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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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glasses. i wanted to report back that we had a number of conversations about the sexual assault kits. we were able to get a tour of the crime lab and a number of other folks. i wanted to thank the staff of the crime lab. i went out to the crime lab similar in the 90s pr i was a new attorney and when i have to do they're first dui case and prove to the jury. i really - and a what is that machine called? >> the intoxication machine.
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>> the reason i say that is because i'd been at the crime lab before and i want to commend the chief. there was a focus and an idea that people are moving forward. certainly the crime lab made great progress since 2010. theirs bringing on the best and the brightest. i look forward to some of the audits around highway - how sexual assaults kits are handled. we recruit from - commissioner help me. the professional organizations and it reminded me of the opportunities of recruiting across discipline of
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accountants. there's a lot of ways people get jobs now. i was able to go along on a ride along and part of the reason we do that is overtime we're struggling with policy issues and if we don't have any direct information or are not aware of what's happening on the streets it's hard to weigh in. i want to thank the lieutenant at the northern station. i won't name the officers who i took the ride along with because they gave me some good information but they were streed at walking the streets and they said the best thing is i have to
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talk to people. again, i go back to commending the chief. that's not what you thought was going to happen. currently using substance. i work everyday in the bay view and i know the department has made some progress in finding the suspects on a couple of the shootings but i was able to be involved in an effort to deal with 4 housing projects and bring some additional resources. i have some status. the four housing projects in sunny daily and others we hear a lot of violation there are.
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59 residents are underage and 59 percent are chronically absent from school. there's a reality of some challenges in the education. the chief talks a lot about findings jobs. and understanding those statistics and again, i feel like this is a good night for chief but i'd like to tie together this is a public safety issue and i appreciate your solving the crimes and addressing some of the underlying issues. thank you very much. commissioner >> well commissioners in a few
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days on july 1st, i will be at the 20th anniversary of the shootings on 101 california street. i bring up this sad matter because it's important as a we mark the anniversary of this tragedy to remember and acknowledge the corruptible services who came to the aide of the people in the 101 california high-rise building. thirty paramedics and many firefighters and approximately 1 hundred and thirty police officers including then sergeant greg sir, reported and put themselves in potential harm's way in that building that day. commissioners you all know the story but i would like to recap it briefly for those with us
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tonight who might not. on july 1st, 1993, and disgruntled former client of a law firm shot and killed 8 people and injured 6 and shot and killed himself in office building. my husband was among the folks killed that day. the incident became a 6 hour tactical operation involving the safety and well-being of hundreds of people victims and potential victim's in that building are for the police this incident was especially challenging. almost all their tactical operations took place on the
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plain. this required operating on a vertical plain involving numerous stairwells and a elevators. this made the permeates of the crime scene very difficult. the gunman had two take 9 assault weapons equipped with hellfire system and capable of spraying bullets he had seven hundred bullets. i read the police report and seen the pictures inside the crime scene. it's a dreadful incident. as terrible as this incident was it could have been far wore.
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so commissioners please join me of the 1 hundred and thirty police officers as well as the paramedics and firefighters who responded that day. doing to you brave police officers and paramedics and other responders thank you. for your courage and hard work on that horrible day. >> i want to thank commissioner kingsley for they are courage. it's been 20 years and she continues to fight against gun violence. that's why she's a san francisco commissioner for we hear people have the right to bear arms and have semiautomatic weapons.
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and look at this commissioner sitting to the left of me and she's raised a son all by herself because someone had the firearms. she's - i have to thank her for what she said she's a courageous and strong woman i want to congratulate you (clapping) >> the applause and the integrations goes to the san francisco police department and the responders. that's what tonight is about and thank you all and it may not have come as strongly and clearly in prior 789s but to
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those of you on the force and to your colleagues who are in retirement i hope the deep gratitude and thanks goes to you and is heard by everybody >> i went to the crime lab it was well done in terms of the hard work. i met people that probably work hard everyday in the shipyards that get inform recognition from the outside world and they're a key part in solving crime with their expertise in guns and bullets and apparently we have the four most gun experts in the city and nationally i do not
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know that. that's a really great trip and i thank the captain. that was nice they took the time. also i went to crisis intrefrn last week. we have 1 hundred and 74 officers trained under the c it program. and last week there were about 24 officers trained and 11 of those officers volunteered for the spot. and it's great about half the class volunteered. we had trainers from throughout the bay area donating their time. and luckily those folks keep
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coming forward. we have a university professor there to teach the veteran sections and along with the veterans administration he explained how the veterans are different and there are more and more veterans on the street and what we need to keep in mind on this eights. he taught us to ground the person when they're not there in the room and try to come back and listen to you in the room. one of the officers can take their information because his father is an officer. you took the fetal position information and do what's best in the field. he talked about what is best for the veterans when their don't
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know where you're at. so kind of those really interesting thing. i just appreciated to be able to drop in this session. the next one is october 21st through 24th. there's pretty long days. i invite the commissioners to stop by. if you haven't i really want you to stop by and see that. it's a great training and they're adding in more more and more role-play. there's a consumers section. there's another conference in objectivity. hopefully we can send a
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delegation there >> thank you, dr. marshall. >> i want to say first of all, the event is friday night; right? we'll be there. i want to say it's a little bit premature but we're working on another gun buy back program >> glad to hear that. >> please call line item 3-d. >> scheduling of items for future you commissioner action arrest you're next meeting is july 3rd but taking into consideration there's 5 weekends in july so on the 12th of july we're schedule for a community meeting tentative is set for any school but i'll get that solid and i'll get it out to the
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website and we'll post it. also reece and you are working on say valor ceremony. it's august 28th of honor. with references to items of future consideration. can we scheduled the officers mediation policy. i know we've tabbed that in other larger jurisdictions can we get that are you aware of that situation >> i am aware of it. i can't give you when it will be calendared >> commissioners anything else you want to add to our agenda.
