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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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trees but posted as hazardous for the public. at least you can eucalyptus trees were -- beneath. they were acting as giants holding the soil. no other newly planted trees can do these things. they have at least 300 years of life in them. they were taken out. the way they deposed of trees, they should be careful. shame on rtd for doing this and shame of this commission for supporting it. i hope you stop doing it. thank you very much. happy holidays! thank you. >> is there anyone else who would like to make public
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comment on item 5, the consent calendar? seeing none, public comment is closed. we need a motion for all items except for item 5 h. >> entertain a moment. >> so moved. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> so moved. >> we are now on item 5 h. >> good morning, director of operations. the item before you is for discussion and possible action to approve the allocation of 608,000 for the replacement of the roof in art studio in golden gate park to be funded by the reserve for fiscal year 13-14. commissioners, back in february 2010 you an approved the annual use of the 5 percent for the
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contingency reserve throughout the park maintenance system. for 13-14 this year the open space fund reserve totals $1217,000. the reserve structure are depicted in attachment a in your packet. looking at attachment a, i would highlight the three items. the reserve is broken up into three separate funds, the deferred maintenance and 25 percent for commissioners projects and 25 percent in undesignated receive. the commissioners fund balance was 14, $621 and the undesignated is $148, 238 and the deferred maintenance problem is $608,000. last year the
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department identified water main repairs and last year's completion status is on attachment b in your packet. everything is complete except the two projects at maclaren park. they are working on the gym floor repair now. the last year deferred maintenance project should be completed shortly for the item before you, for fy 13-14. the department's proposal to continue major infrastructure repair and replacement as the principal focus of deferred maintenance and among those of the significant requirement the integrity of the studio building roof. this building built in 1888 is victorian romes k building and two devastating fires one in 1974
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and another in 1980. several restorations to the building have been accomplished. in 1991, the original stone slate roof was opened with synthetic slate. it doesn't contain asbestos is now decomposing. it's surrounded the building. our proposed roof replacement will remove the existing synthetic tiles and replace with stone tiles thus restoring the building to its original context and with an exceptionally long life cycle. this project will reuse some of the pieces that are in good and serviceable condition such as the fiberglass hips and top
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caps and skylights will be preserved and reused. this level of ornamental structure will be restored. the internal cost estimation places the total process of this roof within the amount available in the reserve fund balance for deferred maintenance. so the staff recommendation is approval of the $608,000 and the maintenance reserve to fund propose deferred maintenance project of the arts studio roof replacement. >> is there any comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> just a question, given the old roof had some as as as
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as best os, >> the city at the time approved the product. i don't think we can go after them since we approved the product to go on in 1991 and the construction attorney tells me the statute of limitations of expired. >> thank you. is there a motion? >> so moved. >> moved and seconded. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> thank you. >> we are on item 6, the san francisco zoo. >> good morning. tonya peterson
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with the san francisco zoo. i will make this brief. and i will try to get to the powerpoint here if i can get to the powerpoint and give you an attendance update. i just want to show we are at our 6-month of date attendance. look at how much of it came in november, 12,000 coming in november . that's because we opened the new playground. if you can't recognize them, that kid there
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is general manager phil. thank you everybody for coming to the opening. we had 4,000 members come on opening day at the playground. so a huge success. our next slide it's a gorilla baby girl. she will be going on display this weekend on saturday. with that we have come down with a few names, which is mallakai, and it an integrated troop. the grandmother has done a fantastic job. she actually helps feed the baby. that's terrific news. then we'll go to zoo lights. we are in full
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programming starting tomorrow. this is the second year from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00. we have food and crafts and even a food truck. look on our website for more programming and information. we have winter camp during the holidays for kindergartners through 5th grade. if anyone is interested, please check our website. lastly, our temporary exhibit about giant bugs ends on january 12th. this received great reviews. the next thing is on poop and scoops. and that will be interesting for our visitors. don't know how to advertise for that one. that concludes my report. >> thank you very much.
