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tv   [untitled]    March 22, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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immediately provide water to the public 40 with health care problems and for a range of water supply projects including ground water wells and others conservation technology are the act funds reduce the impact of the drought and could provide funding for the 3 projects so today, i'm interrogating a resolution to pass dianne feinstein act of 2013 and lastly i know this is a bit of a technical thing i'm introducing. it's a resolution to extend a lease with o e w d our one stop job location in the western
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edition is the place where the residents not only the western edition but people all over san francisco have used to get assistance in looking for employment opportunities. the loose budget cycle you all supported in one stop which added additional revenue to make sure anonymous was this facility open and available to those who had challenges in seeking employment but they had the capacity to support various layers of folks who needed additional assistance when searching for a job opportunity. and so this is an extension of the lease and the location where they've been quite successful but more importantly we've not gotten the more recently numbers for this location but from
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personal experience in walking around the community usually people are walking up to me and saying i need a job can you help me now they're walking up and saying i jot a job because of the one stop i'm working with an organization some people are working in retail starnts and working out in the airport or the building trade all because we're making sure that our job one stop in the western edition has the resources. i want to thank you all for being supportive its truly making a difference. that's all the things i have today the rest i'll submit >> supervisor campos. >> i know i talked about introduction i'm making in
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reference to the mid-market and stock options but i do want to add one more thing to a separate matter. at the last board meeting i talked about introducing today a legislation to close the will that in the health care ordinance. at the request of the city attorney's office their drafting the final details we'll not be introducing that today, i just wanted to note that >> thank you supervisor campos. president chiu >> thank you, colleagues. i have to items for today first, i'm introducing legislation to reform the district work force program. you may remember last year the city reviewed our work force programs because no one could tell us how much money we were spending. our city spends close to
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$70 million for the work group program and we continue to have the oversight of the system. currently, the individual departments set the programs and there's no citywide assessment of who needs the work force program and no analysis of the systems. with no standardized data across the departments data are not strategicly used for money. given we're going to spend close to $70 million we need to do better in helping the san franciscans the workers were some san franciscans are doing better there is still a gap between those two struggle. this ordinance was done with the workforce development and other agencies which also compliments
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other efforts by mayor's office. our ordinance will remove the unworkable system and help with the initiatives in the 15 or to decide departments. it will create a citywide workforce committee to have a strategic plan and cooperating plans and expenditures and attracting perform measures. this is significant in that that will be the first plan ordinance it will escalate the nonprofit providers and increase the quality of their participation in the advisory group. as we work to make sure that all san franciscans can participate we want to make sure we're investor our dollars wisely it will create a workforce strategy
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for the first time. i have a second item colleagues i'll ask you to join me to prohibit the long-term insurance from charging higher premium rates thank you supervisor kim's and supervisor cowen. recently some major providers of long-term care insurance company a seeking to get the increases based on gender that shifts a greater than burden. from charring woman higher premiums it's classified as disability insurance and therefrom not bound by the law. this leads to lost benefits and savings and almost 70 percent of women over the angel of '75 are
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witnessed or divorces and the rates could rise as much as 40 percent. i do hope you'll be able to join against gender discrepancy. straighten up and fly right >> supervisor cowen >> madam clerk i have to items first, i have a memoriam. i have with me supervisor wiener and supervisor chiu that are honoring the life of ron smith. i'd like to make a motion that we close the board meeting out in the memory of ron smith who passed awe last time he was a senior vice chair of the central
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california where he coordinated grassroots activities with the hospital and worked closely with the community leaders and throughout california for the last 28 years. i personally have come to know ron in the past years as much of my colleagues have. he will be missed he was a joyful smiley man who we're a bow toy. i consider ron to be a dear friend and he will be sorely missed. the second item i'd like to introduce is the hearing requester inform the transbay loop. this project is extremely important for sfmta to serve the growing neighborhood of the mission bay and essential part of the central subway alignment
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mta is getting ready to finalize their construction for the loop it will be done in june 2014 and i'm calling for a hearing request to get an update it will begin at the end of the 2014 and be completed at the end of 2016. madam clerk the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell >> thank you, madam clerk. i want to thank you for your work so colleagues i'm introducing a motion that will require all the legislation we've introduced here at the board of supervisors to be uploaded to the web and be consistent with the recent passed our clerk's office is one
