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tv   [untitled]    May 1, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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it is increasing for adolescents and increasing for younger children. >> i believe that's a because of the marketing and lifestyle. there is a large media campaign to promote the unhealthy diets there are targeting towards the asian for example i live in the richmond there are clearly adds from the beverage industry that targeted our populations in the native language in vietnamness and chinese so there's a way to entice more adults to drink soda i see that trend rising i've been in the city for 10 years. i also wanted to point out some
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other facts as well may i increasing the consumption we don't realize that one soda per day can add up to 60 percent more chances of greeting diabetes within a summer vacation our kids can increase with weight because of soda consumption and one drink a day can double the risk of diabetes and increasing it can increase the rate of heart disease and by 35 percent with two more sifrgz were day. because of the very unsheltering scientific facts and statistics the san francisco medical society has unanimously support do this tax and the california
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association board of directors have also supported the local tax it's important because as a state organization we have the backing of the citizens from the state of california saying this is a problem i hope you'll look at the facts and consider a decision >> thank you, colleagues any questions? i wanted to ask if doctor argon or dr. chung could address what dr. argon talked about the addiction people in the population that maybe become addicted to sugar sweetened befrngz. i know that from new books sugar salt and fat many of the big soda corporations additional food processing companies look
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for a point where we know if you have the sugar and salt and fat they know it effects the brain and put certain amounts into their processed food to get people to buy the harmful product can you talk about the addictive and a half of the sugary beverages >> this is an area there's published materials that is compared across the criteria we consider for addiction. this doesn't happen for all people but what happiness when you become addicted to a substance when you don't become the substance you become
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depressed so to feel normal you seek it. we have an employee of the public health department that's addicted to sugar. if you take to this employee this employee will sound like it's almost this person is talking about alcoholic so this problem is there i'm a expert but there's a citation in the slide from a specific study i don't know if dr. chung has things to add >> i remember in college getting hooked on caffeine. >> yeah. caffeine as addictive properties so i've tried to use
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science to show a certain issue they try optimize how they develop food to build brand loyalty and take advantage of things to help us get addicted to food that's like the nick 10 industry. we know we're getting exposed to chemicals that have biochemical impacts on the brain and the science is emerging and frustrate to say is one of the materials. you referred to ucsf materials like the book fat chance of beating the odds against sugar it gets to the research how sugary products effect our brain and the impact on our bodies as well. i did want to ask you about that
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point upper making of the 2 hundred empty calories like a bottle of soda and the metabolic symptom being a part of it and the professor made a point you can drink a soda and burn off the calories but it 0 floods your liver it's worse than burning off the empty calories >> the important thing the fruit to say is not what our body uses it's really gloous so your body doesn't use the from us to say it has to be ma tabbed by your liver. so of it will be converted by
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the problem is when your liver gets all the fruit to say remember we didn't evolve having frustrate to say in this form the fruit to say was in fruits that comes with fruit. so the end ups causing fatty deposits in your body it causes insulin and leads to the metabolic symptom and ends up being high levels of insulin resistance and the leptin causes people to eat more and exercise less >> my comments on the asian and african-american and asian pacific islander population if we see the rise no health
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problems if we do nothing in san francisco what should we expect as growing challenges for the chinese community. >> that u when you look at san francisco on average it's healthier than other places. it's true we have imagining equalities within the city we have an opportunity before the horse is out of the barn this is a good opportunity to help to protect and sustain the healthier san francisco we currently have. its costs a lot. once you develop those diseases it's hard to turn back the clock but the asian population it can be a population that gets missed they get missed because on average they're lower weight and unless we revoke and acknowledge
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their higher risk for diabetes the example that dr. chiang gave was good a hundred and 25 pound chinese person is at the same risk of a caucus of one hundred and 50 pounds. metabolic is silent and you don't have to be overweight and silent to have it. that's why it's really, really important if we only focused on the people that are overweight and obese that's too late it's about metabolic health and especially chinese with at higher risk. open this up for public comment. now colleagues and i know we have a number of parents so if the parents could speak first. we have and i'll read all the cards
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(calling names) if there's other parents please come forward if people can come forward and maybe line up on that side of the room. >> good morning. i'm chinese. my parents and uncles and grptsz they all have type 23 diabetes and only one is over weight. there are reasons but one contributing factor is that he was really addicted to coca-cola and catch that ketchup when he had at every meal he is now on
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dialyses and suffers from health disease and is at risk of losing several toes so it wasn't until recently and my career in public health that i understand that chinese have the risk of bmi. it's important to look at the efforts to change the environment and make the healthy choice the easy choice we're completely saturated with sugar such as organizations like the american cancer association and dental association and the american academy of pedestrian rick's all support reducing the sugar to reduce the chronic diseases. i wanted to add a comment to the dr. cheung's rakers about the
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targeting marketing and the recent executive said they're going to double theory soft drinks by $3 billion a day by 2020 they're to see the most growth among chinese. and 3 hundred and 87 people in mexico are being targeted. it's going to be more aggressive >> that came from a top level executive if coca-cola. >> yes. and the asian population is at risk. >> thank you. we also have allen lou from the staff and others.
