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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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>> welcome to the san francisco
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board of supervisors again apologizes for the delay we came out of 0 long session from our prior transportation meeting with that madam clerk please call the role. >> (calling names) mr. president, all members are present. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen could you please join us in the pilferage
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us in the pilferage the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. colleagues we have our june 25th, 2013, minutes could i get an approval >> madam clerk are there any conversations. >> it is considered remunerate and any item maybe removed. >> seeing none, that are separate call roll on the agenda. >> (calling names)
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there are 11 i's. >>. the motion is approved now why don't we go to our 230 session >> thank you everyone there are aren't too many people in san francisco we can call chief. i'm honoring one chief please come forward (clapping) >> so a little bit about the chief he is responsible for the juvenile probation department. he first came here he started out with one grandchild and today he has 10. and he took on this rule after serving as the juvenile
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probation officer and he's retire from august. under his leadership the san francisco juvenile probation department has had reduction in problems and in support of all alternative programs such as a log cabin rather than. the chief has remained a friend to all board of supervisors staff and his 8 year romance quote/unquote has been very beneficial during the budget session. and the chiefs humor will be missed by all but he's going on to a better position. in his commitment to the juvenile probation department he's spent a night in juvenile hall and has provided countless
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bags of popcorn. the chief is moving back to chicago with his family eagerly wait his return. we're very grateful to the chief and today, i think we want to take this opportunity. you have evolved so much of your time it's only appropriate you go home and take care of your family in chicago. i know that the chiefs wife is here pat. and thank you pat for loaning your husband to the city of san francisco. the chief is going to be packing up his bags and going home on friday. i want to give you this proclamation for all your help in san francisco and i'd like to give you some time to say a few
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words (clapping) >> thank you. >> chief we have a few other colleagues would want to say a few words. >> thank you, mr. president, and to supervisor tang. i think chief it was wise of you to befriended harvey rose. i think it's no surprise we've had our sdaurms. the first one was the undocumented policy and one of the things i appreciated that notwithstanding the difference of opinion i always felt we could be having an honest
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discussion. i appreciate the fact even if you discharged you sat down and worked is out with the folks and once that issue was revolved we moved forward. this is a great sign of character first year i appreciate your commitment to youth to young people. and i wish you the very best. i know it's been hard for you to be no san francisco but this city thanks you and as the district supervisor i'm appreciative >> i'd like to knowledge supervisor avalos. >> chief thank you for your great service when you came here 8 years ago. there were a lot of people who had high hopes and you achieved
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much. we had at least 1 hundred and 50 at times by the policies you put in place you came with our experience from chicago were able to help us consistently and thank you for that. thank you for the things you approved here in san francisco like the young folks lives. congratulations >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you chief for sharing your stories and your love of music with me. when you came i was on the school board and i remember that
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the grassroots folks were praising you for your strong programs to help the youth turn their lives around. i also want inform thank your wife for allowing the chief to really help us develop our systems in san francisco and also i'm very happy you'll return to your 10 grandchildren and your family in the cook county chicago area. you've been very honest and up front about the challenges you had to deal with from labor management to grassroots and it's been an honor to work with you >> and i'll get in the last word. i thank you for your incredible
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integrity and you're dealing with the fiscal challenges and bringing a kevin style to the workplace. we hope that the future leadership of your agency will continue to reflect our leadership and with that >> thank you. >> thank you supervisor tang for sponsoring this resolution and for everyone's support of this resolution. i have to say i was hoping to address this group one more time before i left and never expecting this would be in the context of a resolution. i stand before this group with a heavy heart steep to the brim with so many positive experiences as chief probation officer but as citizen and
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resident. i love being called chief i love being the chief for the 71 of san francisco of the juvenile probation department. i reflect back on my america of april fools day in 2005 when i he was sworn in as the chief probation officer. supervisor brought me into this room that was vacant at the time and showed me this place and told my family i would be sitting in this box or at that podium talking about the department or defending our budget. i never realized at the time i would be here so often but i studied this group. i was at even one of our unnation events. i would get pointers and style
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and grass and seen growth in this group as well your proctors. throughout all my appearances in those favorable sfgovtv i developed a respect for this chamber of the people and for the work you perform on our on behalf of. your feeshz appetite for human rights, for associate justice and diversity is unparalleled and is the beacon of the san francisco values for the whole world to see and follow. the juvenile probation officer department is most grateful for the boards support. we're most appreciative of the fact that supervisors ca possess and tanking made it out to log
