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tv   [untitled]    March 24, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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at 415-554 -9632 where a staff person can handle requests to speak at the appropriate times. the mayor's disability council meetings are generally held on the 3rd friday of the month. our next regular meeting will be on april 18, 2014, from 1-4:00 p.m. here at san francisco city hall in room 400. please call the mayor's office on disability for further information or to request accommodations at 415-554-6789. a voice. or
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415-554-6799 tty. a reminder to all of our guest today, please speak slowly into microphone to assist our captioner and interpreter. we thank you for joining us. >> thank you roland. roll call. >> cochair chip supanich, idell wilson, present, councilmember tatiana kostanian, absent. member starlyn lara absent. denise present. wong present, councilmember roland wong? present. councilmember derek
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zarda? absent. item 1. welcome introduction and roll call. item 2. reading and approval of the agenda. >> item 3, public comment. items none on the agenda and within jurisdiction and each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. item 4, information item. report from co-chair supanich. item 5, information item. report from director of the mayor's office on disability. 92 semi 6. information item: the role of adult protective services in addressing self neglect among elders and adults with disabilities. adult protective services aps is a state mandated county administered program that intravenous in cases of
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adult/elder abuse, neglect, exploitation and self neglect. aps social workers implement a variety of strategies to remine cases of mild to severe self neglect. presentation by jill nielsen, adult protective services program director. public comment is welcome. break. item 7. information item. san francisco public library, safe and welcoming for all. background of the sf public library department of public health partnership and the nationally recognized model of the an embedded social worker and health and safety associates to reach out the people in need while at the library. presentation by karen
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straws, chief of the main library. >> public comment is welcome. item 8: information item. lava mae. delivering dignity one shower at a time. a pilot project using retired muni buses to provide mobile showers for san francisco's homeless population. item 9. information item. the mid-market community ambassadors program. the community ambassadors program provides a safety presence along the mid-mashlth corridor, while also providing again assistance and street outreach on services and programs to residents. item 10: information item. tap care. a private pay
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personal care assistant exchange. a project of the ihss consortium, this referral serves is only list trained and criminally screened providers and is currently offered at no cost to customers who need to hire personal care assistants while on private pay. >> public comment is welcomed. item 11. information item. report from the disability disasters preparedness committee. you'll public comment. items not on today's agenda but within the jurisdiction of mdc. each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. item 12. information item. correspondence. >> thank you. we'll start with item 3. public comment. i would like to start with the
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first public comment. my name is idell. i'm the cochair and this is my last day. i got a letter and asked to be reappointed. i do not wish to be reappointed. they said my seat was up in 2012. every since the last executive meeting i do not wish to go into another tuesday meeting with council members who attack you. i will not be cochair. i am handing cochair to denise as of right now. thank you and good night.
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>> cochair, i think you have some public comment cards that were submitted from the house. >> i have two. >> yes, david depaul? >> there were two items which i have brought up at the richmond district police station on the tuesday the 18th public hearing. one of them had to do with the speeding and accidents that are occurring on fulton. a suggestion was made to the police department at the time that they contact the cta or mta regarding a 20-foot no parking zone on either side
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of the crosswalks to increase visibility. the second thing has to do with the homeless that the police department did successfully move out of the park, but regrettably there seems to be no planning ahead for where they would ago. i have some photographs which i can leave with you regarding their move into residential neighborhood of the mid-richmond. they are sleeping a lot on 15th avenue between geary and on geary there are a number of them that have serious mental problems and it's something that needs to be addressed by someone and at this point i don't know who to contact. anyway. i can leave these
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with you. >> thank you very much. >> that's it for the general public comment, or is there another one? >> yes. 3 minutes. great. hi, i'm ed leery and i live in san francisco. i live in the ambassador hotel with a lot of disabled people living there. i have been dying to get here to the meeting to see what is the mayor's disability. yes, i got to go to the care. i know that the mayor's disability office needs to give more attention to people who have been threatened, newsprint put on your doors. san francisco, i recent seen, people are
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being abused on the sro's. and now that they have cleaned up san francisco, they are pushing inside the buildings. i think it's important that they really, i think the family services agency is beginnings to come down to district six where people in community and what's changing and what's going on is a lot of people in the sro and district 6 is dealing with a lot of mental unwellness. nobody is giving us wellness there. we have to deal with stress. thanks to -- against violence. i have been going there for years now and i'm getting therapy now. san francisco is too much on people that have disabilities. i live next door to a lot of people that are older. they are putting everyone in
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sro's. i think sro's are great. we are not disability and disabled anymore. that's a shame that i know mental health, i think the lady said from the mental health bill that they are going to start giving more assistance to these people that are living in hotels like me. i know it's a disability but we don't know what the mayor of disability council does. and i don't see the lady who looks like me here. she told me, i have been getting here trying to see her but beautiful rainbow hair. what's going on, we know that we need the mayor to really, disability council. i'm a member of sda and cara and we
