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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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fund which is an interest bearing fund. >> okay. colleagues any questions on those? can i have a motion to accept the amendments. >> so moved. >> so moved. and can i have a motion to move the item to the full board. do so without opposition. okay. item nine. can i have a motion to move it to the full board. >> so moved. >> july 16 without opposition. similar motion number 10 to move to the full board on july 16. >> so moved. >> do so without opposition. >> item 11 similarly we need some amendments mr. city attorney. >> john gibner deputy city attorney again. this is just fixing some section numbers typos. >> okay. colleagues any questions? can i have a motion to amend -- per the city attorney's comments do so without opposition. move item 11 to the full board for july 16 as amended. do so without
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opposition. item number 12 mr. city attorney i believe we have amendments as well. >> yes. on this one a few numbering fixing which i believe has been distributed as well as medical examiner office asked us to delete the term over night processing for the fee to reflect what the fee is for. >> okay. colleagues if no questions can i have a motion? >> so moved. >> motion to move 12 to the full board as amended. do so without opposition. mr. city attorney i believe we have amendments for item 13 as well. >> this one is just amendment to the title to reflect the actual content of the ordinance. >> motion to amend item 13 to the city attorney's comments. >> so moved. >> do so without opposition and move 13 to the full board july 16 board meeting. do so without opposition. mr. city attorney i believe item 14
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needs to be amended as well. >> this is the last time i'm going to speak today. this is an amendment to accept the proposals of the budget analyst which he described on wednesday. it would provide that the library could accept gifts up to $100,000 without board approval but need approval for larger groups and eliminate the grant fund originally in the ordinance. >> actually i thought -- >> supervisor wiener. >> i thought that the recommendation was just to remove the provision that exempted the library from the normal acceptance expense but still create the funds. >> the ordinance addressed two different types of funds. one for gifts to the library which usually require board approval if they're over $10,000 so this
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amendment would provide that the library could say they can accept gifts up to $100,000 and the second is for grants and the budget analyst didn't address grants in this ordinance. >> okay and subject to the normal rules. >> exactly. >> okay thank you. >> colleagues any further questions? could i have a motion? without opposition. all right. motion to move 14 forward to the full board for the july 16 meefing. >> so moved. >> do so without opposition. colleagues i'm going to propose taking 15 through 23 together and motion to move to the full board for the july 16 board meeting. >> so moved. >> do so without opposition. item 23 is the -- >> item 24. >> yeah item 24 is regarding the stabilization reserve. can i a
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motion to continue this item. >> so moved. >> okay. can we do so without opposition? mr. clerk do we have any other items? >> that concludes the agenda. >> we are adjourned.
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>> miss fever. >> mr. haney. >> miss mendoza? >> wins? >> norton. >> lee. >> wo ng. >> here. >> thank you. >> thank you, miss castco. please join me in the pledge of allegiance.
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>> item a. >> none tonight. >> item b. >> superintendent carranza? >> you have rolled the r like a champion. >> good evening, everyone. we did it, this is the final board meeting of the year. >> we have almost does it. >> hopefully soon we will have done it and this represents a kul maition of the exciting work that has been accomplished by the staff and the students and the parents and our community and most certainty this board. i want to thank all of the staff that made this a successful year for our students and as you can imagine while the school year is over, our work in the school district continues throughout the summer months at a higher gear. we have summer programming taking place that is provided by our excel after school programs and we have summer school in full swing and
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opportunities in full swing for the students with disabilities and we have a robust offering of programs and an array of professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators. >> i would like to thank our mayor, mayor ed lee. we are well under way, and also, with finalizing planning for the 2013, 2014 school year. we are supporting the continued development of our teachers and our para professional and administrators to serve the
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students. tonight we will have the ability to adopt the 13, 14 budget and it represents to insure the vision of access and equity of educational out comes and with this that i say thank you for your service this year to all of our parents, all of our students, and all of our staff members and most senator to our community that has time and time again, supported the education of all of our students in san francisco. let's end this school year with a great board meeting thank you for being here this evening. >> thank you, superintendent. item c, recognition and resolutions of commendation commissioner murase. >> i want to confirm that my speakers are here, they are not here yet? are they coming, do you know? okay. they have just arrived. all right. thank you very much.
