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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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connections i think that committing the south and west portion of the city is important and that thank you for your time >> thank you it's mr. ma lane i didn't. >> it's irish. >> m u l l a n e y. thank you it's great to have the excellent candidates. are there any members of the public who wish to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor cams >> thank you very much mr. chair green again, this is one the situation you have more than applicants than seats i hope the
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person that doesn't get the seat will continue to be involved you, you know, it takes a couple of times and so i really encourage each one of you to continue to be involved and i'm epa delighted to see the young people interested. with that, bans my experience i just want to be clear i'm going to support leo today. you know, i've said this before about here, you know, some point she'll be running muni and we'll all be working for her i think it's good to get her started but again, i also think that mr. ma lean has a great deal of experience and a strong background and hope he continues to be involved >> thank you supervisor yee.
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>> yeah. i echo supervisor campos statement in terms of having qualified people being interested if those activities and i know alex for a while and respect his and appreciate his actism and i'm also very enticed with ms. lacrosse background in terms of growing up in the neighborhood and having really the wealth of connections with the young people there and her commitment to serving the city i'll be supporting ms. lacrosse.
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>> thank you supervisor yee i want to thank alex for his work with the geneva powerhouse and ocean avenue but especially, as you become a journalist studying at the uc berkley to promote the transit in the city but i'm going to be supportive of leahy think the person vacating the seat that served excellently will also focus on her expertise in transit having worked with the urban habitat ease the boards of organizations and really focus on transit and her leadership on the youth commission in ucsf but to have two amazing candidates is
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wonderful and hope you can stay involved alex i'll support leah as well. so seeing none, other comments the mission is to appoint leah >> i'll make a motion to vote her in. >> roll call. >> supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor kim. absent. supervisor mar. supervisor yee. the recommendation to appoint leah is approved >> thank you congratulations. please call the next item >> item is the bike sharing organizational items this is at about action item. >> we have the to here.
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>> this is building on an item you saw in march with the analysis report on recreational bike sharing my co-sponsor gave an engaging summary and i'll update you since march and seek the approval of draft e.r. on page 33 in our packet. so chair oovlz asked us to focus on the research to take us from the 5 city small pilot to a more recreational bike sharing program. how to build the infrastructure. we have two key decision making
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things it is happening at the recreational or local or the hybrid of the two and the other main question is how is the bike sharing operated including a nonprofit or private entity are some combination of the two. the vnltsdz we made first of all, became clear that san francisco benefits from the strong recreational system as well as the system benefits from having san francisco anchored. we believe more than one of the models can achieve the goals as well as its structured from the beginning. we also building that the organizational system at the recreational level will take a while to put this together so it makes sense for san francisco to move forward rapid and law for the comprehensiveness >> are we the only one in the
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ucsf in the recreational city. >> in d.c. and boston they have the hybrid system where that he cooperate at the recreational level so i think we have good models moving forward. >> the specific recommendations are first of all, we set goals to measure what success means moving forward. we also are recommending that mta should work to define the standards to allow allow the long-term recreational activity like the yourself experience and cost and revenue sharing and the technology. we believe that sfmta should move forward now and continue to
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plan for expansion. with respect to administration and operations the best model would be administrative happening with a partnership between a nonprofit and agency and operations by a private sector contractor. we also think we need dedicated staffing at the recreational and local level there needs to be a bike sharing in place so he know what the cost sharing will be. since march we've had a number of comments most of the comments are chair bryan larkin referred to the geographic entity and social equity and how to identify the goals that are
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being met. there is some, some concerns the company that provides the infrastructure for the current pilot has filed for bankruptcy in january we're still waiting with fingers crossed as a result of that so that's come up. and we've received a atheist letter from a coalition of bicycle rental companies that are on the ground existing with the bike sharing system and are concerned and wanting to make sure that as we moved it's contrary to yourselfs the bike rental companies are serving the local services not extensively. some good news since mark mta has that announced a share of
