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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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especially to my husband and sports the last two years i almost closed the restaurant but thank you because they support me like their supporters so thank you and thank god (clapping) >> thank you
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(clapping). >> thank you supervisor kim why not go to district 9 supervisor campos. >> thank you president chiu and again i want to congratulate all the incredible businesses and thank you our office of small property owners and all the rest of the small property owner commission for their hard work
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many small property owners are struggling it's my honor today it recognize an incredible woman deanna medina to recognize her as the small property owner of the year for district 9. deanna ma destine it's important to recognize her, she has a jewelry store on mission and cap street on 24th near 24th street as we're working to designate 24th street in the mission a latino culture corridor it makes sense we are recognizing this business i'm going to say a few words in spanish she's originally from mexico city and
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began her city in san francisco as a small be mobile fan and through her hard work and dedication she expand her business to a brick and mortar location in may of 2008. deanna medina has participated in amazing programs including the women's initiative and worked with the agency through its business program i know that the person who used to work at the meadows here is an incredible success story she's been an incredible business through the 24th street bar plaza as part of the small property owner association messing pa that established the
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mission 90 in san francisco and 24th bart plaza as her business has been successful she gives what can backing to the community she's a member of the council and a member of the mission small property owner association. deanna medina is honored for having a successful business but here dedication to the community. her commitment to her small property owners her responsible engagement many her neighborhood, her strong leadership abilities and i'm truly proud to recognize her
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i think if deanna medina embodies the best of san francisco how the american dream is alive in this day and age and
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grateful she's part of the community in any district. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. (clapping.) >> i'm going to speak spanish i'm sorry but now i go to school okay. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> . i want to thank everyone for this recognition. those are difficult times in our community and i know i've worked very hard and it's truly an honor to represent the small
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property owner and latino some places smoops of 24th street. speeding i had a dream and now my dream is a reality and i've spoken to many people that think about starting up a business when they see an open door to not be afraid to step in that's what i've done in the last of years to create my own business
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>> here for san francisco it's me and my husband my husband has his job he has supported me and made it possible for me to be here today, i know he's work he's not here but i'm thinking of him today and grateful our supporting small property owners in san francisco. thank you. (clapping.)
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>> thank you supervisor campos. and i believe finally at least from district 11 supervisor avalos. thank you very much today, i'm honoring the dark horse in and the two in keepers of dark horse in is john and his lady. i don't want to confuse people it's not a hotel or bed-and-breakfast it's a great pub hates been on geneva since november of 2011. trust to its name the dark horse has made an expression little known for great attractions partners shawn and andrea have created a place it's imperatives
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and has craft beers that revolt on a weekly basis they have a delicious memo from bay area farms it has a twist of favorites their tacos and eggs and their deep freud pickles and persons have to die for and families are welcome i've been there several times with my family we're not only honoring shawn and andrea for they're great drink and food but expanding the community at the dark hours and in the excelsior and outer mission neighborhood. we were hoover from a homicide shawn and andrea stopped contemplating about the perceived proximate causes and starting working toward positive
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action they going to cohen other mission districts in the excelsior and which is the only merchant association they've founded their work led to the founding of the excelsior outer mission merchants association which is the only merchant association currently operating in district 11. they repealed the merchant at the budget gathering their participation marked a turning point in the excelsior district the excelsior outer merchant missions has been meeting regularly and with the mayor's office office of economic workforce development and our office has planned it have more sports and advocacy. they have a restaurant on the excelsior which is part of the sf beer week and other fence
