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tv   [untitled]    March 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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school maybe in high school or middle school, but the worst were in kindergarten and first and second grade. these are kids that will cut school when they get older and these are kids that are dropping out of school. this is a definite relationship. so i was trying to have a school district take it on. my argument was that we do in this school district they do some things they do very well, not everything. there are some things that the cbo's do very well, not everything. one of the things that cbo's do well is they connected with the families really well and the families trust them because they don't feel they necessarily a part of the establishment. when i was trying to get them to work together, people wanted to
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but there were always barriers to it and i can't share my information. my database doesn't work with yours and i thought, this is bullshit, sorry. [ laughter ] this is ridiculous to listen to the excuses that we had because we weren't aligned. also. another example, early childhood education, we had a great program huge. but the community also have when you take them into totality is huge also. and yet, there is hardly any discussion between the two groups. and part of it is the kids that we serve, the low income children that we serve in the community, they are going into public schools. why aren't we talking to each other. i'm all for this
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alignment and the shared vision and so forth. you know, part of what i'm hoping for is we go beyond services. it's not just about services. that's what we've been talking about and most of the groups talk about this and this is the focus and when you look at what's happening in san francisco and most of you probably in the audience know that san francisco has a lowest percentage of children population anywhere in the united states. and, we know which children are leading. supervisor breed you know that. so, we need to look at that issue and why they are leaving? it's not the services. we have good services. we have good education here. when san francisco has the highest performing urban district any whenever in california. the scores keep going up. that's not the biggest issue. there are other issues that are
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more infrastructure in nature yet we don't talk about that. we don't talk about housing and jobs and creations for these young people. when we talk about alignment, when we talk about the discussion of services, it goes beyond services. they have to go beyond services otherwise it won't work. and i'm beginning to have that discussion with people in the community. it was difficult for me to articulate that in the beginning, but i think i created a diagram that sort of spells it out a little bit more and it beginning to become clearer how it may work. i'm hoping that our vision as we move forward will be about what's the shared vision, what's the shared goals. what are the strategies, how can we work together to not only hold the line with the children population, but we are going to make this city be so
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attractive to children and families that we are going to actually start increasing our percentages. so, supervisor avalos, thank you for calling this hearing because this is important to me that the public hear what people are doing. we are sharing a lot of things and again, i know there is a lot of efforts going on right now and i believe that none of it is to be wasted. i see the relationship between what everybody is talking about. so thank you very much. >>supervisor mark farrell: supervisor avalos? avalos avl >>supervisor john avalos: thank you. i appreciate the comments by supervisor breed and fairly as -- farrell
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as well and i have been involved with these programs through c pack and i would like to get these stakeholders together because we have not finalized a children's fund amendment to go before the board of supervisors and onward to the ballot as well. i know there is still room to move and to come to some consensus and i'm really dedicated to making sure that we can that have consensus and have that input. i believe there are probably some differences that we still have to work out and how to move forward. so the process that coc has done and what you come up with in terms of your recommendations. i really appreciate the outreach effort that you have gone through. i would like to ask that maybe we can put more meet -- meat
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on the bones and if you can describe what you can put forward regarding language to give us a sense of whenever we need to go in terms of coming together and having unity. >> supervisor avalos you are referring to these policy solution here? >> yes. >> okay. in terms of cheaper are you talking specifically about our proposal to create the children and family council as well as the staffing for the council? >> that part is actually, we had discussion about it and that was pretty clear to me. i wasn't sure if the charter was going to make that happen or not certainly but i think it's possible that it could. i think there are other
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differences that people have about having a commission, but mostly i'm interested in what language you are looking for and the children's fund and you will hear the recommendations from the community stakeholders have talked about an in accrues to the children's fund: i'm not sure if your proposal is going to include that in the starting point or not. sunset day, some of the language that we would expect that charter them as a whole. >> so the working group which is the body of leadership that's between the school district and dcyf right now is still working through those specific questions that you had increased. how do we craft the charter language. right now what we have are these preliminary recommendations
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in our conversations supervisor avalos that maybe today we can present this and gather some feedback and input from both you, the supervisors as well as perhaps cbo's and community folks if they have any if they have any input on this and feedback on this and at another meeting we can have further conversations. right now we are working with our city attorney to figure out the language, the draft , the charter language itself. we haven't landed on anything. we sent to our city attorney this which are some are ideas around collaborative language or common language to link our two funds together. and we've talked about the planning cycle and knowing that other city departments have much
