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tv   [untitled]    May 23, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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bit of history. we although the district was under a federal lawsuit for accessability. one of the schools was the willie brown school. it was having some enrollment difficulties to say the least, the academic difficulties, and the board of education made a decision, rather to invest 10,000 to modernize a building that would be nothing but a bad building to look at demolishing that school and giving it a new birth. that's the path we have embarked on and we're pursuing that with, you know, warp spreed and looking toward the end when we have kids in the school. we have been working on the project for a year now
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and construction project has been awarded and the design is being finalized and let me walk you through the design. one of the things about the willie brown site obviously it was a really badly designed building, setback from the street, had nothing to do with the community, the neighborhood was heavily vandalized and was never a good partner with anybody. we wanted to reinvent what the school can be. we looked at one site of the corner from another site and the ground slope is 75 feet. so it's a challenging slope willing site. the marshal is above the site and it does have spectacular views of the bay. it has some challenging streets, fast moving traffic, it has neighbors across the way that
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were someway disfranchised from the property. so all of these things -- architects like to talk in terms of bubbles so the first thing we did was look at what are the critical site factors on the property. where does the traffic come from, where does the one come from, where are the views, where are the people's houses who are most impact and where are the children who are most likely to attend the school and so forth. out of that and a number of meetings and we'll talk about meeting in a minute came basic kind of bubble concept of where the logical place was to put the front door of the school. the classrooms, open spaces, big buildings like gymnasiums.
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all of that drive a central core idea. one is to move the building apart of the street and make it apart of the neighborhood and two to develop it as a campus, not as a monumental building like apptos middle school or mission high school but develop it more like a residential style building, but it's difficult to do that when you imagine the old willie brown middle school is 35,000 square foot and the new willie brown school is going to be 85,000 square foot. so two and a half times the size because there's many more things going on. so the challenge was to take that volume, put it on the site and not make it look like home depot. and that's very hard to do. once we look at
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certain kinds of bubbles, architects like to look at relationships we look at where people want to resemble and where do they want to gather, where do they want to have a wellness center and do science and where do they want to go. all those are inter related before you put solid lines on a piece of paper. meanwhile, while all of this is going on, we're meeting with the academic folks and meeting with the community in a wide range of participates and we'll talk about that in a second. the driving force before stem even came on the playing field was that willie brown was going to be pay school that focused on science, art, and music. those were the guidance perimeter that drove the design. some
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was based on what we felt we needed to do at that school to not just attract them from the community but all over the district so it's successful, because we can build the world's beautiful school and if on opening day, there's 100 kids who have enrolled we would have failed. the challenge is everything needs to be in place on opening day on day one so we have 250, 6 graders, and we open with a six grade class or a partial seventh grade class and those enrollments are full and ready to go. all of those bubbles translate in real concepts and if you look at the next slide, you'll see the building of a generation of a plan. the front door being on the corner of silver and
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reveer. a central quad or hub because everybody we talk to in all aspects of the community talked about a place to gather and a place to meet, a lot of the conversations dealt around certain african american traditions and restore of practices, a lot of which are circular and out of that came a plan. and those plans became real rooms where the six grade goes, where the seventh grade goes and the science goes and the campus is defined by a series of buildings where the classrooms are where the gymnasium is and the outdoor spaces point to go the views of the bay. if you look at the design, you see a gazillion meeting, so all the meeting love the line are community and public communities including the southeast commission and
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several meelting with former mayor brown, reverend brown and community meeting at mlk and other schools and the meetings below the line shows what meeting they held with the academic staff. at the end of that road came a plan and the plan puts the building on the street, it puts the front door at the prow of silver and puts a space in the middle where everything focuses into. it put a green garden, science outdoor area in a place where the sun is most likely to shine. it puts the gym and the science technology piece as one building more buried in the back of the hill. and off of silver, off of its own driveway