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that will strengthen relationships around the merchant corridor. i look forward to promote our local businesses and check out there are homey atmosphere on jeff have a and mission. just remember, if you're looking to spend the night there's no bed-and-breakfast but thank you to all our great work one the restaurants that's one the harder thing to do you've made great contributions to the neighborhood we haven't had an association in the merchants district one that's bringing people together that's an accomplishment i congratulate you thank you for your service on the corridor
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(clapping) >> thank you supervisor avalos for recognizing us and our work and neighborhood i want to thank a couple of our employees with us today. our chief and our buyer is here and all the hard work we couldn't run our business they allow us a little bit of time to do your association work. anyone knows our neighborhood guess so we have challenged additional a long way to go so we're looking forward to continued support from our supervisor and the mayor's office. >> okay. once again, it's the dark horse in on geneva
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(clapping). >> thank you supervisor avalos and thank you you for your recognition today to help close up today is small business owners. thank you >> thank you president chiu and good afternoon, supervisors i'm with the office of small business owners that i i want to thank you for your expiring stories and the businesses out of selected today and really taking on the theme that small
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business owners shape our community and you've picked the two businesses but they're also the backbone of the neighborhoods. i also since it's small business owner week take the opportunity to share some of the taken into consideration you've been provide a pamphlet and what we do as carmen chu does san francisco hosts the biggest small business owner activities and we're focused on our small business owners into our small business owners. so this evening we have the castro merchant with the lgbt center and the golden gate association that starts at the 5:30 and another signature event
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this year we're pleased to have mayor ed lee open the commence and thank you supervisor farrell important hosting the panel we're going to have authenticity leader leader share their ideas of the next 10 years. in addition, we have added a procurement track and expo for private and government procurement 18 workshops and talks for local businesses leaders this is done through for free throw a private-public partnership with key sponsors if behaving and our own san francisco sfmta agency so thank you director reiskin for our support we closed out the small
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businesses sidewalk sales and people all over the city participating thank you supervisor tang so far obeys our sponsor and all the supervisors for supporting our annual sidewalk sale. i'll grateful to dpw for their continued sponsoring we continue to look forward to working with you to make san francisco to start and stay and grow a smsh thank you. again to have it 80 those incredible small businesses and to the honoree for a well deserved recognize and thank you for choosing san francisco as a place to run their business >> thank you very much (clapping) that concludes the ceremony for today but i hope everyone enjoys a week with the recognition of
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our small businesses. let's go back to our special order city staff please report back on our conversations. >> president chiu and members of the board. per your reductions we met and conferred with property owners and other interesteder parties to resolve the invoice issues related to blight 5 locations were removed from the list and we've submitted the final properties to the clerk of the board do you have any questions >> could you read into the record the 5 properties that are removed.
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>> 801 kansas street. 442 carville. 866 valencia arrest 921 grant and 967 harrison >> any comments. >> supervisor yee. thank you president chiu. this is not a question of any individuals but i heard several people mention that this recurbs of graffiti they clean it up and someone tags it again. i'm curious what's itself city's process do we take a photograph of it and compare it to make sure it's not the same one or - >> yes. every notice of violation we take photos and they are date stamped and time
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stamped and are available for the property owners on our website we mail them the photos with the violation and when the inspector comes back to reinspect they're going looking at the same original pictures that they were the graffiti they were post for if that graffiti is abated then we close out the service request. >> thank you. any other questions colleagues? okay. at this point this hearing is heard and filed with that we have the underlying reports. as it has been amended madam clerk do we need a formal >> to receive the report. >> it's been proposed by city staff can i have a motion motion that i supervisor mar and sentinelled by supervisor yee
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can we take that without objection? without objection that's the underlying resolution colleagues, same house, same call? . without objection that will be the case as well. >> thank you. thank you >> why don't we take items 28 and 29 these items will be continued. >> pursuant to a motion approved the board of supervisors will convene a meeting for item 28 the person's centered in the proposed resolution that's the subject matter of item 29 for the board of supervisors acting to the successor agency to the former agency approving lets affordable housing obligations that would effective the transfer of block 34 and 33 to the regents of