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longer planning cycles than the 3-year that dcyf has or the 1 year that the school district has. we definitely feel that having longer than three i doers is appropriate. >> have you considered 5 years? >> i think this is where we would love to hear feedback from our community about some of the recommendations. i know that i have seen the recommendations from the community coalition as well as recommendations from other community groups that reference the 5 years. i think these are things that we can have a conversation around. i know that under supervisor yee's leadership as well as partnership with you and supervisor kim there are separate meetings and perhaps we can come together and have a larger conversation to discuss some of these issues. >> okay. thank you. i think
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we'll certainly have some details from the members of the community and go on to public comment and maybe call you back towards the end and hear reactions to that. mr. carranza? >> yes, supervisor avalos we have from the audience deputy city attorney mr. young lee. i will have to leave to address some students myself. i don't want to be disrespectful. we have flushing out what this concept will look like. i just want to be clear that the evolution now is really predicated on the wonderful work that we've had for many many years to really impact and an at some point for us to take this for a spin. what will this look like so it's not dependent on goodwill and we are really excited to
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listen to what the community has to say and it's a really strong theme that will come to the boards. thank you very much. >>supervisor john avalos: thank you and thank you for being here. i appreciate your presentation and all of your work and your staff as well. you are always the person who can really come in at eye level. so thank you. >> so, let's go on to public comment and i have a number of speaker cards. if you can please come up in the order that you are called and we'll do 2 minutes per person. the first card i have is chelsey boy lard; maria torrey, star goul, irene cass , sorry if
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i get your name incorrect. i do have follow up questions for the speaker. >> thank you so much, good afternoon. my name is chelsey boy lard. i'm here representing the children's coalition which we have been organizing and staffing for over a year now. we have been meeting since the sum of 2012 and really came together in representing over 75 community based organizations from across the city, different neighborhoods and types of services and demographics and families and we have come together to put forward policy recommendations for children's amendments and i knowu -- you have seen this and i won't take up too much of your
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time. i do want to mention that we've had coalition representative and part of the community engagement process. i want to clarify the distinction between what the ococ was doing in terms of a very big system wide for system youth in san francisco and diving into weeds about policy recommends on how to strengthen these charter amendments for both of the measures. we believe in strong citywide services for the goals and outcomes for kids in san francisco. our recommendation towards that end is to have the mayor release a citywide coordination plan into the five year5-year planning process. >> please continue.
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>> we are recommending the planning process to be five 5 years and the plan would be 40 mayers from the community and needs assessment and that will be transparency and accountability for the agenda and coordination plan. for both children's fund we are recommending to eliminate the sunset dates for each and include instead mechanisms that would allow for deep audit every five or 10 years and enabling legislation to the children's fund. in addition to citywide coordination that there buy an commission for the children's fund rather than a citizens advisory council. we believe both are need one towards the strategies towards those outcomes and provide accountability for the
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funding that is allocated through children's fund. we are recommending the commission be jointly appointed by the mayor and board of supervisors and recommend the package for dcyf expenditures. there are currently 9,000 young people who are not working and not going to school and young people who are disconnected from school and unemployment and services are at high risk for homelessness. there is no clear funding strategies for that group of young people and that needs to change. while the children's fund is an incredible resource, there remains massive and unmet needs. there are thousands of children on wait list for after school programs and youth jobs and we know there is a number of young people in san francisco has been increased but the income gap
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has increasing and the poverty has grown by 14 percent. in order to meet the both disconnected as transitional youth and all families in san francisco we are looking to increase the funds $0.03 at every dollar and to incentivize to $0.05. i would allow the city to more deeply invest in services and safety nets for children youth and family and the peak. the enrichment fund we are looking to remove the language which has it impeded programs and
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we want to remove the contribution, which led to the double counting of city resources and we are inventing language to over see that two-thirds portion of pete and we support c pack to expand for all to include 3-5-year-old and priority for 4-year-olds since they are getting ready for kindergarten but provide the flexibility to serve the amount of children as much as possible. if we can have everybody who is here who has been involved in the coalition. if you can stand up. so you have an idea of who our coalition is and over the last year through our community had really broad and
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community engagement. thank you so much. >> good afternoon supervisors yee, avalos, farrell and wiener for staying and listening to us. some of our parents left because they had to work in the evening. when my children were little like preschoolers i was an advocate for youth and now i'm a member of coleman and c pack and we support the children's fund coalition that chelsey just mentioned. as an apparent i want to say that it's really disheartening to hear that poverty rate has increased by 14 percent. in san francisco it's even higher, it's one of four children. when we translate that to latino and
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african american children the ratio goes up higher it's one of three children in poverty. children's fund and the public it indication enrichment fund provides pathway out of poverty. parents are able to work and the children are in care when they are in early childhood education and a lot of services. one thing i want to say is living in san francisco is very expensive. poverty rate to just make it for a family of four, the self sufficiency bare bones is $94,000. none of these families make that. this is why we need the children's fund and we recommend to allocate by age group. 45 percent of our population is vert cert -- certified and
