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tv   [untitled]    April 25, 2013 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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language barrier. >> he said good afternoon. i'm mac i'm a member of the yes program. this is a program that is for the youth and the yes program is supported to me and my fellow
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youth. it's a save place for us to learn and to help each other anti inside the program. this is another way to meet up with your friends. and the yes program it's a big help because especially for the null immigrant youth to give guidance and support to the things they're facing daily and especially for the null immigrant youth >> i'm going to read a couple of more names. (calling names)
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>> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm a member of the program. yes, this program is a program for youth i can go into save place instead of going somewhere and getting into trouble. i want you to support the program and another program called youth summer. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm with the south market community. so we're here today because our youth program has been completely cut from d c y f. we don't have a high school in
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our neighborhood so a lot of is down on the ground. our program started because there was a lot of conflicts before the immigrant groups therefore for summer camp we didn't want to duplicate but we wanted to support the youth leadership. we do political education we also help youth with housing issues. this program is really important to them because it not only give them a sense of belonging in helping them transition from
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culture shock as immigrants it also empowers them to have a large community. so we hope you said support our youth by restoring our funding. >> thank you. next speaker >> i'm the executive director for the south market. we've been very happy to be partnering with programs and a unfortunately we were kit by 22 percent of what we currently have. it's a small non-profit education this has had an impact
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on our ability to help girls. we provided education on sex and nutrition and a variety of other issues. and we know that girls are not getting in school. and your considering cutting our art program. and finally our college and career programs will only serve girls for 50 hours duty u cut down from 90 hours. we're concerned about the reduction in our serves. in addition we're really a small staff of 3 and so we're facing
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some potential staffing rescues. i want to thank d c y f for their partnership and encourage you all to review what's been our previous funding level. thank you >> the organization with oasis for girls; is that right. >> we're going located in the western area and we work with the deaf and hard of hearing. we took a hit we're going to be losing $25,000. and in san francisco there are 2 hundred and 50 youth that are deaf and hard of hearing.
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last year alone with the support of d c y f we placed 20 youth with jobs. this summer we'll placed 15 youth. and i'm just readily sad and disappointed to know that the disabilities community isn't being represented in all of d c y f. i only saw two agencies that were ript folks with disabilities. it's up setting come to you >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm the director of the african-american art and a culture complex we're
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going to be losing half of our funding which is concerting because we have have to eliminate all of our after school programs and summer programs and some of our staff. this is a huge part of those concerns. this would leave a huge segment of our community under served it is the population from public housing and it would render the program attend folks no where to go. those programs would be eliminated from our curriculum. we rely a lot of a lot on our
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grant. we would ask that there are any consideration would be given we'd appreciate that. >> good afternoon. i'm jennifer. i'm the director of the boys and girls services in san francisco. i want to thank the staff. i wanted to speak about two things we've been disappointed in one is a simple reduction in funding and the second is the process. we've been required to submit applications individually for each of our 9 sites. we did so with a lot of specificity in the community we serve and those look different
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in the different community and yet we received the same funding amount for school year and summer. it doesn't make sense. we have clubs that serve smaller clubhouses and the larger ones get the same funding. we in our clubs last year provided 2 hundred jobs for the boys and girls club in the teams. we have comprehensive career and education programs. and this is the specialized k to
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8 program we received no money. so we're really disappointed about it and hope i will reconsider getting back some of our funding thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker >> i'm a project coordinator in the workforce program at c y c. i want to first thank you for funding our program but as the new proposal they have cut funding for my program. and c y c has always provided it's for the youth that come to our case manages and the youth
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can get back on track. the kid have made mistakes but they're making an effort to restore any misconduct and spleefk the c y c has been great in providing education for the asian city. so i have kids in tenderloin and our program understand the needs of the community a lot of the families are immigrant and parents don't have the status to get a job. so this is helping the families and helping them asked you in the long term and it's
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disappointing. i have a lot of kids who want to grow after high school and into college i hope i reconsider the proposal and look at the youth population that are being - >> thank you, very much. next speaker please and. >> with have a mission to build community with the lesbian and gay kweerp and questioni- as su
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may know we have over 25 hundred kids we've seen horrific acts of one thousand of our students have reported attempting killing themselves and we can't calculate what that trauma costs our communities were two years we tried to have a great program working with staff and teachers both who are receptive with the program and who are not comfortable with the program. our model has been adopted middle school and balboa school
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and in our packet you'll find a model of practice and letters of support from principles. but the hud hazed identified our program as unique. we were shocked we weren't going to receive fund. this would eliminate our program from the san francisco schools >> thank you very much next speaker. >> i'm on the board of supervisors for our district. >> i'm a 15-year-old student. the reason i recommend the
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program for us students who need a safe heaven. we need to create our own save program and this will help me embrace my sexiest. i thought my condition was a sickness but in participating in the program thanks to the program my relationship with my mother has become better. this has told me about the lgb community. i've become more confident and fabulous. i felt survey in school and the seminar helped me to get my
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grades up. before my program i was bullied and judged by my peers and i was not engaged in social activities. this has been a great program. others will have the same experience i did >> before the next speaker let me call a few more names (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm here on behalf of the lyric i'm here because the program was not fund. i'm going to be reading a section of a letter.
