciate to be associated with that kind of inclusivity to allow people with any strained relationships over the
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year, that they can be amended and super bowl is a place to do that. if you think about where the super bowl has been in the past and compare it to san francisco, san francisco lacks nothing. really the entire bay area to host a tremendous event. i think it obviously makes sense to everybody here but nationwide, people think about the bay area and of course it makes sense. i look forward to that game and hopefully winning that bid next month. thanks a lot. [ applause ] . >> steve, george. thank you very much for coming on board. supervisor ferrel, thank you for all your efforts on the supervisor side. mayor lee, jed, thank you all. we'll take, you guys can grab us afford. we -- may 7, bid is due, may 27
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we present in boston to the owners and with this team behind us, we are getting it done. thank you. have a great day.
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>> april 16, 2013 before we call the roll just like you to take a few seconds and in consideration of what happened in boston. okay. call the roll. >> commissioner lee. >> here. >> commissioner hyde. >> here. >> commissioner akers. >> here. >> we have a quorum and for the record commissioner tan is absent. commissioner perez is absent for the moment and commissioner newlin is absent.
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>> item number one pent comment. this is the opportunity that the public may address the commission on items that are under our jurisdiction which are not on the agenda. i have one card. marsha garland. >> [inaudible] >> hold on. >> try it again. >> [inaudible] >> try it now. >> live from new york. my name is mashie garland and i am here to address you during public
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comment to announce publicly to the people who watch this on television that live at the razz closed a couple of weeks ago. a lot of people have asked me the reasons why, and i would say without all the back stories really are nothing in my view but gossip. they were overwhelmed by the bureaucracy, but they most importantly went into a building that had a readapted use. i see you nodding your head commissioner. i have seen this before with piena and at the theater complex where a business went in as a restaurant and as soon as it changed to have entertainment it didn't work because the building wasn't designed to house anything like that. this beautiful show room where live at the razz went had the same
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problems. when i went there -- i went there for the lot of four months as patty lapone. the food was good and security was great and i don't believe there were complaints about those performances and you were mag nammous to give them and show case her for time she was here but it wasn't enough to save the business and they are leaving san francisco or i suspect they are and either this commission or the planning commission has to find a way to project applicants like live at the razz from this happening in the future. there is a lot of buildings that get reused. ghirardeli square is another
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one and i believe they were the first in the country and it's great to see them get used but not when we lose businesses like this so thank you very much. >> thank you. is there any other public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. [gavel] >> item number two review and approve the minutes of march 5, 2013 and april 2, 2013. okay. commissioners. is there a motion? >> i move to approve. >> we have a motion. do we have a second? >> second. >> we have a motion and a second. is there public comment on our minutes? seeing none call the roll. >> commissioner.
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>> i. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner ache. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> next up report from the executive director. you're up. >> thank you commissioners. i didn't write anything down. this is going to be a short report. there is legislation to address as a item today and there is nothing to report new on that order. i wanted to introduce you to the woman sitting across from me who you may or may not recognize. our secretary crystal stewart has left for her maternity leave and you will have to assist me with your name. nidar. >> [inaudible] >> she will be filling in for crystal in the office and at
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the meetings, and she's smart as a whip so say hi. >> hi. >> and lastly i just wanted to update the commission relative to a seven day ses spens under the headings of corrective action that we issued to sloane night club at 1525 mission street. we put out a seven day suspension that went to appeal and that was withdrawn and with negotiation and we were able to do a suspension of the entertainment permit from april 10-16, 2013. mr. granelli may report further but i believe they did remained closed during that time and we hope to see improvements in their operation going forward. i think that's all i'm going to talk to you about at this time. vajra did
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you want to pick it up? sorry. >> commissioners i will also keep my comments short. you will see in your binders my report. a few things. one, you will see the complaints of brick and mortar. we have been receiving complaints for a while under the commission knows and they have received three citations in six months so we're talking to the management of brick and mortar to come in for the next commission meeting so they will come before you for possible recondition of their permits and possible suspension. under the code three citations in three months for the same offense each time automatically puts them into possible
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citation or suspension so we're bringing them before -- ms. cane and i felt beyond just doing the suspension it a recondition could come in handy so i wanted to give this commission a head's up and hopefully if things go well it's next meeting and you will see cafe cocoa mow and continues to be a problem and we are working on that sound complaint and rocko pocko and we have met with the management and ingle side station so they are changing some of the security protocols and working closer with ingleside station and ourselves and the good news both incidents in the week happened with the same promoter and they're no longer doing business
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with that promoter so that is a good first step. going through the list as far as highlights we also have been talking to commission statement and permit officer. we're talking. we're seeing increase of incidence at a couple more places and we will working and talking to management of both of those venues. is there are any other questions we will keep it short. >> questions commissioners. >> i open the floor to public comment. >> sore i didn't see you. >> the people doing the promotion at rocko polco are they on the list for promoters? >> this particular promoter was out of l.a. and to our knowledge they were not. >> so since we have that list so
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we can hold the promoters accountable how are we doing that? >> how are we doing -- >> how are we holding the promoters from l.a. accountable? >> if they're not registered there isn't much we can do and the respond is with the venue and who they're doing business with. >> i understand but we had the list and it was to help keep promoters in line, and hold them responsible for bad behavior -- >> so that's why i need to interrupt you and explain. you're not the only persons that has those perceptions around the registry. it's simply a registry so the city has an idea to who is doing business. it's not something to hold the promoter responsible to the e at the present time we don't have. >> >> permits or any way to make a
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promoter responsible. certainly if a violent incident occurred or criminal in nature and we have information about who this is we can give that to the police or the investigations or whatever it is that is pursuant to what happened but respective to our permittee it was always a list to know who was operating, but we were always and have always operated with the intention of holding venue operator responsible which is what we have done there and their response has been to stop using that promoter which i think is the best outcome at this point. >> okay. thank you. >> any other questions commissioners? i open the floor to public comment on the executive director's report. seeing none public comment is closed. next item


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