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california for future development. >> i'm asking for a continuance for tuesday may 20th we're waiting for budget items my motion is to continue it as open. >> so supervisor kim wants to continue the open hearing item to the 20th of this month seconded can we take those without objection? without objection those will be continued. and if we go to item 27 >> do we have to do. my apologizes so if i could have a motion to very send by supervisor campos. second by supervisor breed without objection that's resend and with that is there are there any members of the public who wish to speak to continue the
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mission bay items for one week okay. you want to speak on that item >> yes. that item. him larry h i live in district 6 in the tenderloin and i used to work at the ballpark actually, i sat on home plate before berry bond make a home run mission bay is important and for people that live in it's a great opportunity for that after all us and is habitat must be stressed in san francisco because the home phobia at the racism that goes and the district 6 where i stay and ambassador hotel we need housing so you breath the water and we hope the small business will target us and same inside
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what about small business for the people there's small rooms so i hope may 20th that will be two days before harvey milk birthday and hope we get to talk about why the mission bay housing extension should include after all us. thank you >> thank you and happy birthday mr. jc. thibdz on this continuance seeing none, public comment is closed and now supervisor kim has made a motions to continue the item seconded by conceding without objection items 28 and 29. why not call our first special item >> pursuant to another motion approved on may 29th the board of supervisors will convene for item 27 a release of funds for
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the supervisors reserve for nonprofit relent in the fiscal year 2013-2014. when we placed the general fund proposition to safety nonprofits that have been impacted by rising commercial rents in the taxi exclusion zone so the entire board can consider the work of the working group that commenting helped to lead and my office helped to support i want to thank bryan chiu from the mayor's office of housing development they have a presentation for us and i'd like to hear from the presentation but we have obama comments >> first of all, thank you to president chiu their office working on is supplemental
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alongside our impact time of the placement group that have been meeting monthly this is a hearing before the release thought you funds previously approval to combat the nonprofit they're a critical part of our economic fabric throughout the city and can't imagine san francisco one way or the other without a hospitality house or high street services without legal assistance for the he would and after school youth programs they were at risk of getting displaced and came to our office with vacancy rates as low as 2.8 percent and the ballooning rents. an example as was included dmt report is that the average rents for nonprofits in the 4102, 3
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and 41 from $19 to $26 plus. the average rate for the nonprofits to stay in the zip code would be up to $42 and $5,900.40 it went up to $86 on average. again, this is just based on the surveyably and, of course, the mayor's office of housing this is a snapshot of many of our organizations are facing. they were convened in december and meeting monthly consisting of a variety of departments and private philosophical that i and i want to thank the nonprofit organization for your
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participation over the last couple of months and president chiu and others for leading the progress. it's a guiding document that our office will champion and we're working on several the recommendations in the report including increasing fees for you community facilities and the identification for city owned buildings and affordable housing developments and drafting the mid-market special use district which will hopefully come to the board shortly i'll, calling for a hearing in september and after the city departments are looked at long term recommendations in the first round of the applications to be funded. we side have a presentation by mr. chiu but i'll mention the kickal nature is not new we need to pressure long-term and
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short-term recommends, in fact, during the downturn the gallery on significant and market this grant is targeted to support 35 nonprofit organizations is that help with the services and 35 nonprofit 70 over the next year we've hoping this will make an incredible impact to help and city san francisco. >> i'd like to acknowledge supervisor avalos. thank you president chiu i want to thank you and supervisor kim for putting this measure together with our supplemental and we have 0 our reserve thank you tom and others for the nonprofit and the arts community to put 0 together today's presentation in a plan to allocate the funds to support
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our nonprofits and local arts organization back in that 1y689 i was supporting my brother an artist who had to leave san francisco they were evicted from the studios and this was happening at that time of great economic activity in the city now we're about 14 years later facing a city that is experiencing great growth but many people that have been working doing art are finding it harder to keep up with the rising costs of commercial space where rents are paid for artists and nonprofit organization it make senses we are trying to protect those vitality organizations with when it comes to the arts