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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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as shown on page nine of the report and the requested authorization for the extended period under the agreement with bombardier is amount listed. that amount includes 38 million plus for base operations, maintenance, escalations and bonuses for the three year extended term and $3.2 million as was indicated to cover the short fall of the existing budget for the initial five year term of the agreement. funding for the proposed amended agreement will be provided from the airport operating budget. we recommend that you approve this resolution. >> thank you very much mr. rose. any questions for the budget analyst? seeing none. let's open it up for public comment. seeing none public comment is closed. can i have a motion
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and approve that without opposition. okay. could you please call item four madam clerk. >> item four is a resolution retroactively authorizing the arts commission to accept a grant in the amount of $200,000 from kaiser permanente for the bayview opera house plaza renovation and rest raigdz for the period listed. >> okay. we have ms. axle to speak on this morning. >> good morning. you have the resolution for the arts commission accepting this grant and this is the tail end of fundraising for the capital improvement project for the bayview opera house plaza restoration and renovation project. after years of securing public dollars we turned to the private sector and this kaiser permanente $200,000 reflects the tail end of that
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effort. i can tell you the renovation will work on the corridor and the concrete in the plaza footprint and childrens' area and seating and performance venue and adding other green elements to the space. groundbreaking is in early march, 2014 we hope you join us here and i will answer any questions. >> any questions? okay. we don't have a budget analyst report for item four so we will move to public comment. seeing none public comment is closed. >> move approval. >> we have a motion to move this forward and we can do so without opposition. madam clerk can you please call item five. >> item five is a resolution retroactively authorizing the office of workforce development for a grant of amount five for the period week five.
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>> okay. thank you. we have oewd to speak on this item. >> thank you. i am john [inaudible] with programs operation. we are here to request authorization for us to accept and expend additional assistance money for this program and help dislocated workers and recent large scale dislocation events that were in the information technology sector when 500 individuals lost employment this summer. this additional assistance is available to us when mass layoffs occur so we have the capacity to respond with services beyond what we can do with the allocation. this will assist other workers that are dislocated during this period and the goal is serve up
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to 175 workers through the date of the grant of march 31, 2015 and i am happy to answer any questions. >> okay. any questions supervisor mar? appreciate it. no budget analyst report. we will move to public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. motion to move this item forward and we can move without opposition. madam clerk can you call item six and seven . >> item six is approving amendment to the san francisco tour impdirect and collection of distribution of fees by the office of the treasurer and tax collector and item seven is resolution for moscone expansion district management district plan and transfer fees by office of the treasurer and tax collector. agreement with the nonprofit owners association for administration and management. >> okay. thank you. lisa here
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from oewd. >> good morning supervisor farrell and supervisor mar. this is a resolution approving amendment to the san francisco tourism improvement district management district plan. this resolution is going to require monthly instead of quarterly assessment collection and distribution of funds by the office of the treasurer and tax collector. greg coto is here to speak more to this but the board of supervisors has adopted ordinance 203-13 that amends article six of the san francisco regulation code to authorize the office of the treasurer and tax collector of the city and county of san francisco to collect the city's transient tax on a monthly rather quarterly basis beginning effective january 1, 2014 so this resolution for the tourism improvement district will change the management plan
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to allow the tax collector to also collect the assessments for the tourism improvement district on a monthly basis and additionally the file 131128 will amend the plan for the moscone expansion district and allow for monthly collections and the resolution for that district will authorize the office of workforce development to enter into a management agreement with the nonprofit management corporation, the san francisco improvement tourism management district to manage the moscone management district. there are amendments -- administrative amendments that i have introduced today for your consideration to these two resolutions and with that i would like to ask greg coto if we would like to speak on
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behalf of the office of the treasurer and tax collector. >> good morning supervisors. greg coto from the office of the treasurer and tax collector. lisa summed it up very well what the resolutions do. they just bring the moscone expansion district and the tourism improvement district assessment collection in line with the transient occupancy tax collection so hotels can file all on one filing and get that taken care of and be compliant with the assessments and the tax. >> thank you. much appreciated. okay. supervisor mar any questions? okay. we don't have a budget analyst report for six or seven either so we will move to public comment. anyone wish to comment on these items? seeing none public comment is closed. >> move the recommendation. >> so can we have a motion to accept the amendments without opposition and the underlying items and without opposition as well. madam clerk we're going to skip item eight and call