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this letter is a support of lyric on behalf of the peer resources commissions with the leadership of young people advocating for young people. to understand that to support the best opportunity for our cities youth we need good partnerships. lyric has been one of the most critical partners. i want to share a piece of a letter from the high school. at times i faced the depressions. there was this time that i might have turned people gay. these are so many of the items that we're told about. i feel very provided to talk
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about this. before our partnership with balboa partnership i find it hard to identify with invokes. i was disappointed but i'm glad that our partnership in the last two years we hope to include families next year >> thank you. >> i'm here to speak about the if you happened for the baby youth advocates program. first of all, i'd like to thank everyone for they're first two years of supporting this program.
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as we know a lot of young people from the bay view district do not get to interact with other youths they find a bay school interest 0 so it's the one home but there's no space for them to talk to one another where they feel empowered to do things like that. to talk about stress and trauma two of the youths are standing behind n me in solidity. we want them to spread their voices it's not just the youth in my program. so i would really like to have everyone reconsider the zero
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proposal for the group in the future. >> thank you very much. before the next speaker two more cards. and just so everyone knows we're taking the speaker cards in the order. >> so we received about a $100,000 rescues in our program and i'd like to talk about. we have run the food pan try which delivers food to 4 hundred low income folks. 9 the percent of our youth and seniors are first generation
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immigrants and low income. so in the last two years we've sign them develop their leadership bloilt and speaking skills. so this program is no longer going to do be available to our youth and seniors. we also a had a program called camp higher is a it week 8 a day program. that program pass featured guest speakers and literacy training. and a lot of our youth have been able to be placed in jobs.
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we also feel strongly that those programs really help support the capacity of the relationships. this is an important issue. >> good afternoon. i'm ratio he will the executive director which runs the site multiple housing development. we employ 76 staff members. as a staff member we talk about the impact that we serve by your programs but one of the things i want to mention is not only serves the area but the richest
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monday district we're also employers. so with any funding rescues to our programs it's not just about the programs itself but about the employees that are running the programs. i wanted to emphasize that some of the impacts of those decisions will impact jobs as well. just to emphasize some of the points. the reductions to the youth program is not only going to effect our youth but the other progresses has been about learning our resources. we have done so every single program we have levies the other
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programs. this will have a indirect impact on our other city agencies. we want all to collaborate that which one reduced the funding it effects other programs. that's all thank you. >> thank you supervisors it's wonderful to hear all the voices from the city. i'm the director of the richmond district. we're running a comprehensive and high quality set of programmed from kindergarten through 12 grade. we washington village beacon and we do youth leadership and
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empowerment. which was cut. we are the anchor for the north side and we serve children from every district in the area we run the after school collaborative. so when the cuts are made it effects our ability to provide services. and one of the programs was the multiple arts program. jan has been running that program and i'm going to let her thank you for supporting it >> yeah. i want to thank you you for funding our program for the last couple of years.
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i'm very sorry not happy that our program being cut. we've been serving children for the last 26 years. we offer free artwork shops for children throughout the whole san francisco ear ages 6 to 12 and it's - we offer multiple workshops and they've been with us from kindergarten through fifth grade. i want to thank you. the opportunity hope i will restore our program. thank you >> i'm the founder of inner city youth. over our tenure we have seen
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many of our folks lose their lives to prison. this forces inner city youth on a mall program to a one stop. in 2013 and 2016 d c y inner city youth receives a 55 cut to our program. it's our opinion that a reduction in our program would have a disproportion at. most of our folks are drop outs from school live with their
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grandparent. the most significant population we serve is they are very likely to be incriminating crime. this helps us to reengage our clients education and careers were receive coaching from professionals and since march we have focused on motivation to excellent achievement. we try to help other young black man's. it's a strategy we have in response to gang violation. a reduction in this program will interrupt our ability to help
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folks >> thank you, very much. i'm going to call more names. (calling names). please come forward we're running a little bit definitely late here so the next meeting will be delayed. >> i been in this program for a year. funding for this program is important to me it gave me many opportunities. i started out with volunteering every thursdays and soon i got involved in this program. i made many friends from different schools and a different grades.


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