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advocate for a lot of things. i couldn't stay to the meeting because i had to get my therapy and things are getting better with the therapy. there is a lot of people in our city who need mental health. i hope this is a start of good disability along with the care council. >> thank you. is there any other general public comments? not about a specific agenda item? okay. we'll move on to item no. 4 which is a report from me. i just wanted to let everyone know that over the past year 1/2 we've been focusing a lot of our attention on the housing issue. we have produced a rather lengthy
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and comprehensive plan we are moving forward with and we got from the living campaign and from the services council. support is building for this and in addition to one of the ways i'm spreading the word is i'm becoming a member of the housing committee of the long-term care coordinating council. and some pretty heavy hitters in the area are on that council and i hope to get more support. >> item no. 5. report from the mayor's office on disability. >> thank you cochair supanich and good afternoon councilmembers. you have a very full agenda today so i won't have a very long
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directors report because i really want to hear what some of our speakers have to tell us about some of the issues facing homelessness. so my report is going to focus on three topics. one of them is mdc council reappointments. the next is a brief on a lawsuit and after all the exercise which will be held next week. over the last 2 years or so many of the councilmembers terms have expired and this is something we have had conversations about at the meetings and i think the best explanation i can offer for why some of those appointments expired is really the mayor has been very very busy looking at things like the dissolution of the redevelopment agency and the absorption of the housing authority and i think that we
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are seeing some movement now and the mayor is looking at his appointment citywide on a lot of different councils and commission. six of the councilmembers would have received some communication from the mayor's appointment secretary nicole. she let us know she's asking each of the appointments that have expired to let the mayor know if you are still interested in serving on the council and asking everybody to submit a resume and a description of some of your accomplishments and some of your goals for what you would like to accomplish with this council. i don't know how the previous mayor handled their reappointment because i wasn't in this position then, but i do know this process of contacting the different councilmembers is something that this mayor is very consistent about doing with
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his other councils and boards. i wouldn't look at this as anything more than normal. speaking of somebody who recently went through the appointment process myself, i think this is a great opportunity to reflect. it's an opportunity to really give yourself credit for your accomplishments for your term here as council and also and opportunity to sit down and do some visioning and plan out how you can best serve the council. i see this as a very positive thing. i understand from the secretary that these appointments are something that the mayor would like to complete by around the middle of april. i hope everybody here will consider putting their names in the hat to be reappointed and i wish everybody success in that.
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also, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me or nicole at the mayor's office. my next item that i wanted to brief you on is corolla. it's been a very long time since we talked about the corolla lawsuit in fact many are not familiar. this is an ada lawsuit filed in 2007 filed in federal court. the case went to trial in 2011 and the case allege that the san francisco had not done enough to comply with the disabilities act. it
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covered the public right of way and grievance process and complaints. by the time it went to trial, the focus had been narrowed significantly. at that time it was about curb ramps, sidewalks, recreation facilities, branch libraries and architectural access quality control program. our office, the mayor's office on disability played a very significant role in helping the city attorney to defend against this lawsuit and this is because the mayor's office on disability is the city's over all ada coordinator. and every mod staff member had a place to play as experts and we all testified in trial in federal court. we took the role very seriously because we feel the city has accomplished
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a great deal in compliance with the americans with disabilities act and we felt like the city is a model city in that area. so in august of 2011, the federal judge received the last of the briefs from the two sides and for close to 3 years, we didn't actually hear anything. there wasn't a decision that was issued. last month there was some new activity. our city attorney received a communications from the federal judge over seeing this case and what she was asking for was really an update on whether or not there has been any material changes since 2011 and also whether or not there have been any changes in law that would have affected this case. our city attorney responded to the judge with what is called a supplemental memo. now, we are in the waiting period for the plaintiff to submit a memo of their own. so, similar to our previous
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topics, earlier today, this whole process has been an opportunity for the city to look at the progress we made since 2011 and pull the numbers. and i'm very proud of our accomplishments whether it's the number of curb ramps or library or the public facilities that have improved and also proud of some of the policies that our office has developed to help other city offices to work in the area of disability and last of all i'm proud of this council for the role you played as you reviewed the city initiatives over time and provide your very important feedback to help guys this city towards compliance. that's my corolla briefing and i will certainly keep you posted as new developments occur. my last item is to talk about tsunami exercise. last month
