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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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flag of the united states of
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america. on that have billion. mr. president, i'd like to call roll please. please do >> commissioner turman. . vice president marshall a excused. sxhos is in repute. commissioner loftus >> also with us is the chief of police and the director of sense complaints. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wednesday, december 11, 2013, san francisco police commission meeting i want to start before we move into the agenda that agenda items number 6 and 7 we'll move off agenda
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and councilmember faulconer is there you want to say. >> we've made tremendous progress that some on two policies one is a member involved domestic violence policy which would give me how versions are involved which one of our officers is used of domestic violation. and there's been some work on both of those ordered if you watch regularly on about monday nights you know i've been asking for sometime and we're very close basis often is the case we need it have a couple of more meeting to make sure we're all think the same page. we want to make sure we have time. it's my request we continue
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those towards the end of january >> thank you so we'll do that and also before we move into the heart of our agenda. we adjourn in the memory of members of the sfpd or former members who have passed and tonight we'll adjourn in the memory of lieutenant star 2124. many of you in the public know of the lieutenant basis he was the face of the sfpd he was our spokesperson and a kind and good man. we'll have his services tomorrow his funeral services we'll say star 232224 started from the
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years of 2000 he was in the responsive unit and public foyers on 2009 he was assigned to the airport administration and retired on nodding after 29 years of service he passed away and will be greatly missed. i think if he was not ill he would be in the police department today. i have a photo if you could publish that to the public. item one >> presentation would be appreciation of the certificate action. >> commissioners you have in
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your packet. >> i'd like to say a few words will the well new orleans program it brought youth and police officers together. it's done that over the last 33 years. it's a partnership with the school district and national park service in california state parks. breaks down barriers and youth and teachers in the community it's development teamwork as well as build self-confidence and respect and understanding of ones own ability with the youth and police officers. it helps our youth gain appreciation and were in the
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world we've done this through all programs provided at no cost to our children. officer meekly was just plain officer mike has been head of the opt since 2005. the sfpd world war i in-laws program was staffed by volunteers. the supporters of the wildness program have provided $20,000 and for that we would like to have them recognized with a certificate of appreciation
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>> so it's i it's the certificate i'm presenting this to the cohesive; right? >> laughter. >> we have a new chief tim is the new excessively achieving retired lieutenant from san francisco. the supporters in support of this san francisco police department wilderness program our generosity is greatly appreciated by citizens of city and county and the police department >> thank you. >> chef tim. chief lieutenant following will i wow, you took it to nevada >> step out my door i go backpacking. it's been a great ride for thirty plus years and couldn't do with without numerous police.
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i want to thank you chief suhr and hopefully it will continue on for thirty years >> thank you. thank you very much >> thanks again a lot of officers participated and officer walterer scott passed away the minute you saw him he talked about that are a lot of officers put their heart and soul into this so thank you. >> please call next item and the consent calendar is the document quarter report i third quarter 2013. >> commissioners w r you have in our packet any additions or concerns? there no one any public comment public comment is closed do i
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have a motion to adopt the consent calendar >> all in favor, say i. call item 3. >> the general public comment the public can address the committee he within the jurisdiction of the committee and the speaker will address the commission as a whole for the commissioner police rules of offered neither the commissioners or police are required to answer the questions. the occ personnel should rind from entering into discussions and please limit our comments to 3 minutes >> time for public comment. >> good evening, commissioners.
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i'm happy to say we've made it to the end of the year i'm sad i won't be seeing you actually january. it's been an interesting year for jack i didn't and i have been able to meet and become evenly adam with another police captain. he's done an incredible job and the most powerful guy in the room knows i'm not easily expressed. with the champion kers he's tale an interest in the street and has come out on his own and made arrests of the people who are smoking in the bus stop in the
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shelter which is one of my pet peeves i don't care what you're smoking unless it's pot. it's really made a difference. this is the second meeting that he and i have been together because we had a community meeting with jane kim concerning the shooting on market street and jones and it was, you know, was most of the more than he was there and chipper as usual so i get to add him to the people i enjoy working with and it's champion michael redd anyone and i was very happy to learn that champion greg is now at northern station i'm expecting to be foreman a champion group to kick
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byte. i happen to know where the bad guys are and hanging out human resources i want to give a shout you tell to pat whose give me me the best services in the sfpd. i want to wish you all a happy new year and save holiday and i'm done with the things here >> thank you and have a happy holiday season. any further comment. apply lawrence before you begin to speak i want to bring to our attention this committee has rules one of which you are away of >> speak up you want to talk about rules. >> one you didn't obey at the
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last meeting please, please obey the rules of public comment and i know what the brown act is i can speak under any topic here as well as i don't harass anyone on the board so don't tell me what the rules are. >> i don't tell you what the rules are you obviously don't know them. >> i don't want a sermon. >> mr. lawrence please. i speak on behalf of we the people and when i bring comments here in front of the commissioners, any questions or comments? public at larger. >> there's the opinion. >> (multiple voices). >> he don't have a basis to get involved. >> legislator your voice. >> i was speaking.