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cabin rather than and got a peak at the kids we serve. throughout the men and women in the probation department we were able to reduce our over reinstates and expand our partnership with community based agrees and organizations that work with our clients all of our clients, re - we have reclaimed the futures of many san francisco families and we restored the public's trust in the juvenile probation as a progression. j p d no longer stand out with our hands out for money. our work - in our working partnerships with the police
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department and the fire department and the united school district, mo e w d and the rest of the alphabet in ways that has never been are experienced before. we have been assembled into the city family that deals with juvenile justice. the graciousness you extend to me today is from the probation officer probation system and our system practitioners and to my key support group. my executive assistant who constantly on a daily basis provides the best face better than my face and the recognition
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of the principle partners in the person's of chief probation officer allen nancy and deputy director alison. the time we've worked together i've been desired by their energy and intelligence i'll been grounded by their criticism i've been chord by their loyalty friendship and those two individuals become the battle ranks that will bring san francisco forward. and to my wife pat the love of my life who brokered that. leaving 8 kids to be on my own
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where i never had an apartment on my own was a leap of faith but their belief in me and the ability for me to complete my career in such a wonderful area. at the finally to our 8 children our and 10 grandchildren if i could get this posted. this is my new caseload everybody (laughter) i'm not so sure my 8 children understand they're off of double secret probation yet they believe that since they've had children of their own they off the list. but this is where i'm fully commented. i'm tired of the dialog with my
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grandchildren's words where's gramma. i want to expand our confidence there's not going to have two other words. but at any rate. thank you once again. to this body for your support during my stay in the best job in the best he city that any probation officer could hope to come to serve. thank you very much everybody (clapping) >> thank you chief
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(clapping). >> chief godspeed as you hid off into managing you're next agency and colleague why don't we go to the next items 52 and 53. >> to me 52 and 53 compromise the next action the board of supervisors has agreed to sit as a committee for a public hearing in persons interested in or having the delinquent assessment of costs and fees from the building code submitted by the director of the building
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inspection. to the members of the public this is a hearing who want to obtain or support the resolution from the department around coding enforcement. i want to acknowledge the sfgovtv staff and then the public will have an opportunity to speak about the charge before we make a final decision you good afternoon this marks the 9th year of the building be inspection for property owners. prefl triumphed to you was the charges from 2018. we've had two in house owners meeting to rectify that. the department asks for your support in approving this
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building inspection report. i want to thank the support staff >> colleagues any questions to d b i staff. okay hearing no one let's hear from the public are there any members of the public. if you want to line up on the right-hand side and each men e member of the public will have 2 minutes to speak. sir, you want to step up >> good afternoon home minutes do i have. >> you have two minutes. >> this is about a property at
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1267 rose island that has been penalized 9 times over from the vacancy fee that was denied in 2012 because a lack of insurance. i am appealing this imposition 9 times over penalty because i feel that it is gross and excessive. i feel that the - while the demand for insurance on the building a valid the insurance companies refused to insure the building because it was vacant so that place is a catch-22 situation which took us months to resolve. we were able to secure an
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acquaintance so they penaltyized us for that with an excessive fee. i think it sdrimgdz against people who don't have the fund i'm currently employment and my sister is unemployed and on disability. one of the heads stated himself this was a tail of two cities stating that some people in some parts of the town can afford this and - >> thank you are there any other members of the public who
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wish to speak on this item? come on up >> good afternoon i live in san francisco for 61 years. i'd like to thank the board of supervisors for holding this special hearing. in my opinion many property owners in san francisco don't have adequate knowledge on how to protest what happens at d b i. a case example a recent grand jury. i'd like to encourage all persons in san francisco especially ones that are not familiar with d b i please tell don't feel intimidated because the d b i has made far too many mistakes in the past and i encourage if you don't
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understand or don't agree with the d b i feel free to pursue the matter on the state of level >> any more comments? seeing none. before we precede there's a question from supervisor wiener >> thank you a question about one of the items at 1:30 beulah street in supervisor breeds district. this item was here for in law units correct >> two in the lower area basin area and they have tenants in them. >> yes, sir. they do.
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>> i understand the department is in a tough situation in the in law units but those are affordable houser areas of our city and i personally will have a hard time supporting the assessment based on someone beingpermits.
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- it doesn't give them the ability to fix it and we're potentially pitting two residents on the street because of that. i have concerns about this process overall and i'm not supportive of moving in this direction. it doesn't provide a solution over safety issues >> i want to concur as well.
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there's in my district on this list there are scores of in law units where you have whole families living in a single in law unit. we know that realty is there are people living there and the reeled in my district there are people who can't afford to pay their mortuary. it's not permitted. i think the city needs to figure out how we can understand how to create flexibility in our districts so we can maintain housing that's affordable for the property owners and other folks who couldn't pay their mortuaries. it's not always about making extra money. so i know it's not just this