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of the best and i've been posting our information. this motion simply directions them to add the additional information this is better to opening up our information to our public so they can interact with us. this motion will make our its legislation easy to use for outdoors who want to use the modern formats and tools. this policy mysteries what our itself congress has already done in washington, d.c. promoted by people speaker john boehner and they've requested professional data on line so constituents can comment on bills and let their
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voices be heard and let the information funnel back to the congressional delegation i'm hoped to continue this we'll continue to have the third party developers we might develop it in house as well as the clerk's office where the san francisco residents can comment on legislation we introduce and continue to promote civic engagement in our legislation process. i'm proud to have worked with the sunlight coalition and the nonprofit leaders and within government that advocate for more government transparency our we work with those organizations as well as the clerk's office again, i want to thank our city clerk and willingness to work that on this legislation to come
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to the final product introduced today. posting the city's legislation in those more than that data formats will allow the third party people to promote civic engagement. i hope we all utilize those tools on policies we plan to put for the record and breed civic engagement on the process. we talk a lot in city hall not only be representative of our constituent but seek new ways to engage the residents through this motion we can do that and we will be the first city in the united states to enhance the information that will work better for them. i want to thank everyone all the people i mentioned as well as jess who put a great effort from
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my office the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor farrell. it's the good work the staff that deserves this praise >> supervisor kim. >> i want to submit a hearing request. on elevators in our single room occupancy hotels for you who are not familiar their multiple housing building that house multiple folks in one room and share restroom facilities. as of 2009 that are over 5 hundred residential hotels and 1923 units with 8 thousand or more seniors living in those s r o they're in the tenderloin and sprirnld throughout chinatown and the mission.
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most of the unit were built in the 20th century earthquake and in need of great renovation. a little of a month ago i joined the seniors and disability folks on the steps of city hall to talk about the serious situation faced by seniors and the people in our s r o hotels when there's a need for out of service elevator repair. an out of service elevator can make you not able to leave our place of residence for days
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along with extreme isolation with many of our tenants without an elevator to help them get up and down the stairs. in time have shared how costly it is and they've tried to alleviate the negative impacts of having the elevators out of service. as important as it is to have a conversation with those folks it's time to implement solutions when and where possibly that's why i've introducing a hearing request to identify possible answers for incentives for property owners or local and elective interests to make sure this is a real option for
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seniors to protect themselves. we also understand much of our old elevators can only be repaired by folks out of state. i did learn today tom will be calling for a work group within the department of building inspectors to discuss this matter we hope our office can't be included in the discussion and look forward to working with them on this issue. i'm submitting a memoriam a committee meeting joseph flanagan i ask that the entire board adjourn in his memory. we searched. . any surviving family members
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unfortunately, we couldn't find any. we find this for our most active colleagues they've made us and our community and neighborhoods their family instead through their telling them and participation. i first met joseph on my 2010 campaign and he was eager to serve and volunteer. he was a favorite on any team and everyone enjoyed seeing i am he was reliable and generally cared about those in the disabled community and particularly those who had mobility problems he was a resident since 2003 and lived a block from city hall.
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and i think many of my colleagues will agree that was one of the most engaged community members and he religiously came to our offenders office for every program community as well as the transportation board meeting on tuesday to provide his input and opinion and served as the chair of the committee of this committee. before that he worked for the panama and worked and volunteered after she was elected to the state assembly. he was a former member of the state advisory council he represented both seniors with mental disabilities. he built up an incredible list of friends and health insurance company that depended on on him. jim glover himself had a
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disability known as as processor he was who ever bound and in the last year of his life he went into knee surgery that put through a strain on his heart and took a leave of absence. he was sad about. he was formerly a patient transport work and cared passionately about improving the life of our community. he got an award for the support for the center and he assisted persons with mental disability he was on the board of directors and served on the pcc committee and executive committee.
