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tv   [untitled]    May 1, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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>> good morning. welcome to the thursday, may 1, 2014, meeting of the board of supervisors neighborhood services & safety committee. happy mayday i'm supervisor campos i'm the chair of the committee we're joined by supervisor yee and vice chair eric mar is in route the clerk is derrick and we want to thank the following members of the sophisticating jim smith and charles. mr. clerk, do we have announcements. and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room removal from the meeting room cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. >> wonderful call item one. >> so consider the transfer the
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beer and wine license to 1097 howard street for the champaign society. >> great if we can first hear from the applicant for the license. >> thank you. i think it's erica he's. >> thank you. good morning. good morning. >> and i'll keep to brief the san francisco champagne society is a winetasting room we'll be offering wine from the champagne region of freelance it's 60 thousand bottles per year and this will focus an champagne pursue some craft beer will be sold on premises but there is no
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street presence no direct street access and no signage on the street. you must have a reservation to get to the event >> thank you if you can briefly talk about the sort of whether you did outreach i know you did outreach to the community to supervisor kim if you can talk about that. >> the first thing i reached out to members in my building being the block situation i have a hundred percent approval fray everyone in the building. i think i submitted to derrick 9 letters of approval and recommendation to the building and we did the regular process, you know, for the cu p and so on and so forth >> thank you. i know that supervisor kim is supportive of
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this as well. >> yeah. i spoke to sunny briefly on the phone. >> what about california sparkling wine. kidding >> now, officer. >> good morning, chair and members i'm with the liaison unit of the san francisco police department. the san francisco champagne society has filed an application with the acholic beverage beverage and control seeking is on sale beer and wine for howard street 101. there were no only 12 police calls from january 2012 to the december even if 2012. the premises is located in plot 2323 where is designated for
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this year, the designated high crime area was defined as 86 crime reports it had one hundred and 99 incidents which puts the premises if a high crime area. the information is as following the premises is located in 17802 with a population of 5 thousand 66. for the location basically is coming into an undue concentration of liquor licenses and only 15 are allowed with 34 active in the area. there were zero letters even if protest filed as well as zero reported with the department of absence absent there were 9 letters of support received and no opposition from the southern
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police station if the applicant agrees the alleyway recommendations it condition one the sales service and acholic beverages shall be permitted during certain hours and condition two the off sale privilege shall not be xhukd conducted for off sale for the public and 3 no definition in the abc form dated on january 8, 2013, and loitering. loitering is denied as to stand about and loitering in the street it's prohibited on any property under the control of the licensee has depicted on the form and 5 the petitioner shall have the area in which they have
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control under the form. number 6 graffiti shall be removed from the parking lots within 72 hours of application in the graffiti occurs on a holiday or weekend they having shall have 72 hours to remove it. number 7 the exterior of the premise shall have lighting to make it easy to see the conducts of all persons on or about the property and deposition of such lights shall not disturb the residence. 8 the petitioner shall make no changes without written approval from the department. a signed note of the inspector who did the report had contacted on march 5 of 2013 mr. billy
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agreed to the conditions. thank you. great. thank you very much. officer and colleagues, any questions. no questions open this up for public comment is there any public comment if so, please come forward you have 3 minutes. seeing none, public comment is closed. again, i want to thank the applicant and thank them for their community outreach to the supervisor and i wanted to thank our police department. colleagues, can we get a motion. we have a motion by supervisor yee to move forward with a positive recommendation can we take those without objection? congratulations. mr. clerk if you can call item 2 >> it is a hearing to consider the transfer of a type 48 on site license from 46 street to columbus avenue and for future
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bars incorporated. >> thank you if we can hear if the applicant. good morning. welcome to city hall >> good morning, supervisors glad to be here i'm with my colleague douglas. we're proposing to pit another bar at this location on 246 columbus the site of the bar formerly called another name it's been vacant since 2008. when we opened the branch style bar we are going to be providing employment for 15 full-time employees it's a hospitality focused and table side service and the decoration will tie into the spirit of the 18 hundreds to the 19 hundreds. we're performed community outreach the first observation
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we contacted was supervisor chiu's and he spoke with the captain and another officer and at the time darcy from the alcoholic units. we made presentations and he received letters of recommendation and this is from a on a association and the telegraph association and the broadway benefit district and the north beach association per we sent a visitation of the license to the neighborhood to all the closest residents >> thank you for that i know that supervisor chiu is supporting of this item. colleague cutting-edge. thank you, supervisor >> oh, a quick question from supervisor mar.
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>> thank you for reaching out to the community. i want to say that pearls has a long history and a example of the jazz area when i first moved out here the keystone corner and pearls i have a lot of great memories but you'll maintain that sense of history as you create our district thank you. the music component will be tied into the earliest jazz period so we're going to have it two >> i see the theme at bars like local edition they're more swing jazz on wednesday nights but i hope that's a tradition that comes back to san francisco but builds the momentum of other boars. >> thank you very much week hear from office dewart.