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>> next speaker. >> good morning supervisors i'm allen with the commission staff. the commissioners are in school and can't give comments on the regular school meeting the youth commission unanimously voted to support the tax on sugary products they discussed the health burdens faced by the low income community by the dental issues caused by the sugary beverages they explored other things and they also felt those drinks need to also be discussed. and those drinks are popular among the asian communities.
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the sugary disadvantage is having consequences like diabetes and the youth commission fully supports the tax that curves the consumption of sugary beverages and helps with the food innovation program in schools. as set forth for healthy beverages >> thank you, mr. lou. >> next speaker
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you.
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i've been in san francisco in america for the past 10 years i'm a parent and resident in the city i'm in support of the soda taxi think that the sugary beverage tax will bring in revenue will help are recreational revenue and for education for health. several points mentioned includes the complications of health issues due to diabetes and the work and the measure can help reduce that and with the cost of medical bills in the state of california and san francisco it's important to educate that we need to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks i'm in support of this and hope you pass it
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> if there's anyone else that wants to any public comment? that hadn't filed out a card please come forward and i'll be able to speak >> (speaking foreign language.) >> mr. lynn can you please pull the microphone closer. thank you >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. >> so i'm also a san francisco
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resident i'm also in support of the sugar beverage tax right now a lot of people are obese due to sugary consumption in the city and in their diet. and it is important that the children and the citizens of san francisco understand that their ways of improving their health and also to gain revenue for the public education and recreational purposes for those who oppose the sugary beverage do you understand the importance of the next generation please take the time to see why you're opposing this. i believe that it's important to share any compassion and care
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especially for the care of the next generation i urge you to support this tax >> thank you very much. next speaker.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. >> i'm a resident of san francisco i've been here for the past year my have a child in mission school through his friends their consuming a lot of sugar and high sugar content. i see that a lot of them are obese hence i'm in support of the sugary beverage tax this b can bring in the revenue of 31 mile and the revenue can be used for education and improving school lunches and for physical education and the rec and park department. and i want to ask that folks that are opposing this
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understand the good cause of this law and ordinance. i have a child here i wish that you can care for the generations and future generations of san francisco >> next speaker if anyone else wants to speak please come forward we're going to close public comment soon.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. i'm kevin i have a child attending high school. and i've been here in american for the past 17 years. i really occur about the children's health and education. i also often bring up the issue of health with my children and the importance of a healthy lifestyle i urge that others practice having a healthy lifestyle for their children. currently, the public education system needs for choices in
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improving the health and lives of our children and the healthy children is a good for healthy future so i hope you can safe our future and he approve of this tax >> seeing no other public comments can we close it. >> public comment is closed. >> i wanted to thank all the community folks and health experts today. i want to reiterate there's a weight of knowing not only from health association but the asian pacific islander i want to thank those people for their health work based on in asian pacific islander and diabetes and obesity and also our san
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francisco api council as well and the many organization within that. and seattle's asian pacific islander prevention alliance and more efforts in san francisco u nightly for asian pacific islander impacts and like other communities of color and as dr. pointed out the joslyn asian-american initiative and other i want to thank our health officer and paula jones our head of food systems and the doctor in the medical center. the human stories we've heard help us to shattered the midgets that 5i789s are not impacted by the targeting of mixed soda and
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the unhthd lifestyles and the offer consumption of sugary sweetened befrngz and the do or say have mentioned i'm sure you're all aware of we refuse to let ourselves be the canaries in the coal mine and not let big sodas impact our community and as was mentioned often it's silence or unseen the horrible impacts of the harmful foods within the asian-americans communities and within those presentations and public testimony has preponderance of the evidence helped us to understand the impacts on the asian-americans community. so mr. chair i'd ask if we could file this hearing >> thank you very much i want to thank supervisor mar so far his leadership on this important issue and thank all the members
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of the public who came out to speak on 2, 3, 4 important item and the drs. for the presentation and, of course, paula jones. with that we have a motion to file working class. again it up for being here. mr. clerk any other business before the committee >> no other business. >> thank you very much the meeting is adjourned. thank you very
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