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we'll all miss joseph tremendously i don't that we understood how important he was until he was gone >> the arts of san francisco which provides job training and services to the physically disabled will be cooperating a enemy for joseph on next workers' compensation wednesday on 15 hundred howard and your you'll invited the rest i'll submit. >> supervisor kim. >> actually before we do that i would want to be added to the memoriam. >> could you please add me as well. could we do it on behalf of the whole board without objection that will be the case >> thank you president chiu. >> today, i'm introducing a
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number of items and one in memoriam. the first is with supervisor malia cowen we're introducing a hearing on expanding the opportunities for girls and low income youth. i don't know if any of you saw the amazing kickoff of yes, we code a new program that reclaim america and then jones our senior advisory to president obama. we have the different gathering of people of color and low income youth are making strides in getting youth the chance to develop new ideas for the new information economy with san francisco being a technical stre center we have to help others to
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get a job in the well paying tech jobs. i want those to go towards our linebackers and our community in san francisco. also i'm proud to introduce a resolution from supervisor john avalos supporting the bill with the substance reduced 181743 will remove the number of scrimmages to folks and in past laws the policies have been created to allow people it access clean and sterile swierjz and this helps to reduce that with people with sub abuse. the first is hepatitis b and the
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cost to treat one case is $600,000. the debris control and intrerjs have found allowing the deputies to buy the syringes are a key to preventing the diseases. the pharmacists will have to show the treatment option to treat hepatitis b and c. i'd like to thank the aifdz founded and for the 182740 and ask for your support. this monday supervisor wiener and i will be joined with experts in district one at the
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st. mary's medical center on fulton. with the diseases rising this tax proposal we'll talk about will limit the accumulation of harmful beverage and help to promote healthy things in our community. dr. lawrence chung and others will, at the mayor's office center it's on monday march 24 this coming monday at the 6:00 p.m. on 2258 street in san francisco. i wanted to alert everyone and ask if he could end the meeting
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of business owner and chief and one or more of the popular rock and roll restaurants in the responding district it's a japanese restaurants i enjoyed seeing the gentleman and his wife and had many home cooked meals many loved his food. it was a unique place but the gentleman and his wife were avid rock and roll fans and had an original beatles set that was given to them it's a one of a kind place. the jae gentleman and his wife were part of the surf rock band and he placed with john len no one's plastic abandon in the
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past. the fans of his band and the countless others it will remain optional and have a cup of south korea can he sometime. in 2008, he opened the restaurants in the richmond district and promoted a different kind of japanese restaurants and in ail sorts of rock and roll paraphernalia. the restaurants is one of the kind place and the food is very down home. when he and his wife yes, ma'am congratulated here they wanted to be unique and wanted their own love of rock and roll and music in the restaurants. so we have our pick of japanese
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restaurants around time i hope i'll come to the europe responding where we have this nuclear restaurants so help me adjourn the meeting in the memory of this gentleman and the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor mar and supervisor wiener. >> excuse me. thank you, madam clerk. a couple of things frail last week, i along with supervisor yee we traveled to washington, d.c. with a joint trip seeing the muni to meet with the staff to understand how important it is to have fund for transmission
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in the bay area as anyone who lobbies on capital hill it's socially to be in washington given the gridlock we see there and we really impressed on the members of congress how important our transit systems are to the economy not only in our region but to many regions in the west. we looked at our regions and 70 percent of the gp e of our country as those areas grow and 0 more and more cars added on the freeways it's hard to get around and undermines the job growth and having strong transit systems is critical to making sure that economic growth continues so i look forward to work on those issues to make sure that at all levels another sacramento and in washington we
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perspire intents the funding. i'm also introducing legislation to close a long-standing will that 40 to the ordinance of ballot argument in san francisco. colleagues i'm sure you're aware of we as a board are able to appoint ourselves the proponent of any ballot measure and no person steps up but no lottery is taken but we've seen over the years some people will submit 10 or 20 into infinity a large number of ballet argument to gain the system and get appointed as the official proponent. it's one of the problematic things but in the past at least the people who were doing that
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were actual proponent of the measure. recently as people have read in the news the campaign co-chair of the prop b campaign submitted 25 arguments almost identical to be appointed the official proponent of the measure and was appoint so we have a campaign cultural of west side stealing the opposition argument and getting lending. this doesn't serve democracy and the needs of the voters and the process on consciousness on the ballots to make an informed decision. this is time to close that because an


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