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tv   [untitled]    April 25, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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you believe they're going to use less over that time and a supervisor i'm talking about their entire budget they have a many 3 hundred and have $6 million budget and by june 3rd they're going to have more than that. my point is supervisor if you don't accept our recommendation or reserve it it will the department will spend it on overtime in my judgment unnecessarily. i'm sigg to the board to reassure yourself whether or not i'm right or they're right
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reduce or reserve this let me let them come back and justify and we will then again dependently look at it >> if you're saying we find ways to generate more overtime it will automatically happen. if that's true and then if we just tell them come back later if their bound and determined to spend unnecessary it's going to be done is if what you're saying is true i don't know what you're solution is if it meets it.
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we have a fundamental discussion about the overtime needs. >> let me supervisor you make a valid point. most of the overtime that is extended by the fire department and the police department and the municipal transportation addition is valid and neat and justified. but there is some overtime supervisors in each of those departments that that money did not need to be extended over time. if you did take our remedies it would shed a little bit more light on what in what capacity the fire department.
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and if they have, in fact, shown the need it must be spent on overtime my office with recommendation approval
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>> mr. rose talks about his reputation i'm a huge fan. i'm not going to talk about my reputation if you want us to come back to you i'm delighted to say i told you so. if you could do a reverse on the
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tape you would see he came up with this last year. if you're decision is we need to come back to you we'll do the best we can. it's not 0 superiority or a game i work for a high quality department and respect the members of the fire department. i take this seriously. i think if anything some of my members we'll overtime tried to achieve the 18 hundred members but i can tell you we need a lot more than 18 hundred arrest
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we're going to get there with those classes. it's not staking my reputation. i've been the chief for 10 years i'm not going to stake my reputation on that but i will come back and tell you about the disputed amount on reserve. >> i want to thank you for the presentation. i do think that this has nothing to do with the newspaper article but i think it's important when we're looking the appropriation for any city department it's not about questioning their reputation or their ability to micromanaging the department. this has been an issue for many, many years. with that i think we should
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accept the recommendation of our budget analyst and if this happens to come back be before us i think that based my review of the budget analyst report i was exist to have some you saves and adding a new class to the department to deal with this issue of mandatory overtime. we've got to be really, really conservative and to have something with no clear digestion at this point based on a delayed budget analysis is something we shouldn't do. at this point, i want to move forward with the budget analyst remedies and if there's a need in the future there's a process. this is our responsibility to
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taxpayers that we're watching every single dime and i think we need to move forward in this. >> we're going to have to open up to public comment in a second. and we need to fulfill fund our safety departments as he it should be a priority of our city to do that. chief mentioned a fire in my district it's easy to poke when you have articles but the underlying fact is we depend up
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upon. public comment is closed. >> i'm okay with the recommendation. i'm okay to go to the recommendation. if we have people on the
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committee. did you make a recommendation to a motion. well, i made a recommendation we support the >> i'm not going to support that motion and i agree with the sentiment behind it but all i know preapprove or not approve
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that. perhaps i can ask someone to explain this. >> actually, we have no objection it's the same thing except that and if the turns out we're correct and the money is still there it will do just what you want it to be to go back
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into the fund so the bottom line it would expedite a process and achieve the same objective. >> we need to close3 4 f1... ..
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>> making a production based on actual data about what the overtime needs are going to be. it's not a number the department pulled out of thin air. i understand mr. rhodes disagrees and i totally understand that but the fact is we are close to the end of the fiscal year and i think the department knows what its needs are and i won't be supporting the motion to reduce the request. >> supervisor beady, any more comments? or chief do you have anything to add? >> i do, just one final thing. i get and i appreciate the conversation. i also appreciate mr. rhodes which i think is sort of a compromise,
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if you will. i'm all about efficiency, i know all of you are. it sounds as if, and you all know this better than i do, but it sounds as if what you are proposing, supervisor, adds to the process in terms of not being very efficient. you are still going to achieve the same thing. we're not going to get the same thing. a few less paperwork, administrative hoops to jump through. our staffing being what it is, with your staffing being what it is, i think it's more efficient if it's going to achieve the same thing. the funds are going to be held and i want you to hold us accountable for every dollar. maybe to what mr. rhodes is agreeing to and we're agreeing on this, it might be a happy medium and i'm just asking because of staff time and you well know the workload that mr. corso has, he shoulders the burden of going through what we need to go
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through to get back on square 1 again as opposed to maybe you are familiar with the concept held in reserve in this committee and if it is one or two less steps, better it is for everyone. >> so -- go ahead. >> chief. >> i'd like to make this cut and i'd like the fire department to make it work. we can do it, you can do it. you can do it. make this cut, you can make it work. then we can go on and you don't have to waste any more overtime being here while we are discussing this because i think we're at the point and we can go around in circles but we've already had this conversation 5 times over. and i think it's really, we have 3 votes to do it and then i think the fire department, you have everything in your power and the mind power and the bodies to make it work within the means we provide today. i would like to see that happen.