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they get expanded. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon board of supervisors. my name is dargo. my youngest son is a currently in a preschool program and his brothers and sisters attend the boys club . there are currently 3200 children on the waiting list in san francisco. 0-19 are 0-5-year-old. we recommend the children's fund distribution be based on need, be equitable and proportional to the population size. when we take care of our young children their parents are able to work or participate in a training program or earn
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their college degree and provide the pathway out of povt. we also support c pack's recommendation to expand schools for all to include 3-5 years to allow flexibility for providers prioritizing 4-year-olds and getting them ready for kindergarten. >> good afternoon board of supervisors. my name is traiven hill. i have the opportunity to receive quality child care and now i'm on the honor roll at the student academy. it's important to have child care. please vote for children's fund. >> good afternoon, i'm
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jefferson fellow, speaking on behalf of larken street services. even though it's a larger organization that helps youth across this city, i'm speaking from my very humble perspective from the corner of the city in the haight. item -- i'm from a tiny space. each day i would serve about 75 youth. i'm speaking on behalf of the disconnected transitional age youth and the need for additional services and funds directed for those individuals. around buena vista park and golden gate park we are ready to make bold steps and looking to employment and which as you have already discussed which i'men encouraged to hear
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conversation around the hot team that a lot of those issues that are important to the work that i'm doing i have already discussed that we are ready to meet people who are ready to take that step. right now there is a dearth in terms of mental health services. everyone knows with my staff, for everyone that comes there is a waiting time for maybe to get into a treatment facility might be a matter of months and anyone in the works would know that you would have to work very quickly who is ready to make that action step. as well as for employment, there are many youth who want to work who have actually organized themselves to do park clean up. they borrow our brooms
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and clean the streets. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is nancy. i'm a current advisory board member and staff which is a youth center. i'm here as a youth that has benefited from from the program and i have been a part of community fund and also facilitated a youth town hall and youth focus group for a hundred youth that came to voice their opinion. overwhelmingly the young people came from all ages agree that we should expand the fund and include transitional age youth. as a
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service provider for 3 years, i can say that it is very challenging working at a youth center where the majority of our funds are restricted to 17 and younger. so tufrl internship opportunities that we provide are not able to go to these young people who need it most which are transitional age youth. so i think if we are really talking about equity and reauthorization of the children's fund that we can't continue to turn a blind eye to transitional age youth who are disconnected and facing multiple barriers to success. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon. my name is
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lydia montana. when i came i thought i was going to be aggressive but hearing all the supportive words from the board of supervisors is really nice and it makes you feel that we are moving in the right direction. so i just wanted to just agree with everybody saying that we need these funds. we need to increase these funds because our children like michelle needs these services. especially for the disconnected transitional age youth, we need to provide more services because they are a risk like you heard before to becoming homeless in this city that is gorgeous, but it's not really children friendly.
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>> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors, any other name issel ga. we have a 35-year-old organization in the city providing programs and recreation and leadership development programs to low income children and their families. mostly in the mission district. i am also a mother of there e girls in san francisco schools. the oldest of which is graduating from the high school. i'm here to support the recommends of the children funding community coalition and wanted to zero in on 3 specifically that are important for jamestown. no. 1 is to increase the fund. the increase is fairly small and i'm speaking as a homeowner in district 7 and you will hear
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repeatedlly about evidence and investment in the enrichment in children's lives and providing services around them will provide all sorts of savings not to mention we are investing in the lives of human beings and how wonderful is that. no. 2 is to support the commission and to include you the people that we serve. so low income parents and particularly youth, their voices need to be heard in all of this. and no. 3 expand to expand the planning cycle to providing we sources for our young people to develop and we want to implement evidence based practices. in order to do that we have to listen how that is defined by a whole number of different fundes
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ers -- we need to train our staff to do so. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors. i'm a program manager and lyric. i'm -- last fiscal year we serviced many of these youth who are lgbt and unfortunately we were not able to meet all their needs. as a service providers and working on the front lines it's
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heartbreaking to see our youth come to our recruiting session and having to turn them away because we are only able to hire high school age youth. i think we have an opportunity to really take a lot of leadership around including youth in all of our programs. we have a lot of amazing programs here in san francisco. i also was a part of the california statewide leadership cohort that was held by california wellness foundation and a lot of these issues statewide are real and a lot of our service providers are asking the same questions. i also want to highlight some of our youth here to share stories so you can hear from them as well. >> good evening board of supervisors. right now


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