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that later on in the calendar so could you please call item nine. >> item nine is a resolution authorizing mayor's office of housing and community development to accept and expend infill infrastructure grant from the california state department of housing and community development for the amount nine for the housing development at 5800 third street. >> thank you very much. we have mayor's office to come speak on this item. >> thank you chair farrell, supervisor mar, i am pam simms and work in the mayor's office office of community development and i am here to present the request for authorization to accept and expend state of california infill and infrastructure funding in the amount not to exceed
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the amount listed and the bay view housing would be affordable senior housing and 117 one bedroom units and two bedroom units and upon completion the bay view senior center will be relocated to this site and this concludes the presentation. thank you. >> okay. thank you. again no budget analyst report for item nine so we will move to public comment. anyone wish to comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. >> i will move the recommendation. >> move with recommendation to the full board. madam clerk can you please call 10 through 15 together please. >> items 10 through 15 are resolutions approving master
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lease amendments for the united states navy treasure island water waterfront and land and structures and marina and child care and event and venues and firefighter training center for week 10. >> good morning. we are here to ask for your approval of the master leases. as you know the treasure island authority became the caretaker of the islands 16 years ago. during that time what we call the interim period use while the property is waiting to transfer to the city the navy allows us to lease the property and buildings at no cost through the six master leases just read into the record. they sub lease the
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records for maritime and special events to generate revenue to operate the island and we have operated self sufficiently for the last 16 years and these expire annually and when they remove or add properties to the master leases it requires your approval. the master lease has been amended 37 times over the 16 years. some are for public purpose and don't generate income like the [inaudible] beach and the shoreline promenade and other leases are with nonprofits like the little leagues and catholic charities and still others are with city agencies like the fire department. these permits generate millions of dollars to the islands for the operation and include staffing and contracts and services to provide services to the residents and pursuant to the
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resolution of the board of supervisors establishing our authority and the bylaws supervisors approval required to enter into these contracts to extend the term until november 30, 2014. once they transfer the property or parcels are done the navy to the city these amendments would no longer be necessary but until that time we seek your approval to generate income to pay for the municipal services and street lining, building maintenance and urban forestry and child care development, programs for the youth through the ymca and the boys and girls club for the island community and i seek your approval for these amendments. >> thank you very much. madam clerk i believe -- we need to make these items retroactive to december 1, is that correct.
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>> yes. >> deputy city attorney john gibner, just the title. >> just the title. thank you very much. >> thank you supervisors. >> any questions? again the budget analyst report is none. anyone to comment on public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. okay. so we need to move forward for amendment to change the title to that date. >> i will move that amendment. >> okay. that amendment is move without opposition and the underlying items and move them forward without opposition. so moved. okay. thank you very much. madam clerk can you please call item 16. >> item 16 is ordinance appropriating $4,388,000 and transit center district funds and transportation development impact years to the municipal transportation agency to
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support capital improvement projects for fiscal year 2013-2014. >> we have several speakers. >> i am with the mta and we are here to request budget authorization for approximately 4.4 million dollars of development impact fees for various pedestrian and other safety transportation and open space projects from the rincon area and the market octavia and the new transit area. these funds will fund nine projects in these areas and we are looking for your support to move forward with these projects. i am here to answer any questions about specific projects. thank you. >> supervisor mar any questions? >> i wanted to ask about the budget analyst's recommendations. are you in agreement with those? >> we are in agreement, yes. we would like to thank the planning department and the mayor's
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office and budget for moving this item forward. >> thank you very much. we you have move to the budget analyst report mr. rose. >> on page 29 we report that the appropriation for the neighborhood plan and the acvaifia plan and the rink con projects totaling $4,388,000 are in the city's capital plan and table two page 22 of our report and on page 22 we have a table through which shows that the total fund balance for the eastern neighborhoods impact fee and octavia community infrastructure fees and the other infrastructure fees as of this date was 13 million plus so if you do approve the
