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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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order. this is the tuesday, may 13, 2014. meeting of san francisco transportation authority plans & programs committee. our clerk is ms. ivory can chang. madam clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisor breed. supervisor campos.
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supervisor kim. absent. supervisor mar. supervisor yee. we have quorum >> thank you. please call the next item. >> the serious committee report this is an informational item. >> we have bryan. good morning, committee members we shared 3 action items and passed them amazing it was our items 8, 9 and temple item 4 for a clean air program and peter in the committee asked for the transit would cause spill over into parallel streets it was anna said there's a request to the transportation authority thirty to study the issue. item number 8 was a strategic
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action report for local and resemble bike sharing original models and there was some discussion of entity and the staff is working with the bicycle coalition to identify and get any issues item 9 was a request for 4 hundred and 6 i6r thousands of prop a fund pardon me prop k funded for the safety related requests and there was no discussion on that item which i think is a positive sign that safety related issue transcend you culture and language barriers that's a good sign. with that, if there are no questions i have to take leave >> thank you, mr. a lawyer kin.
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open this up for public comment for anyone wishing to speak. >> thank you, supervisors i'd like to briefly elaborate on the item bottom of page 10. it's to share with you the transportation exclamations of closing the street bridge this bridge is actually the underpass for the future of the encountering station so looking at the station you can see the park on the same side of the station so if in the morning you drive up there and heading south to silicon valley the issue is
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in the evening you're going to be on the other side of the tracks there's no good pathway. the next thing is the financial complications of closing the street. you basically going to lose $10 million of both state prop 1-b and fta funds that are not available they're not available for closing the have street. in closing i'd like to propose a compromise. caltrain basically wants to close the bridge all of it and the enhancement and what i'm proposing to follow the 2005 study we suggested the bridge right now is 3 hundred and 25 feet and the 2005 study we only need 65 to 70 feet to fill up
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both sides and leave a package >> i'm hoping bryan larkin and the cac have you brought this to the cac. >> i didn't have any - >> thank you very much. seeing no other questions let's close. and ms. chang let's see call the next item. okay to approve the cac report can can we take that without objection? go colleagues, we should have a vote >> on item 2. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor kim absent. supervisor mar. supervisor yee. this item passes >> thank you. please call the consent calendar >> items 3 to 5 complies the consent calendar
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commission on matters that are within the commission's jurisdiction and are not on today's agenda. >> so i see no comments from the colleagues to sever items. let's open this up for public comment >> we don't need the public comment. >> okay roll call. >> sever an item. so there's a never mind so let's have a roll call often the consent calendar. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor kim absent. supervisor mar. supervisor yee. consent calendar is approved >> great, thank you. please call the next and recommend appointment of two members to the advisory committee >> this is one of our transportation planners. >> chair mar and community members the transportation authority has an 11 member they
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serve a two year term and the committee recommends and the boards reports to the committee members neither the staff nor committee makes recommendations and our enclosure a list of folks who submitted applications for the advisory committee and you'll see the current members to quality to the committee you must be a san francisco resident for the committee to speak to your qualifications we currently have to vacancies on your committee requiring your action one is the expiration of the terms in district 11 she's seeking reappoint and their 14 applicants to consider for all the vacancies. with that, we'll take questions
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>> i see no questions invite up the former applicant to give short remarks. thank you for your having me here today, i'm happy to be seeking reappointed to represent district 11. i found surveying on the cac extremely interesting and changing. in the last two years i've learned about policy and planning and how the pieces come together in the transportation world in the city and county of san francisco so it's great it have another term to put that to work. i'm yes, ma'am interested in the pedestrian safety in district 11 as well as lighting as a strategy for both pedestrian safety and to serve san francisco as a transit first
