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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2013 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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good afternoon, supervisors. i'm peter war field, executive director of library users association. san francisco public library is extraordinarily rich thanks to measures passed by the voter, and it should be able to afford the best of everything, the best of everything should include generous open hours, excellent books and materials, budgets, and no unnecessary fines and fees which we know discourage usage by a lot of people. yet the library wants, forted last two meeting and will be discussing later this week, a plan to cut all of the evening hours that are now where the library is open till 9:00, they want to cut it back to 8 o'clock and that includes 18
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branches at 42 locations which we have talked about being a travesty of what a library should be doing and of what the library's own patrons and users have said they want anecdotally to librarianses and routinely in the library's own surveys. the library has come up apparently with a last-minute change to that plan and i'm very glad that they seem to be considering a pull back from that radical cut to evening hours. but that has not passed yet. it's just a proposal and the latest that we've heard from the library commission is cuts and cuts. how rich is san francisco public libraries, of libraries listed in the library publication that serve 500,000 people or more, san francisco is second out of 87 in expenditures per capita.
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san francisco has twice as much money to spend per person as three quarters of these libraries who three quarters of them live on half or less what our [speaker not understood]. we should be getting the best [inaudible]. >> next speaker, please. hi, i'm ed [speaker not understood]. i will read a poem to you. this is a poem called "it's all my fault." it's our fault that there are too many young children without their father's in the home. it's our fault that so many children haven't seen their father's in years. it's our fault that many children feel emotionally empty on father's day. it's our fault, too, that many father's left their children and their mothers to struggle alone. it's our fault that fatherless children feel embarrassed [speaker not understood] in the classroom. it's about the describing their father.
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it's our fault that we grew up without our father being there. it's our fault that the vision of our father -- the vision of our fathers only from what we heard, not from what we know. it's our fault that we have to give up [speaker not understood] to become the man or the mother of the house. it's our fault that too many boys and girls and young men have no respect for women. it's our fault that sons and daughters [speaker not understood] even that their father's don't love them. it's our fault that we don't frequently hear these words from your father, i love you. i love you, son. i love you, daughter. it's our fault that our father wasn't there for you and your mother when your brother was murdered. it's our fault that gangs are taking place without families. so many caring people say that just want to have one person, help one young person. we respect the intentions but we want to have hundreds, thousands, and possibly millions. too many young persons and people already lost their lives to violent crimes. many more will also, it's our
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fault that we do so today. this is something great and i hope you'll come out to my court day on tuesday the 25th in room 5 14 and also they have something on racial profiling 21st century at the munson center on mission on the 24th monday. that's 47 60 mission. come out, racial profiling in the 21st century [speaker not understood]. thank you. >> thanks. next speaker. good evening. i would like to talk on the sensitive subject of obstruction of justice. currently the department of justice is aggressively pushing for child pornography prosecutions and in california we've given credit to the county of santa clara for their
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aggressive task force. according to my research, i don't see the mayor's office or the board of supervisors putting out any publicity about those two subjects. secondly, the state attorney general is aggressively trying to stop human trafficking. rumor has it san francisco is a destination point and i hate to see it spread to districts 4 and 7. so, let's put it this way. this is a friendly reminder that if nothing is done, eventually, eventually other sources will find out the truth and then somebody will come in here and bring up the subject of obstruction of justice and let's put it this way. we still haven't forgotten about that residency question in 2008. so, you take your chances and see where it goes, but let's put it this way. everything is on the record, so, you can't plead that i
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never was warned, or we didn't know anything about it. how come i see time after time other jurisdictions go after child pornographers, go after human traffickers, yet nothing shows up when it comes to the city and county of san francisco. all i have to say is it would be really embarrassing if later on some other jurisdiction finds out that certain people within the city and county of san francisco in a certain sense obstructed justice by refusing to discuss the subject of pornography, especially children. >> are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. [gavel] >> madam clerk, could you read the adoption calendar? >> items 38 through 41 are being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. a single roll call vote will inact these items if a member
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objects the matter can be removed and considered separately. >> colleagues, would anyone like to sever any of these items? supervisor kim. >> i'd like to sever 38. >> item 38. and the balance of the calendar, roll call, madam clerk. >> supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos. campos aye. supervisor chiu. chiu aye. supervisor cohen. cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. there are 11 ayes. >> those motions are approved. [gavel] >> item 38. >> item 38 is a resolution condemning recent statements by osaka mayor claiming that the system of sex slavery used by japan and occupied asian countries through the 1933 world war ii was a military necessity and there was no proof the sexual servitude was
