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tv   [untitled]    January 8, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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(clapping) welcome to the newly revitalized federal building at the united nations plaza as the new home of the recreational headquarters. it's a great day one we've been waiting for. today's event is the historic corner stone that celebrates the vintage building into a 21st century workplace. we have a number of guests. today's speakers are nancy pelosi congresswoman with the house of representatives (clapping) mrs. van with the fester of the general services administration (clapping.) the honorable mayor ed lee at the san francisco.
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and from hk architects. (clapping.) and crystal-clear barton artist with the cliff barton studio. thank you all for joining us the general services administrations is to deliver the best technology services to the government and american people. critical parts are providing with that,s that preserve the integrity off our historic fats and incorporating the design features all have been integrated. those of us who work here about work in a historically more than building. the m public works will homicide
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a place in his. at the history it dates back to 17952 when it was commissions to design is a new this. this federal building is within the center complex. after the earthquake of 18906 devastated many buildings it was transformed offering a promise of a now a fundamental humane city. this was designed by before a began in 1933 and was complete in 1936. the 77 his is unique including the historic oral office of chester. thanks it to the recovery act it's a beacon to achieve a
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plaque. in other words, this historic building has received a new life and it proudly takes it's police radios with the jackson's r. browning an, an effort to revitalize san francisco market street corridor. this historic renovation goes well beyond the improvement. it is an innovator across the nation. the people who are categorize enough to think they can change the world can. this quote is from steve jobs and it opens his biography. jobs profoundly changes tending starting with the other person
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communication what the ipad. his flip was in the technology of the humanity. he believed that simplicity and extraordinary customer he experience could go together. apple neat to control the elements of supply chance and as a cult they had to own the experience. when i read this book it resonated with me on so many levels. it's not because i owned one of the making tarnish i swear it's still out there operational. and in standing for the record university he encouraged the audience of graduates to follow their heart. i hit the campaign trail to
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elect a president that would make energy a national imperative. it touched me because it's the things we do at g s a everyday. just like apple products convey their products this building is no exception it has solar and open rabble windows and it represents the history in this city. we use an integrated design approach in our project and we manage our building holistically. and indeed we help the workforce because their housed. and where else is the conversion of technology and art more prevalent than here per jobs was
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an volley ball for workplace and i believed that successful companies thrived oneself competition rather than waiting for someone to come up with products their world leadership was for the last 15 years. g s a is leading the transformation for the frig. we were the first agency to help simplify the procurement of the board rage of services and saving million dollars discolors for the taxpayer. we're rolling out a program to help with the collaborative workspace and g s a as a great sustainable ability and it's one
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of the few agrees to sustain green. here in region 9 we're in the lead in the g s a performance plan defining our 20/20 goals are through the supply chance and workforce transformation. we're working on the nicest to have our contractors to deliver our product. our efforts will shrinkage and footprint here, no our region by thirty percent the work environmentalists will make the federal government more efficient and more resilient in the 21st century. it's our ability to captains our community. we work closely with federal
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government and nonprofit and regulatory bodies to reinforce our collective plan to have a thriving economy. we share best practices and collaborate to educate the public. and we've realized on many of you who are in the audience. let's get back to where i started people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world do we have them here from leader nancy pelosi who has been protecting the environment to mayor ed lee who is building the extension programs who has helped to there our focuses and
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effectiveness and strengthen our role 90 in government and the architect is being trormd. we should all take heart from their transformational change. we've shown we can continue our focus to our values we'll indeed have an impact on the federal government in the lives of the american people and hopefully on the world stage where america continues to lead. now we have a woman who needs little introduction nancy pelosi is the representative for the one hundred and 31st congress reforming the political system to create clean campaigns and
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concocting reforms and slurring the neighborhoods and scalds. from 2007 to 2011 she served in the house of representatives and she's represented congress for 25 years and a please welcome nancy pelosi (clapping) thank you very much ruth inform that wonderful introduction and recognition of the role that we all play and how connected we all are. and thank you for allocating the leadership of president obama his election helped us in preparation for his taking office to in the new democratic majority passing the legislation the he american investment that
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will enable us to get $150 million to turn in wonderful place into something significant. it's an honor to be here with you and tiger for not only this building but understanding what we do in our area is of national significance and has the leadership when we say we're going to get something we get it done. i appreciate your leadership of the g s ashlgs naturally and i can say what i said because of our great leadership from mayor ed lee. well, the american reinvestment and he recovery act we were able to do the tunnel and so many things and now today. the mayor will agree that is a
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pleasure this was a historic place in the center but instead of being the connection it was sort of what are we going to do and exploit the opportunity by this location and from the earthquake we all worked together to restore the now made for the judge the ground breaking are courthouse. it was so beautiful and also contributing to the economic growth that's the federal building built to the highest environmental standards and now this is past and with the mayor's leadership what he's done in the private sector was
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magical. now here we are today. michelle thank you for making this lovely. it's appropriate and exceptionally emotional and, of course, our u.s. coast guard thank you for being here and our service to our country. it's about our country. it's a principle to be with all of you at this ribbon kci terminal you it's a historic buckling building and to celebrate the return to work and civic life. in the midst of the great depression it was built as it was said in the middle 30s the boo assistant district attorney structure was not only a reminder of grand demur of pun certify but to put people back