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>> would you like me to read the resolution? >> yes. >> in support of the congressional gold medal tour and the curriculum about the american experiences during world war ii, february 23, 2010, the board of education voted to support a ground breaking five year pilot program at a time that other states like arizona were banning it from public school instruction and the san francisco school district studies collective led by dr. cabalis of the college of ethics studies and composed of faculty formed to implement the program and developed among several others the objective of exploring how people of color have been and are essential actors in u.s. history. and whereas to the what kind of experiences that the japanese americans and the story off loyalty and courage that it has been recognized by the 2011
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confirming of the congressional gold medal to the veterans of the 100th battalion, the 442 team and the military intelligence service, who by this action joined the ranks of others recipients of the highest award of the u.s. congress, including marian anderson, (inaudible) rosa parks, and mr. martin luther king junior. and whereas, the smithsonian institution in partnership with the national veteran's network has organized a 7-city tour to bring the medal and a story to communities throughout the country and will come to the mhd in the museum on june 29, to august 24, 2014 and whereas the partnership has developed the curriculum for elementary and high school levels and the high school curriculum is
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piloted at the toren unified school district and in addition in january of 2011, the board voted to adopt a resolution in observations of the civil liberties and the constitution and to commemorate the courage of coramatso, a recipient to challenge the constitutionality of the war time incarceration. and has alled developed the curriculum for elementary and middle and haol sky level and these kits include the video giems and lesson plans and posters are available at no charge to teachers. therefore, be it resolved that the board of education encourages the faculty and students to visit the gold medal exhibit. from june 29th to august 4th and further resolved that the faculty further urge to take advantage of the curriculum available through the national
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veteran's network and the institute to education students about american war time experiences and how people of color have been and are essential actors in u.s. history. >> so i neglected to call for a motion. >> moved, and so moved. >> i will second. >> commissioners would you like to do the honor and present the certificate. >> should we vote first? >> >> lee? >> yes. >> wo ng. >> yes. >> fewer? >> she said yes. >> thank you. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> maufus. >> yes. >> mendoza
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>> yes. >> murase. >> yes. >> carranza. >> aye. >> 7 ayes.
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>> my name is roslyn and i am the director of the american (inaudible) historical society and there is a long history here and we were according organizations in san francisco, to work in couldersing lacing with the natural veteran's network to in a congressional medal here to the deyon and so we are honored here and so i thank you for the resolution. and i would look forward to being the host organization one with the locals, and national japanese-american citizen's league to present the curriculum to the schools and to the children here in san francisco. currently of the exhibits about to and it will be introducing the curriculum probably in the fall and it is going to be
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timely because we are working on a project which is about to open in the fall at the pricidio san francisco. >> it is ironically the first language school by the u.s. military intelligence service that opened one month before pearl harbor in anticipation in the war against japan. and they graduate about 40 students of japanese ancestry, military of the u.s. army to secretly train in anticipation with this war, while we restored this building and this hanger, we planned to have exhibition and curriculum and small interpretive programming there and we will be working with our partners in san francisco to do so. so thank you very much and encourage you to see the medal and come by to the building in the city of san francisco. thank you very much.
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>> murase. >> we also vai presentation for representative from the institute. >> i also was not in the room for the vote. would you put down that i did this, thank you. >>
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>> okay, my name is greg martani and i have been before the board in other capacities with the japanese citizen's league. in this case i am filling in for karen who is the daughter of fred coramatzo who received the gold medal of freedom for his stand against the incarceration of japanese americans in world war ii. while this issue is something that can be discussed? a history class, i hope that this is something that can be looked at in a broader scope in terms of an individual who stood up for what he believed and for his stand against what recognized as being a wrong and instead of being bullied by the government he carried the case
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all the way to the supreme court. fortunately, war time prevailed and similar circumstances currently, his case was not viewed in the broader spectrum of whether it was constitutional just that he violated the curfew and therefore he was constricted and it was until many years later that the government had put forward and held back the documents that should have been presented to the defense. and so, the situation was that his case was vacated and eventually other cases such as glen and (inaudible) and two general but we should never forget that there was musenda who was also one of the individuals who is cases went before the courts. i hope that it is not just something in a historical context but now, i would like to turn it over to karen
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coramatzo. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you, okay. >> okay great. >> thank you, >> okay. all right. okay. good evening, i am sorry that i am late. i'm karin and i am the co-founder and executive director of the (inaudible) institute for civil rights and education here in san francisco and our mission is to advance civil and human rights through
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education. and this is quite an honor to be here this evening. and you know just briefly, my father was born in oakland, california. and fred coramatzo thought of himself as an american citizen and that what motivated him to take a stand against the military orders that were issued during world war ii that forced removed 120,000 of japanese ancestry from the west coast. he worked on redress after his conviction was over turned in 1983 after it was found in the government's own files that the incarceration was of not military necessity and that there was government misconduct. and he worked on the redress
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and ref rations movement that led to the civil rights act of 1988 and then my father's mission became education. he crisscrossed this nation so that the lessons of history would not be forgotten. and in 2010, with the signing of the legislative bill, establishing fred of the civil liberties and the constitution on january 30th, my father's birthday, we through the institute developed the curriculum for elementary and middle and high school students. that include information and lesson plans in teachers, and a one-day powerpoint lesson plan, posters, videos and supportive materials that bring relevance to these issues today. the teaching kit is available for teachers kindergarten through 12th grade who can order on-line by going to the