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>> is there anyone who would like to make public comment on this item. being none, public comment is closed and this was discussion only. item 7, appointment and revise aryary committee. >> good morning commissioners, general manager and secretary. melinda stockton, capital improvements division as well as community gardens program manager and i believe this is the last commission i will be saying interim ag person. i'm coming to you today with an action item, a possible action item to fulfill a position on the advisory committee and as well as rea pointing the members odd number seats of 1, 3, 5, 7 of farm. it has a new
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name as last year. it's to improve the saint mary's complex. the management plan was completed in august of 2012 and the cac formation was an integral part of the management plan. the initial committee appointments were made in fall of the 2012. fortunately after serving with the committee, seat no. 2 which is one of the two neighborhood residents in the committee moved out of the city and no longer available or eligible to serve on the committee. the committee is comprised of 9 seats. i'm the representative for staff. initially the appointments were made so odd numbers for 1 year and even numbers for 2 years to stagger so we didn't lose all of our veterans at once. the
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farm, cac relies on cat egorical representation so activist, residents and farm practitioners and so forth. i sent last week an annual report to the commissioners through margaret mckartsdzer. after commission appointments were made in september and fall 2012, the committee started meeting officially in january 2013. we have now completed our first year. a lot of getting relationship building and trust building and coalition building and working. i act as a
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messenger bringing the committees recommendation to the appropriate staff for final approval and commission when appropriate. when seat two was vacated we did extensive outreach through the farm of cac and other stakeholder groups as well as to the citywide urban agriculture working group and supervisor david campos, parks and recreation and staff as well as announcement within 200 feet of the recs center complex. we had several applications. those involved with the review were myself with the community gardens programs manager and parks and recreation manager kimberly kiefer. she brought a perspective to the review
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around candidates that will help out the community and bring resources the bear. i'm happy to recommend to the commission this morning that we appoint laura martin to replace seat 2. i'm also pleased to report that laura has made time and sat through a fantastic and emotional ride through commission hearing to make a few comments today. laura holds degrees in environmental and landscape architecture. she lived between her extensive residents here and as well as arizona and worked on johnson grants and hud grants. laura's combination of technical expertise with landscape arc and landscape and architectural issues with community development make her an
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excellent advocate for the community and we look forward to working with her and the staff to help the farm. the farm is one of parks and recreation most level of violence and they distribute to a number of groups and many many school and other groups that visit the site for educational purposes. laura is a bruno heights resident and lives between holly park north of the farm. in addition to recommending laura martin, i would like to recommend' reappointment for the odd number seats. the resident reserved for housing resident,
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alice caruthers. she has a large historical and knowledge of the farm and a valuable member of the committee. and brett is involved with the farm and a licensed contractor. seat 5, craig heckman. he's a landscape architecture and has working in a lot of naturalized open spaces adjacent to the agricultural production, finally seat 7, bonnie, who has been working at the library and working on the living library nature walk and also implemented a stereotyped for the program use this summer and continues to work with adjacent schools. i think that concludes my presentation and happy to
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answer any questions. >> thank you very much. >> is there any public comment on this item? did you want to come forward, laura? >> thank you. i just wanted to say that i'm really excited to participate on the citizens advisory committee and work on the goals that the committee has. i just also wanted to say that urban farms are such a transformative place for participants and i would like to thank the parks and recreation for setting up the infrastructure and like a farm can have a system and survival for the residents of the city. i'm happy to be part of this committee, thank you. >> thank you for being willing to serve. >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed.
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>> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> so moved. >> we are on item 8. balboa renovation project award a contract. >> good morning, commissioners. my name is -- dj with the capital division. the item before you today is for possible action to approve an award in architectural and engineering contract to renery for the renovation project for an amount not to exceed $950,000. just a background. balboa pool renovation is in the phase of the projects for
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2012 bond program. a request for proposal for architectural and engineering services was put out in october of this year. the successful firm will be providing architectural mechanical electrical structural services for the project. the scope of work requested focuses on fully renovating the pool building itself. this includes pool circulation systems, pool pumps and dehumid fiction systems and comfort, new pool locker rooms, possible addition of another program room and renovation of the pool itself. a proposal conference was held in mid-october. the pool itself, with over 30 attendees with
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engineers. a total of 30 proposals were received in the office this year. a diverse panel that includes architects and experts and project managers were assembled to review the proposals. interview short list was conducted for four firms in early december this year. the project was overseen by the group. the cmd also applied the local business enterprise ratings for the four teams interviewed and developed a ranking in which we reelect -- the point. by appointing this request at this meeting,
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they are scheduled to meeting on the dates established in the 2012 schedule so that community meetings can start in ernest. we came to meetings in february of this year of 2014 and so that full design services and construction documents can proceed we intend to go into construction and meet 2015. the staff is recommending the commission approve an award to architects for the balboa pool renovation in an amount not to exceed $650,000. >> we have public comment. do you want to go there first? >> let's go public comment.