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community. so thank you very much if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them >> i see no questions but supervisor avalos is in strong support of. >> candidacy. >> any other public comment? let's up this up for public comment are there any members of the public who wish to speak let's close. okay. >> good morning, commissioners i'd like to for you to really when deciding who's going to be commissioners to look at like the pedestrian safety issues. that whoever you choose make sure that they include the whole package of pedestrian safety. not just when it comes down to the people walking down the
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streets in automobile they have to look at the bicyclists, too, and seeing when money is being allocated to different things and new projects being done they should put this bicycle stop signs up and i'm sure we have money somewhere that bicyclists must stop here. i understand we're trying to be a public transit first and bicyclist riding that's good but one day the money is going to dry up so that's all i have to say >> thank you are there any members of the public who wish to speak. >> i'm from the central city democratic's i want to show my support to support the candidate that for reappoint and defer to
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supervisor avaloss decision on that. i wanted to make a general public comment on the advisory committee since they're here. that they continue to support of the central subway and that they continue to support of the central subway moving forward to north beach and fisherman's wharf and also that the advisory committee panel make a stand for citizens and people with disability that we ride muni for free. thank you >> thank you, mr. griswold per seeing none, public comment is closed. the district 6 seat that former vice chair the late joseph flanagan held we're waiting on supervisor kim's comments on this seat my suggestion we continue the district 6 seat and
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that we approve angela mecca for another term of district 11 seat. can we take that without objection? with a roll call >> it's been moved and seconded. item 6 supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor kim absent. supervisor mar. supervisor yee. and angie is recommended for appointment >> thank you congratulations. ms. chang. item 7 appointing one member to the community advisory committee >> rachel is here. i'm with the geneva rapid transit it has a community advisory committee there's 13 members because it is covered
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the geneva in san francisco and san mateo county there are 5 san mateo appointed members of the community of the advisory committee and 8 members appointed by the transportation board we have a one vacancy to represent the neighborhood of ocean view and the individual that was in the seat recently accepted a job with mta and so has stepped up to the plate down from the competent. so we have two applicants for the seat and both applicants are here today and if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> thank you. so i see no questions let's invite the two applicants to come forward with short statements >> great to see you.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners hope you're having a wonderful day i'm here to speak to you guys about my qualifications to the geneva advisory committee. one the reasons i'm applying is i want to combine my passion with my former education and the experiences of the o m i to shape the feasibility study i'm a student at the san francisco university studying political science and completed my upper habitat institution study. i've lived along san mateo county and san francisco counties and right along the border my personal connection to
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the residents in the area. and i believe that i'm imitating acquainted with the student population as well as the residents in the neighborhood. as a member of the geneva proximately i'm sure we need the input from young people and additionally to insure that the geneva studies so there it's applications will have a viable connection in the corridor of san francisco. the successful elevation of that project is sorely needed and my training has enhanced my qualities as an advocate and as a member of the geneva cap i'm confident i can enhance the dialog done the issue regarding the feasibility study and i'll be the youngest person on that
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cast but it's okay. i'm going to bring the same energy to the committee >> supervisor yee. >> we. so you're going to san francisco state right now >> yes, sir. >> i'm curious dewey assume you went to school in san francisco. >> which school. >> i went to a small based school. >> where. >> at the 1970. >> and the former chair the youth commission is there. alexander is next >> good morning. i'm alexander i'm a 10 year resident of
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district 7. my families lived in the south he west quadrant for years. i've been participating in efforts to improve the beautiful station right now and i go to the citizen's advisory committee meetings and sit on boards for the geneva powerhouse and association i'm plugged in i publish is neighborhood newspaper that serves the area. i too studied at urban design i almost have a minor in creative writing. i'm happy to serve on the cac. i'm very interested in
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connections i think that committing the south and west portion of the city is important and that thank you for your time >> thank you it's mr. ma lane i didn't. >> it's irish. >> m u l l a n e y. thank you it's great to have the excellent candidates. are there any members of the public who wish to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor cams >> thank you very much mr. chair green again, this is one the situation you have more than