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>> yes to follow up on the officer involved activities. i think some things need to be conferred and then to the point he said there's a thousand urban involved homicides in san francisco. we can get data on that with a breakdown on zip codes? >> dr. monroe can we get a handle on that we can get a reasonable time. >> absolutely. >> okay. i haven't heard minimal. we're now open to line items abc and d.
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>> uncertain a problem i have is i'm sure your somewhat aware of. it seems like those gangsters here. i have a problem. i don't know what to do i've tried everything i can do to avoid it to - there's no other issue i can address it we'll have to cross that bridge. i got into two fights today and one yesterday they're trying to get me in trouble. the issue i see they're trying to utilize coalition. they're trying to ingratiate an
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incident their characterizing me like to lynch mob of sort. with me posing they lure me here because i'm a chart up. i feel i'm a victim of a hate crime. they're jealous of me. let me see whatever. stemming from a child abuse claim in a lot of laugh - las vegas. anyway, the biggest problem in this complaint they gave me a snitch jacket and they've got all those jokers after me. i've tried to avoid it from
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miami to new york and need help. everyone night their knocking me out and they're impacting me. i have evidence of it i've reported it and still i can find no help. if you have any kind of infinite wisdom or a good place to hide i'm all ears. they're trying to kill me and obviously i have every right to protect myself. i would have an exemption circumstance to carry protection you know what i mean. if i was packing tools they would less be inclined to mess
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with me >> thank you. >> next speaker >> commissioners very briefly. for the record very briefly i want to bring up two issues. one is brought up many times in the past. i was kind of stunned when captain gave his talk to a jurisdiction of 1 hundred and 40 thousand people i thought it was excellent. i was decide made even though
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there was a crowd there, there should have been 1 hundred to one thousand people listening there are. the police department don't let the people know what they're doi doing. we have a coalition on pedestrian accidents and there's no one here. there's a stack of papers sitting over there waiting because the martha of this is at zero. you're here for one purpose for the public at larger. that's it. that you can do all the backroom politics but if you don't get the public here you have zero. i bring it up because the
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pedestrian issue i should have the restaurants and hotel association here. restaurants i'm a taxi driver but i see pedestrians everyday crossing looking at their feet and i see a report here they are a lot of pedestrians getting run over and i've seen it. but you don't bring it to the public at larger. you have it in a report here and on the website and that's it. and i've brought that up in the past. secondly is this i think like the common law club we should have a q and a program. and captains like this guy and
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people can answer questions from the public at large. and get something off our chests. i thank you for your time >> thank you. next speaker, please . come forward please. >> good evening i'd like to answer this is going to be once in every 3 years i'll submit reports for commissioners as well as other information for agenda. basically, i wanted to be able - i sit here last night pursuant driving i want to dismiss this
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piece to those who would like to debate with me. i'm here to make sure it's professional here. i speak with federal express and i'm more professional. american express accepts applications, however, i would like to have our attention those are low business parts for the block of market as well as the submissions for the state of agencies. i would like to admit in this writing and i'm not going to offer write. i'm legible with this bill. basically, i wanted to make sure
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this is decent when we're attentions federal express. i when you have a cycle score that's erratic i suspect the bill as well as for the - i spoke with them additional i speak in reimaginations for the complaints and however it will be submittal - for the bills to be paid by sending two american express and it will be - i will state in my entrance that i know how to take care of myself. i want to make sure that item is screened. however, i would like to a
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discuss one complaint. my h.r. clerk was complaining about a lady calling our office. i substantial received the application i did respond to her and i was happy and pleased with that office that i wanted to get this out the way. there was a legislative procedure about the notices and this was my homework >> excuse me. your time is up. >> okay. i appreciate that i want to make sure about before i enter i will i want to make sure this will be my only - >> thank you.
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>> thank you. >> good evening commissioners i speak as jackie pedestrian x in charge. i appreciate the presentation this einstein. i have a game i'm forced to play it's called daughter-in-law bike. i look around and i do adore most of the officers in our department and look around and dog done it there's not a police officer anywhere. i can't turn into a spur human being.
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i am certain times find myself making myself course yelling walk the bicycle and this is my soft bike. and they just keep going and going like the energizer bunny. there's nothing i can do about it. i really am a believer since i'm a educator that negative talk works. folks on bikes need to be cited. those cyclists who are stoepsz to be stopping on the green mile and are are creeping up into the crosswalk so we can get a jump
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on traffic and keep going for legally they're not to be there. we need to have officers on market street ticketing those guys they they somehow believe their mainlyal beings. i - when it comes to this bike human resources. i have one person who end up in a walker and it's too bad it jean can't be here to show what the result can be when the bicyclist with that sense of entitlement and those god forsaken earplugs. they're not on the same plain
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we're and there isn't much you can do as a pedestrian there are you're walking and first your startled. need our help >> thank you any further public comment. seeing none, next >> the department of general order 5.05 response driving. >> we have in our packet the final version. so tonight is just essentially a vote so if there's my additional comments i know that i see the sergeant here who spent a lot of time with this. he may have a brief presentation?