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appropriation the requested $4,388,000 and request in a fund balance as listed. our recommendation on page 23 is that we recommend that you amend the proposed ordinance to place $500,000 in transit center district open space impact fees and $300,000 in transit center and street improvement impact fees for total of $800,000 on reserve and that's because the actual receipt of such impact revenues that have not been received and that you approved the proposed ordinance as amended. >> thank you mr. rose. supervisor mar any questions for the budget analyst? okay. we will move on to public comment. seeing none public comment is closed. okay. so can i have a motion to approve the amendments as suggested. >> so moved. >> we will take those without opposition and the underlying item as amended and take that without opposition as well. madam clerk can you please call
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item 17. >> item 17 is resolution authorizing the office of community and infrastructure and aggregate bonds not to exceed $70,000,000 for the amount of financing the obligations for the successor agency and redevelopment agency for the area. >> i am leo levinson for the department and the successor agency to the redevelopment agency and what you have before you is an request to increase the bonding authority in the budget. it was originally 58.6 million and this would increase to $70 million and the reason for the increase is turns out that we have been advised that it may be possible to realize more bond proceeds than we expected at the time we submitted the budget. these bonds are under the term of a
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development agreement with the developer has advanced already probably up to $120 million so far of unreimbursed infrastructure cost in this area. under the terms of the agreement they are allowed to request us to bond and required to bond up to the limit that we can in order to reimburse the costs. the overall cost for the developer expected to advance approximately $700 million for the scbrairses a major commitment and doing this in line with that agreement. the debt service on these bonds are paid from property tax increment in the area and already pledged to the area so there will be no general fund impact from this action. we're very closely coordinating with the city's office of public finance which is part of our team helping to prepare the bond documents and we have been grateful for their help so i am happy to answer
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any questions. >> thank you very much. any questions? okay. we have no budget analyst report so we will move to public comment. anyone wish to comment? seeing none public comment is closed. can i have a motion to move this forward with recommendation. >> so moved. >> and we can take that without opposition. madam clerk can you go back and call item eight please. >> item eight is release of reserve founds in the adult probation department in the amount of amount eight for the sex offender containment model. >> thank you for being here. >> good morning supervisor farrell supervisor mar. i am the chief deputy of the probation department and behalf of chief wendy still and planned to attend the hearing but she is testifying in the courts building. the adult probation department urges this committee to approve the comprehensive
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budget and legislative analyst recommendation to release $268,000 of the appropriated and reserved amount eight of state realignment funds on the current budget and reserve for the sex offender containment model and housing. we urgedded committee to reserve also the amount listed. >> thank you very much. if no questions at this point we will move to the budget analyst report. mr. rose please. >> mr. chairman, supervisor mar on the budget of page 14 of the report we state based on the actual expenditures through the time listed and that is shown in the table on page 15 of our report and based on that
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observations projects cost estimates and require a total of 457056 in 13-14 to supplement the existing agreements with the san francisco forensic institute and the clinic. and the reserved amount in 13 /14 the total need is 268653 and not the requested amount and on page 15 we request that you release the amount listed of the appropriate reserve and that's of ab 109 realignment funds currently on budget and finance committee reserve and that you continue to reserve 245697. >> thank you mr. rose. is the department in agreement with these recommendations? >> yes. >> okay. perfect. supervisor mar. >> thank you chair farrell. i
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just had a quick question. can you talk about the experience of ssfi and the tenderloin housing clinic with this segment of offenders? >> well, the san francisco forensic institute is first of all has to be in order to provide this service they have to be certified through the california standard management board. i think we're very fortunate in san francisco to have a qualified provider that provides a specific service to this unique clientele. i think they of in business for significant part of time and have a reputation of providing topnotch intervention service. now, regarding the tenderloin housing clinic we have an issue involving -- we have a population of roughly 50 sex
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offenders who are required to register who are homeless and we know through homelessness that it creates destabilization and when we have destabilization with our sex offender population or any of our supervision populations that increases risk to reoffend, so in addition to trying to implement this state mandated containment model we're taking it an extra step to try to really address the issue of housing and doing it by extending the contract through the tenderloin housing clinic for rental subsidies. it's my understanding they go up to $800 a month and depends what our client can contribute. >> thank you. >> okay. much appreciated. we