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it puts what will be a wellness center hopefully with a link to ucfa and others to provide dental and medical for those students throughout the district. what i want to show you briefly are a series of images of the new school and i'm going to put on the screen a computer generated video that will sort of if you're in a helicopter flying by, you can get a firsthand look at what this might look like if you were on a jet flying off to the wild blue underer. here's an image on silver. we're trying to keep the building down. the
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main entrance and its library and the multi purpose building and if you got to the end of the building, you would drive to the wellness area. this can a community, farmers market on the weekend. if you're looking on reveer and the library, you're looking at the multi purpose room theater on the right with all the windows, we've made a conscious effort in the design not to build this as a fortress but build this as a welcoming building. we're taking a gamble. it's going to have glass and look hospitable and apart of the community and we hope they're going to like it and take care of it. and that's the responsible thing to
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do. q. there's a building and the multiple purpose room and the wellness center is on the right and the arts is in the middle. this is a view of the gym looking past of the garden area. the central quad, central hub where we hope the life of the school will happen all the stiem. and looking back toward the central quad. the floorplan where we have a division of the 7th grade, 8th grade. we have a library and computer rooms and small theater, music, storage for musical instruments, it's going
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to be an exciting building. just for your reference, the entire project is hard to digest these numbers. to build a school like this is $500 a square foot. you construct it and design it is $55 million. it's provided by the voters of san francisco and all of us who understand how important quality education is in san francisco. it's going to be a great building. we're going to have solar panels on the roof and collecting rain water. it's going to be a flagship not only for everything we do academically in the district but everything we want to do in terms of sustainable environments and practical construction that makes sense in the school environment that we're in. it should be a great opportunity in every way.
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sense we have started the plan, obviously the district adopted the stem science technology engineer, and math initiative, that piece is in sort of full throttle of what does it mean and what will it mean at this school if opening day is set for august 2015 that means by the previous march or february 2014, the district needs its full marketing enrollment strategy in place. that probably means the principal. that means s a core curriculum and that planning has begun to happen. the superintendent is putting those pieces of the puzzle in place but when you run the clock backward when you
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realize to put 256 and some seventh graders in that school, nine months previous to that, everybody has no know what they're enrolling for and six or eight months previous to that, the curriculum and everything needs to be established. so all of those pieces are sort of in motion. the piece that is most sort of undefined yet are -- who our partners will be so in order for the wellness center to be successful, we have a design, we have rooms, what we don't have is a dental chair, we don't have medical equipment and dentist and doctors so that partnership has -- that conversation has begun but that partnership hadn't been forged. and that's on the table as well. okay. >> thank you so much mr. golden. supervisor yee.
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>> real quick question. i couldn't -- hi, mr. golden. >> quick question. i couldn't tell from the diagrams whether or not if one had to have from one building to another, can you get to one building to another while going outside? because i'm thinking in terms of whether sometimes it's going to be pouring. >> and the answer to your question is most of the time the answer is you can. i think to get to the science and technology building, i'm not sure if there's a cover all the way, i don't think so. so at some point like a lot of our schools you probably have to make a dash in bad weather, but these are little school kids and they're tough. >> and so if you like to take two minutes, we can show you the video. are you interested
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in. >> let's see the video. >> i don't have questions. i think it is really cool. because my time on the school board and i don't remember the last time we build -- car michael might have been the last two schools built, but this is exciting and it's really interesting to see some of the different ways that you -- i guess i wasn't apart of the conceptualize process. [brief pause to switch captioners]
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community, members wanted in a
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school, and there were actually a huge number of those things in some way shape or form that got incorporated in terms of where the building should be and the sense of place and the kinds of things that are happening. >> we feel like in general, this has been an amazing collaborativive process. there are things happening in this building that are not happening any place else in a middle school that require, the academic side of the house to partner with the facilities side in a way that usually doesn't happen and i think that design is incredibly important, but we can, we as architects can do the most beautiful building in the world and we need a great teachers and