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to work. some of the bleak it mentioned in the historic we would billed you beautiful things and keep our this side of the aisle over tomorrow. over the years this place has h witnessed compassion and a accomplishment and to close in the second world war ii you, you know, 50 nations came together to find the united nations. at the as accident aid epidemic ladies and gentlemen of the jury, people came together here to make sure the crisis would not be go forward holding a decade-long vigil in the names millions with hiv and aids. this is the place where the
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struggles and poster of many of our fellow americans lived through this. i'm excited to be here not because of the un (laughter) but it's since the great depression this historic building stood empty. once again in dark and uncertain times this nation invited in our times and it's - a massive commitment by president obama to put people back to work and reclaim our future. the recovery act modernized this structure providing seismic ubtdz u upgrades and a having more focus sustainable designs
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to meet the pat numb design. and soon nearly after 6 empty years eyed nations will bring federal workers in the mid-market area and to ignite all the commitment. with the recovery act and the partnership with the federal government and the local leaders mayor ed lee is leading the way for prosperity. today, the recovery is urban finished and incomplete we're still putting people back to work and to strengthen our middle class the backbone of our
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democracy. we have to make decisions about how to allocate resources that just don't build a structure and create jobs that way or a place to work and create jobs that way but to grow the economy in the surrounding area. that is what it makes it a model to the nation and that's what san francisco is also ready and able to do. as we bring life into the building this is renovated in the great recession and now ready for another service hopefully it is something we'll be calling the great come back of our economy. i think mayor ed lee and everyone here for our leadership all your leadership because it's more than a building it's more
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than a workplace or a you mean it's to growth and regional it's the link from the past a great past as the un plaza to the future and i couldn't be happier to be here with you to celebrate that. so thank you very much all very much. thank you so much congresswoman your leadership in the house that passed the recovery act not only helped to create and save millions of jobs but it is what made this project possible so thank you. tiger lee is the director for the administration services he's
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served a vital role to build a responsible government for the american people. he's been recognized and as our that administrator he's leading us to greater innovation as we report to the american taxpayers. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome him (clapping.) thank you very much ruth >> thank you leader nancy pelosi. i think your remarks talk about what this symbolize. it symbolize the history of the united states. it's from our fantastic mayor ed lee and the fact that this building represents a significant partnership between the federal government and the city to yield on incredible
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result. what can happen in washington as from the recovery investment act. making investment that you the american people have paid for we can return or return the productivity to utilities. that has the other impact of being in partnership with the city to create economic opportunities within a community such as this combined with the courthouse and the amazing new federal office building we have the gun to contributed in a way that defines the history positive history of this part of the community. it also represents a partnership too the general administration and the people we have the pleasure inform to work with like the architect and the
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artists who have made in beautiful. i can't go much further without thanking thanking a couple of tsa employees. this manager loves this building she's showed me some of the incredible features. she's been assisted oh, (clapping) but we need to give applause to the contract officer. (clapping.) and what an honor to move into this building and to demonstrate evidence in order to have strong partnership you need to have
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strong collaboration when you have a chance to walk around the building you'll see we created open spaces for people to collaborate and, breakdown the hierarch so we can recognize the innovation that mayor ed lee and this incredible community has demonstrated. i also learned by walking around the building this symbolize some ways of understanding our past and a future. here on the overview of veterans day titus it make sense toy vitality and open this building. i have an opportunity to look at
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the history a retired admiral gave me the history. hey i didn't know we have another oral office now i do (laughter) but after helping us to protect our country and freedom across the world what a great opportunity to do the work we do in a building that has provided history. and we try to contribute to a better history by building more buildings to deliver the important mission to maximize the productively and breaking down barriers and walls to help people work together and deliver the services that the american
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people deserve. it's a fantastic day. i'm excited we're here to kick this off. thank you very much (clapping.) things dan we really appreciate you having us here to celebrate the fantastic headquarters. mayor ed lee was scorn in as the 23rd mayor. he's championed balancing the budget to keep san francisco save and solvent and driving economic innovation. please welcome mayor ed lee (clapping.) thank you ruth >> and thank you nancy pelosi it is wonderful to be here on the ribbon cutting day. thank you for this.
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i is enjoy g s a it's like my agency you know my history the university that u purchaser and the city administrator you know i love g s a and to hear pittsburgh it's role it refers to our clients as customers. i went through those years trying to recreate those agencies given the opportunity and the high privilege of re13wi7b9 government and making us not only relevant but at the value for everything we must accomplish. i will add to the appreciation of president obama and his stimulus packet. i was here years ago i broke this ground with the architect and we were happy to before a
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break ground with leader pelosi and we looked at across market street and we saw market street as thirty percent vacancy rate a darkness to it people hurried and look what's happening 3 years later. i'll also reference this is one of our stimulus lettuce projects that's the purpose of that act. we want to demonstrate when you give us a little bit of stimulus we take it all the way in san francisco (laughter) this is so appropriate to have the architect and the artists with us. part of the magic that leader
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pelosi is referring to say happening with the people that make magic with the artists and the architect. we respect a building things like. i want to see the curved doorway the one i saw and the beautiful office up there. it can only be matched by another rival office across the center (laughter) and take the history of this building the respect and what it means whether it's a coast guard or in the correspondents of the g s a and the other agency that will interact and all the people on behalf of the public i want to congratulate you and to let you know that you're also
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historically on the united nations first it's be packed our country with the rest of the world. 24 is history and to them showcase this building respectfully and to see the plaza this g s a building compliment the work we're doing with center market street and right now 3 years later after the groundbreaking we have 15 companies to relocate here we have 5 thousand residential unit being built in the 3 block radius and a 26 percent of them are going to be affordable. we want to create opportunity to work and


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