6:22 am website. and we send these kids out for free to teachers in san francisco, in california, across the u.s., and anywhere in the world. the curriculum provides an important piece about california in the u.s. history as well as civil and human rights, education. the stories encourage and the japanese americans during world war 2, needs to be learned by the next generation and education is the key. if my father were here he would say and don't be afraid to speak up. thank you. >> thank you commissioners. all right, we have another, relevant it is not... it is a recognition and a appreciation from vice president fewer, would you like to introduce
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this next item mes? >> yes. >> we have a guest, our fire chief miss joanna haze white is in the audience >> and she is generating the walks, i mean the fire...; is that correct?? >> chief, yes, so perhaps if you would like to come to the podium and tell us a little bit about it, thank you very much and this is a donation to every single one of her elementary schools. >> good evening, president norton and members of the school board it is an honor to be here. i know many of you you wanted to thank you for your service and what you do for the school district here in san francisco. i am the chief of the san francisco fire department. and 20 life long residents in san francisco. did attend kindergarten at comodore and as did one of my children and kindergarten also through the superintendent and i just wanted to say that we are very proud to do as much as we can to partner with the
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schools in san francisco. i am a huge fan of going out i love to go to the read along days. and at least 18 to 20 schools and we go out and do public safety presentations and i think that all of the schools are addressed by the members of the team which is a volunteer program where the members go out and talk about the importance of what we do in the fire department and show the students what we wear, under the emergency conditions so there is not a fear when we put the protective equipment on. >> it gives me pleasure when we go out to be greeted in the manner that i am from the principals and the staff and the faculty and all of the schools that we go to and we are so very welcome at the schools. we love to partner with you further when it comes to training which is neighborhood training certainly cpr training and i know that you have a lot of high school level and at some point we would love to
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work on further partnering on the different initiatives what i am here for today is regarding the elementary schools whenever i go out to read along day there is a lot of books in the lie braen that i can select but i bring this one and it is called franky and the phoenix and i bring this and the giving tree which is one of my favorites. i am a huge fan of books and all that you do in the unified school district. so this book is very educational and the illustrations are phenomenal and the couple in the marina and it was written specifically about the role of the fire boat phoenix during the 1919 earthquake which we will be commemorating the 24th anniversary, often times i go to the schools and many of the kids have not heard of the book and it is educational at all levels and adults can learn from it as well and i am proud tonight to say that on behalf of the fire department we want
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to donate a book to each of the schools and it is really on behalf of one of our retired members who i speak with today and he wanted to be anonymous and i said please could i mention your name and it is somebody that i worked with a colleague of my recently retired and his name is tom dudea. and he retired as an assistant deputy chief and i was proud to promote him and he was also a teacher. i will have a book that i will pass out tonight but i would like to read what we have on the outside of the book to go to each of your libraries in each of your elementary schools and it says a note to san francisco elementary school teachers this book has been donated to your school library by a former teacher and 32-year veteran of the san francisco fire department in the hope that it will be head to your primary grade classes each year. in many ways this book as as much of a reminder as it is for adult as it is for children,
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1989 earthquake was a major in the area, had it not been for the event the loss of life in san francisco and as well as the loss of property would have been far greater. it is a verified fact that in modern urban setting most of the fires will follow the major earth quakes, it is important for all that work or live in san francisco that we must remember a culture of preparedness so that we will continue to have the capability of defending the city. thank you for the dedicated service for the children of our community and i would like to thank the assistant deputy chief and he had a love for teaching and was able to be a substitute teacher while he was employed by the fire department and i am asked to write the forward and the introduction is by the senator finestien who was mayor at the time.
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so thank you very much. >> i just on behalf of the board and the superintendent and the school district, i want to thank you so much for the donation and the fire department as well. and to you personally, because you always come to all ofthe read along days of the elementary cools and it is so important for our kids to see you in the leadership role in the city. >> i am a mother of three boys and i can say that like i said any time that i enter one of the schools the kids are so excited and respectful not just to me, but to each other. and great questions and very inquisitive and the teachers have been wonderful and i have gotten to learn a lot about the school districts here in san francisco. and i have not been to all of the schools but that is my goal and i have been to probably 20
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of them, elementary and not to mention the high schools. thanks for the great work that i will leave these books for you to enjoy. >> i would like to extend my appreciation to the chief and also tom, and who is a parent and i believe that his wife is a retired administrator. and it is great that our city family is so supportive of our schools thank you very much >> thank you. >> all right. all right. we will now move on to our student delegate's report and it is some what bitter sweet for all of us this evening because our two students this is their last meeting, we will miss them and you have been wonderful participants in the meetings and you guys ask great questions and i have enjoyed so much serving with you and i am sure that other board members
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as well will want to make the programs. >> proceed with your report. >> we don't have have an official report tonight, but i wanted to say thank you to everyone here on the board and to all of the district staff and for all of your guidance and support, and i definitely learned a lot from all of the work that i have down here and how much that needs to go into running a school district and i really appreciate everyone's effort in fighting for the best education for our students. and i am proud to say that i have graduated from a school in this district and i want wait to take everything that i have learned into college. >> so thank you. >> i just like to thank, and say that it has been an honor to be a student delegate and it has been a pleasure to work with you guys and sit with you guys to have