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principal and we need the district to commit all of the direct funds to make this school a success and if all of that happens, i actually think that the kids will come. let me show you the video, it is kind of fun and see if it moves. this video is two giga byte so it takes a lot of computer power to make it go. >> so you are flying around on silver, and you are swinging around on the driveway that would take you to the wellness center, if you just want to go to the wellness center. and you are looking back into the hub on the playground, swinging around the gym, and you are pretty high up on the hill, passing what are the science wing and the 5, 6, and
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7th grade science classroom and now you are coming down on revere and off the science classrooms on to where the green garden are and the tanks on the back are to collect the rain water to irrigate the fields and do the things that we need. we are swinging back down the multipurpose room which has windows that open on a spectacular view of bay, classrooms below, the library and the front door. >> wow. >> what? >> and 65 percent of the schools powered by solar on the roof which is pretty much the maximum amount of solar panels that you can put and we are going to own the solar. i can't have everything. any way so that is kind of where we are and i am happy to
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come back any time, for those of you that don't know the old willie brown is gone, golden gone and it is now sort of growing, nice grass and weeds and waiting for us to start. we are going to start the foundation and some of the grading fairly soon and we will be in full construction in the next 6 or 7 months as soon as we finish the design with the state architect. everything is in place and we are ready to go and money is in place and all that we need is partners thank you. >> thank you so much mr. golden, at this time we will open up for public comment. >> seeing none and public comment is closed >> so, would we like to file this item? or continue it? >> by the fall we will be in
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construction. >> this fall? >> we will be doing the grading and the foundations probably not the main building quite that fast. it is really at your pleasure whenever you like. >> okay. so why don't we take a motion to file it, if we want to requestion ... rerequest a hearing. >> if you wanted to file and bring it back have the academic side of the house to come and give the present that presentation that i am not qualified to give. >> i did realize that we want to talk about the curriculum but that was not in the actual awarding of the hearing request and we will file this item and do another hearing request on the other side. but mr. golden, thank you so much, this is very exciting. >> my pleasure. >> and i am really excited for the city and the south east sector and seeing no further comments, we have a motion to file this item and we can do that without objection >> madam clerk are there any
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other items or announcements? >> seeing none, meeting is adjourned. thank you to everybody. >> thank you, norman. >> thank you.>> the court is nog applications for the civil grand
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jury. this investigative watchdog body is comprised of 19 public spirited citizens. >> we are seeking candidates from all walks of life, 18 or older, who will bring to the grand jury a wide spectrum of talent, ideas, and issues of concern. >> for more information, visit the civil grand jury website at the civil grand jury website at or c
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the civil grand jury website at or c aah! i'm a lion! yes, you are. come here. let's see how this looks. hey, how's my little horse? she's a lion. yes, she is. grrr! ha ha! announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. when you adopt a child from foster care, just being there makes all the difference. >> being a pedestrian in san francisco is not easy for anybody. >> [inaudible] people push tables and chairs outside the
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sidewalk. >> i have to be careful not to walk the sidewalk. it is very hard. >> sometimes people get half way across the intersection. >> you have to be alert because there is always something coming up that you need to know about. >> i learned to listen to the traffic patterns. sometimes i notice the other pedestrians, they are crossing, on occasion, i have decided i'm going to cross, too. i get to the middle of the intersection, and i find out that the light has changed. >> we need to be able to work and go from one place to the
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other and have public transportation. the world needs to be open. >> people on disability has the task of addressing all the disability. when we are talk about the sidewalks, ramps, we have very specific issues. for people blind and low vision, we have the issue of knowing where they are and when the cross. it can be hit or miss. >> at hulk and grove, that sound the the automatic -- it helps people cross the street safely. >> now we have a successful
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pedestrian signal. >> i push the button, i get an audible message letting me know that i need to wait. when it is safe to cross, not only am i going to get an audible indicator, this button is going to vibrate. so it tells me it is safe. there is the driller sound and this trigger is vibrating. i am not relying on anything but the actual light change, the light cycle built into it.