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tv   [untitled]    July 6, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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and it's a very hurtful situation for them. and she feels really bad for them. so, she really wants to tell them that if you don't know these people and they come to you and they talk to you about money and jewelry and gold, then they're not good people and you shouldn't talk to them. and you shouldn't believe them. and you should find a way to talk to the police and call them. these people that -- heartless,
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heartless, heartless tricksters , to bring them to justice. thank you. (applause) >> thank you.
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>> madam clerk, could you please call the -- call items 27 through 29? >> items 27 through 39 are from the land use and he economic development committee without recommendation. item -- these are the items that are associated with the california pacific medical center cathedral hill campus. item 27 is the ordinance amending the general plan van ness area plan in order to facilitate the development of a high density medical center at the transit nexus of van ness
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avenue and geary boulevard and affecting various elements of use and adopting findings. item 28, ordinance amending the general plan map of the urban design element and van ness design plan for the california [speaker not understood]. item 29 is the ordinance amending the general plan maps of the urban design element for the california pacific medical center. ~ >> thank you. president chiu? >> thank you, mr. chair. colleagues, i am very excited that we are finally considering the final development agreement and related approvals for the cpmc project. a lot has been said about this project. i'm going to be very brief, but after years of discussion and months of negotiations this historic health care project will ensure our hospitals get their rebuilds done right and to ensure that san francisco has a health care system ready for the 21st century. in addition to ensuring that two critical cpmc hospitals are rebuilt and seismically safe, this project will not only address major health care and
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local hiring needs throughout the city, but transportation and specific needs in the immediate vicinity of these two hospitals. i want to take another moment to thank the entire village that worked on this for the last couple of years, from my colleagues supervisors campos and farrell to immediate -- mediator lou girardo, [speaker not understood], ken rich, his incredible work the last few years, our attorneys that spent many months drafting the agreements we have no froth of us. i want to take a moment and thank cpmc of course for their engagement with the city over the years ~ and look forward to our future partnership as we move forward. and then last but certainly not least, i want to thank every member of the community that participated in countless meetings on this topic to provide feedback to the board of supervisors and to all of us in how we do this moving forward. we had these items at land use last week.
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we made a number of amendments responsive to issues that we had heard over the last few months related to the proposed development agreement. i do think at this time i do hope that we can move this forward with full support from this board and, again, just want to thank everyone who has ben engaged in this. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you, supervisor mar. and to echo some of president chiu's comments, colleagues, i'm very excited that we are here today to approve the cpmc project. obviously it's been a long road to get here today and much has been said before. so, i will similarly be brief, but i think overall san francisco is the envy of many other cities not only in our state but across the country. now we have two brand-new hospitals to add to that list. i want to thank, as president chiu did, certainly the team from cpmc, i know there is a team here and everyone played a big role. in particular, i want to thank mr. co-hill, dr. browner for all of their work. it's good to see you again.
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it's been a number of months after we spent every waking hour together a few months. but thank you to cpmc team. colleagues, to all of your support during the process. in particular, president chiu and supervisor campos for their great leadership. i want to thank in particular on the mayor's side ken rich for all of his work, quarterbacking this process through city hall. we would not be here today without ken. and last and certainly not least, lou girardo who made such an incredible impact on this process and certainly i would say we would definitely not be here today without his help and support and we owe him a debt of gratitude not only the board but is the citizens of san francisco. i hope everyone supports this today. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you, mr. president. without repeating what's been said, ditto with respect to the kudos to all of the players, the mayor's office, ken rich, board of supervisors, my two colleagues supervisors chiu and
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farrell, and the team from cpmc sutter. you know, my experience with this project leads me to believe that anything really is possible. i think the fact that we were able to come to a point in this deal where we have all of the diverse players that have been involved for so many years on the same page supporting this project i think is a testament that san francisco is a city that can get things done. and there are so many different people who are responsible for it and, you know, i think my two colleagues and i have a little bit of sutter cpmc withdrawal because we haven't seen this team for a while. it's good to see dr. co-hill here and dr. bronner and their team.
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the coalition that has been working on this for so many years also deserve a great deal of credit. especially to the residents in my district that have been fighting to make sure that we have a world class hospital at st. luke's. i'm very appreciative. and finally lou girardo, i don't think we can say enough about how you made this happen and we are eternally grateful. and i think that not only the city today, but the future generations will have a great deal of gratitude to you and to everyone who has been here working to make this happen. so, let's approve this and let's get the construction started. thank you. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much, everyone. happy to be one of the -- to be voting for this piece of legislation today.