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$8 million to expand oakdale and other operational support and potential support for the potential cities. their transitioning the district. next m t c is a applying up to 10 millions for the transportation program. they're planning to look at the details of the pilot in september or october they'll know whether they get the transportation grant and working with the strategic plan requiring technical assistance with the process. we've received news that the clipper 2.0 for the next phase will include the bike sharing and competitive with the bike sharing and finally everyone is carefully monitoring the bankruptcy issue and delay the
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last bit of the practice writing project in the las 5 cities that will have 3 hundreds extra bikes extend of the year if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them my colleagues are here as well saw thank you. any questions. i wanted to thank karen from the bay area quality staff for helping to pioneer the project with it was with halted bikes; right? and the bike institution can i explain that >> i'm not the expert but my understanding it is company basis in toronto they provide them with the equipment and the proprietary software so that's what went bankrupt and their international in canada the
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international portion of the company was purchased we're waiting to determine what's going to happen with the systems but the same companies support of the negotiation system so hopefully, a a lot of big players. >> i'm pleased for our brothers and sisters in the east bay they've been waiting partially as we expand to the peninsula and the 2014 capitalization will not be detailed too much and good news about the mta seeking funds. i have a question about the private sector sponsor arresting and your recommendations when sdme supervisor avalos and a number of staff visited mexico city there were a number of sponsors with other cities are we luke pretively with a sponsor
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right now >> i can led chief maddox speak about that we've look at institutionally there's biking no new york that do the whole thing we don't thinning think that's a good model. >> he'll talk about the efforts sfmta is doing. >> mexico city a was a clear channel just the ideas that have came up. >> good morning. so the answer is that we have working with the mayor's office julian specifically and we have a fundraiser i understand the mayor's office is working with now sort of looking at did organizational infrastructure needed to have a full scale
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effort we have this fundraiser and a nonprofit equivalent organization so we can't accept private donations but we're in the thick of developing the materials to we can put the hard sale on the sponsors >> yeah. i'm an annual member i and my staff use the bike share program to get to meetings and various events. i think karen from the bay area quality management district has a good track record shooe showing she explains how successful but to the next level is takes sponsors. i think some of the areas of improvement have really been looked at and i'm pleased about the clipper card us to be able to use clipper cards it's hard
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to use the t that you stick in the slot. i had a question of multiple private sectors like kaiser permanente or the university of san francisco or san francisco state university or target as a company probably will be supportive if there's more of an expanse with places to use it but are you looking at institutions that will benefit from having bike share stations placed near them >> certainly there's a cough of different ways to approach it one the new york city model it's kind of the title sponsor takes everyone or everything but new york city is the on the type of sponsor the other type of
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sponsor there is a bio level station supports it appeals to many companies and institutions things like that and they underwrite the cost of bringing a station cross to them that works within the overall, you know, system but there's also presenting sponsors that can co- exist with the sponsors and that could happen, you know, presenting sponsors. and we've had one sponsor for one part not for others like boston they sponsored and there's new balance not just for balance. and then in we learned that seattle i believe has signed alaska airlines as a sponsor they're not a winner take all
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sponsor not like the first 5 hundred bikes there's a lot of options about the level of interest with the sponsor. any other questions >> supervisor yee. >> yeah. a quick question. i've been curious about bike stations. is there ever a time when, you know, who too many bikes coming to one place and not enough space and parking >> absolutely. >> the bike share we contract with the a company al at that they're the biking contractor and we gave them a purchase order they deployed it and have
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vance they'll circulate to make sure there's an optimal direction of the bicycles to you don't incur an empty station or full station. >> i think you've found one station that didn't have any bikes i had to wait 5 or 10 minutes during the america's cup race people were getting to the waterfront. but for me to get to meetings and my hope as we expand that we're looking at areas of entity as bryan larkin from the cac raised not only places where we think there will be a lot of bicyclists but other areas that need to market and promote more bicycling as well >> yeah. as we expand too few bikes in stations we that that will work best but as we get
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bigger groups we'll have a lot more freedom. >> i want to thank michael schwartz and the whole team for the strategic analysis report and it's really, really helpful. i'm hoping we expand bike sharing for transportation purposes as well. any other questions is there any public comment i think i have one card bryant and anyone else that wants to speak please come forward >> first i want to say good morning and thank you for having this meeting i'm thankful to the city i was there for the opening of the polk street it was a