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involuntary and coerced by japanese authorities. : >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. i'm actually just submitting amendments that each of the board members should have gotten copies for. these are just clarifications that some of our committee members asked us to put in, including the countries from which ~ these women and girls were taken from and just some other details. so, there's one on page 1 lines 17 through 19, and again on page 2 on lines 23 through 25. i just wanted to comment also that there were several folks that came here to speak at public comment on this item, but not realizing that there was a bielenson hearing were not able to stay to speak to this issue. but i do want to recognize judge lilian singh, judge tang, and professor wong who brought this resolution to us. >> supervisor kim has made some motions to amend. is there a second to that? second by supervisor mar. any discussion on the amendments? without objection, the amendments are moved. supervisor mar. >> yeah, i wanted to thank
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supervisor kim, but also the [speaker not understood] redress coalition for their efforts to keep the issue of the euphemism of comfort women alive. it's really forced sexual slavery and the anti trafficking groups out with supervisor kim today at noon as well. even in japan and our counsel general haroshi [speaker not understood] kind of rao minds us even in japan there are strong condemnations of what some women's groups call the shame of osaka, mayor hashimoto who made disgusting comments about a month ago and was almost coming here to meet with our mayor and mayor bloomberg. but i'm just very happy that he was used as an educational moment by many women's groups and antirape and antisexual slavery groups as well. i know that the 56 year old
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sister city relationship with osaka was something emilie, the head of our commission on the status of women was concerned about, but she and others were certainly critical of the osaka mayor as well. i also wanted to say that i'm continuing to work with a number of community group not only as supervisor kim and the resolution identifies, but also on different educational efforts and memorials, there's current one under -- in negotiations at sonoma state, i believe, and we're working with the rec and park department and in communication with the mayor's office to make sure that we have some educational display in san francisco, hopefully in a park or a public place that identifies the issues of the so-called comfort women, but who are forced sexual slaves and other issues like the [speaker not understood] tragedy that is so deep within the chinese
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community sentiments and my hope is that korean filipino and chinese women and communities are acknowledged in any memorials that are done locally. so, i'm very supportive and i thank supervisor kim and ling chi wong and lilian tackv and many others that brought this forward. >> thank you. any further comments, colleagues? ~ tang colleagues, can we take this item same house same call? the resolution -- i'm sorry, yes. the resolution is adopted as amended. [gavel] >> madam clerk, can you please read the in memoriams? >> yes, today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following individuals. on behalf of supervisor wiener for the late julian rodriguez and james cunningham. on behalf of president chiu for the late derek aarons. >> thank you. i want to take a moment and thank sfgovtv and their staff,
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for covering today's meeting. madam clerk, are there any other items in front of the board? >> that concludes our meeting for today. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. [gavel] >> [adjourned]
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>> great for see you all here, i am the director and it is a profound pleasure to welcome you all to this ground breaking this morning. we are thrilled that you could join us, this is a defining moment in our history and it is great to have you with us. and i have to say before i
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begin, that the first person to arrive this morning, for the ground breaking was one of our trustees, brooks walker. and books arrival reminded me that 20 years ago, almost exactly, this was in another ground breaking on exactly this site. and we are here 20 years later and we are expanding upon that remarkable step that the museum took in 1995. we moved here to third street from the vaness location and from the city hall location. and we were immediately pioneers in this neighborhood. obviously the south of market neighborhood was not what it is today. and very quickly pioneers became anchors. and that is quickly became a gathering place for anyone interested in the visual arts and who was a residents of san francisco or lived in the bay area or came here. over the course of 18 years since 1995, it has grown, i can only say exponentially in term
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of our programs, family visits everything has doubled and tripled in size. and our exhibitions reflect the diversity and range of this community and regularly travel around the world literally. so today, here we are in 2013, and we are on the cusp of another remarkable change, when our expansion is complete, it will begin become, not that it was not been, it will become fundamental as a component of the cultural life of san francisco. our building will more than double our current gallery space and we will offer many art filled and also free to the public spaces and galleries for art, many versatile spaces and a building that will feel open and integrated into the urban fabric into the south of market and south of mission neighborhood as it possibly
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can, and also offer dramatically expanding programs for cool children and i want to pause for a second on that because this is an important point, earlier this month the board announced that we will create a $10 million endowment to create preadmission for anyone under of the age of 18 to come to the museum. and now if there is one question that i received, pretty much on a daily basis and a question that i received more than any other question that i am asked, is this, two years of construction, sf 1 was going to be closed at third street, where will sf moment go? how will the community continue to experience the contemptary art. we mean it seriously that it will be figuratively and literally on the go.