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i, too, want to add my voice to thanking the many parties that have been involved with this deal the last year. i believe that at this additional time that the involvement of lou girardo made the city and the project better and a joy to work with. one particular item that i want to give some voice to that i have been working with with the mayor's office as well as cpmc and various other members of the community, the issue of the management of the work force dollars associated with this deal. i know the project remits a significant number of opportunities for both construction as well as permanent jobs, recognizing the importance of this component to this projerk we doubled the contribution of cpmc to work force development programs from what was originally proposed to be $2 million to $4 million. additionally, we've also allocated the majority of these funds to the san francisco foundation to manage. and the san francisco foundation has graciously accepted this responsibility
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and is currently managing the community benefit fund associated with the hunters point shipyard project and has proved to be helpful working with groups to develop strategies to maximize these particular investments. and it's with the san francisco foundation's partnership that i think many of us are confident that they will be able to lend a similar amount of technical assistance to -- technical assistance for strategic advice on the use of these work force dollars which is actually extremely critical. there are a few many questions and issues that i heard from the community members between today and yesterday and last week, and i just want to give a little voice to them. they're centered around ensuring that the san francisco foundation will work collaboratively with the committee members on outlining goals for the use of these funds to ensure that they are reaching the targeted population that need work force
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training the most. and i just want to briefly go down these bullet points. also, in addition in response to these concerns that i've heard both from myself and president chiu as well as supervisor mar, we will be sending a letter to the foundation outlining our goals of the funds and the goal of the fund is actually detailed in four bullets. it's first assisting the city as well as the project and meeting its work force goals, providing employment opportunities for the he economickally disadvantaged individuals ~, two, creating a pipeline for qualified residents to take advantage of both entry level and higher level jobs, job opportunities associated with this problem -- excuse me, associated with this project. third, evaluate strategies for investment that have a broad range of public and private partners who have the capacity to provide work force development. and finally, utilizing some sort of a community advisory
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body to help shape the san francisco foundation use of funds. so, again, i just want to thank all the many people that have been a part of this, the community members that came out and advocated, members of the city staff who have worked tirelessly to improve the project. and, again, i'm pleased to support today. thank you very much. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you, president chiu. i just want to congratulate all the parties that worked on this agreement who came together and great progress moving this thing forward. i especially want to thank colleagues, president chiu, david campos, supervisor campos, supervisor mark farrell for your work, for taking positions and making them work. it was really exciting to see that we were able to move the project that seemed unmovable at one point, had a lot of agreement across the city. i want to thank cpmc for your flexibility in helping to make this happen as well.
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it's quite significant that you want to be a long-term provider of health care in san francisco. you want to make a commitment to this city to make it happen and you've done so by being flexible in this agreement. so, thank you very much. i also want to echo and want to thank supervisor cohen for her comments about making sure we have an accountability measure around our work force. they're actually not just submitting a commitment financially, but also providing oversight for making sure our work force programs are going to be effective and we havize and ears on the community for that process. ~ eyes [speaker not understood] commitment on paper, but having a body that provides oversight will help ensure we are moving forward on t. so, i want to thank you for your work with the community to make that happen. and lastly, i want to thank the community for coming together and for being persistent in your effort. we had to do organizing to make sure we get an agreement that works so well for various parts of san francisco. it's that public process that i think is unique in san
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francisco, in this case it played out very, very well to [speaker not understood] that is going to be supportable by all the board here. so, congratulations on your great work. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you. i wanted to thank supervisor cohen for working with the grassroots groups, the communities united to close the health care work force grape and others on this. the project's moved a long way from only 40 end use jobs i think it was proposed to a strong commitment to 40% local hiring. i think it's wise to ensure that 3 million of the 4 million committed to work force go to the san francisco foundation. i'm really grateful of james head from the sf foundation working with supervisor cohen and president chiu and others to maximize the community benefits by getting as many people from our neighborhoods to work as possible. i also just wanted to give a shout out to ace, the alliance of california community for empowerment, [speaker not understood] and many others that were committed from the get go to support the strongest possible local hiring process.