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>> you're not allowed to speak in a public former. >> mr. thank you, your honor man arresting you're not allowed to address me when i'm speaking. >> i don't need a sermon from you when i'm speaking either. are you done >> mr. lawrence to me. >> i appreciate it if you start me at 3 minutes i was 2rur79d by mr. thank you, your honor man. >> your 3 minutes have not started. >> don't start insinuating me. please lower your voice the minutes have started >> you better keep your lieutenant in line here that's part of your job he has 40 no right to insult me he's under
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the line under the sunshine law and the brown act. for the record i'm here to speak in front of inform of this commission i've been a city receipt for 45 years mr. thank you, your honor man please direct our words to the entire commission >> i will lower my voice. >> thank you. >> i speak on behalf of people that live in the city of san francisco i don't speak on behalf of myself. a lot of people contact me and want to know why i'm the only commuter speaker in front of of the forum and i appreciate their contacts because no one addresses issues that are directly involved if the city of san francisco. you talk here and compliment one
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other about the great job but the public pays for this and you don't understand that on any base whatsoever. i don't bring up things that i make up on my own. things that are never discussed in this commission. the last time i brought up on and on a newspaper article that was not discussed and now i bring to your attention out of the paper i don't necessary favor political comments because they backed the black panthers at large but they come up with various articles that no paper will publish. decembers issue taxes in the sfpd brutalityly about a black bicyclists that was beat up. i don't make the case because i
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was beat up and put many a choke hold and kicked. those are issues you should discuss here. it's good to give officers plaques and a compliments for doing a great job because you have a lot of good officers but a lot of bad officers that walking about us they're part of occ compliance and they have complaints they're never discussed and their names are not brought. when a sense at large runnings into this year i leave you the articles that should be discussed about sfpd officers beating up a sense for whatever reason. we have police but we don't live in a police state not yet anywhere and those are issues
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you should concern yourself with you leave you two copies of the newspaper >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening ms. brown. >> as also i'd like to use the overhead. i'm paulette brown and i'm here to talk about my son who was murdered and thirty rounds of bullets were pumped into him my sons case is not sofldz and i'm looking for justice for my son and the last time we were told to check on the cold cases. my son was a good boy. he graduated from went a to
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catholic school. i had to walk across the state to receive his diploma. he was 17 years old a baby. as i said all before the holidays are here my son loved christmas. he's not here to enjoy this christmastime with his family. as a mother i hurt everyday not just when i come here but everyday when i'm at home when there's nothing else to do and when it's time for me to a go to sleep i'm in pain even though i have two daughters left. but i try to stay strong for them but it's hard. but they see the paper in their
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mother everyday. i wouldn't wish this open any parents any parents i'm not saying those people don't have problems but this is something i need to keep saying and doing. because if it i do not i'll probably laid and die. it's hard i might look okay open the inside but i'm in pain the period of time interest rates are still walking the street to kill again. we all know who they are and we all know they did it. i don't want an ice for american people eye i don't want them dead i want them to go to jail
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to prieven and realize what they've done to themselves not only to me and my son but to themselves also. not only did they take my son but if they go to jail their mother is going to miss them. i just want justice for my child and please help me. thank you. thank you, ms. brown >> any further public comment public comment is closed please call the next line item. >> line item 4 reports and announcements chefs report and review of recent activities as good evening, commissioners and public. i comment on a couple of public comments we spoke to the suspect
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on the bicycle which when encountered one of the officers who was bit. for a full version. so far as ms. brown goes as also we're lacking the witness or witnesses that could come forward and anybody who has information we'd appreciate it we have the list that ms. brown has given me to search for the suspects one it deceased and others are in custody and others occult of custody. we'd love to give you the closure by the but we need the testimony. update open crime in san francisco. it's been reported that crime is up it's up approximately 14 percent on a largely driven
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property crime. property crime is up 20 percent since the inception of the a b-109 and we're grasping left leg with the consequence of not having the repeat offenders that aren't able to accept an alternative strategy of incarnation the shootings are done and homicides are down thirty percent. and hopefully, we, carry that momentum into 2014. anybody that's shopping in san francisco we're passing out flyers we have posted off parking garage meters please keep our packages in the trunk of your car don't get so evenly tlarld with your cell you make
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yourself available for crime. this will make you less available as a victim and help us to get a hold on the property crimes right now. a couple of the cases there was a homicide no june victor was killed in the district sea homicide investors developed the suspect joshua who was located and placed under arrest. the investigation is continuing and there was some press early that our save streets operation that is in concert with other law enforcement agencies and the u.s. attorney's office are targeting drug dealers all within one thousand feet of our schools and children for to the end the suspects will be charged federally and the sentence will
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be a long time stay from the tenderloin. every one of those suspects having had a minimum of 10 arrests for sales and analytic and more than 40 arrests in the tenderloin. make no mistake those restraining order dealers not users more than 90 percent of them don't reside in the city. on a brighter note as the holidays go forward we continue to do a lot of things in the community thursday the wellness program received a sift with the westport tall kids we did the dreams toy drive with the sfpd champ was last saturday and the batkid and his family were back
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again and it ended in $137,000 to make wishes come true for kids who have medical companies. operation dream continued and it was a victory over the seahawks. the officers did a great job they had a good time with the fans. we had 23 booksing for too much alcohol and had 43 patient we booked for alcohol and two arrested for vandalism there was a report that a person was hit with a bottle and that was from his roommate. and on saturday we'll be doing the gun buy


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