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>> thank you. again supervisors. i believe the gentleman has applied for the transfer of the premise located on columbus avenue in the northeast district of san francisco. the promotion are going to be created in a unique establishment as done mr. before the gentleman does the establishment by future bars and it has had a positive effect on the district as follows: from september 2012 to 2013 that specific location had zero police calls and reports. it is on lot one hundred 40 and
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described as 2013 on more than 200 that finest created a high crime area it had one hundred and 82 crimes reported and the premises is in a high crime area. it sits on track one hundred 6 with a population of 3 thousand plus which allows for 13 licenses you, however, there are 66 active licenses in the area. there was one letter of protest reported but not accepted due to obey filed not within the timeframe. and as mentioned before supervisor chiu's office as well as the police department strongly encourages approval because the gentleman has conducted his business in a good manner marry there are no
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specific conditions applied to this location, however, standard operating conditions that are for licenses coming in san francisco >> thank you very much colleagues, any questions. why do we took public comment any member of the public wishing to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. i know that the gentleman has been responsible in the community colleagues, can we get a motion >> motion by supervisor mar with a positive recommendation we'll take that without objection.. thank you and congratulations. mr. clerk if you can call item 3 >> the transfer of the type of 48 for the licenses from 1016 california street in district 6 to dennis for signage doing business as the gentleman.
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>> if we can hear from the gentleman. >> morning and thank you, supervisors supervisor campos and supervisor mar for allowing me to plead my space. >> can you identify user. >> i'm dennis leary. >> we would like to transform a vacant vacancy on the street to a social environment professionally run and maintained. the space used to be overwhelming that was the stabilizes for the san francisco fire department and later a blacksmith shop and recently a bar then seized by the transbay development corporation and slated for demolition and we've now are attempting to bring it back to life. we would to make it remedy
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finest of an earlier bar we would like to recall an earlier but maybe a more affordable time in san francisco's history like the late 80s when south of district they were fun and assessable to all and i'm sure you're aware of the particular area in san francisco is the site of rapid and social architecture change. i think by 2017 that particular location may be one of the few single story buildings in this strict everybody else is a tower. we've going to serve the district and the residents and having people coming into the transbay transit hut as well as giants fans neighborhood
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residents so on we've done community outreach like the yerba buena alliance and the green hill association, the police department southern station we've spoken to captain redmond man and received his blessings and spoken to supervisors supervisor kim's office and i believe she's recommended approval as well. the sierra club, the spur a few others as well >> thank you very much. colleagues do we have any questions for the applicant? yes supervisor yee >> you mentioned that this is a video place i probably didn't explain myself we want to call it a outdoor garden property it is at all
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with skylights and we're going to fill it with plants and serve fun cocktails we're a relaxed environment if we can get a tenths of the business it will be great. >> supervisor mar. >> yeah. thank you for going above and beyond the effort to reach out to the neighborhood and organizations following the suggestions from sunny and supervisor kim's office i really appreciate the tremendous effort to reach out to others as well. >> thank you very much. we can now hear from officer dewart >> good morning.
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on behalf of the, llc they've applied for a general public transfer for the premise located on 80 home street in southern san francisco. it is for the creation of an environment where they will have the construction workers to create a district that caterers to the resident they have come with the best of experience. for february 2013 to this february 2014 there were 15 police calls reported and one that had nothing to do with the location but specific to the address at the front doors. the plot information is plot 226 which had 81 mrorts below the crime data. the consensus is a population
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track of 11 thousand 5 hundred and 23 which allows 40 on sale licenses, however, there were one hundred and 32 active to the location. there were zero protest letters from the or on file with the abc. i personally have spoken with mr. looery on occasions and we met with supervisor kim's office and they were very happy to have this space be couped by responsible folks they come with the best of experience in managing bars and cafes and their business model is very, very effective in not creating a lot of work inform the police department we recommend approval >> thank you, officer dewart
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colleagues, any questions for the officer open this up for public comment any member who wishes to speak come forward seeing none, public comment is closed. i also want to thank the applicants for the outreach and colleagues another motion. a motion by supervisor yee to move forward with the positive recommendation if we can take that can we take those without objection? congratulations. mr. clerk if you can call item 4 >> item 4 is the hearing on the sugar sweet beverages impact. >> this is a hearing request that's been introduced by supervisor mar supervisor wiener and supervisor cowen. supervisor mar >> thank you colleagues, we're here today with the head of our the medical director from our
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public health department dr. also the director of food systems for san francisco paula jones and many asian and asian pacific islander organizations and leaders we have dr. lawrence chung who's the president of the medical society and i think today's hearing on the impact of sugar sweetened drinks on the asian pacific islander communities is a historic occasion to use fats and experience and data to shatter the minor things that the asian pacific islander are not impacted by the sugar beverages. as documented by an overwhelmingly body of