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>> okay, colleagues, if there's no more discussion, perhaps we should have a roll call vote. mr. clerk. >> on the motion to accept the budget analyst's recommendation? >> correct. motion on the amendments. >> on the amendments. >> yes. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> supervisor breed. >> aye. >> supervisor weaner. >> no. >> the motion passes. >> then a vote on the ordinance as amended. >> on the vote on the ordinance as amended. >> and we can move it forward to the board with a recommendation. can we do that without opposition, colleagues, as amended? okay, so moved. >> thank you. >> mr. clerk, do we have any other items.
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>> that completes the agenda. >> okay, we are adjourned. (meeting adjourned).
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tape 55 >> welcome, this is carl. >> great to meet you. >> great to me you, and i want to thank you for your interest and this is the city's animal shelter. and come in and a lot of people come here to adopt a animal or if they have lost their animal or looking for other animals. and we deal with other animals like birds and rabbits and you name it. this is more to see in this facility and more to see in the community. and i suggest you go with an animal control person and see what they co, whether rescuing
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animals in distress or hit by a car or dealing with aggressive animals or wildlife or a variety of things. you can only get that flavor with them and doing it first hand. >> i have been with animal control for about six years, i spent a year in the kennel and then the office came up and i started doing it and it really fit. it's really the job for me. and animals i have to handle and i know what i am doing, i rarely get scared. [whistle]. we do a lot of investigations and most are not as bad as people report but everyone once in a while they are. and i had one and people had moved out and the dog was in the
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inside and it makes me teary and when the dog is in the backyard, and i can pull an animal out of a horrible environment and feel good. >> where does this animal go after this? >> they go for the shots and then the kennel. >> and if they just found this, and once we enter everything in the computer and they can track to find out if the dog went back home. we hold them for five days. >> this is a stray dog and it came in today and we immobilize it and then put it in a room with food and water. >> and then evaluate for
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medical behavior and see if anyone is interested in adopting then. >> we want to be sure that their behavior is good for the average adopter and not aggression problem, toward people or animals. >> and if they growl and don't bite the hand, she passes that. and good girl, in case she has something in her mouth, we get it out. and one more test, called the startle test and it startled hear but she came to me. and passed the handling test. >> for the mental exam i feel for lumps and bumps. and the ears and see if they
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are infected and look at the eyes and be sure they are clear and don't have cataracts and look at their teeth and heart. this is the first job that i feel i make a dvrngs. -- difference. and we may do 40 to 80 animals a day for treatments. and do blood work and skin scrapings and cultures to diagnose different diseases. and x-rays, i can take an animal that would be euthanized at a different shelter and fix it and get it ready for a home. >> we have a partnership and we let a professional groomer run a private business from our facility and in turn grooms our shelter animals. what is the big deal of that?
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when someone comes to adopt an animal, if it looks good, chances are it will be adopted more. >> and we groom and clean the ears and the works. >> typically a shelter wouldn't have grooming? >> not at all. and these dogs are treated with the utmot -- utmost care that others can't provide. this is a shampoo to bring out the luster. and i feel satisfied in helping the shelter pets be adopted and to be a part of such a wonderful staff, from the top all the way down. if she passes our evaluation, she will stay until she's adopted. if you are interested in
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adoption and don't want to put them to sleep, that means at a last resort, we will give you a call before putting to sleep. you are not bound to the dog, and we would give you a call, and it's an actual adoption and cost $107 and it will be your dog. >> the volunteers to meet are the unsung heroes in this field that take the animals to hope and nurse them to get strong enough to come down and rehome. without volunteers, i would have to be honest to say this wouldn't be much more than a pound. we thank god that we have the number of committed people coming down and helping us out, it makes all the difference in the world. >> when you want to come in and
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volunteer, you go through a general orientation, about two hours. there is a lot of flexibility. and the various programs available, are baseline dog walking. you can work with the cats. you can work with tony's kitty rescue, with the small animals and guinea pigs and birds and chickens. >> you always have an appreciative audience. >> do you feel that what you have learned here helped you with your own dogs? >> the training they don't have? yes. and it's things that you learn, we usually outlive our dogs and every time you get a new one, you have skills to teach them. >> one of the programs is
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training program and it's staffed by a member of the community and one of the programs she has is dog socialization. >> we started this program for canine socialization. and all the dogs available for adoption get to play for two hours. and it's a time for them to get incredible exercise and play with other dogs and we have remedial socialization. and it's incredible the dogs and they get exercise and run and tumble and when most adopters come to look in the afternoon, they are quiet and settled. >> and i want come and someone sees a dog and loves it, it's quick.
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and after three weekends, i saw him and he connected and i connected and came back. >> what is your experience of working with the animals? >> unbelievable. from the guy that is came to the house and everyone here, they are friendly and knowledge believe and -- knowledgeable and they care about the animals. >> and it's a great place to visit and look at the animals and maybe fall in love and take one home. and look at our grooming program and volunteer program and many say, hey, this
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we will start with the roll call. (calling names). for those of you who are not aware commissioner dorothy lou resigned at our lastometer and hopefully next meeting well have somebody sitting on that seat >> first agenda is matters appearing or not appearing on our agenda in our jurisdiction of our commission.


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