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i also want to just say that i'm very appreciative of ken rich and oecd for looking at strengthening the community benefit, but i want to do my best to give the highest shout out to the community-based grassroots coalition of housing, tenderloin and cathedral hill, labor, and grassroots community organizations for their work to make sure that this is a project that we can all be proud of. thank you. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. i won't repeat what my colleagues have said already, but i do appreciate all the work and effort that's gone into this. i know that we've had in-depth discussions and i know that i've also expressed my concerns about the work force piece and what that truly means and how it's spelled out in the agreement. i'm very appreciative of, but more importantly i'm appreciative of the
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accountability piece that supervisor cohen is proposing so that we make sure that those who need these jobs the most have the ability to be trained appropriately and prepared for not just the short-term construction jobs, but also the long-term jobs that are available. and i just had one -- well, we haven't gotten to that part of the deal. you didn't call item number 39, did you? >> we need to vote on the general plan changes first before we call the rest of the items. >> okay. should we wait to comment or ask questions about those items at that time, right? >> you know what we could do, madam clerk, we could call all those item as longs as we cast the first votes on item 27 to 29. if it's okay, madam clerk, do you want to call items 30 through 39? >> item 30 is an ordinance for [speaker not understood] medical use subdistrict within the van ness special use. item 31 is an [speaker not
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understood] special use district. item 32, ordinance amending the planning code and the zoning map to reflect the creation of the van ness medical use subdistrict, to allow an increase in height in order to allow for a new seismically safe hospital and adopting findings. item 33 is an ordinance amendling planning code and the zoning map to reflect the creation of the [speaker not understood] valencia street mixed use special use district. item 34, ordinance ordering the summary street vacation of a portion of san jose avenue between 27th street and cesar chavez street. item 35, [speaker not understood] in order to construct and maintain a pedestrian tunnel under van ness avenue to connect the new medical office building and the new hospital located at 1100 and 1101 van ness avenue to construct and maintain [speaker not understood] cedar street between van ness avenue and polk street. across the street from the
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medical office building and on the south side of cedar street contiguous to the property at 1 001 polk street. >> item 36 is an resolution authorization [speaker not understood] execute a land transfer agreement with sutter west bay hospitals doing business as california pacific medical center for the future conveyance by the city to cpmc of real property ~ consisting of a portion of san jose avenue between 27th street and cesar chavez streets. item 37 is an ordinance amending ordinance no. 1061 to change the official sidewalk width of portions of post street, geary boulevard, cedar street, and van ness avenue ~. item 38 is an ordinance changing the official sidewalk widths on portions of cesar chavez street, valencia street, and 27th street. and item 39 is an ordinance approving a development agreement with sutter west bay hospital for certain real property generally referred to as the st. luke's campus, cathedral hill campus, davies campus, [speaker not understood] and making the
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requisite findings. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. so, in terms of the work force piece, i do have concerns about accountability. i do realize when the city in general enters into lease agreements, or grant agreements or various agreements, there are mechanisms that are usually in place around accountability including audits and other things that oftentimes some things fall through the cracks. and my biggest concern about the work force piece, not to suggest that oewd is not capable of holding cpmc accountable, but i'd like there to be inserted language potentially in the agreement that allows for an annual update to the board of supervisors specifically about where the project stands in terms of its overall hiring based on what this agreement specifically outlines. >> thank you. supervisor breed, i know in our land use committee there were a number of amendments to address
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exactly these sorts of concerns and i'd like, mr. rich, if you could describe what those amendments are. >> so, supervisor, ken rich, oewd. there is no required -- well, there always has been what's called a city report where every year the city has to report and the city being in this case the planning director and the director of public health have to report on the operation of all cpmc's obligations. speaking to your point, we added -- going through the planning commission through the land use committee, a clause that requires the city report to also report on the status of the work force program including how the money is being spent and the performance of the 40% hiring and the construction hiring. and that report is done every year and goes to the planning commission, and is then also reviewed by a special reviewer who then writes a letter to the board of supervisors sort of commenting on whether everything -- it looks like it's in order. so, in a couple different ways the board is provided with that
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information simply by looking at the city report, which is obviously available to you, go through the planning commission. and/or looking at the second work that the special reviewer does. >> i do understand that, and that's a written report which sometimes can get buried. so, that's why i was hoping that we could -- and i don't think this has been necessarily done, but this is -- i'm not suggesting this isn't an important deal for the city as a whole, but this is in the backyard of the western addition community and in the past many projects had moved forward, both redevelopment planning and otherwise, what promises to the community that have not necessarily, you know, been the follow through associated with those projects, the hiring of the community members. there's been no way to directly hold companies accountable in a forum like the board of supervisors. it then -- we relied on city
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employees who, of course, are charged with the responsibility based on the terms of the agreement, but unfortunately in this particular case, as much work has gone into this, as much support there is for this project, i would like to add an additional layer that would make sure that there is a presentation at the board of supervisors level to continuously update us on an annual basis in addition to the planning department on where we are with the hiring components of this particular agreement. >> supervisor breed, i certainly hear your comments, but do you have amendment language on top of what has already been add today this development agreement that you'd like to propose? >> no. >> okay. why don't we proceed with
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additional colleagues and continue to have this conversation. supervisor wiener. >> thank you, mr. president. this is, this is very exciting that we're here today. this is just an absolutely wonderful project for the city. cathedral hill is going to be i think a spectacular facility. st. luke's has been long overdue to be really upgraded and improved so it can be of even better service to the community. and i really do hope that st. luke's will be on a trajectory of being a really -- a full-service facility, not just inpatient, but also outpatient. and then, of course, davies which sometimes -- i've gotten lost in the mix a little bit in all the drama around this project. but davies, which is so critical to the castro
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neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods which is going to be also significantly improved as a result of this project. so, this is all very exciting. the one thing that i -- we talked about in committee and i think it is what it is, you know, ideally it would have been great to have more psych beds. i understand that these were long and extensive negotiations, and i support this deal, but that is something that was a disappointment to me and i know to others. and i guess i have a question for director garcia. just in general about where we are and where we're going in terms of off-site beds and related capacity. it it just seems like we don't have enough capacity and it causes problems. >> well, throughout the conversations, the capacity issue is about flow from your beds to the community.