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if you have noticed on the paper the remarkable exhibition will be able to mount on the field sculpture and just a few weeks we will be opening the first of many partnership exhibitions with the partnership exhibitions around the corner from sf moment. i dare say, i dare say that the period of time that we are entering dao into here, the next couple of years, to culminate will be the most exhilarating and exciting into the entire history of this museum. and i could not be more exciting about this and i think that the board and the staff and the community shares that great excitement. at the forefront of all of this work and we could not have asked for a better leader at this time is chunk shwabb the chair and i would like to pass it now to john. >> good afternoon, good
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morning, everybody. what an incredible pleasure for me to be see this modern art building over here, we are going to surround that with a little bit of a veil and that will be a permanent structure right there. so we always want to take the new ideas in. don't we? and it is really a thrill to be here for this ground breaking, and it was a twinkle in our eyes a few years ago and i think to have this moment come and now we got to build something that is for sure. we can't leave this hall here or we would be embarrassed to say the least. it always seems to be and we all, i think, love living here in san francisco. in the bay area. and because, we always seem to be way ahead in so many ways and things whether it is business, art, or technology or
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progressive social movements for sure that originate in san francisco. it is a great place to have leadership about where we are going as a civilization in the future, this museum in many ways expresss that and offer its to all of our members and our public. that stuff is always been at the forefront. i think of so many different movements. and ahead of its time. the new works that we have done. and new idea and different ways of looking and seeing things. that is what this whole institution is about, and we will be doubling that capability and so it will be more and more fun for families and kids and so forth to come here and to be a part of that. and really thrilled to have that happen. but i want to also thank the leadership of the museum. getting that twinkle in their
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eyes that something in 2009, and it just took a lot of asking people to help out with this, but there was a certain person in my life, don fisher who we were very close, don and he sort of put the challenge up to me and if we could really do something fantastic for this city. we all sort of got together and i said, don? and in his final hours, i said don, you got the guy here who is going to make this challenge a reality. and that is really what we have got going on here and so thanks to don, you guys really made this challenge. [ applause ] and we have to say, also, the community itself, our council people, supervisors, our mayor, our chief of police, the chief of the fire department, just like the fire department now, there say brand new one just a
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couple of blocks over there and so he is really happy and the whole team is really happy. so he is with us today also, but our trustees thank you for all of your participation and fantastic and i just can't thank enough of the people who have been here working hard with me, side by side, and i have another fellow that i would like to introduce, our mayor ed lee is a fantastic guy and what this city always needs to have, just a guy that is going to make things happen. not all of the fan fair and you just see how this whole city is sort of coming to life. it is going to be probably in 20 and whatever, 16 we, have museums coming and it is unbelievable. mayor ed lee. [ applause ] >> thank you, chuck, and i was just about to rec meant chuck
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that you and i and charlotte schultz buy the shoe polish and in a couple of years put that on and pose as 18 years and we can look a little bit like supervisor kim and get in for free, how about that? >> this is an incredible chuck, thank you for that enter did yousing, and i will be very brief because what i really feel today and in this particular ground breaking is a lot of sweat, a lot of good, hard, work, from chuck, from the board of directors and from robert and randy fisher. i want to thank you for your wonderful leadership and you have to raise an incredible amount of money for this to happen and it was for a great cause and i go back to our first lunch in, chuck that we had where you explained a little bit about our history to me and i did for you and we both talked about the old friendships that we had and you