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i gave you a briefing. as a quick review the city has planned a 3-day exercise for city departments. this is includes city departments but also some outside agencies like the office of emergency services and cal oes and the weather guard and people who bring us reports. this is around earthquakes in alaska. this theoretical earthquake generates a tsunami and gives the city a 5-hour warning to evacuate parts of the western, northern and eastern sections of town. the first day of the exercise will focus on alert, the second on response and the third day on recovery, 5 days after the event. our office will be participating on all
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3 days. but one thing that is new to these exercises that we'll be bringing in american sign language interpretation into the emergency operation center as part of our exercise play. and training the communications officer on how to integrate that into their communication reports. i also want to announce that there will be a tsunami watch walk on saturday march 29, 1030, a.m. @ at the marina green and there will be speakers like supervisor farrell and joanne white. and the walk will go into servante street where we'll expect water to rise and it will end at the marina
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branch library and there will be a preparedness group there. i know this council takes a great interest in emergency preparedness. i hope i may see some of you down there on saturday, march 29th because i know i will be there. that concludes my directors report and i thank you for your patience. >> thank you very much. >> this month's mdc meeting is focused on homeless individuals who have experienced self neglect. during our executive committee meeting last month, we talked about our experience with homeless clients spending time at the library, many of them with mental illness demand need of help. we wanted to provide information about mental health and community resources that are available. we will hear from adult protective services, the san francisco library, a mobile
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shower pilot project, and the community ambassadors program. so, please stay with us for an informative meeting. we will also continue discussions during our june meeting in recognition of national mental health month. the next agenda item is no. 6 and this is a presentation by jill needless ielsen of the adult protective center. >> thank you. i have some handouts. i do have some that i think is probably enough. i can leave them up here. good afternoon. my name is jill nielsen. i am the program
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director of adult protective services. we have a program that is housed within the department of aging and adult services. we are a part of the human services agency. thank you very much councilmembers for the invitation. my understanding is that adult protective services has not addressed the council in some time, although other dos programs have been here. so i was planning on doing a brief overview of adult protective services just to make sure we had a foundation of what the program our framework of basic services are before i delve into the self neglect piece. i know you have questions, please interrupt me and ask questions. i want to be able to provide you with real targeted information. before i start i want to make sure that the council and the public was aware that the homeless
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population in san francisco is not the target population for adult protective services per say. that is not to say that we do not provide services to homeless individuals, but it is by far the rare exception. i will get into that. what i'm prepared to speak about is the concept of self neglect. a ps is a state mandated county program. there is a program in every county in california, but because the program was realigned during the 2011 realignment. each program in california looks a little different. had are in san francisco, our program, we have 30 aps social workers and 3 aps nurses also. and we receive approximately 450 reports of abuse every single month. we have a 24-hour
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reporting capacity. we work very closely with the centralized intake department through the department aging adult services. that's a primary entry point for a ray of services that dos provides and that we support in the community and most of the reporter's who will call in to report an abuse is what we call mandated reporter's and typically that is someone who is through their professional capacity as working with an elder over the age of 65 or an individual over the age 18 who is considered to be a dependent adult. those are the two classifications of individuals that we serve. the terms dependent adult is not one that i really like to use. it is a state term and i think when it was conceptualized it
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was to distinguish between adults with disabilities who are not in need of protection. that is to say, adult protective services provide services to adults that are over the age of 18 that have a physical mental health cognitive disability, but beyond that, an individual with a disability that is unable to protect him or herself from exploitation from abuse, from neglect. all adults with disabilities are not in need of services. that can be a very gray area, sometimes. typically when we receive a report, we just ---er, on the side of caution. half of our cases involve self neglect. although the self neglect maybe cooccurring. it maybe happening at the same time that an individual is being abused, neglected or
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exploited by someone else. in fact, very often what we see is that the self neglect makes an individual more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse and neglect by others. truly, the self neglect cases that we see range from mild to very very severe. mandated reporter's include nurses and doctors and anyone who comes into contact with an elder dependent adult through the course of their work and i say that because in many cases we have to follow-up with someone because they are not following their medication routine and neglecting their own health. when we think about the concept of neglect, we can all relate. some of us have been
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guilty of some neglect at one time or another. the seriousness that we might see are cases of hoarding and clutter and really poor hygiene, wounds, diabetes that is not managed and individuals that have not seen a doctor in decades even though they may have access to a doctor. how does aps intervene? one of the primary tools that aps social workers utilize and distinguishes us from other social services programs is that we don't make appointments. we have the luxury that our social workers go out unannounced and knock on the door. this is helpful because this is how you catch people in their natural settings and especially for our abuse cases.


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