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remember that psych beds are locked beds, so, we're locking people up in these beds. and the goal is to stabilize individuals and get them into the community as soon as possible. and, so, what we found with the 18 existing beds at cpmc, we thought that we could really work with them closely to ensure that people are discharged from those beds as soon as they're stabilized and to date they have not utilized all their 18 beds on a consistent way. so, we believe, as we believe that people should be at the least restricted level of care, we also, when we were negotiating around st. luke's with many beds, we thought that that was not the right financial direction for st. luke's in order for them to stabilize their finances. so, we will work closely and the innovation fund has over $2 million focused in on mental health services. and, so, we will be working closely with cpmc and the door street urgent care center to ensure that they maximize the
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use of their existing beds. >> okay, i appreciate that. i know there are a lot of different perspectives about how our system of addressing mental illness should be structured. and it is just such a significant issue in the city, and i think it's important for not just relating to cpmc because cpmc is one set of facilities, but for our entire medical system to focus on that. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you. supervisor kim. >> thank you. also really happy to finally see this proposal coming back to the full board. i think that i was one of the supervisors where i had moments last year wondering where this project was going to be headed. but i'm really happy with what is coming before us today. i think it's a really balanced plan of affordable housing,
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which actually is required by the van ness special use district, the innovation fund which will help support a lot of our charity care throughout our city, but particularly in the central part of san francisco, including the tenderloin. of course, jobs, our transit and pet safety needs. i'm really excited to see we will have $4.4 million coming into the tenderloin to fund our little saigon tenderloin transit program which will increase pedestrian safety issues in our neighborhoods, but also increase lighting in our neighborhood. tenderloin has -- is one of the neighborhoods with the least number of lights, physical lights. and, so, often a concern of -- public safety concern for many of our residents and our neighborhood is incredibly excited that this information is ~ investment is going to be made. we're excited to see [speaker not understood] safe passages, [speaker not understood],
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tenderloin elementary school, and several other organizations, to really create a volunteer-run program that will have adults and young teens out on certain corners in the tenderloin just watching as school children walk back and forth between school and their after school programs and at home. and our office participates in safe passages once a month. it's real guide ~ good to see that program will get infrastructure funding. so glad to see this move forward. i think there is a much more balanced concept that's here, a smaller cathedral hill, a larger st. luke's which will balance health care services throughout the southern and northern parts of our city. again, i did have the same concerns that i think several of my colleagues brought up, including supervisor wiener around what is the best way for us as a city to address mental health issues. it's certainly something that many of our constituents and residents bring up at our office all the time, whether
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the services available, what are the resources, how can we work closely with dbh and all facilities on psych beds. that is one part of the solution, but i look forward to working with dph on that issue, but i know they will be funding a lot of great clinics in our district through the innovation fund and i will support some of those efforts. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. so, clarity was provided to me with regards to the annual reports from the compliance officer for the project of the whole that will include the work force component. so, i'm completely satisfied with that being the language in the resolution as well for that particular item to take place and it includes exactly what i'm asking for. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor breed. i want to make it clear to the public section m 82 2, we significantly expanded the monitoring enforcement
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provisions. ~ so, not only is cpmc required with the compliance report to the city, but there is third-party review of that report. there will be a 30-day public comment on that report. this happens annually. there will be a city report on compliance to address lists of specified issues. there will be annual hearings on compliance of both planning and health commissions. on top of that, there will be a third-party monitor in case there are issues around compliance and then ultimate responsibility for initiating any necessary enforcement actions will continue to rest both with the director of planning, the director of health, and the board of supervisors. we will also continue to have the power to direct our city attorney to initiate any enforcement actions, which is the case for all aspects including the local hiring provisions i know supervisor breed is concerned about. the last comment i just want to make is i want to join supervisor wiener and frankly i think the comments that and the perspectives that many of us have had around issues around mental health. i think many