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will open up to public comment if anyone wishes to comment on item eight please step forward. okay. seeing none public comment is closed. okay. first of all we have amendments in front of us suggested by the budget analyst. can we take those with recommendation? >> we can take those without opposition. >> and the underlying item without opposition as well. >> so moved. >> okay. we have the last item of the day so madam clerk can you call item 18. >> item 18 is hearing regarding funding the municipal transportation agency's bicycle strategy. >> thank you very much. this is an item sponsored by supervisor mar so i will turn it over to him to do the hearing. >> thank you. we have a audience of not only children but bicycle advocates with us and i would like to thank kathy
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and fred for their incredible work from the budget analyst office. i have been working with my staff peter [inaudible] who did work on this as well, but i first wanted to thank them for the attention and the seriousness that they took towards this. last may when the bicycle coalition and other advocates organized a bike to workday that i believe all the supervisors and the mayor participated in and i spent the night in intense frustration and there is the happy side and the side that san francisco needs to be a bike friendly city but when you look at the funding it's neglected and when you look at it it's half of what is needed and after the deaths of emily and others i along with other bicycle
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advocates and others felt pissed off there's not enough work done to make our streets safer or even to follow up after deaths happen and i think this hearing is coming out of much of that intense frustrations and also being pissed off as well. i have been looking at different studies from five years ago from mayor newsom's administration to other bike strategy proposals by the mta and even surveys by the san francisco county transportation authority that show that 2/3 of the city want significant increases in bike funding and 1/2 of those surveyed by the transportation authority want aggressive increases in funding so we're here today kind of thinking about the demands from not only bicycling advocates but the vast majority of the people in the city as well and we are looking at this report that compares us
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to other cities and if we like to think of ourselves as a bicycle city and seattle and portlandia and even minneapolis put us to shame and i hope we put our money where our mouth is by the end of this hearing and follow up as well. we spend less per citizen versus these cities and this is all in spietd of the fact that biking as a mode share is greater here than those cities and many cities throughout the country. this year we suffered and felt the consequences of inaction as a city with bicycling and many deaths and emily's death and others that we know about dangerous and not just soma but in the city and young professionals that have perished and to eldr elders as well and i think there is a more
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imperative and many advocated this and make the city safer for bicycling and other modes of transportation as well. also bicycling needs to be safe for families to feel comfortable to bike in the city as well so that's a goal. the responsibility to fund the bicycling infrastructure really falls on all of us as the board of supervisors but also for the mayor and the city departments as well, and i believe that we have failed in that regard as well according to the reports. the mta, the mayor and certainly our board of supervisors i think have to come together hopefully with this hearing but also and beyond to put our money where our mouth is and to support demands that have been coming from different neighborhoods in the city for increased and even just adequate bicycle funding in the city so this year i mentioned we suffered consequences of inaction. we have seen that as we advocate
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to make our streets safer that kind has been addressing other issues as well. i wanted to just wrap up my introduction remarks by saying i think the report from mr. rose's office is the result of an incredible amount of analysis and work and thinking of recommendations that hopefully will dialogue on today and beyond. i wanted to say to that as a member of the bay air quality air district and the bay area association of districts and as we increase growth and transportation goals we have to absolutely improve bicycle spending and infrastructure in the city. reaching the goal of 50% of the trips by transit biking and walking is an ambitious goal but i think we can achieve that by not looking at the muni system which is
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heavily burdend and how we get a good bang for the buck and increasing spending in the bicycle infrastructure as well and as i said muni can't do it alone and infrastructure is a key part of meeting the city's goals. very low maintenance and operational cost of muni makes investing in bicycling really an incredibly cost effective way of improving our climate change goals of our city and our climate action plan as a city so san francisco cannot afford to not invest in bicycling infrastructure according to the report and even the mta's own bicycle plan from five years ago to the plans of the bicycle strategy today in 2013 point us to really put our money where our mouth is and fund much more aggressively the bicycle infrastructure suggestions of the mta and i would like to ask


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