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great example of things that happen. i'm here to a represent cork wide bike rentals. thank you to the ct a for working with us with the bike sharing expansion and parkway appreciates it. park would like park ride wants to request two small language changes into the document and i'll hand you a copy of the changes. on page 9 bullet one should strike the station side planning and receptionist that with the prior tiger's travel to and from the straight transit and next on page the number 3 bullet two
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should add sfmta should in front of the sentence develop a business model it shows how the expansion can reach the sustainability through the private sponsoring of the revenue and the combination of all the sources. the requested changes are written here for your information >> it's mr. granting. >> pardon me i wrote i'm not a doctor sometimes my writing isn't good. >> let me take a quick look. is there any further public comment >> mr. bryant did you give a copy to amber with the transportation authority. >> (inaudible). >> so we'll pass it on to
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amber. >> next speaker >> hello commissioners. i was hearing sponsoring and pilot programs. and clipper cards. so with those 3 issues insurance would be a great way to pilot with the clipper card. to help bicyclists with insurance. because i'm sure you're aware of we have a lot of different accidents with pedestrians and bicyclists and audibles. i love riding a bicycle but if we're going going to sponsor have insurance companies have types of information on the bicycles or the key that support
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the bicyclists with insurance >> are there any members of the public who wish to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, we have this action item before us on the strategic analysis report i believe mr. swaerts and ms. crab are looking at is language ms. crab recommendations >> yeah. we'll work with the speaker on the language and bring a revised version to the board. >> and there's not a hurry to adapt this today but bring the restoration to the board and are you recommending us to continue this item until - >> i think supervisor campos i'll suggest i'll make a motion to accept this and approve the report move forward this with a
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positive recommendation to the full board understanding the time it maybe some amendments along the lines. >> i think that's a great motion and i think that bike sharing is different from bicycle rebels i appreciate park wide and the expansion throughout the city but bike sharing is about people in neighborhoods or people that really use the bikes in san francisco for businesses for residential and other types of use. i think that bike rentals are more of a tourist focus that many of the people's that come into town i think the city needs both i'm appreciative that we have so much bike sharing and rentals and the toufrts that
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don't know the area that's an issue of providing some information they need to make a rational choice >> are there any other comments colleagues. can we have a roll call >> sxhood. supervisor campos. supervisor kim absent. supervisor mar. supervisor yee. that items approved >> next temazepam 9. >> allocation of prop c. k funds and prop double funds subject to the tax fiscal year and the amended part of our programs this is an action item. >> the sfmta is requesting the funding for a little bit over 8
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thousand fund for the prop k. all of those requests are intended to approve the street safety from planning to construction. the first project as a matter of fact, is requesting over 980 thousand to design the pedestrian signals as well as the larger overlayed and larger are arms for availability at different intersection and you can find the more detailed breakdown between the locations of the company treatments on page 4 of the enclosure. mta acceptance to complete the design by july of next year and construction to be concluded by the following year 2016.
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the current proposed ground changes will not necessitate the construction of the roadways. the next project that sfmta is requesting 21 thousand in improvements why the mission go district and the specific spending is upgrading the walking and maps and developing the conceptual be designs and finding the designs to be acceptable. and the exciting part is mta wants to implement the low cost treatments as part of the implementation effort. mta will begin the planning by october of this year and expects to complete by the february 2015
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and the early implementation projects by june of this year this will position the discretionary rents for the full implementation. on next the traffic survey project the matt is requesting money for bicyclist and norm in favor of riding to major changes from pedestrian safety and mta anticipates to start the surveys for the bicycle projects from july that's been updated to start as early as july and the prop k funds to cover the surveys wore one and a half years. the next mta is requesting 54
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thousand prop k opportunity the design of 8 locations and 4 of them on lake street has been constructed with prop b bond and mta anticipates beginning the construction in june of this year and completing by september of this year that's a taller than and they're requesting 80 thousand for the landscaping in interests in the eastern neighborhood improvement study for the 7th and 8th street are or north of the freeway with high traffic volume and speeds. the current features as proposed include removing the traffic lane and this planning effort
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refinances the oppositions and the streets improvements on howard and folsom. mta will start the planning will complete the planning by march of next year and with that, joining from mta is here to answer any questions >> i see no questions and thank you for being here all the time too. let me open this up for public comment oh, we have several cards as well. i have gilbert, asia those are the two cards >> hi i'm a central city democratic's i oppose any more funding for the mta this co