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>> anastasia? >> it's not why i came here. i'm not working so much. it's better and cheaper. but i don't know if the city building is just a city building or just renovation. if it's a city building, a general thing, it would be so nice to have 15 meters pulled. i was hoping for -- but it didn't happen. i was there at least three times and many years. i was this a few times a week. they had these wonderful hours, evenings. i don't think anybody who is at
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the door can possibly swim at the swimming pool. i know it's general comment. it was it used before 7:30-11:00 a.m.. i know many people go there because it's the -- better hours. since i have a little bit of time, i would talk about recent renovations around the pool and was shocked to see the results. the area used to be lush and green before. the chain link fence which would have stand there for many years was
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replaced with another chain link fence without the ivy around it. they spend an amount of money that is not necessary. the showers, need to be taken care of. i was asking if my brother-in-law can just switch them to be separate. >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner, low? >> can you tell us something about the qualifications of els? have they done pool projects in the past? >> yes, they have actually, we did an extensive background
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check on them. we actually visited a couple of the pools of what they have done. they worked on the east oakland new pool building that was just finished about 3 years ago. we visited it and we talked to a lot of the operations and managers that actually run the pool and they are quite satisfied. >> this contract is for full design services. did they talk about the landscaping and structural and mechanical? is that correct? >> that's correct. >> the 950 contract should catch much of the cost? >> it's going to catch most of the engineering and soft cost related to pm services, surveys
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and the work itself outside of that and that is contemplated in the budget itself which you have in front of you. >> and to make the architects assignments efficient does it make programming for what this project is designed for? >> we intend to embark on an extensive public outreach for this in february. we are going to have a couple of community meetings that is going to refine some of the program needs for the building itself. we have done some prior to going out to for the services itself and we are going to refine that to solicit input from the operations staff and all the stake holders.
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>> we'll do that internally and not involve the architects. >> right. >> are they putting in a wave for surfing. >> it's in community design. but definitely been a need for a little bit more varied recreational activity. >> all right. i'm in for it. i guess the one thing that kind of hit me when i read through this is our soft cost is almost half, more than half of our construction cost. is there any way we can control that to lower our soft cost? >> actually, the soft cost is only about 28 percent. >> does that normal? >> that is normal. it's usually
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between 25-30 percent. >> is it more than half than our estimated construction cost? >> no. >> okay >> any other questions? entertain a motion? >> so moved. >> moved and seconded. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> so moved. >> we are on item 9. 2012/2013 annual report by the controllers office. >> good afternoon, this is a joint report. i'm steve rock well, senior analyst in operations. >> hi, i'm natasha project manager of the controllers office.
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thank you for having us here this morning. this is the results of our 7th annual report of the park standards. today we'll just go through a few of the results before handing it off to steve. as you know our staff go and do evaluations. we evaluate every park once a year. the parks and recreation staff go out four times a year so every park is rated. we should have up to five scores of each park every year. that's what makes the result of this report. as you can see on this chart, this is over all trend for the last 7 years. what you are seeing from light to dark green are within the quarter within that year and the diamond is giving you the over all score for that year. we are continuing the upward trend and this is the first time since there has been
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a little bit of movement. 87 percent of the park scores above 85 percent. if a park is getting 85 percent it's in generally good condition. 69 percent have improved. if you compare this to last year, the numbers are different. steve will explain in a few minutes about the reweighting we did in the scores. we retroactively applied it to these scores. so the trend should remain the same. so what you are seeing here is a distribution of parks. in the green we have parks that are over 90 percent and yellow under and red under 80 percent. you can see the parks are still doing well. we had an increase this year for the parks scoring over 90 percent which is rely


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