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expressed your friendship with don back and that this what ises partly in honor of that. well i want to also express the city's official thank you to doris and don and fisher, collection and the fisher family for your wonderful contribution for our city. and it is with that recognition that we do this ground breaking, plus a big huge thanks for the new fire station as well. but, as i will look forward to speaking to the graduating class at lowell high school this afternoon, i am going to talk about this because it is part of what we do in san francisco. it is for our youth, but it is also future looking, and it is about what we all do for our great city and that is what i feel about the fisher family, that you have contributed to our city. and you know, culturally, based tourism is now at about 2
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billion dollars of income for the city. and it employs almost 20,000 people and this is what our city does, it celebrates culture and that is what draws so many people to this, and now i think, supervisor kim was so proud of these institutions that are coming into our district and that she and i have joined in so many ground breakings and we celebrate this with a very serious recognition of a people that have done this for us. and so, on behalf of the city and county, and with all of our hearts and gratitude, i want to thank robert and randy, i want to thank, doris and don fisher, the whole fisher family for the great, great contributions to our city. this is a gift that will keep on giving, and with this announcement for the youth to come in for free when the 10 million dollar endowment, i love anonymous gifts. one of these days i will try to
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do that myself. but, this is incredible time for our city, but it is one that i think that this is another example why we take the opportunity to celebrate and to thank the people who have led this effort to do so and to just have everyone appreciate life in san francisco is very special. and this is one of the reasons why. thank you very much. maus plause [ applause ] >> thank you, mayor lee, i would just like to second chuck's remarks earlier that the support that we received from the city, from the mayor on down, has been nothing short of extraordinary, i have to say that it is probably unprecedented in the history of san francisco that we have had, universal unanimous support from staoet and to all of our processes and everything that we asked for it has all happened and it is credit to you and your amazing team. >> you know, about three years
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ago, we formed chuck and i together formed a committee of our board and staff. to search for an architect for this ex-sxantion what we were looking for was an architectural firm through the work and the attitude through the work through the resume of experience, would express the values that this museum holds and that we want to address going forward, values of openness and generosity and sharing and welcome and transparency. and we also want to have a great building and obviously that would show all of our collections off to the best possible advantage and great public spaces and we have a really exciting search and on the last day, of our last tour of duty, traveling around we were in oslow and we met with craig and his partner and at the end of that day, we knew and there was... we knew in no uncertain terms that this was
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the firm that we wanted to work with and i can only say that as i welcome craig up to the podium the last three
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thought and it actually does, this is followed by a creative phase, and the creative phase is really the fun part, and then there is the pass that will move along. somehow this is a case of construction. and we will deliver this child. happily, at the end of this, there is the miracle of birth, when the doors open and there is hopefully plenty of hugs and smiles when our guests enter the new sf moment and as of this great day, the building will mature slowly at first and will experience many challenges in its life alongside the days of joy and celebration >> while this metaphor was pretty good there is a difference that i would like to
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point out. unlike many marriages and births, the making of the building is not a monogomous relationship, it is a poly amorous relationship because there is a great deal of partners in this effort and we know how sticky that can be. >> there are a number of partner to consider along the way and each of these has a wedding ring so to speak and i have the privilege of representing this group of lovers here at the podium and the architects often receive a great deal of attention and that is important but it is also tremendously large team that we represent, so i wanted to share with you rather quickly the names of our partners in this relationship and it is a wonderfully rich list representing groups from california and the united states and the interests abroad and here it goes in alphabetical order, we are going to start with afp and they are going to install